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    Just thought I'd get the ball rolling.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: I really feel for you! But nothing to do but the best you can. I'm assuming everyone coming to the reunion is bringing food????? And are you having people stay with you or what? Start making your priority lists so nothing will surprise you. Yes, probably it is advancing carpal tunnel on Gpas wrist if he had it before. And with more surgery that means he'll be with you longer which makes sis one happy gal.......oh well.

    Mikie: I agree.....my mouth is drooling. Something about thinking of tart lemons! So how's the back/hip now? I was thinking about you this morning as I was doing my door jam exercises. I've not done them for about 5 days and I'm suffering from it. I also have to be sure to do stretches for my heels/calves. I saw my doctor about the terrible pain about 8 weeks ago.......and like I thought he said it was the bursa and I needed to stretch before I tried walking. I guess as we get older the fluid starts disappearing giving us old folks pain.

    Granni: You're so busy! You do more in one week than I do in a month. But don't slow down, it's good for you physically and mentally.

    Jam: you mentioned about being glued to the news about Isla Vista. I don't listen to the news anymore, too depressing and stressful, and if it doesn't concern me personally or my family and friends.....well.....

    Rock: how big is Gordon veggie garden? You always seem to have veggies to give away.

    I thought I would post before I got busy cleaning......before the cleaning lady gets here!!! LOL. But actually she does ALL the carpets with vacuuming (using my dyson that's for pets) We both were amazed at how much fur came off and I had to dump the canister twice. She moves the vacuum really slow so gets a lot, not like my DH when he did it.....lickety split. She changes husband's bed, cleans his shower and does a great job, especially on the door, cleans everything in his bathroom, cleans all the mirrors in the house since I can't reach up to do them. All things I can't do. If I wanted the whole house cleaned it would be almost $40 more and there are things that I like to do.

    DH said the water on his knee has gone, BUT I said we're still seeing the ortho doc on friday that his primary doc has sent him to. He's been limping bad for a few weeks. And we haven't heard bak from the psychiatrist I had put a call into last week......sigh. But the great news is we had the phone repair guy out yesterday to FIX the DSL connection. When we bought this house there were phone jacks everywhere.....10 in the house and 2 in the garage. It was a joke when the kids would announce they found another phone jack when we were moving in. The previous owner was doctor so had two lines, 5 kids, and the repair man said there were lines everywhere. He worked for 2 hrs. in the house, but said everything was now fixed.
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    Waiting for my ride as I read the posts. Hope to get back later. Thinking of you all especially Julie and Sun !

    Thanks for starting us up Mikie and for lesson in bag cooking.

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    Hi Kids

    Woke up this AM with an achin' back. Usually it doesn't bother me until I engage in some
    risky activity like standing or walking. Anyhoo, two ibuprofen fixed the problem lickety
    split. Ha Ha! Spell check doesn't recognize that bit of Americana.

    Julie, thanks for the sunny pic of lemon bars. That's what Gordon's look like. We
    gave some away. I told him he has to make smaller batches. Just too much sugar
    in them for a household where everydobby has diabetes. When his brother (excuse me,
    I mean his freeloading brother) was living with us we had 3 diabetics. Uff-da!

    As Amanda Winfield said in Tennessee Wiliams's "The Glass Menagerie", "You are a
    Christian martyr." If I had to put up with dear SIL I'd be screaming. Either at her
    or at Den.

    Nink, thanks for decoding your user name. Sorry about the nil income. Maybe you
    will win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes and then you will have Lottsa
    income and modify your name to Link.

    So "indy" means you live in Indiana? Lottsa good Indiana songs: Kokomo, Indiana;
    Back Home Again in Indiana; On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away.

    Some people want to be rich and famous. I'd rather be middle class and live a quiet
    life in middle America.

    Granni, I remember when those roasting bags were new. Bet you do too. It's very
    important that you use the right size bag. For example, you'd want to get the
    extra large if you were throwing a Medieval Party and roasting an ox.

    I know nothing about Braxton Hicks as a medical term, but it reminds me of
    the Confederate General named Braxton Bragg. He was a plantation owner too.
    After the war he wound up as some sort of railroad official in your neck of the
    woods: Texas. He was originally from N. Carolina. There is a fort there today
    named after him.

    Sunflower Girl, I don't know why a doctor would need all those phone lines. You
    can't ever get one on the line. HaHa! Actually our doctor is very good about
    returning calls. He does it after the the office is closed. One time he called around
    6PM. I asked him how much time he spends calling. He said there are usually 15
    or 20 calls to patients and pharmacies and other doctors or hospitals. Usually
    takes 1 to 2 hours.

    I feel so bad for your DH. Is there any activity that he can do to take his mind off
    all these medical problems? I hope I never get so sick I can't read.

    Jam, I remember castor oil. When I was a kid we had orange juice every
    morning. But the flavor was always ruined by that nasty castor oil my
    mother added with an eye dropper. It is ironic that castor oil which is
    supposed to be good for one is made from the same castor beans as the
    deadly toxin ricin. One drop too many and Mom mighta kilt us all.

    Mikie, if you liked the Freakonomics books, you might like the books of Malcolm
    Gladwell. Have you come across him? His first book was called "The Tipping Point"
    and it was recommended to me by one of our librarians. There have been 3 or 4
    since. I always love people who can look at things in a new and interesting way.
    Like Julie.

    Now don't do too much today. Land O Goshan! You musta been a real dynamo
    when you were healthy. When I look back at what I used to do before the
    Great Crash, I am amazed. Work full time; law school at night; take care of my
    son on weekends; run errands in between. Like the Energizer mascot.

    Hugs to everydobby
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    Sunflower Girl, yes, it does seem strange that we have to do our stretching and exercising when we are already in pain but they do help a lot. Today is sooooo much better and I was able to move those flower pots and chairs. It's hot out so I'm inside resting with my little TENS unit on to soothe my back. It really does work. I think it's the back now which is causing the pain and not the hip. The injury must have just inflamed the bursas. I hope you hear from the psychiatrist. Therapy can be soooo helpful when illness steals our old lives from us. We are grieving and need help. It was extremely helpful to me.

    Granni, I hope if you decide to try the bags, it turns out well for you.

    Rock, thanks for the tips on the books. I haven't been reading much since I injured my hip. I don't know why. Seems like pain just makes me uninterested in everything. Here I finally have the time to read, paint and make jewelry and I just feel indifferent. Pain robs one of initiative; anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I also love reading about looking at things from a different perspective. There are so many ways of doing things and of looking at the world. If we open ourselves up to other perspectives, we can grow in understanding and, possibly, find new ways of doing and being. When I was a little girl, I told my Mom at the store not to buy those oranges because they had castor oil in them. She told that story for years. AACK! That was nasty stuff! Like you, I am glad to live in the middle. Rich would be OK if I could use the money to help others but I wouldn't want fame for anything. I am free to go about my business anonymously without the fans and paparazzi after me. It's a blessing.

    Got everything done I set out to do outside and called AAA to get a quote on condo ins. I think my present co. is trying to screw me and not in a good way. I also called to get a couple of questions answered about my upcoming colonoscopy. I have to take a big bottle of Mirilax and the wanted me to mix it in Gatorade. AACK!!! I can't get Gatorade down. They said it would be fine to mix it in 7Up. I'll drink Smart Water to get my electrolytes. Will be glad when it's over because I have a fatty benign tumor in my colon and I hope it hasn't grown. Also, the polyps they removed were benign but they are of a very aggressive type. That's why I am getting the colonoscopy only 3 years after the last one. Then, I have to see my PCP and have my labs done in July. Geez, June is gonna be busy. Barb will be leaving for two months at the end of June and won't return until the end of Aug.

    Gonna go rest a while. Been tired lately and I'm sure it's from prednisone withdrawal, along with increase in pain most days. My love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    ROC: oh boy......not sure how long this will last....the board refused to let me put in a K. Have you ever talked to Gordon about using Stevia instead of sugar? It's very sweet and can be bought most any store now. I have a box of packets. It's all natural from a plant and is approved for diabetes. I know Gordon loves to create and bake so ask him about it. I used to have a small plant, which didn't take where I put it, but the leaves are extremely sweet and only a small amount of the powder is needed. You're such a treasure that we don't want your health issues getting out of control.
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    Good evening to awl,

    It is almost time for beddy bye. Just took my shower.

    Just popped onto FB for a few minutes and found that out that our grandson Carson won the bronze award for some test he took in German. He is one of the TWINs, and nothing like his dear brother who loves sports and he could care less:)!! It seems that is the only way I find out anything about some of my family, kinds and grandkids.

    Sun - It looks like your computer is acting like mine not putting in the letters I try and type. It is only on this board. I can go into Firefox and it types OK but I am to lazy to get in that way. Hope you can get s help for your DH and his depression. The cancer is bad enough. You are absolutely right when you say that or dear ROCK is treasure.

    Mikie - I am sure that the coking with the bags would make a nice moist roast. I am just wondering now if that type of plastic in the bags can act as a carcinogens they say other plastic are or do. I have not been using plastic in the microwave but wondering if the oven is the same or not. I am gong to heck and see if I can find anything on it. If they say it is OK I will try it. I do not even use the plastic bags that they use to steam frozen veggies . I open the bag and put it in a microwave dish or glass/pyrex hot dish. The bags that we used to get frozen veggies at Sams now have the smaller bags inside instead of just the veggies. We are now also paying for the plastic bags- geez . No one wants to wash the dishes any more :)!! Boy are we getting lazy :)!! LOL

    Gotta run for now. DH goes to the surgeon tomorrow to check the one eye. I think we will pay for the other eye now and see if I need to continue wit the one antibiotic eye drops.

    Good night to everydobby !

    Love to you awl,
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    Aw, geez, Julie. Seems the kids just keep getting one thing after another. I know that at their age this happens but it so hard dealing with sick kids and it's so hard for the kids. I've been at the kids' when Andy's been sick and it breaks me heart that there is not much I can do for him. You are right; people who display selfish behavior are often living out a life in search of something which, to them, is missing. It's almost like an addiction. They do not see how their behavior affects others as long as they are chasing whatever dream is in their heads. This doesn't make it right but I think it helps to deal with them if we understand that they just don't see the world as we do. Sometimes, their refusal to see reality enables them to continue their selfish behavior. I understand how difficult this must be for GPA to come to grips with. Too bad because an intervention might just shake her out of her skewed reality if everyone were to make her understand just how her behavior hurts others. As it is, she takes no responsibility for herself nor her behavior. Bless you for walking that tightrope and taking care of her father.

    Granni, I just looked at the box and insert for the roasting bags and there is no blurb about their being safe. You can go to ReynoldsKitchen.com to find out more about them. They have an 800 number you can call too. I do cook in the steaming veggie bags and other plastic trays which are supposed to be safe in the microwave. If I were younger or had kids, I'd probably be more careful but at my age, I figure I can take the chance. Now, this reasoning is 180 degrees from where I usually am. I get my mammograms, my PAP smears, and my colonoscopies. I don't engage in risky behavior. It's funny that I'm not consistent in that arena. Crazy reasoning! I no longer like to cook and have no one to cook for so that may be the reason. Everything just seems like too much trouble. I still stay away from most processed foods except cereal. When I worked at Publix, we all noticed that the older people got, the more processed foods they ate. Many of them talked about their high blood pressure. We would look at the salt content of their processed foods and they were shocked that one product might contain more than their daily allowance.

    Sunfower Girl, I have used Stevia and it is an acceptable sugar substitute. I will use honey, which is healthier than sugar, but it isn't good for blood sugar either. Stevia is actually an antioxidant. I've given up eating baked goods and now don't really miss them. I do eat a few pieces of dark chocolate for my cholesterol; same for a glass of red wine. St. Jude is my go-to saint even when the situation isn't hopeless. After he's helped me, I usually make a donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I had a dream the other night and my Mom was in it. It was all symbolic. We were stopping at my childhood doctor's office because they had a saint's relic on display (my doc was a very religious man from a religious family). On the box containing the relic was "711," my Mom number as she died on July 11. Mom told me I needed to make an offering. I had a piece of rough silver in my hand and I put it into a slot in the box. I woke up feeling that Mom was telling me not to wait for results but to send a donation now. So, yesterday, I did.

    I got everything done except to find out why my condo ins. co. is charging me $190 surcharge for "year built." My neighbor in an identical condo in the same bldg. only pays $116. The ins. co. changed the date built from 1991 to 1994 but it didn't change the surcharge. My broker said she will try to get back to them to find out why it didn't change. I hate dealing with these people but I found that I can't buy ins. any more cheaply from another co. If this doesn't help, I'll call the ins. commissioner's office to see if they can help. Buying ins. needs to be more transparent. I just don't need this stress.

    I'm still feeling inert. Just don't give a sou about anything. I need to get into the shower. It seems that I've been sweating out the prednisone and it stinks. I did manage to epilate under my arms but still need to deforest my legs. Actually, like many women my age, I have very little hair on them anymore but do want to get rid of what is there. Tomorrow, a pedi and mani. My body is worse than the condo and yard in terms of upkeep. Whine, whine, whine. I hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Another quick HI to awl,

    Julie - I am so sorry to hear that poor little Liora is sick again. Just what you all do not need, especially Grandpa or you. How is Den? Hope he is doing better.

    Got back this morning from the eye surgeon's office. All is well and he can stop the antibiotic drops , one less to take until 3 days before the next surgery. I still have 2 to give him till 30 days after the surgery. For awhile I will be doing 2 eyes at once. I have a calendar to mark everything down - don't trust myself any more. .

    Almost forgot the shirts in the dryer that are going to get all wrinkled if I don't take them out of the drier. Geez, there is always something.

    Mikie - Sorry you are not feeling well with your hip and NRG. Hope you start to feel better soon.

    Sorry, but I need to get off here and finish what I started with the wash, for one thing.

    Love to everydobby inc those not mentioned and all our MIA;s,
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    Julie: Poor babies. Sounds like they really have got some bug. I hope it passes quickly. Does Lyndsey give them something to bring down the fever or put them in some cool water? I hated that time when the kids were sick.

    Here's something I thought was unusual but apparently not. Gold finches eating/demolishing the leaves of the sunflower plant. I did a search and found quite a lot of them making swiss cheese out of the leaves. Those leaves must be mighty good.........or perhaps a drug to the birds.

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    Everyone - tk u for the b day wishes..and Rock for the virtual card n sun, the virtual lemon
    bars!!! gotta say they looked yummeee..reminded me for some reason of when one classmate
    had to make lemon meringue for our Home Science practicals in grade XI. now, they dont
    even have Home Science and the lil ones dont hv Moral Science subject that my kids used
    to hv.

    too much extra stuff came after the advent of the net.

    Mikie - you seem to be hving one of those down phases...those stink..when life
    looks dull and dreary from every angle, but you always snap out of it, hope that
    happens soon..i guess the pain n all brought it on..

    i think its lovely to hv a go to saint..i must look up st Jude..ive had some
    quite fascinating experiences re Archangel Michael...the latest being
    when i lost a silver cup holder and cover among five of them i had
    been meaning to take bak to the bank...i couldnt imagine which one
    i had lost...i was chanting Arch angl Michaels name in desperation when
    suddenly the exact article i lost its image in pristine detail popped into my
    mind for a second...it was one of the plain ones without carvings...a mazing,
    a skeptic would say that was my subconscious responding to myself but
    ....i know..however, they are not allowed to intervene beyond an extent and
    i hv not been able to retrieve it..:(

    another metaphysical experience i had was on 26th when i went to help
    out my chinese friend for her FILs 49th day prayer ceremony after his passing.

    i was talking to the deceased's daughter who had flown in from america
    for the funeral ..she was facing me onthe sofa, sitting with my friend
    and as she was talking suddenly i saw bright yellow light all arou d her
    head...about a palm length wide ..my jaw dropped and she asked me what
    happened so i told her. as i was talking another bright yellow outline of a head and
    shoulders moved from behind her and came in between my her and my friend whose
    aura also started glowing yellow but a bit dirtier...(friend had been doing all
    the work and lots of stress) ...the daughter asked me if it was at-ll something
    to ve scared of...i told her 'no' coz i did not get any negative vibes at all...just
    the visual...told her maybe a spirit guide or protector and not to get spooked.

    however,my private thought was it was her father who loved her dearly
    comibg in spirit to be with his daughter if just for a while...didnt tell her
    that, tho..theres just so much you can say withput appearing to be some
    sort of psycho!

    granni - i too hv to write down most things now, like lock numbers and to buy
    goods...dont trust my memory, but i think its got a lot to do with stress for me..

    sun - wish i had some suggestions re your DHs mood, but i can pray, i know
    its difficult not to get down yrself, i guess keeping busy is one way to stay
    positive or at least resilient. ypur post was the first i heard of baking bags
    ...you always learnsomething new on this forum like i heard about crock pots
    from Granni ..and herxing from somebody on fi bro forum..heh.

    jam - best not to dwell too much on the negative thibgs like the shooting, yr
    strong feelings just build up and you can get more angry than is healthy..
    i feel horrible about those 200 school girls Boka Haram kidnappedjust like
    that in africa only coz they dared to go to school, but i dont follow it doggedly,
    it just gets me even more down when i need to be positive, i send up a prayer
    and blessings when i think of it and then disconnect

    Rock - what do they speak of at orchid meetings? i would love to hv a 'plant meeting
    group'..discuss what what plants we are growing but at the moment i dont hv much
    going on..a few crimson roses here n there, the jacaranda trees, the hardiest geraniums
    and the purple bougainvillae aflush..it reflects state of my life right now, come to think
    of this garden..needs TLC, struggling to keep on blooming, lol. oh i remember The Tipping
    Point wassent to my daughter here in the mail, after her admission to college..it was on
    her reading list...along with the college info and all, but i would prob not understand,
    economics is just not my thing...

    Julie - scary to be stuck with someone like yr DiL, whom one cant even just disconnect
    with...tk goodness you guys dont live in the same house...i wish the kids wouldnt get sick
    when you hv yr hands extra full..is Den a little better now?? i m not understanding why
    you all hv so many bouts of sneezes and viral stuff, do you think its allergen related,
    chemicals in the farmland ...do you remember getting like this and the girls hving
    these when they were little? lindsey and amy?

    not much going on here, i went to attend a huge prayer gathering with my healer friend
    and two other healers, theyre young girls in their early twenties and Hindu so i was
    tickled to see them so 'high' on getting to attend a Buddhist prayer ceremony...they
    were really excited to sit for threehours and listen to chants they didnt understand
    and get blessed at the end by the high priest who happened to my cousin monk
    whom i had invited over to our house a month back..its good to see no boundaries,
    the two are Indian by birth...and earnest Pranic Healers..even though my experience
    with Pranic Healing is such i hv put a hold on giving direct healing due to my own
    what i think of as 'contamination' ..i do constantly visualize colours and do healing
    for myself that way...its good to those two youngsters very eager and happy and not
    having any 'negative' experiences like i did.

    well, written a W and P again, to borrow from Mikie :D

    take care, all, webeeb blessed by some heavy showers and wonderfully cool
    weather for a few daysnow, thank you, The One in charge up there

    God Bless
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, first, I'm glad the rain forced you to rest. You need it with everyone sick and this thing with sis and GPA. I think you are perfectly right in that, if GPA won't do anything about being abused, there is nothing you can do to stop it. You are already doing everything you can for him and God bless you for that. He is in a dysfunctional relationship with her and, unless he finally has enough of her, it will continue. The Serenity Prayer says it all. You recognize what you can control and what you can't. That's a healthy way of living but I know it's hard. My prayers go out to you.

    Granni, you're smart to keep the drops on a calendar. I sometimes can't remember whether I've taken some of my drugs or not. The ones in the little pill container are easy but the two I have to take mid-day are another story. I should set the alarm on my phone. As I've mentioned, I think I'm just down from the pain and drug. My hip is better but back is still causing problems. I see the doc on the 3rd and will ask about my back. I don't think the orthos do backs but they have a pain mgmt. doc there and I'm pretty sure he does. My little TENS unit helps. As much as I love to shop, it's hard to walk through the stores. Praying for a good outcome for DH's second surgery. When is it?

    Springwater, St. Jude is my go-to saint for more dire matters. For everyday problems, St. Anthony is my favorite saint. He has helped me find more things; that's what he's famous for (also for animals and for one's health). I'm named for St. Michael the Archangel but have never felt close to him as I do to St. Anthony. St. Anthony is very popular with my Catholic friends. I can see energy auras around things, people and animals. They are white but, occasionally, I will see yellow. It often happens when someone is giving a speech. A crow landed on top of a palm tree and was screeching very loudly and I could see a red aura around him. Mostly, though, it's just the white ones. My daughter sees colored auras. St. Anthony usually helps me find lost things but one time, I lost an expensive pen and when I went back to where I think I lost it, it was gone. I guess some things are not meant to be found. Also, I think we all experience loss in our lives. Some of it is small, like my pen, and some is devastating, like the loss of a loved one. The loss of our formerly healthy lives is one we live with every day. I have found, though, that most of us compensate by being thankful for the good things we have in life. We deal every day with things which would knock an average person to the ground. We are heroes and heroines, everyone of us.

    I did call and make my donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I also got answers to my questions about my pending colonoscopy. What I didn't find out is why my ins. co. is charging me so much for the "year built surcharge." It's way more than my neighbors are paying with the same co. It's stressful trying to deal with the brokers who have always served our neighborhood. They were bought out by BB&T and now, simply don't give a hoot for customer service. Same thing happened with two car dealerships who were bought out by national chains. Everything is profits, profits, profits and the customer be damned! Living in hurricane land, we don't have a lot of options as many ins. co's. have stopped writing ins. in FL.

    Think I'll take my coffee on the Balcony this morning. We are supposed to be in for several days of rain and, then, the chances of rain go down. I'm glad we got the railings painted in between rain storms. I kept my UFO pepper plant on my lanai as it's grown out of control. It still has lots of blossoms but I'm not sure whether or not there are peppers. New shoots are coming up from the bottom. It's like a pepper plant on steroids. I just hope it's not all in vain if I don't get peppers. They are so cute and different. If I knew the name of them, I'd look them up.

    Here's hoping everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I'm sorry to read that you're sick again. It's to be expected with it going around the family and the neighborhood. I sit here......disgusted.....that YOU are expected to be the caretaker in the entire family. I get angry when I see unfairness going on. If I'm reading it correctly, things will continue as they were when Gpa goes home, until the next time you're needed for the next emergency. Maybe Den should step into this whole situation and if nothing else clean up the clutter. You can't keep spreading yourself so thin.......take this from one who has done this forever.

    Mikie: Any sign of little peppers on the plant? Have you asked your friend who gave the seeds if they grew it or just bought the peppers from some place? I remember years ago when I was getting my hair cut that the guy was talking about seeing auras. He said mine was yellow. I also remember he said a blue aura would sometimes mean sickness around the person? I'm a christian so don't follow that but thought it was interesting. A lot of things we don't understand.

    I was reading the other day about how animals are being trained to sniff out cancer on people. I've always had a VERY strong sense of smell and that got me to wondering if more than a yar ago I could smell cancer on and around my DH. I told him his body smell had changed and I kept telling him to go to a doctor for a check up. Perhaps if he had listened he wouldn't be going thru all he is now.

    Today he sees an orthopedic doctor.......we think he's possibly developed gout........he limps around something awful and things are getting hard to deal with around here. And in another week or so he'll see the psychiatrist for the first time.

    I need some relaxation so I'm heading for my studio this morning to ESCAPE
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    To much to do but wanted to pop in for a minute.

    Julie - So sorry that you are sick = again. I agree with SUN and I think it may be time for Den to step in and say something to his sis. He is the actual family member and I know he is sweet and probably never loses his temper but he needs to open his mouth this time, I think. Things will the same or worse when he goes home I fear and you shouldn't have to be the caretaker for EVERYONE. I know your heart is in the right place and most of the time you don't mind but now you are sick - AGAIN. Sorry to open my mouth and step in.

    Sun - so sorry to hear about more issues for your DH. Glad he will be getting some help.

    Hi to MIKIE, Spring Water, Rock and ALL !

  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: a thought here.....I'm wondering if it's the fields around where the roundup is sprayed. I know you mentioned the amish families are also sick.....are they near roundup? It's an awful product and I know you talked about how you can't go organic. Do you close all the doors and keep everyone inside for a couple of days after it?

    I've also been thinking about WHY some people turn into the caregivers and others become carefree/thoughtless/selfish. For some reason they don't develop the "responsibility" gene. Thoughts on this anyone?
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon and I just watered the cacti on the front porch. One bloomed the other day. A large,
    luminous white flower. It is spectacular, but we all know beauty is evanescent except for
    a few people like Julie Andrews and Joan Collins.

    We have hollyhocks blooming in the neighborhood. Pink and dark red. And the jacaranda
    trees have been in bloom for 6 weeks now, and still beautify the city with their clouds
    of lavender.

    The lotus flowers are in bloom. The flowers are pale yellow or pink. They are sorta like
    water lilies on long stems. No doubt our Asian immigrants will dig them up. They eat
    the roots. That's what happened a few years ago. The LA Times said in an article that
    was either very tactful or a deliberate lie, the plants died due to pollution.

    My back brace relies on velcro rather than buckles. After almost a year and a half, the
    velcro was losing its effectiveness. I told Gordon this morning I restored the velcro. He
    asked, "What did you do? Brush it?" And that's exactly what I did. I used a nail brush.
    So Gordon nailed it!

    Will come back when I have more N-R-G.

    Hugs and Kisses
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, if GPA won't listen to anyone about sis, I doubt Den would be able to help either. I would think, though, that the situation would make him mad as hell. This is so common in families. My Mom's sister became a cardiac cripple and her last three years were no life anyone would want. Instead of letting nature take its course, her son begged the docs to revive her after her massive heart attack. Then, he and his wife left for the southern part of the state and my cousin, his sister, was left to care for my aunt 24/7. My Mom told me never to let that happen to her only two weeks before her massive heart attack. I think she knew it was coming. Relatives who had passed on were coming to her in her dreams. I did her forecast with my cards and it showed up. I told her the cards were showing a very spiritual time coming. Please, Sweetie, take care of yourself.

    Sunflower Girl, my original pepper came from a neighbor who received a plant from someone she knew. Her plant died. I removed seeds from the pepper and dried them and planted them. If this is some kind of hybrid, I may not get the peppers. Maybe I'll look up types of peppers to see whether I can see any like them. That's interesting about your DH's smell changing. They are finding dogs can sense seizures coming on and diabetes attacks. It wouldn't surprise me if they can smell cancer too. I am also a Christian but I dabble in some other spiritual areas. I can see the energy auras and I never asked for that. It just happens. I use my crystal/gem cards to do forecasts and they are always right on the money. I also use a crystal pendulum but it gave me what I believe is an incorrect answer so I'm not totally convinced in its accuracy. To be fair, it's been right about everything else. I also believe there is a lot we cannot see and don't know about. It doesn't interfere with my religious beliefs; I would never do anything against my faith. Most churches discourage these practices but I believe they help me and I only ask for answers which are for the highest good of all concerned. I'm so sorry about DH's pain. I hope the doc can help. I am glad he's seeing a therapist. The mind can be the greatest healer of all. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and all my Online Family here.

    Rock, CA has such lovely flowers and trees. As much as I like the tropical climate here, I think CA is a prettier place to live. I love the cacti blooms. Some look like something alien from outer space. We always had hollyhocks when I was a kid. I love them and four o'clocks too. Also lilies which don't do well down here. Many of the high end neighborhoods down here have their flowers all changed out about four times a year. Some even spray their grass with green coloring during the dry season. The golf courses do that too. My ex got fake grass for his back yard and loves it. The good stuff looks just like healthy grass. My back brace has velcro too and it's good to know I can clean it as mine has lost a bit of its stickiness. My hip seems a lot better but the back is off and on. I'll ask the doc about it. I think I'm just wearing out.

    I managed to finally get an answer as to why my "year built surcharge" is higher than my neighbors. It's figured as a percent of one's overall premium. I carry more coverage than some of my neighbors. No one at my current broker's office could tell me that and they didn't even have the courtesy to return my call. The inc. co. itself couldn't tell me why and they were not friendly either. I called a broker referred to me by our mgr. and they were super nice. I just signed a paper for them to be my agent of record and am kicking my current broker to the curb. I already did that, as did one of my neighbors down here, due to rudeness over car ins. My car ins. dropped in half when I changed. That won't happen with my condo ins. as the new agent told me I have the best company available here in FL. I don't mind paying now that I understand why but I don't want my old agent getting the renewal fee every year. They quit earning it when they were bought out and lost that lovin' feeling.

    Hope everyone has a good evening. Considering all our problems and pain, I know that sounds silly but I guess I can always hope and pray, which I do.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Some friends are coming over to play cards and we will eat pizza - my comfort food of choice. Maybe not the healthiest stuff but it is sooo yummy and they like it too. Not sure how much pizza will eat as we will start off with Honey BBQ wings and drums. They are so good too.

    Mikie - You are right with Julie. It might not help the situation but I figured that if anyone might be able to get through to his spoiled sister it was he. hat is gratitude for getting to stay in your dad's house for ya ):!!! Glad at least you got some better rates on your insurance.

    Julie - Please get well soon and TRY to take it easy. Yes, I surely do hope that Grandpa doesn't get that stuff.!

    Just wanted to pop in again for a bit but now need to get ready for our guests.

    Bye for now.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Well, it is about 2:30 in the morning and I'm wide awake. I can usually get back to sleep but not this morning. I took a swig of Zquil and, maybe, it will kick in.

    Julie, I'm glad you are doing better. Thank God for the rain which forces you to rest. I'm glad the menfolk are taking on sis and I hope it will help. I hope your dad will be OK. Ironing used to be therapy for me but not since I started to have problems with my back and hip. There is something therapeutic about removing wrinkles in fabric. I also liked to mow to see just how nice I could make the lawn look. I know you have much more than just a lawn but I get the therapeutic aspect of it.

    Granni, I'm not getting cheaper ins. rates. I'm happy to pay for what I'm getting but I didn't appreciate my own broker nor the C/S woman at the ins. co.'s being so uncaring and, not exactly rude, but just a "don't give a damn" attitude. That on top of not being able to explain why I'm paying more surcharge than my neighbors was the last straw. When I called the other broker, she was nice and able to tell me exactly why my surcharge is higher; I buy more insurance than my neighbors, who just buy the basics, and the surcharge is based on that. So, I filled out a form and my old broker/agent will no longer get residual income from my policy. I did the same thing on my car ins. I don't understand why C/S people think it's OK to be rude or indifferent. I vote with my dollars.

    Have been feeling a bit down lately and I think it's the prednisone. Even though I'm no longer taking it, I think the withdrawal is what's doing this. Still, it's nice not to have all that painful inflammation in my hip. Now, if only they can do something about my back...

    Rock, enjoyed our chat but you left so suddenly, I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye. I hope everything is OK.

    I have to run to the store today as it's the last day to use my other $5 coupon. I'll pick up my supplies for my colonoscopy prep. Just reread the instructions and they said to pour the whole bottle of Miramax into the liquid. Well, it didn't say which size bottle of Miramax so I ended up having to call the prep center the doc uses. Geez, used to be one could get all the info from the doc's office and even buy the laxatives there. Now, one has to go online or call a 1-800 number. They will send the products for $30. I already have the Ducolax so didn't want to pay for more of that. I think $30 is a lot for the meds. I'll be glad to have it over with. Now, one has to eliminate things from the diet five days before the procedure. This is something new for me. Can't have my beloved Hemp nuts. Oh well, it'll all be over before I know it. In my case, with my biological father dying of colon cancer and having had cancerous polyps removed before, I know it's a life saving procedure for me. I would not be here had I not started the procedures at 40. Same for PAP smears for both me and my daughter. She would also likely be gone without having had her skin scan and insisting on removal of what turned out to be melanoma. The doc wanted to "watch it." She was insistant; good for her!

    Well, think I'll try to eat a tad and go back to bed. Sometimes, a snack will help. Hope everyone else is in slumberland having sweet dreams.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just finished the cherries I bought at the Armenian store. They are Queen Anne aka Ranier
    cherries aka Napoleon cherries. They were 3 bucks a pound. At the supermarket they are
    twice as much and who knows what they are at the upscale stores. I think they are
    the same cherries used in the chocolate covered candy.

    I once saw a recipe for making those cordial candies at home. I bet if I tried it the whole
    kitchen would be covered in sticky syrup.

    Mikie, didn't you get my sign off when we were chatting? Maybe my last message
    got lost in the ether. I'm talking about the ether that filled all space; not the anesthetic.
    "Ether" in that sense was created by scientists and then destroyed by scientists. We
    don't believe in it anymore. Anyhoo, we'll have to try to chat again some early morning.
    I posted on your other post. Good luck with your test.

    Julie, glad to read your cheery, not cherry, post. I wonder if there's a combination mower-
    ironing machine that you and Mikie could use. You ever see someone mowing with an
    old fashioned scythe? The kind the grim reaper carries. I read it takes lots of coordination
    and practice to operate those things. They look really dangerous to me, but then I guess
    most farm machinery is.

    Granni, pizza and cards sound good to me. Alas, I can no longer handle either.
    Jam, can you do a squeeze play? It's not the same as a squeeze play in baseball.
    It has a different basis.

    I fed the feral feline last night. Guess I'll go see if it's back. Hope everydobby has a
    good day.


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