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    Have to go fix lnnch and DH needs the computer. So will come back later. Please post HERE !! THANKS :)!!

    Hugz, Granni
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    Granni, thanks for starting a new Porch for us. I read your post on the last one. I agree that all our medical care is going to start costing us more. Mine already has. I have a Medicare Advantage Plan and my co-pays have gone up. Also, they no longer pay for preventive dental care.

    Microsoft just did an automatic update and, like last time, it messed up my computer. I have had to pull the battery and start it up in safe mode and go to restore and restore the computer to a date prior to the Microsoft update. I don't know why these updates are messing things up but it's very frustrating.

    Gonna go because, except for going to the store earlier, I've done nothing of note since. Today is a lie around day. At least, the pain in my butt is gone (knocking on wood :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - Speaking of medical costs ours have already gone up too and I am afraid that next year will really be bad. We will be finding out, probably towards the end of this year if DH's work policy will be continued or goes for good. I am afraid that the later is what will happen and then who knows, lots of prayer going up then. I already know Medicare is almost going to be non existent in the not to distant future, I fear ,especially for those 76 or over, like my DH and many others. I am also not far behind as are many others.

    When do you have your Colonoscopy done? I had been trying to get DH to have one done but something always comes up instead and he doesn't particularly want to go anyway. I already did - lots of fun :)!! LOL Actually as you probably know it is really a piece of cake but it s the getting ready that literally stinks !!

    Nothing that much new here either. DH want to work on power washing but with the threat of rain he didn't want to start. Instead we went to Sams and spent some $. Had leftovers for lunch and DH was on the puter and I did some wash. Another fun day at home.

    DH is doing well and has his next surgery on the 11th. He got up a few days ago and told me later that his eye was stuck shut for a bit so I kept him on the antibiotic drops longer.. May take him off it tomorrow and see how at works out. Will have to buy some more drops I am sure- ugh. Gotta do what you gotta do as they say, like it or not.

    Hi to everydobby not mentioned !

    Love to ALL as always,
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    Julie - Glad to hear from you this morning. I thought that I would just pop in a minute or two before leaving for church. I am like you. Sometimes I notice when it is time to go to the next volume and other times not, not that it makes any difference. I guess it is more of a tradition than anything else :)!!! Glad you are doing better but sorry the kids are still sick. Hope little mommy Lindsay is feeling better without so man of those BH contractions.

    Hope to get back here later this afternoon. DH has plans of working out and weeding and power washing. Guess who is doing the weeding??

    Mikie - Glad you are feeling a little better. Every little bit helps.

    Love to awl inc those not mentioned.,
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    Julie: I've used vinegar and some dawn in a squirt bottle for years in a spray bottle to kill ants around the house and even spiders. Sometimes I go out at night with a flashlight, looking for those spiders that only come out when it's dark! It's amazing how this works. I think it's the vinegar that does them in and probably the dawn makes it stick to them, suffucating them? Yes it's important to take time for everyone......almost a one on one.......to develop a close relationship. My husband doesn't open up very well, and I've complained he's either got his head in a TV or a computer.....not a good idea. And did the stairs get installed?

    Mikie: Any relief on the back pain? You're always mentioning how you think your Mom still comes to you with guidance.........I had a dream two nights ago about my aunt who has been gone 11 years. She was giving me helpful directions in my dream but nothing in particular or specific. Then yesterday my cousin called to tell me her brother (my aunt's son) was in bad shape in the hospital.....doesn't sound like he's recover since they had to put in a feeding tube into his stomach. I really don't know him very well, last saw him in H.S. but I need to write a letter to him and his wife......I need to give comfort to both of them somehow.

    Granni: how much weeding do you have to do? Do you have a garden or what? I can't do weeding any longer though I've probably spent thousands of hrs on my knees in the past. I hired the neighbor's gardening last tuesday to dig up large clumps of bulbs here, there and everywhere that had taken over. I'm trying to get only bushes and plants that are easy maintenance but give some color and now that we're in a terrible draught we have to be very careful about water usage.

    I spent yesterday morning watching a 3 hr. online live art class. The problem is I can't sit longer than l5 min. so I was up and down, heating up my rice sock things, etc. but I've watched him in the past and it was good to get refresher course on what I'm doing wrong and how to improve my paintings. I have 3 more saturdays, and at only $29 it's really a worthwhile investment. I just can't take classes anymore.

    We're going to a graduation open house today.....at least I'm planning on attending......don't know if my DH will or not.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, hope DH's eye is OK. I think Medicare will continue. People older than 65 are the ones who tend to vote more than other age groups. I just think that there will be more changes. It could be that means testing will determine whether those who make a lot of money continue to pay into FICA without the present cap. It could also be that they will pay a higher Part B premium. For some reason, Obamacare wants to get rid of the Advantage plans. As it is, they have been limited in how much profit they can make. This discourages ins. co's. from offering good benefits. I pay no premium so I only pay when I use it but as I age, I'm using it more and more. Medicare has been credited with a healthier elderly population than before M/C. Well, if they make supplements so expensive, and get rid of Advantage plans, I think we will see people not going to the docs nor getting preventive care. Healthcare is HUGE for us and all this VA mess isn't helping. We have a growing Baby Boomer retirement population at the same time that we need to try to heal our wounded. I'm not going to worry about it because there is likely nothing I can do but I don't despair either because I believe some form of M/C will continue to be available. I see the ortho doc on Tues. and have my colonoscopy on the 18th. I really don't mind the prep. In my case, it's just plain necessary and I wouldn't be here had I not had them done all along. Get DH in for his if you can.

    Jam, is it possible there are more allergens in the air at night? Do you have an air cleaner? I hope it clears up for you.

    Julie, GPA probably has had a problem healing in that wrist. I hope everything is OK. Also hope everyone starts to feel better. Lemon bundt cake...mmmmmmm! Volunteer flowers are the best kind. Some annuals produce seeds and will come back up the next year. I'm still watching that pepper plant and can't tell whether it's just gonna bloom or have peppers. At least, it's an attractive plant.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. Strange that your aunt came in a dream. I've found that in a lot of these dreams, there isn't any earthshaking advice but this last one with my Mom was full of symbolism which helped me. I did make my donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital before my prayers were answered and, voila, everything I prayed for has come to pass. The hip is still a bit tender but worlds better. I still have to have my back checked but it's been getting worse for about a year so nothing new there. My little TENS unit really helps and I'll tell the doc about that. It was the hip and my ins. problem which concerned me the most. I think there was a third thing but if there was, it got cleared up and I can't remember it :) Perhaps I should pray for a better memory :) Still keeping you and DH in my prayers.

    I've been in a bit of depression lately--nothing serious nor high level but enough to make me uninterested in doing anything. I haven't read in ages so decided to charge my first Kindle and my newer one. Since I last used the original, I changed my router. Also, it asked me for a password. I don't remember putting one on it. So, I spent a lot of time, and two phone calls, to Amazon Kindle help. I finally got it connected to my new router and reregistered so my archived books are now reloaded. Well, with my memory, it'll be like reading them for the first time :) I'm not xenophobic nor racist but I have a horrible time understanding the foreign customer service reps with heavy accents. Couple that with trying to deal with technical issues and it is exhausting. Well, everything is working (knocking on wood) now so I'm happy.

    Tomorrow, our tree service is supposed to trim our trees in preparation for hurricane season. They use chainsaws and take everything off the palm trees except for about three fronds. They look naked until more grow in. It's the carrot wood trees which are so dense that, if they are not severely trimmer, they will uproot in high winds. It doesn't take much to break the limbs on our African Tulip trees either. It will be noisy tomorrow. Oy!

    I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Porchies!

    Just popped in to try and catch up a little. Have been feeling a little bit better. My youngest son has moved home from Missouri. He's in a very bad way. Took him to surgeon on Tues. and he needs a hernia operation, but they want to do a gastric bypass first to get his weight down. So....he needs two surgeries. He can barely mow half the yard before he has to medicate for pain. He's not going to be able to be self-supporting until we get him healthy again. However, if the pain becomes more than he can handle, the Surgeon stated he'd do the hernia surgery right away and worry about the rest later.

    So.........now I have two kids who need my help. I'm still on the mend myself. Not great, but some better. I got back on my synthroid but am still missing many of my supplements. Spending what little money I have to help them and just doing without for the time being. The IRS says I should have my tax return within the next week or two. Then maybe I can get myself straightened out.

    On the "up" side......the fellow I've been dating for 12 year came to get me while I had some vacation time last week, took me out for dinner and I got to go down and see his home, meet all 10 of his cats, see the industrial building he "tinks" in as a hobby on weekends, meet some of his friends, and had a wonderfully romantic evening in front of the t.v. with a glass or three of my favorite wine, a long soulful talk, (not watching much of the movie), and his wonderful company. He got up next morning and made me breakfast. And it was edible! LOL

    He is now wanting to spend more time together. This has been many years in the making. Am still smiling. :) He lives an hour away one way, and works from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 5-6 days a week at the Arsenal, so between our schedules it's been hard to have this sort of time. After the long commutes all week, he's exhausted. He only sleeps maybe 5 hours a night by the time he gets home, feeds his brood and himself and gets a bit of time to decompress. So the long drive just hasn't been something he wants to do on weekends. I can't blame him. For 12 years it's been a fleeting date here and there for dinner, then him having to dash home.

    Now, however, he is determined to "make time" as much as possible. We're not getting any younger and he stated while we were talking that, "This should have happened long ago". He is attempting to rearrange his schedule so that he can take some time off here and there to coincide with my days off and vacation schedule. This makes me very happy, as he's the only fellow in 14 years I'd give the time of day to due to his intelligence, integrity, and inherent sense of propriety. Hope this "love story" isn't boring y'all, but it makes me ecstatically happy to finally be able to take this relationship to a new level. Particularly because he understands my condition, doesn't care what size jeans I wear, thinks I'm gorgeous even without make up, and I'm the only girl he finds intelligent enough to meet his intellectual needs. Now that's a keeper. ;)

    Well, I haven't the energy to reply to all posts....but I wanted to share some good news and let everyone know I'm feeling better and missing all. Will post more as I can.

    Wishing everyone a sunshine filled day!


  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time to write but DAR I am so happy for you and hope all continues to go well for you and your, shall I say BF of SO, Yes, time is so short. I hope that both of you can have a wonderful relationship and that you both can take time for each other. It surely sounds very encouraging. Good luck and glad to hear that you are feeling somewhat better. So nice to hear from you again. You are so busy with work and all.

    Sun - We have lots of greenery, trees and plants so there are lots of weeds. I know that I should probably go out every day or every other and do some but I don't so it can get bad in sports. We also have been spraying to try and get rid of weeds to, as much as we can. It never seems to end. We have no lawn which I am not sure if that is good or bad. No mowing here.

    Julie - Sorry you are not feeling good again. Not surprising with all you do for everyone and all the sicknesses and stuff going around. Hoping Gpa's wrists are healing OK. He probably uses then to push up from the chair all the time. Hope that is not hindering their healing. Try and rest some dear girl. I know I am talking to myself but hope that you will try and do some taking it easy. Oh my, I can't imagine when Linds has baby #4. SO much happening at your house and with extended family and grandpa's, etc. Hope the GSE continues be OK with your tummy ad I think it can be pretty helpful in trying to keep those germs away

    Mikie - Glad your technical difficulties seems to be OK at least for now. I am not very technical and DH, I am afraid is not much better :)!!! Glad that at least some of your pain is gone.

    Hi to everyone, Jam, SW, Diane, Rock and all not mentioned and our many MIA's..

    Love to awl,
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Hope you are having a sunny Sunday. Today is Gordon's birthday. One of those
    significant ages that emphasizes that you really are getting older. I made him a
    birthday card. There were three stores in East Hollywood near the junction of Sunset,
    Hollywood and Santa Monica Blvds that carried birthday cards. Now one is gone
    and the other two have greatly reduced their stock. The one that is a bookstore now
    looks a lot like a thrift shop with shabby cartons full of used books. Kinda sad.

    Anyhoo, the last two years I have made Gordon's cards using my colored pens and
    my nearly non existent artistic abilities. Think Grandma Moses or third grade kids.
    We seldom go out to eat. Can't anymore. I can't sit up that long. But I will
    suggest he go to his favorite restaurant in Chinatown (2 miles) and bring back
    some stuff. We can put candles on the egg foo young.

    Mikie, I saw Publix in the news again. That's the second time. Some mall in Winter
    Haven (great name) has a sinkhole in its parking lot. Lottsa sinkholes in SE
    Minnesota. It's called karst topography. The cave where I used to be a teenage
    guide was carved outta the limestone bedrock by the flow of underground water.
    The river is still there. Empties into the Upper Iowa River. (That go anywhere you, Julie?)

    Dar, that's tuff about your son. I had inguinal hernia surgery a while back; 30 years?
    Anyhoo it was very effective. The piece of screen door they installed is still working. Or
    maybe it's one of things that dissolves. I dunno. Have to ask Granni, our medical
    expert, I guess. I look for you when I'm on the board. We should have a chat about your
    lyrics and things too fierce to mention.

    Jam, did you see the article on organic food a year or so ago? It said it is not any more
    healthful than regular food. But many people commenting on same said it wasn't supposed
    to be. The point was that it wasn't contaminated by chemicals and pesticides, etc. I'd love a
    cheeseburger (Gordon makes really good ones with real butter), but I haven't had any
    cheese for years. The calcium in dairy foods promotes irregularity according to the
    net sources. My doctor says far more problematic is my diabetes and my back condition.

    Julie, hope your plan to go slow and easy actually comes to fruition. Had you given
    haircuts before you mowed Gpa? Gordon is good at cutting my hair. Don't even know if
    he every did anybody else. Maybe. He used to be the head of the household after his
    father died. Gordon was still a teenager. Imagine; 6 kids and a mother from China
    who spoke no English. But he did it. Signed the mortgage and eventually paid for
    the house and kept food on the table.

    I wonder if barbershops even give shaves anymore. I haven't been in a barbershop for
    something like 25 years. I think when I was a kid a haircut cost 75 cents for a kid
    and a buck for an adult.

    Sunflower, Gordon and I watch those painting shows where they demonstrate technique.
    It seems to me the proper technique will substitute for artistic ability. Not that it
    will create something artistic, but you could produce something decorative to hang
    in the living room.

    Did you see the demonstration a couple months back on the new? The painter did a
    cityscape in about 5 minutes. He spray painted the canvas a really dark blue. Then
    used a scraper to create buildings. Amazing!

    I can't make much sense outta Obamacare, Granni. Don't think anybody can including
    the government. Anyhoo, you can buy health insurance from several companies in CA,
    but according to my doctor they are all selling the Obamacare plan. Every month I get
    a report that says something like: you paid $35 for meds. Blue Cross paid $6. And
    my premium went up 330%!

    Last week I got a report from Blue Cross showing a charge of about $500. I don't
    know what for. A blood test maybe. These medical reports are like your credit report. Designed to be baffling; full of incomprehensible abbreviations and codes. Anyway it
    looks like the carrier paid most of the bill, and it said I didn't have to pay the remainder.
    I wonder if the provider of the medical service will be satisfied with that.

    So how is DH's vision? Can he see better? My improvement after cataract surgery was

    Gotta go do a little watering; today is laundry day. "Man must work from sun to
    sun, but women's work is never done." And here's a quote from Mark Twain.
    (He was still alive when my dad was young.) "Few things are harder to put up
    with than a good example."

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Gordon !!!! Need to go give DH his eye drops.

    Rock - Yes, DH seems to be seeing better but the big test is after he has the other one done. Now at least he know what to expect after surgery. Thanks for asking.

    Dar - Sorry to hear about your son I think it was you mentioned who had a hernia plus other things. I hope he can get the surgery soon.

    Jam - I too am not that much of a techie for sure and had to learn everything like everyone else I guess by trial and error. Why don't these things come with INSTRUCTIONS. They just think everyone knows what to do.

    Niteall to everyone !!

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Well, something new. When I tried to reply, this screen was blank and it wouldn't let me. I had to sign out and sign in again. Oy! Always something. I'm OK but still tired. I think I'll need another booster shot when I see my PCP. Guess I'll call today so they will have a vial of it on hand. I blame the prednisone but I know it was a necessary evil to get rid of the overwhelming inflammation and pain. I see the ortho doc tomorrow. Hip is almost healed but still a bit tender. I really need to ask about getting an appt. for my back. All my money lately has gone to co-pays.

    Jam, I hope eliminating the cheese will help with your mucus problem.

    Granni, thanks for your good wishes for my tech problems and pain. I hope DH's eyes are doing OK.

    Dar, I'm sooooo happy for you and your guy. Even if you don't have all your supps, you must have some endorphins just from your happy relationship. I have found over my many years of being single that intellectual compatibility is very important. A guy can be smart but he has to have the same kind of smarts that I do. Same with sense of humor. Good luck with the IRS and your relationship.

    Rock, we do have sink holes down here and the ins. co's. will no longer cover them. Most are in the middle of FL where the aquafiers are located in porous rock below. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Publix store so I'm not surprised they had a sink hole in the parking lot. Sink holes and earthquakes have started showing up where fracking is active. More than 40 yrs. ago, Dow Chemical, just west of North Denver, started pumping contaminated water under great pressure deep underground. We had quite an earthquake we felt in Boulder. It sounded just like a train roaring along the Rockies. I ran to get my youngest from her crib and the hallway was shaking so bad that I fell down. Once they stopped the practice, the earthquakes stopped. Geologists had warned them against doing this in the first place. I fear that if fracking continues, we will see more problems.

    Thanks, Julie, for your good wishes. I've always known that steroids are so hard on the body but when inflammation is present at the level I had, it's the lesser of two evils. Still, I think all that pain and inflammation, and coming down off the pred., have just left me exhausted. Even though I no longer have symptoms of CFIDS/ME nor FMS, I think it is easier for things to wear me out. Also, steroids are detrimental to the injections. I think I need a booster shot.

    Think I'll take a nice Epsom Salt soak and just loll around here while they do our trees. It's supposed to rain so they may not be able to do it. We get lots of lightening when it rains and it's no time to be up in a cherry picker. I'll do a shower and my hair and makeup tomorrow when I see the doc. Just everyday stuff is almost more than I'm up for.

    Hope I didn't miss anyone. I need to go get Simon's bowl. Don't know whether or not he was here. Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popped in again for a few minutes Had to call the surgeons office to do a correction on the billing while DH was out. Now I need to get ready for Line Dancing. Haven't been in a while.. Miss it when I can't go even if I hurt. It hurts no matter what I do.

    Julie - So cute about Red Mittens who wants to be with Grandpa when she is in the house. They will miss each other. Hope you are feeling much better, TRY not to overdo PLEASE. Glad you can take GSE and hope it continues to help you stay out of trouble in catching whatever bug may be around.

    Jam - Not so sure on the instructions besides having to go onto the computer to get them. When they do give you directions they usually aren't that many or that you can understand them.

    Gotta go and get ready for LD and DH will be home soon. He went for gas and something else, I forget. Will try and check back later.

    Hugz to Nink and everydobby !!

  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Dar: sorry to read all of that about your son, but no matter how old our kids are they know they can come to Mom for help. And good luck with this old/new relationship.

    Julie: Is it this week you take Gpa to his doctor for cast removal? And once it's off will he go home or what? I have to admire you for all you've done..........I'm not a patient person and couldn't have.

    Granni: I understand about the constant pain but we have to push ourselves otherwise no life at all. I wish I could go to a line dance class. Sounds like a lot of fun. There are senior yoga classes around here along with chair exercising classes......they don't appeal to me.

    Mikie: There's a visiting young male cat that apparently wants to live here with my two old females. I took some pics this morning and will have to post a photo. I've told this new neighbor who lives across from us that they MUST keep him in a night because of coyotes, but sometimes I see him at 2 a.m. if I'm up......staring thru the window at one of mine. Obviously she's not taking me serious. When it gets hot the coyotes really start getting active. We live near foothills and there's all types of wildlife. One summer the city was warning of a mountain lion that was roaming around and about 20 years ago the UPS driver was trapped in her truck because a bear was trying to get in.

    Rock: tell Gordon a belated birthday wish from me. Did he make himself a cake to celebrate. You said it was a milestone.....I'm assuming he turned 65? I would have liked to see that artist scraping off paint to make a skyline. I'll have to remember that. I'm debating about doing the "homework" for this class. It all depends on if I have enough time or the energy today. It's not even 8 a.m. and I'm dragging.

    Jam: I've been taking GSE for about a year....hoping to keep myself healthy. I do use a microwave, have read all the warnings, BUT heating my rice filled things are necessary for the almost constant pain.

    We were at a graduation party yesterday, and I saw quite a lot of people I haven't seen for a while. One lady is limping in VERY bad pain again......she sees her surgeon toorrow.....a possible 3rd hip replacement. The firsty ones (both hips were done in India) she had no insurance and she and a friend flew there for a week. She came out of it fine for about a year, then pain again, and had to go thru it again in L.A. because of the recall. She told me she's so full of metal now. I feel very sorry for what she endures.

    Well, the big news here is my DIL finally had her baby. I haven't talk to son yet nor seen a pic. though my DD called this morning that she got a text and a pic. I don't text and I can't get thru to him on his phone.
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - Congratulations on the new granddaughter. How exciting . Doubt if we will be having any more grandchildren. The ones trying to adopt, nothing has been happening and it sounds like they are dragging their feet. DH is calling and wants to work out so I guess I need to go. Hope to be back soon.

    Julie - That SIL sure is a control freak and has poor grandpa under her thumb. GRRRR!

    Be back later.

  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    ROCK, please give Gordon a belated happy birthday! Richard's is coming up soon. I have so little energy, but I'll try to drag myself somewhere for a nice dinner. Maybe. The Benbow Inn is about fifteen miles away. Many famous people used to hang out there in the fifties I guess. I can't remember who all. It opened in 1926 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Oh yeah, here are some of the people who used to hang out there in the days of yore: Nelson Eddy, Spencer Tracy, Charles Laughton, Basil Rathbone, Lord Halifax, Jeanette MacDonald....

    JAM, if you are having a mucous problem with cheese it might be the kind you are eating. I find that I have least problems with a firm goat or sheep cheese. You can forget the cows. I think you overlooked the distinctions between the NUTRITION VALUES between organic vs. inorganic. The point being that organics have not been treated with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. I am glad we have a weekly farmer's market in our small town (population about 1000). And I am also glad that not EVERYONE is growing mj back in the hills!

    I don't gots no more nrg and the dogs want to play.
    Good Day.
    Barry, with Love to All
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just read over my last post. I proofread stuff 3 times and still can't get it right.
    Yesterday, I wrote "cheeseburger" when I was thinking "grilled cheese".
    Very frustrating. Gordon keeps telling me to stop being a perfectionist. Like most
    things in life, easier said than etc.

    Gordon just left to do some errands. Gonna drop some tomatoes off for our
    mechanic. I am hoping there will be some books at the library to pick up. I'm
    down to one paperback to read. Reminds me of that song somebody sang. K. D.
    Lang maybe. "Down to my last cigarette."

    Yes, Sunflower, you're "Write with Eversharp". Gordon turned 65. We didn't
    have dinner last night from his favorite restaurant 'cause he had already started
    fixing something. But we'll do it soon. He did fix me egg foo young though.

    Here's a conundrum fur ya. Now that Gordon had a birthday, is he one
    year older or just a day older than the day before? Either? Neither? Both?

    Congrats on the new granddaughter. RE: Cedars Sinai, some book I was reading
    a couple weeks ago mentioned that the name came from the merging of two
    hospitals: Cedars of Lebanon and Mt Sinai. (I guess it was either that or
    "Mt. Lebanon".)

    Hi Barry. Will pass along your good wishes to Gordon. I know all the people you
    mentioned thanks to the movies. Two of them I saw live: Nelson Eddy and Basil
    Rathbone. Funny names. Nelson Eddy had his first and last names in the wrong
    place. And Basil Rathbone had a brother named Thyme and a sister named Rosemary.
    Oh, except Lord Halifax. Have seen his name; don't remember a thing about him.
    I'm guessing he didn't live in Halifax.

    Julie, yes, you do have lots of patience. I wouldn't put up with Sis or Gpa either.
    I am a firm believer in getting the toxic people outta my life. I kinda think my
    sister has taken herself outta my life. She is not really toxic though; just kinda

    Anyway she wrote and asked me to cosign so she could get a loan to buy a car.
    But my only income is Soc. Sec. and that cannot be seized by a creditor, so no
    lender would let me cosign. And I gave her my car some decades back when I
    got a job with a company car. And when she and her DH lost their jobs, I sent
    them money. Anyhoo, I haven't heard from her since I said I couldn't help. Don't
    really expect to either. Well, the poor thing came from a bad family.

    Granni, how soon will DH have his second surgery? That's so sad about the lady
    who might need a 3rd hip surgery. I've had about 9 surgeries over the years. I've
    been very lucky. All successful. And you're right about computer instructions.
    I can never understand what they are talking about. A couple decades ago I got
    a book called "Computers for Dummies". Couldn't understand that either.

    Jam, yes, the baby technology has sure changed over the decades. I remember the
    old fashioned stuff from the 1950s. We had babies at our house. I was a teen
    and I learned to take care of them. I have a kind of vague memory of a baby
    bottle sterilizer. A sort of kettle you put the bottles in and heated it on the stove.
    Maybe they don't even have such things anymore.

    Goat cheese sounds very unappetizing to me. No real reason why it should be; just
    an irrational reaction, I guess. I did taste some feta cheese a year or two back.
    Can't remember what it tasted like though. Oh well.

    Hugs to all, past, present, and in absentia.


  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Thanks so much for the encouraging words and support regarding my sick kids and my guy. I am, and always will be, a Mom above all else. My children are good people. I raised them to be. They make me very proud to be a parent.

    I got to see my second oldest grandson graduate from High School last Saturday. This is the son of my oldest daughter who has been so ill and living with me. Now he's off to college in the fall. His sister is only a year behind him and appears to be on the same path. Makes a Granny proud.

    As for my fella, he's earned my respect over the years. This is not an easy task mind you! My standards are exceptionally high. He's a very diligent workaholic, an ex-Army (4 years) and x-Navy (6 years), Veteran. His six years in the Navy he was a Navy Seal. He doesn't speak of it often, but he has shared some of his experiences with me. His "tink" time at the industrial building he owns is spent with two of his friends who are also Viet Nam Vets. He's also mentioned being in Panama during the Noriega difficulties. That was where he was captured by Noriega geurillas. He did not go into details, and I did not ask.

    As are many Vets of his age, he's very closed mouthed about most of his Military time. He's a very disciplined sort of person. He teaches Martial Arts to police officers, (Tactical Street Training), and Tae Kwan Do to children on Thursday nights, on top of his regular job.

    He treats me like a treasure. Very respectful, very tender, very caring, and protective. Not possessive, but protective. With me he's a lamb. With people who he finds unjust or underhanded, his friends have told me he is a force to be reckoned with. I can totally believe that. Intellectually he's a perfect soul mate for me. We share a passion for cats. I've 3. He's got 10. We share similar political views and see the world in much the same way.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement Granni, Julie, Mikie.

    Love n' Hugz to all on the Porch.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Hope Gordon enjoyed his special birthday. Yes, you were right when you were talking about the baby bottle sterilizer. That is what I used for some time. In answer to your question DH will go for his surgery on the 11th, a little more than a week from now. Seems to be doing pretty good so far. Looks like I will have to buy some more of those expensive eye drips soon. It is so hard to tell with those little bottles . Speaking of goat cheese, that might be one I have never tried. I have eaten quite a few and just love cheese, just like my dad.

    Jam - Maybe it was a good thing that we didn't have a microwave then. We always warmed our baby's milk on the stove. Later on when I did child care I just put it in warm water even when I had a microwave. or let it sit out a bit. By then so much was plastic anyway.

    Barry - Nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well with you and glad you will be going out to dinner in a nice place too.

    Sun - Has your dil and ds decide on the baby's name yet? Some of the names they are coming out with nowadays are something else. Hope it is a pretty name,

    Mikie - I have been missing you. Hope you are doing OK today and not feeling bad today. If you posted sorry I missed you.

    Didn't quite get to finish this when Dar dropped by. Haven't had the chance to read her post yet though.

    Hugz to you awl and hope to come by tomorrow sometime after chores and such !

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - happy birthday to Gordon..wish him all the best and brightest of everything

    here, bookshops hv dwindled, but card shops are thriving still..and they sell all those
    trinkets like faux red rose in a plastic wrapper n all..the young here are still into
    romantic gestures like that..they sell real imported hybrid roses in all colours in
    the plentiful flower shops but at 40 c a piece they are kinda outta reach for most

    flower shops thrive because of the many festivals..

    Dar - prayers for your dear son...im all the more in awe of you for doing all
    that you do with the things going on in your life...now theres a lovely love
    story going on with you and your SO. very mature, realistic but full of

    i wish you all the best ...

    Jam - oh i know you are agnostic, but spiritual in that you do believe in things
    like pendulums etc..and listen to talks related to growth of the spirit etc on radio..
    my great belief in prayer was a gradual process, as was my great interest in
    spiritual matters..though i always hv been a believer at my core..

    you do fight the good fight against things you believe are harmful, like people
    are involved in stopping fracking etc. if i could i think i would lobby against
    cruelty to animals here, some tourist said her lovely visit was marred by the
    sight of a stray dog poisoned to death by the city council..

    Julie - are the kiddies and all recovered a bit...i loved the idea of sitting
    down in the garden and weeding, Den trimming the plants nearby..and
    just 'sharing' those moments with each other and cherishing the alone
    time...i think dear Dens support and love go a long way in helping you
    stay strong.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2014
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - have fun at the line dancing...the computer went and deleted what i wrote to you and
    Mikie and Sun, , lol! we hv had a bit of rain, some torrential ones too, so our grass has grown a bit...
    good to see my barren yard getting green

    Mikie - im looking forward to when your colonoscopy is over and done with..with
    great results and you can go back to your daily routine...simon is such an elusive
    chap isnt he, really is his own cat, the way he is so aloof and comes and goes when
    he pleases...answers to no man or God, thank goodness he isnt a man, wouldve
    driven his woman crazy!!

    Sun - congrats on the new grand child, saw this show where this man conjured up this beautiful cityscape
    out of a blob n smattering of blue white black paint!! i hope you enjoy your
    outing...you need to have this break now n then for yourself while taking

    care of yr DH...prayers ongoing for his healing and strength..

    last eve i went and bought two new sandals, strictly for my daily wear! flat as
    i could get them, with just two straps on the instep...they look very classic
    which i what i wanted..the shop is known to hv very good quality shoes, albeit
    a tad expensive..but with all the walking i do...ive kinda whittled down
    where i shop based on how sturdy the stuff is.

    i bought them in shiny black and brown. ive been cooking some, DH got a
    yearning for okra , lady fingers and buys them daily..i make a sort of simple

    also had some onion soup for the first time from a packet...a change from
    the usual sweet corn n mixed veg i have. my SIL gave me some potato soup
    which was delish, but i think im getting enough carbs, from our daily rice.

    i get cravings for lentils and yoghurt daily and know that is my bodies way
    of saying i need proteins...
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2014

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