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    Thought I'd get us started on a new Porch. Be sure to check #726 for any posts y'all might have missed.

    Jam, yes, 60 or 70 cats is definitely about 58 or 68 too many. Those of us with cats in the hood keep them inside. Tweety and Sylvester were exceptions because they were thrown out here and Jeff couldn't have them inside due to his allergies. Now that I have them, they are indoor cats. We do have Simon, who is homeless. It's hard to tell whether he is feral or suffered some traumatic event. He only comes out after dark and I feed him on the Balcony before it gets light. People who horde animals are sick. Usually the poor animals are in bad condition. Sometimes, the hoarders are living among the bodies of dead animals.

    Granni, good luck with getting things straightened out. Having work done is so disruptive.

    I was waaaaay overly optimistic at what I might get done today. I did my PT stretches/exercises and took a shower. I trimmed my hair and got dressed. I went to Target to leave off an Rx to be filled later. My leg and back started to hurt a bit before I got outta there. I picked up another box of litter on sale. With this scoopable kind, I never have to throw away the litter or exchange it in the box but each clump I remove takes some of the litter with it. Eventually, I have to add a little. I like for the cats to have plenty of litter to dig in as it seems they like to make sure they have dug a deep enough pit and have lots of litter to cover up what they've done.

    While I was at Target, I got some food but I'm way off my feed bag. Nothing sounds good to me. I know it's the Acyclovir. Even though I had some pain, it's nothing like what I have had so I know it's getting better. Ran into the folks who live downstairs. They are so nice. I got a new mat for the cats. They love using an outdoor mat for sharpening their claws. It's one of those black rubber mats with some kind of natural stuff on it which makes for a wonderful scratching surface. There is a pattern with black circles overlying the scratchy stuff so that it doesn't look so outside like. They had half destroyed their old one so I got rid of it. The first rule of Feng Shui is that your entryway should be in good repair and clean.

    I'm glad I went when I did as I hear thunder and it's dark outside. We've really had some heavy rainstorms lately. I'm glad as everything is green and looks lovely. I just took more ibuprophen and think a nice nap would feel good about now. Rest is a big part of my regimen until my leg is better healed. It got a good workout at the store and from my exercises and stretches. Right now, I have a compression wrap on it. I'm making darned sure I do everything I can to speed the healing and resting is a specialty of mine. :)

    As always, I send my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - Thanks for staring up a new PORCH. Dusted some stuff in the LR an DR today from the workmen and put a lot of the stuff back where it belongs. Talk about dust everywhere. I is looking very nice so far but we still have the Master BR and Bath and laundry area and 1/2 bath to go. So, they will be back :)!!! I between I have to start thinking about packing some to go to our #4 daughters home for a little less than a week. It should be fun !!!! Hope you get a nice nap. I probably should do so myself but am afraid I might not sleep well tonight. Hope your new black mat holds up well with those two rascals. Speaking of exercises and stretches, I need to do some. I have been so bad. Went to Zumba Gold yesterday wit a friend. It was fun and plenty energenic. with aerobics. Some are slower than others (dances). I am feeling plenty achey today, partly from that I am sure. Hope to go next week but not sure depends o these painters, etc, We will be gone the next week. I felt good that I was not the one to sit down, another lady did. I is about 1 hr. and we do not really take breaks, maybe a VERY quick one for water.

    Jam - Hope you enjoy your Bridge game today. Your sandwich you described on a lettuce roll sounded really good, even for breakfast. I really am not a big breakfast eater myself but usually have Cheerios and fruit on top, blueberries when in season. If it were just me not sure what I would eat :)!! I do love those blueberries but they are not cheep. We get pretty good sized box from Sams.

    Julie - Hope you are surviving everything going on in your life. My God bless you all is about all I can say with your dear family and the sis situation. Hope you have a nice weekend, and week to come. Sounds like you will be very busy AGAIN !!!!

    Hi again to Rock, Bretzie, Spring Water, Sun and everydobby else. Hope all is well with you all. Need to run for now.

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    Mikie - thanks for opening up new porch

    i went over last porch and what a lot of things going on with everyone..!

    Your pet stores out there seem like a pet haven...so many things available,
    i dont think people here know about scratching posts, i learnt of them from
    Garfield comics, then looked them up online when i read about them here..
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    Would love to stay and chat but I need to go wash my mop !!! You all know what fun that is for me :)!!! NOT

    Hi Spring Water - yes those pet stores have so many things for all kinds of animals nowadays, not just dogs, cat and birds either from what I understand. . Hope all is well with you and family. So glad you could stop by for a bit.

    Love you an all,
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    Hi, Kids,

    Did anyone go out to see the full "Supermoon" last night? I could see it lighting up the clouds in front of it but couldn't see the moon itself. I forgot to look this morning because Simon was waiting for his breakfast. I was sooooo tired that, after I let Tweety and Sylvester in from the lanai for their breakfast, I fell asleep on the sofa. So, it was light when I woke up and the moon had set. There will be another Supermoon Aug 10 and again on Sept 9. Supermoons occur when the moon's orbit brings it closest to earth when it is full. It isn't a rare occurance but this Supermoon appeared 14 percent larger and brighter. I try never to leave Simon's bowl out when it gets light as I'm not supposed to feed him but there is really no one to see it anyway and most of my friends know I feed him on the sly. He has shown up every morning for quite a while now. I always suspected that someone else was feeding him and, perhaps, they moved. Or, perhaps, he isn't up to hunting anymore.

    T&S were wild when they came in. Tweety knows how to open my closet doors and got stuck inside. Either she closed them herself or her evil brother did it. He was sitting in the same room all hunched up like he knew she was in trouble and was delighting in it. I heard a great commotion coming from inside the closet. I put her out on the lanai for time out. I had already yelled at her several times to stop messing with the doors. She only gets two chances before she has time out. Time out is very effective. When I let her in, she got up on top of the back of my loveseat and settled down. All this happened after they had a major smackdown and chased each other from room to room. It's better than TV! :D

    Granni, I really admire you for doing the Zumba. It is known as a hearty workout. I'm sure you used muscles you may not ordinarily use. No wonder you are a bit sore. BTW, if the workmen are leaving a lot of dust, but sure to cover any electronics with plastic. Electronics have holes to let out heat and extra dust will go inside the works. Of course, ordinary dust goes in too, but extra dust can mess up your electronics. Typically, the dust from workmen is finer and gets into places you don't want it to. I hope you have a good trip. Keep us updated.

    Springwater, these cats have a scratching pole on their little kitty condo but they seldom use it. They also have a cone-shaped one I got at Target which they refuse to use. Seems their favorite is the door mat. Go figure! Now that they are older, they have lost interest in most toys. You can make your own scratching post by taking a log and attaching it upright to a heavy wood base. Take sisal and glue it onto the log, going round and round the log. Of course, there is no guarantee a cat will use a particular post. I bought three little open plastic balls with tiny bells inside for Tweety while I was at Target. Tweety will sometimes chase a little ball if I do all the work and roll it for her. I also found the perfect bowl for smudging. It's really a stoneware pot for a plant but it's bowl shaped and not too open. It was on sale and really caught my eye. Sometimes, things find me. That it was so inexpensive made it even better. Now, if I can only get some NRG to do it.

    I do have some kind of bug and it just hit me that the PT Tech was sick with the same thing last time I saw him. What a guy! Not only did he cause my hamstring muscle to tear but he gave me his bug. Actually, he's a nice guy and his intentions are good. I do hope they take my words to heart, though, about having patients warm up before stretching. The leg is still sore but I'm able to stretch the hamstring just a tad further each day. I'm going extremely slowly so I don't tear it again. :confused:

    I really am going to try to get those Mandavillas potted and the fish lines hooked up so they can climb up the walls. There is soooooo much needing attention around here. I've always said, "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." Well, now that I've been sidelined by injuries, I'm starting to think I may miss my NRG and physical ability the most. Actually, it's a tossup! Whine, whine, whine! :( Guess I had better get out there before we get our mandatory daily downpour. Everyone, enjoy the rest of your weekend and be happy and painfree.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning awl,

    Getting ready to leave for church in a few minutes so popped I to read MIKIE'S post. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Mikie - Please take it easy today and try and rest with that bug you have gotten. BTW, you can whine as much as you want :)!! Nice that you are getting daily downpours. It sure beats the droughts we have been having lately. W have gotten some rain here this summer so it is not so bad.

    Will try and check in later.

    Bye for now.

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    Hope all s well with everyone and that MIKIE rested today. Maybe also by some miracle JULIE got rest a little also.
    Had a fair lazy day today other that going upstairs to make a little order u there after the guys put things wherever they felt like it :) Didn't want to dust to well as the cleaning lady is supposed to be here on Friday but it all depends on when those guys are done . I dread tomorrow when thy re supposed to tackle the bedroom and bath although the bath just needs mostly trim work and maybe the cabinets under the sink on the outside.

    Looks like others are pretty busy doing other things so I will sign off. for now and try to check in again tomorrow if I can.

    Everydobby have a wonderfully good nights sleep !! I know DH is coming soon to work on the computer. He is also on very early I the mornings.

    Granni :)
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    Where are our other Porchies? I hope everyone's been busy enjoying the weekend. I felt lucky just to be able to get those Mandavillas repotted and the fishing line strung so they can climb without attaching to the stucco itself. That way, when it's time to repaint, we can either cut the fishing line and put it back up or just move the pots out a bit. I think I could move them enough to paint behind them. I fertilized them with Miracle Gro liquid as well as some of my other plants. I was doing so well that I decided to sweep the cobwebs from the Balcony eaves and around our doors and lanterns. Then, I took some diluted Mr. clean and used my old broom to wash the deck of the Balcony. It's all nice and clean. It won't stay that way as we have trees and other plants which drop leaves. As I've mentioned, Feng Shui's first rule is to have a clean entry in good repair.

    Julie called me last night and wants to visit the cats and bring them some goodies. So, I'll get an early start and clean in here just a bit. Nothing too taxing. I told her that last night, after gardening, cleaning and doing my PT, my leg was aching. She is an R.N. and said it has to hurt or one isn't making progress. She should know as she's had a laminectomy, rotator cuff surgery and a complete knee replacement. She goes in on the 22nd to have the first laminectomy, which has failed, repaired and to get an additional laminectomy on two other vertebrae. I'm glad I have the cats as it would be too much for her right now. If she wants them back in the future, she can take them. They've become quite flexible.

    I know I didn't over flex the hamstring so I guess pain is just part of the healing. When I had my left shoulder operation, I overused my right arm and that shoulder got sore. It was hurting again last night. I think this old bod is falling apart. I just downloaded two cheap books for my Kindle on healing back pain. I've gotten some good info from one guy affiliated with one of the books but it only had a 2 1/2 star rating. There was another one with 5 stars so I downloaded it too. It amazes me that I can go to the Kindle Book Store and buy a book with one click and it's on the Kindle in less than a minute. I complain about technology but when it works, it's a thing of beauty.

    Granny, having had workers in my home, I don't envy what you are going through but, in the end, it's worth it. Hang in there.

    Well, think I'll clean out the cats' litter boxes and then, get into the shower. I hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    :)Good morning dear ones,

    Julie - Glad you decided to say no for once to driving so far just for the birthday party. I know you would have liked to have gone but your life is already wild. Try and think of yourself for a change. I m glad that you did for once :)!! Ian imagine Miss Lorraine feeling like a really big girl with cousin Keira. I know they will have fun together. Sorry that you had to star back on your b/p meds but that was a smart thing to do. Have fun today with the girls and grandpa.

    Speaking of b/p I had better take mine t check and see how it is doing. I just took it again and it was 114/73 the lowest it has been I a very long time. I have been dong some experimenting and trying taking one Somnapure (new herbal sup for sleep instead of 2 (as it says on the bottle) and taking one Flexeril (generic))instead of the 1/2 -1/4 Klonopin along with the Flexeril. I ave been dong this for close t a week. I have been sleeping OK up enough to be able to get up and take my Strontium for m bones and then my Armour Thyroid, when closer to rising. I notice at night wh I have taken my b/p it has been 108/70 - really great. I hope it continues.

    I did some researching on line and it said that Klonopin can cause hi or higher b/p. No one has ever told me that, any of my docs. I will continue to see how this goes and checking my b/p and sleep patterns. Nw I need to fid Somnapure at one of the store around here. They say WM has it but they didn't but do on line I think . I need to check CVS too. I know I can find it on liTe company that sent me the free samples of Somnapure was going to sock me for a charge monthly if I didn't see the tiny print in the circular sent with the samples. I called and canceled that right quick. Now I need to find it either at the pharmacies here or on line. People with hi or sensitive blood pressure should know about this b/p possible problem with Klonopin or generic.

    Mikie - I read your W and P post and am now trying to remember what you said :)!!! I used to shop some at Target and do like the store. However, it is in the next town and haven't been gong that much there except mostly to church lately. So I frequent good old WM most of the time. Glad you are feeling a bit better from all your pain, yes it does take time, sometimes quite a bit !!

    Need to get off now. Thinking of everydobby. Missing all not mentioned.
    Granni We thought the painters were going to start in the Master Baath and BR and so removed the pictures and too stuff off the tops of furniture and toilet tank, etc. However, when they got here this morning they wanted to star in the kitchen and LR . So had to hurry and try and help them clear the way for the paint brushes and rollers. Rush rush rush !! DH is at the store to get more paint as well as bank. When he does get home I know he will want and need the computer.

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    Mikie: it sounds like your leg is really improving......slowly but surely. When that PT guy messed me up at times I felt so angry at what a total stranger did to me.......I almost felt getting a potato, putting his name on it, and sticking in pins! LOL Good thing I'm a christian though and my better senses took over. So I understand your feelings.

    Almost 20 years ago my mouth was glued shut by a dental trainee.....I was getting a mold taken of my teeth for a cap. Instead of setting the timer for 3 min. and WATCHING she left me for over 30 min. The dentist had to put his knee on my chest and pry open by mouth. I felt a pop and didn't connect the PAIN I started about 2 months later. After xrays from an INT he said I had a dislocated jaw. OMG......I can't believe I managed to work all those months with it. Pain that would hit in my head, or the back of the head, or my eyes, or my jaw. I believe that's when FM really reared up. But, it's hard for me not to think in anger of what that total stranger did to me......but then I think of all the people in wars, or even auto accidents, caused by someone else. So we're all susceptible to what others can do to us.

    Julie: I'm glad you realized you CAN'T do that drive. I'm sure your brother will understand. Maybe she thought you could just hop on a plane. OMG......your blood pressure is up there. How much water do you drink a day? I do know that drinking enough water will actually make you go more and then get rid of the excess water, if that's part of the problem.

    I have the other problems.....low blood pressure at times in the mornings.......so I have to remember to take a little salt and drink water to make my BP come up. Yesterday I was feeling awful....saw that it was 104/70

    Granni: I guess I missed that you're going to visit your DD. When will this happen and where does she live?

    Saturday I watched a 4 hr. painting demonstration. This time I was lucky to be able to get it on my Ipad, so I could also do a little sewing with my machine! I love when I'm able to multitask!!!!!

    Yesterday my DD and family were over, we went for lunch, then the kids went swimming. The water was still a bit cool......I'm such a wimp, but the kids enjoyed it. I've missed so much of good times with them because of not having energy or going thru a lot of pain. Their other grandparents have gone on sooooo many vacations and little trips with them. It's hard not to feel depressed by all I've missed in life. And now my DH struggles daily with the chemo effects. I've seen a change (brain wise) taking place. My DD suggested he start to include some coconut oil in his smoothy......if it's supposed to help with alzheimers it might help him also.
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    Back again ! DH is out on errands and the guys are working in the kitchen/Family Room area and so I am at the computer trying to stay out of their way. I know I will need to get off the computer again when he gets back.

    Sun - OMG, I can't believe that you had your mouth glued shut while having the mold taken. That must have been horrible and scary too. Glad you got past all of that in one piece .

    We will be leaving next Tuesday for close to a week to see DD in Crowley, TX, in the area of Ft. Worth. I think the drive is about 4 - 4 1/2 hours or so. So it isn't to awful. I can't imagine anyone driving 14 hours any more, at least not us. If we had to do that we would probably at least stay one night. DH used to do that in one day many years ago when young :)!! I know that I do not drink as much water or liquid as I should. Never was a big drinker of anything, like my mom. I need to think again about forcing myself to do so .

    Also, I read in one of my natural healing things that drinking 2 small glasses daily of Low Sodium V-8 juice is helpful. I need to go get some more., if I ever get to go out to the store again.

    Nothing else to new that I can think of right now so I will close.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just sitting here icing my shoulder so thought I'd pop in. Every time I do now, there are spammers which our wonderful members have reported. They are almost all non-English speaking or are not fluent enough to write a post which makes sense. Almost all of them have links and URLs so they are either selling something or trying to get people to click on them so the can hack computers. Thank God for our vigilant members who work so hard to keep us safe. Thank you all.

    Shoulder is sore and it has occurred to me that my arms were involved in the stretch/exercise we were doing when the muscle tore. I think it jacked up everything in this old bod. I'm just doing what I can to help it all heal but trying to pace myself, which isn't easy. Julie never called and never stopped by. It must be her meds which make her so exhausted that, sometimes, she just can't stay awake. The good news is that I decided to clean up the house a bit before she came over. It really didn't require much as I gave it a good cleaning not too long ago. So, the whole place is clean and that makes me feel really good because I have some other things I have to take care of this week. The optician called and my new glasses are in. I'll stop and pick them up tomorrow. Yea!

    The gardeners are here making such a racket with their mowers, edgers and blowers. It's gray, hot and humid out. Not a nice day. Good news is that, without all that hot sunshine, I can open the vertical blinds which look out on the lanai. I cleaned up all the dust and cat litter on the tiles out there and it looks so nice and clean. Of course, with cats, it doesn't stay that way long. Tweety is passed out in her little animal print bed and Sylvester is passed out on one of the special mats for cats that they love. We did our afternoon "Treat Toss," where I throw a little treat for each one to run down and eat. Neither was that into it today. It has always made a place feel homey to me with a cat, or cats, snoozing. I may go snooze myself.

    Sunflower Girl, OMG! You've really been abused by the medical system. Yes, on top of being physically hurt, we have to deal with our anger. I know what you mean about missing things. I've missed a lot of good times with my DGS due to my health. I'm just grateful that both my girls were grown before I got really sick. It breaks my heart when I read of young mothers who get our illnesses. Glad you got the painting demonstration on your iPad.

    Julie, Too bad about DH's party but I think you're making the right decision. In all beliefs and religions, candles, smudging, flame and/or incense have played a part. My psychic once told me that waaaaaaay back, people thought the smoke carried their prayers up to God. I like that. I know a lot of people prefer not to venture from exactly what is taught in their own religions but I have gathered some of the best from other religions and beliefs and they seem to fit well for me. I'm not surprised that that woman wants to see you even though you have not kept up over the years. You are a kind and loving soul and your presence must mean a lot to her. Bless you for going.

    Granni, Target is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, stores. I find their prices good; often, better than Wally World. I'm not sure I'd drive to another town, though, just to go to Target. I like having the pharmacy there so I can shop while I wait for Rx's. Actually, most everything is on auto order so I just get a robo call which tells me my Rx's are ready. I still shop even when I don't have to wait. The sheets and towels I've bought at Target have been very good values and of good quality. Again, I hope you have a great trip.

    Springwater, I try to get food, treats, and litter for the cats on sale. When the weather is nice, Barb and I keep doggie treats for our visiting dogs on the Balcony. Every dog in the hood stops and looks up at us when their people are taking them for walks. They know a good thing when they see it.

    Barb called me and she sounds sooooo much more relaxed. I'm glad she is getting away and able to spend time with her family. Evidently, Frank and Ilona downstairs are thinking they will be selling their condo this year. They are only spending two months here this time and, I'd imagine, that's when the For Sale sign will go up. I can't say I'm sorry to see them go as neither has enjoyed themselves down here for the last several years. We were all good friends but have drifted apart. I just hope we get someone good to move in there. Only two of our units are rentals and we have good renters in both. This will be a sale and, with the mortgage situation now, it's more and more difficult to buy a condo in FL. Many times, people have to pay cash for them so it usually ends up being a retired couple. Fingers crossed!

    Well, better end this "W&P" edition. My love to everyone.

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    Mikie - Glad you seem to be doing/feeling better and hope it continues. The workmen are still here. Guessing they may be done on Friday but not positive. Hope so and then I can start to get ready for my trip and need to do some washing for sure. Also my cleaning lady is supposed to come on Friday. Let me tell you that it really needs it even if I did some sweeping, and dusting after the guys left each day. Hope you get some more good people in the vacant condos. Glad that Barb seems to be doing better. Hopefully, she will come back refreshed and in better spirits.

    DH is at the eye doctors, the first appt. without me :)!! I don't know why he always wants me there . I know that sometimes it is good when the doc or nurse give instructions to make sure someone gets them right :)!! However, this was his 1 month checkup for both eyes..

    Julie -Hope you and all had a great weekend with little stress !!!

    I am now editing !! Whoops, the printer locked up somehow an didn't want to print any more. This is not doing that well either. S will close for now.

    Thinking of everyone,

    Love to AWL,
    Granni :)
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    I'm so lonesome here by myself. Where are our Porchies? I hope everyone is doing OK. This will be short since I'm the only one posting. It's gray and pouring outside. Our rainstorms usually come in the afternoons or evenings but, every now and then, Mother Nature throws in a morning storm just to keep things exciting. My new glasses were in so I packed up my bumbershoot and off I went to the optical shop. I think I'm going to really like these glasses. Lori, the optician, didn't even have to adjust them. She said these frames were made for me. They are light but heavier than my old ones so I'll have to get used to them. I wear progressives and am having no problems with everything being in focus, near and far and I'm able to transition from near to far, and in between, with no problems at all. Woohoo! :)

    The cats are taking advantage of the rainy day to snooze. Again, snoozing cats inside, when it's gray and rainy outside, make me feel all cozy. Perhaps I'll take a cue from them and snooze a little myself. Still haven't heard from Julie so will send her a text when my phone charges. I want to be sure she is OK.

    Oh, there's Granni. Hi! So glad to see you here. Hope DH gets the nod from the eye doc. Also hope you get everything cleaned up so you can enjoy your home when you get back from your trip. I'm enjoying my clean condo but it won't take long for the cats to disrupt it. I've decided they are more important to me than a perfect place to live. All in all, they don't cause too much destruction and dirt.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

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    HI MIKIE on this rainy day. It is rather grey here also and starting to drizzle. Not sure how much rain we are supposed to have today. However, whatever we get is very much appreciated !! A couple of years ago we were so dry it was terrible. There was even a wildfire not to far from us they were all over. Thank God this year has been better. I should be the hot and dry season now when we will take any amount we can get. Don't know were to go with the guys al over painting, At least DH can go to the family room today to watch TV and sit his favorite chair :)!!

    Snoozing kitties and rain sounds like a good day to snooze yourself MIKIE and ALL. I just grabbed a bunch of my makeup as we are supposed to go out to eat tonight. At least they are not in my closet as I will have to change clothes from my shorts before we go. Glad that you and the kitties are doing better together in some sort of a routine that they will know .

    Will check back later if I can to see if anyone else has popped in to the Porch. MIKIE, don't feel bad there were many times when I was talking to myself on the PORCH :)!!

    Thinking of everydobby !!

    Granni :)
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    Yesterday was so nice for the most part, cool in the morning but steamy feeling by late afternoon. So since I can't stand humidity I had to turn on the AC. Last year we were having giant troubles with it, called the AC man almost every 5 days because it kept shutting off. He installed a special surge protector on it, but still problems so he narrowed it down to the circuit breaker in the back. And because it's a 50 year old house he had to do a lot of looking before he found a place with the proper little unit to install........all of $250. Apparently this was less expensive than putting in a whole NEW panel which would have run over $l,500. I keep holding my breath this year but so far so good.......I'm still staying a prayer each time it's turned on.

    Mikie: friendships are like that.....people go thru things, people change, etc. It's hard to reconnect once that "spark" is gone. I've lost people out of my life due to FM and other troubles. I read years ago on this board about posters talking about lost friendships. Couldn't understand that until it happened to me.

    Granni: When we had the bathroom tile removed, the dust floated around the house for over a week or more. Once they're all done with sanding, the dust will settle then you can clean good.

    I was at the library a week ago and discovered some DVD from "digging for the truth", with Josh Bernstein. OMG OMG I'm sooooo enjoying these. He traveled all over the world investigating.......looking for Troy, Cleopatra, Roanoak (the lost colony) etc. etc. I've got all the library owns but last night I found there are episodes I can watch on Utube......boy am I thrilled. This was all thru the history channel, but apparently the show was cancelled after about 6 seasons. I really recommend this to anyone who loves learning about these things.

    And in case anyone is interested, "who do you think you are" will be starting again with new episodes.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - I can imagine how dusty it was if they were removing tile from the walls or floors. We are pretty much having them paint after the one guy patched up the problems and covered the holes. They did some sanding and then painting. I have seen people removing floor tiles and what a mess that is including the air. Cough, cough !! I will be glad when it is all done, finally. I am guessing perhaps tomorrow or maybe Thursday, The older guy in his early 70's I think is so handy and is such a hard worker.

    I surely is humid here but am just used to living in humidity all my life. Some is just wore than others. A you said thank God for a/c. I know how expensive those a/c units can be. DH just left to pick up some more paint for the painters. It looks so nice and clean what we have seen so far. The guys aren't painting the insides of closets and cabinets. DH says he will do those later on. Hope I don't have to wait for to long :)!! It is going to be expensive enough to have to pay the painters.

    Jam and Sun - I know about changes in friends, and losing someone. Sometimes it can be very hurtful but I'm guessing in the end it is probably for the best if they snubbed you for whatever reason. I do know how hurtful it can be when losing a person you thought was your friend. I have had that happen a couple times myself.

    Julie, Mikie, Rock , Sprig Water, Diane, et al I hope you are all doing fine. n Hope to hear fo you all soon again.
    Hugz to everyone !!
    Granni :)
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jam - You are right about friends and it doesn't always stay the same and sometimes it is for the best.

    Hooray, there is the light at the end of the tunnel. They don't have to much more to paint. I think they will be done tomorrow. They just have to finish the fronts of the storage closet and cabinets under the sink in the Master Bath. I think that is all that is needed to be done and then try and figure where all the stuff goes that were put away that needed to be temporarily put away so they wouldn't get paint all over them.

    Just got back from eating Italian, my favorite food and now I am sooo full !! I am so tired and full and I need to go take a shower. We just heard that one of our friends who was in his high 80's I think had taken a car trip with is wife and ended up in ICU with all kinds of problems, emergency surgery and all kinds of bad problems. He was told not to go by a few people including his wife and maybe his doc and we just found out that he just passed away. I believe he is in AZ where his daughter lives...His wife had a stroke some time ago and has had some problems. She most likely won't be able to live by herself and will have to move. It is all so sad and he was such a neat guy. :(

    Julie - Just read your post so I am editing. Gad you wil be gong to the doc son. Don't fool around with your b/p and crashing like that and your family history. Check in when you can again. .Also so many depending on you. Please be careful and take care of yourself . Pease try and ret as often as you can. What a tie to have extra family. I know you love it but you also need to take care of you, Let us know how you are doing asap after you see the doc. PULEEZE.

    Better go and take a shower. Hope all is well with everyone !

    Granni :)
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: My DD has been seeing an integrative doc for about 4 months. All her tests including the saliva basically came back as adrenal fatigue and thyroid troubles. So far she still has the troubles even after all the supplements she's taking. I had been reading recently about the adrenal fatigue, which I also have (two saliva tests for me came back identical) Anyway, one of the big symptoms is blood sugar troubles, along with a list of many other things. My DD and I are the poster children for it. So getting back to AF, the BIG problem is cortisol which comes from too much STRESS. Mornings are awful for me..........I could kill everyone who comes in my sight! That's another symptom! So I'm having to go outside in the mornings and "work off my stress" so I can calm down.

    The blood sugar drops are awful.......that's why I just couldn't go thru fasting to have the colonoscopy. One thing I've read that I've been trying is to have a little salt first thing in the morning. I put a little celtic salt in my palm lick it up and then drink water. It was amazing how within about 10 min. I almost felt human. Then I eat about 3 TBS almond butter on some flat bread. I NEED protein thru out the day but especially a lot for the first 6 hrs. of being up. I hope you feel better.

    I bought two flowering hibiscus plants today for my little "meditation" corner in back. I have a comfortable chair along with a very large potted christmas tree I bought about 3 years ago. No one can find me there!!!!!
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Just peeking in...

    Wish everyone was feeling well...better. I'm on an errand with DH and we stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant...I wanted to go away from the city but he said restaurants widely probably open only on sat...so tho the place is huge there's trucks n cars flying by..not my ideal wall meal spot

    Love to all. The meal just arrived...thinking about and praying for all of u not feeling
    Completely well

    God bless