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    Geez, aren't we quite a bunch--so many troubles. I hope and pray all our pains, other symptoms and stress vanish. If I had a magic wand, I'd wave everything bad away from us. As it is, I keep on praying for us all.

    Julie, your symptoms sound troubling. I agree that you should call the doc. These things, if left too long, just get worse. Please take good care of yourself.

    Granni, Shortly, you will be in heaven with all new freshly painted walls. I NV you. My condo still looks good but I know where the little holes and nicks are. My lanai especially could stand another coat of paint. Our lanais were originally gray, like our bldgs. Then, we were told we could paint them white if we wanted because with the screens, no one can see into them from the outside. So, I put two coats of exterior white paint on mine but I should have used three coats. I'm the only one who notices it so, like with the inside, it will have to wait until my shame makes me paint it. My shame is in direct proportion to how I feel and, lately, I've felt so bad that I'm basically shameless :)

    Sunflower Girl, oh, a secret little garden--Heaven on Earth! The only place I have to myself is my lanai and I've filled it with plants. It looks out over our pond so it's a nice place to sit and meditate. Unfortunately, right now, it's just too hot and humid to want to sit out there. I love the Hibiscus. It appears that some of ours are ready to bloom. My favorite is the orange one with red and purple in the center. What color did you choose?

    Springwater, it's too bad that you couldn't find a nicer place to have dinner. How is your weather now? Some of us are living in drought conditions and some of us have had tons of rain and some flooding. We've also had a lot of tornado damage in the middle of the country.

    Jam, this particular couple has changed; everyone has noticed how angry and negative the wife has become. This has been going on for two years so I'm not upset to see them go. I don't need the stress of dealing with her. She has said some pretty mean things. I just hope and pray that we get someone nice in there. People everywhere in our hood are redoing baths, kitchens, and even whole units. I'm glad to see that because it means our little village is stabilizing and people want to keep it nice. Investing in their condos also means they see them as having value. Of course, this means our taxes will increase. As housing values return, taxes are increasing in our area. I'm homesteaded with several deductions on top of that, so my taxes don't go up as much as some.

    Speaking of friends--I texted Julie, the cats' other mother, because I was worried about her. She called me and said she had been in her jammies all day. The day before, she didn't call first and, when she came over, my blinds were shut in the front. She assumed I was resting or didn't want to be disturbed. I told her I put our Julie's little rolly-polly bug sign in my storm door window when I don't want to be disturbed. I'm sorry the cats and I missed her. She is having surgery in another week to fix an old failed laminectomy and do another on several other vertebrae. It's so bad that she now has no feeling in her feet. It worries me and I've put a prayer in our little prayer box. She put one of her own in there. I'll be glad when the surgery is over. She's been through sooooo much with her rotator cuff surgery, complete knee replacement and major seizure all in one year. Now this!

    I tried an experiment last night and left the door to the lanai open just enough so that the cats could go in and out. They were good til 2:00 this moring. I woke up anyway and had to get up to take some ibuprophen for my pain. I am still a bit stuffy from the virus so took my allergy and cold pill as well. The pain was so bad last evening that I finally took a Skelaxon to relax the muscles. It's only been a week so I'm not getting too excited as it takes about a month for a torn hamstring muscle to heal or, at least, show significent improvement. If, by next week, there is no improvement, I'll see my ortho doc. I've been icing my shoulder/bicep muscle and not using it. I think it got overused in one of my sciatica exercises. Now, I just do the exercise without the arm part. If one more thing goes wrong on this old bod, I'm not going to be able to do anything.

    Guess I had better sign off this "W&P" post. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Popping in while DH is of to HD to get some more insulation for the upstairs storage area that will help to keep the upstairs bedroom (guest room) cooler or better that just plain hot. We don't put the upstairs a/c on unless being used to save electricity, The guys are finishing up the painting and insulation. DH hopes to get rid of the painters /workmen after today. Then, I need to get a haircut, etc. tomorrow. It is staring to annoy me. Mo hair I so thick and has started to get so straight. MIKIE WILL YOU GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR NATURAL CURLS??

    Mikie - Sorry to hear about your torn hamstring still bothering you along wit everything else. Gad the kitties seems t be doing well wit the kitties. How did they do when you left the lanai door open just a crack at night?? Sorry your friend Julie (the cats other mother) has been having so many problems. That is to bad abo that wife of the couple that will be leaving. Some people end up with medical, dementia, TIA, etc. issues which also can causes her whole personality to change. That is so sad for them and others who have to live with and try and get along with her. She may not realize she MAY have a medical problem. Never, the less it doesn't make it any easier for her to get along others,

    Julie - So sorry you are feeling badly. Hope you get a quick appointment and that they can find and eliminate your problems. Talk about bad timing when you have the girls with you. Rest if and when you can. Let us know about your appointment when you have it. Be watchful of your b/p. Stress can really spike it badly., I know. Thinking about you and so many having problem on this board and Porch. Yes, we need a magic wand like MIKIE mentioned:)!! Don't want to fool with possible diabetes and it being in your family.

    Spring Water - Sorry you didn't get to have a nice serene dinner place but oh well, at least you got away with DH and you didn't have to cook. That is the biggest plus for me - YAY no cooking :)!!! Back to cooking today. Had nice pasta last night wit a birthday boy who was turning 84 and his wife.

    Sun - Thinking of you too with all your problems and your DH. I know that stress can make so any things crop up, or make get worse if you already have them. I am pretty sure lots of stress in my younger years with the family started this whole DD mess and hi b/p that was already in the family, esp my dad.

    Thinking of everyone but guessing DH will be needing the computer as he is now home.

    Love , hugz and blessings to all, including those not mentioned,
    Granni :)
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    @Mikie ... I hate to be a pest but do any of you know good things to take to reverse day sleep? If anyone has a combination that worked for them, please share. I'm pretty desperate and have posted in the General Health, but so far nothing.

    I'm very very despondent over this ... can't sleep til 9AM, wake up before 5PM. I've tried Melatonin, but because I have severe weakness, couldn't even tolerate .75mg, sigh. Tried Magnesium, no nite sleep. I'm so housebound as I can't go out in the day when sleeping. I'm letting important thngs slide by ... cats to vet, me to dentist, me to doctor as I can't get awake til 6PM. I feel so isolated and full of panic.

    Any ideas?? Things you've tried that worked for you would be so appreciated. I heard things like Lemon Balm help (but don't know how much), Inositol (don't know how much). I've tried AdvilPM, way too strong and made me go into one of those "feel like I'm going into shock" situations.

    Any ideas so gratefully received.
    Sorry to be a downer.
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    OMG, Julie, I hope DH doesn't have any lasting damage from the fall. Sometimes, in the moment, one doesn't realize one is injured. His adrenalin was probably pumping like crazy, as was everyone else's. I hope and pray he's OK. I also hope and pray they find out some answers from you appt. and labs. If they don't, my guess is that you've been burning the candle at both ends for too long under extremely stressful circumstances. Please, listen to your body and get some rest. Having helped build an addition, I understand that, sometimes, things have to get done on time and it takes two but nothing is worth losing one's health over. Surely, there must be someone who can help DH. When we were building our addition, an unplanned snowstorm started coming our way. DXH called from work to tell me that I had to go up on the roof by myself and lay the tar paper. Thank God the rolls were already up there. So, up I went and got it relatively waterproof before the snow came. Good thing I knew how to do it too. Keep us updated on how everyone is doing.

    Granni, working with these kitties is a practice in patience, which I don't have much of. Sylvester is really good but Tweety is ornery and always trying to get away with things. Neither is keen to play with their toys now but Tweety likes to find things in the house she can mess with. I have to go to Lowe's for some little latches for my closet doors. She just got time out on the lanai for keeping on trying to open my laundry closet after being told, "NO!!!," several times. I showed her the water bottle too. About the only ornery thing Sylvester does is sit in front of the opening in the sliders, just daring Tweety to try to come in. She can easily leap over him but it usually leads to a smackdown. Last night, Tweety wouldn't leave me alone so I put her out on the lanai for the night and Sylvester stayed in. No problems. She seems content to be out there by herself at night, listening to all the critters in the pond. BTW, I'd gladly give you some curls. My hair, recently has looked awful. Don't know why. Perhaps it's the increased humidity we are getting. We are supposed to have rain again off and on all day again today. AACK!!! Back in the day, no one in CO had A/C as the nights are always pretty cool no matter how hot it gets during the day. With climate change, CO is having more hot days now. We put an attic fan in our old house to draw the heat out of the attic. It made a huge difference in the temperature and wasn't expensive to run. You might want to look into one.

    Speaking of ornery--the neighbor who says they are going to move has always been stubborn and ornery but she's doubled down to becoming mean. Funny thing is that she's always been mean to her long-suffering husband but now that she's mean to everyone else, she has been nicer to him. Maybe it's because he had to have back surgery and isn't doing too well. He may well be the only person who will tolerate her now. She brags about when, years ago, he wanted to go up on the roof to repair something. She didn't want him to go, saying it was too hot out. He went up anyway and, either the ladder fell down, or she took it down, stranding him up on the roof in the sweltering heat. She got a chair and poured herself a glass of iced tea and just smiled at his discomfort. While he was up there, some friends called and she bragged to them about what she'd done. They came right over and put the ladder up for him. In their culture and religion, divorce is out of the question and both love their kids and grandkids so he continues putting up with her abuse. She used to berate him in front of me but I told her I wouldn't stick around to hear it. The whole thing just makes me sad. Oh well, either they will sell or I'll avoid doing things with them. I just pray they leave and we get someone nice. This is stress I don't need.

    Woke up this morning and my leg finally felt better. It's by no means healed but the improvement is markedly better. This is a welcome turn of events. Back is better too most of the time. Think I'll get in the shower but, unless the rain lets up, think I'll stay inside. I can go to Lowe's and my bank tomorrow. The mortgage dept. messed up my acct. again. We are all at our collective wits' end with these morons who work there. Every time my banker calls, he gets a different person who promises to clear things up and, again and again, he or she manages to further mess things up. It's so bad now that we may never get it straightened out. If I stay in today, I'll probably try to reconstruct what has happened to ensure I haven't lost money in the fray. This is more stress I don't need and it just keeps happening.

    Granni, thanks for your good wishes for Julie. She is depressed and her surgery date can't get here soon enough. After being in so much pain with my back and leg 24/7, I can certainly understand it. Last night, I just felt down and uneasy. I hope and pray her surgery is successful. She's been through one laminectomy so she knows what to expect. Also, she's a real trooper; I've never seen anyone heal from a knee replacement as fast as she.

    Everydobby, I miss everyone who isn't visiting the Porch and pray for all of us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Bretzie, you and I must have been posting at the same time. I decided to just do a new post to you so it doesn't get lost in my "W&P" post above. I've had a similar problem but not quite as bad as yours. My doc said mine was the consequence of a relatively bad head injury. I fall asleep around 7:00 in the evening and wake anytime between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. I don't feel the need to sleep during the daytime except that, now and then, I'll take a nap after I get up and eat breakfast. I take 2 mgs. of clonazepam (Klonopin) at 10:00 (I set my cell alarm to ensure I take it) for sleep but it doesn't keep me asleep until a decent hour in the morning. I feel as though I'm getting somewhat adequate sleep but I know my brain is tired. My tired brain is exacerbated by all the pain I've been enduring from my torn hamstring muscle and back. But, I digress...you were asking for help.

    There are lights sold for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). These lights are supposed to let the brain know it is supposed to stay awake. I bought one at Amazon and used it around 7:00 in the evening, when I feel tired. Well, the blue light just made me feel drowsy so it didn't work for me. It might work for others, though. I just had a paradoxical reaction to it. The light isn't UV so it's safe to use without worrying about skin cancer.

    Good luck to you. I know that babies sometimes get their days and nights mixed up.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello all

    Julie - hope you are able to be back to normal soon..I'm familiar with the 'crashing after eating' thing.
    Something bout tummy needing energy to digest food so no energy left for other body parts if ur already running on empty

    Scary abt Dens fall...pray he is fine

    Granni - do you renovate/paint annually? I remember a yr bk you redid yr kitchen counter n bathrooms

    Mikie - those cats are a handful but like other handfuls, lovable too..that lady you mentioned sounds downright detestable...I wanted to throttle her! How can she treat her husband or anyone else in such a way!!?
    Bretzie - hi...hope you are able to find a solution soon to yr sleep problem

    Sun - just love the thought of yr meditation space where you can disappear into...I was wanting to create an 'angel' corner..and invite lovely winged beings to come glide around and sing and brighten up my life...really need it

    Today I walked a lot I locked myself out of my house so needed to kill time till husband came back. I also was hit by such a wave of self pity and loneliness in spite of it being crowded...with pilgrims..I was walking round the monastery...I miss my brother. It's tough without him..I remembered my childhood days..when I didn't need to deal with illness and responsibilities and carrying out duties while feeling
    as capable as a three year old

    Dealing with a lot of things..wish I lived in a gentler easier world to be in..and that I didn't feel like a fish out of water...I skipped the Spiritual business class although I'd paid up dollars 50 in advance..I didn't hv the time nor motivation to absorb something new and just donated the fifty bucks to pranic healing centre

    Oh...I did see a lovely doggie calendar strays taken in n rehabilitated. Some local dpggies
    Even made it to Switzerland and uk from here their adoptive parents took them...lucky lil ones also the clean the river campaign in full swing the river is actually free of garbage and flowing freely with the monsoon rains..never thought I'd see that and yes, today I also decaterpillarized my maple tree of like a hundred fat black caterpillars. Never had this infestation before we threw them into field near a river

    Well, all of you take care and hope everyone is feeling brighter and healthier real soon
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    Hi, Springwater, good to hear from you but sorry you are a bit down in the doldrums. It is so hard to lose a loved one. It hasn't been that long since your brother passed and the pain and grief are still so raw. I think we always miss and grieve our loved ones who have passed but, in time, the pain is less raw and, instead of feeling the loss and sadness, we start to remember the good times and the funny times--good memories. I think an angel place sounds just perfect. I like to have my stones, crystals, feathers, candles, angels and saints around me. They give me peace and love. I send prayers for peace for you.

    I have a large carved wood angel in three pieces: the head and two wings. It's dark wood but I refinished it in distressed whitewash. There is a high partial wall dividing the dining room and living room and I think I'll put it up there. It used to be over my bed. I've been waiting for just the right time to smudge my condo and our bldg. There is a lot of neg. NRG around here with all the disgruntled people but I don't let it in. I feel protected to walk in the light of spirit and never let down my guard.

    Yes, the cats can be a handful but, most of the time, they just sleep and are a joy. They are so beautiful. Sylvester is docile and sweet most of the time. Tweety, on the other hand, is spunky and a bit ornery. Publix had a BOGO on their kitty food so I picked up two bags. I stopped at Lowe's and found some beautiful little brass latches I am going to put on my closet doors. They should be a snap to install. That should keep Tweety from opening them.

    I am excited just thinking about having an angel place. I hope you do it. It could be so beautiful. Good luck.

    I was just going to lie around after my physical therapy exercises/stretches but I realized that I had $10 in Bealls Bucks, which are just like cash. So, I went to Lowe's and then stopped at Bealls and got a box of 18 K-cups for my coffee maker for only $3. It's a new French roast I haven't tried yet but I love bold brews. Finally, I stopped at Publix for a few things. I'm out of Epsom Salts. I had bought some at Wall World but they don't seem as strong as the Publix ones. As y'all can imagine, I do a lot of soaking in them. I can stretch out my leg all the way in the hot water. I think it's therapeutic. I also got some greens and berries for my Nutri Bullet. I need to start eating better again. Now, I think I'm ready for a nap if I can fall asleep. If the cats keep snoozing, maybe I can too.

    My best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie - So sorry to hear about Den's fall and you feeling so badly. Hope you find out something at the docs tomorrow and that you get so answers and it really helps. You are so busy to be sick, you are NOT allowed to do so :)!!

    Went to have my hair done, cut really short this time. Of course DH commented on it but it will grow and it is summer. I also have straight hair and have to fuss with it to get it look nice. I ever had LONG hair in my life. Not sure if it ever got to my shoulders.

    Then ran to WM for a few things for the trip and a little food and heard the pouring rain and thunder outside. Had to wait awhile to go out but it was still raining. I had bought ice cream sandwiches and didn't want it to melt. I got somewhat wet but glad I had an umbrella.. I had a jacket with a hood but had left it in the car - geez. Came home and put everything away and then did DH and my pill boxes to be ready for the trip. Of course, I was almost empty so had to get it done. Now my back is killing me from the standing and the shopping.

    Almost time to fix dinner but wanted to say hi to all. So, I won't write a separate note to everydobby. Glad that your pain is a little better MIKIE in your leg. Hope it continues t way and glad the kitties are behaving pretty well for you. Sounds like you have a couple of toddlers at times.

    Glad to hear rom you SPRINGWATER even though you feel down I the dumps as they say. Hope you get a nice serene angel pace for yourself. It sounds very nice for you to pray , meditate or just sit quietly enjoying the view.

    Hi Bretzie - nice see you too.. Hope you are enjoying the boards and have met some fun people too plus learning some interesting things. Hope all is well with Dar, Sun, Rock, Windy et al !!

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everyone !
    Granni :)
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    Julie: OMG ......I hope Den didn't do anything to his body with this fall. And hope all went good with the lab tests this morning. Was it going to be a glucose test?

    Mikie: Maybe your neighbors just need a "change of scenery". I'm assuming they're away right now and you're thinking when they get back they'll put it up for sale. I do hope you get some really nice people to buy their condo.

    I had to chuckle the other day when it came to my older female cat and the young male that's been visiting. He disappeared for about 5 days and it was almost like she was so despondent. Then the other day he appeared and she was furious with him! Like she was really angry. LOL Then last night she was the one out "catting around". If I could draw cats really good, I could write a children's book based on my two female cats.

    Spring: I think a little "angel corner" would be very good for you to arrange. Someplace where even your dogs won't be bothering you. A truck stop sounds very chaotic. I remember when my parents would travel (long long hrs. in the car) and we would stop in one of the truck stops to eat something. UGH. That was back in the 50s so double ugh. I'm sorry you're still mourning your brother. It takes time to heal and doubly hard since you were so close.

    Granni: That's nice that your DH notices your haircut. I don't think mine has EVER said anything on the subject.

    And speaking of DH, he's picked up a stomach bug that has been hanging on for 5 days and now I've also got it. I was awake almost all night long with aches everywhere and today a stomach ache. I think it lasts a lot longer for him since he's on chemo. The problem is he's not drinking anything, and really hasn't eaten for almost 3 days. Men are such terrible patients and I've told him he needs to be drinking otherwise he'll end up on and IV.
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    Sun - You are right about men being terrible patients. Talk about moaning and groaning. He doesn't think he does but you will know how he feel at every given moment. I hate to think how he would be if he felt like me or so of you dear people. I understand he has some arthritis, etc. but he hasn't had this for over 40 years or maybe somewhat less. Hope you both start feeling much better soon.

    In his defense he usually compliments me on my hair cuts but the back was a little to short. I don't mind at all as it will grow to quickly. I have such thick hair that my hairdresser cuts most of it wit the razor which she said she doesn't use on to many people, especially my age :)!!!

    Julie - Hope they get to the bottom of your problems and hope Den is OK from his fall. I should think he would at least be very sore. Maybe he is one of these men that hardly complains at all. I know there are SOME :)!!! Let us know what they find. You need to be well for yourself, Den and everyone else that depends on you. Geez and pretty son you will have another grandbaby - OH MY !!! So exciting but so taxing on the mommy and everyone else . Also, those young ones will need special attention too but you need to take go care of yourself FIRST !!!!

    Rock - We are missing you dear friend. Hope you are feeling OK !!!

    Spring Water - Big hugz to you and hope you get your get up and go soon. I'm sure it is hard after losing someone so close ot you like your Db. I love my DB but we have been apart for so long , lived a distance apart for many years . His wife just retired so maybe sometime they can come to visit us, for a change. Went to see them by myself a couple of years ago to save the $. You are lucky if he lived not to far from you. I think his wife, a school teacher, decided to finally retire after he had the scare with the prostate cancer. He is presently taking chemo .

    Mikie - Hope you continue to feel better as you continue to take care of those furry toddlers :) !!

    Love to everydobby,

    So much to do to get ready for the cleaning lady tomorrow as well as for our trip on Tuesday to see DD and family.

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