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    Wated to start us up with a new Porch before I close the last one. I hope everyone can see this and no one starts a new duplicate post.

    Diane, I'm so sorry about Beety' having to have most of her teeth pulled. I know giving her the pain meds is hard but she may do just fine as long as she has them. There is a post to you from Rock. Please let us know how you all are doing.

    Julie, thanks for such sweet words. Living in a condo bldg., even a small eight-unit one like ours, means we have to get along. You are the one who goes above and beyond when it comes to being kind and caring of others. I hope you get to feeling better. That is such a sweet pic.

    Rock, psychic mediums always say when a loved one, human or animal, comes in a dream like that, they are there in spirit and it isn't just a dream; it's real. I had a beloved cat once whose liver ruptured and we had to take him to the animal ER where he was euthanized. That night, he came to me in a dream and let me pet him; he always had such soft, plush fur. I woke up still able to "feel" his fur on my hand.

    Granni, I know you'll have a good time on your trip.

    Sun, can't remember what was in your post on the last Porch but I think you were comforting others in your usual kind way.

    Yesterday, I forced myself to take a shower and run up to Publix. They were having 25 percent off their store brand laundry products, which are cheap enough as it is. I decided to stock up just a bit. Had a few laughs with one of my favorite cashiers. I had a couple more than 10 items but he said it was OK to go through his fast line. It was early and the store was almost empty. I know how awful it is to stand around bored and waiting for customers. There's only so much busy work one can do.

    I came home and cleaned the condo. I didn't get the dusting done but can do that before the door repairmen get here. Or, should I say, Slidermen? After they leave, I'll clean up the lanai. I have to bring in some things out there and move others around.

    We are supposed to get isolated rainstorms throughout the week, so I should be able to finish the weeding in the other stairwell atrium. It's the worst area and not one I'm looking forward to doing. I plan on taking pics of that area because the boss of the gardeners is supposed to attend our next Tues. morning mtg. I want him to see all those weeds.

    If some of my words are missing letters, it's my keyboard. It gets like this and I don't know why. Seems as though every now and then, I have to completely shut down the computer instead of just putting it to sleep. I hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie -- things seem to be slow here.

    I saw Rock's post to me. And I posted on that. Some so-so news about Beety, some news I just want to scream about! I hope I haven't brought everybody down. It is what it is. I cried my heart out today. Beety's coming home today -- in a few minutes -- with Kevin. We have bronchitis (even though any rattling cannot be heard through a stethoscope) to deal with, FIRST, before dental issues.

    Like I said, longer, more explanatory posts, on Rock's thread to me.

    You guys all take care. I'll be popping in and out, as the mood strikes. Luv to y'all.

    Hugs, Diane
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    Hello everyone! Goodness, Diane...I went over and read your other post. Could things possibly get more complicated? Glad the vet caught the bronchitis, but too bad it wasn't noticed before. As I said before...one hour at a time, true?

    Rock, that was so kind of you to post to Diane...you've had quite some experiences with vets, yourself.

    Mikie, glad you were able to get out and do your errands. I love the name "Sliderman" :p Hope they do a good job for you.

    Not sure if this would be an appropriate time, but I did want you all to meet Oreo. She is an Australian Shepherd mix...I went over to day and picked her up at the shelter. I would have brought her home the other day, but a couple had called and said they were coming to look at her, so I had to wait to see if and when she would still be available.

    Well, the other people never showed up and they didn't leave a phone number or address...so I got to go get her myself. Yay! This is the dog that got along so well with the toddler, but he ended up being allergic to dogs, so she had to go back to the shelter.

    Hard to get a good pic of her, because she is so active! Finally caught her lying down, so had to take it at an angle...if I got down to her level, she came running to me. Oreo seems to love everyone so far, and ignores the cats. She has lots of energy, so will possibly be a good running partner for David.

    Anyway, here she is...and I have to go because Lorraine is getting ready to take her for a walk.

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    Well, I am baaaack !!!! Had a nice trip but took a shower after unpacking and now checking my e-mail. There I so much !!!!

    Julie - What cute pictures of Lorraine and Josiah and Oreo- what a cute name. The size of Oreo and his temperament looks and seems good for the kids. Looks like Miss Lorraine is starting to mature. I found my girls just loved their new little sister or brother. Sometimes they might have squeezed a little to hard so you need to be careful. Poor David. Hope he gets to feeling better real soon. From that show it looks a bit like Lorraine is looking also like Keira. Hope things settle down for you so you can star to feel better. Sis surely isn't helping the situation any with Grandpa. Some people are so selfish ):!!

    Diane - I am so sorry about Beety and her having Bronchitis and having to get that taken care of before the extraction. I know you are both so worried about her and hope the meds will help Kevin with his b/p and anxiety problem, so you can both work towards getting Beety well... As Julie said try and take everything one day at a time. I know Beety will do great with all the care you both give to her, for her Bronchitis and for her teeth extractions. After that I am sure she will do great on liquids and soft food. Thinking about you, Kevin and Beety and will add you to my prayer list. There seems to be so much happening on the PORCH and in our real life. Just try and concentrate on taking care of her, like you always do, and I know you, Kevin and she will do fine. Sounds like more chases going on in your house trying to find her to give her meds :)!!!

    Hi to Spring Water, Mikie, Sun, Rock and everyone else I may have forgotten. I really need to go and start deleting so any of my e-mails and answering any I may have to answer. Bye for tonight. TTYAL.

    Love to everyone,
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    Diane - praying for dear Beety,for a full recovery

    And for you and Kevin to be filled with strength and calm..

    Rock - i too was sure it was Zippy coming in spirit to check on you n let you know he is doing fine..i cried too soon as i read about him trotting up in the dream wonderfully fit and fine

    My back hurt only a little then but i took great care not to put pressure on it..its ok now

    Tk u for asking

    Granni - welcome back...good to hv u back

    Sun - hope you soon get things sorted out..its supposed to get easier with time,

    Julie - hmmm...Oreo looks very sassy and spunky..i sure hope he is a good fit..i felt like taking him and romping thru the backyard with him..i love dogs who are always ready to play

    Mikie - when i listen to you going about your chores, it gives me a lift to try and tackle my own
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    Good evening again...I fell asleep watching our TV show, so now am playing catch up with making Den's lunch and walking Oreo so she can go potty one more time.

    Granni, so glad you are back and that you had a good trip!

    Spring, yes, Oreo is certainly full of energy. She was just spayed last week, but it would be hard to tell by the way she zips around. We need to keep her on a leash for a while, until she understands that this is her new home. I have a long retractable leash and she seems to have learned already when she is about to the end of it...just need to teach her to "heel" when necessary. At other times, I think she will do great to go running with David. I tried to jog with her up the lane a bit, but was so glad when she wanted to stop and go potty.

    We have learned that we will need to be careful with her around the kids...not that she will be mean to them, but she is a "powerhouse" and likes to jump up. I think she is teachable...she has learned to sit before I put her leash on or off (and before we go out the door or come back in.)

    But....she is definitely a "herding dog." We had her in the kids' play area and I was running back and forth with her...she nipped the back of my knee, to try to get me to change directions. So, that will certainly not be allowed, especially with the kids.

    I so hope she does well...she has run up to greet everyone who has come in our house...Lorraine, Lindsey and David. The twins just watched her from inside the house as it was getting close to bedtime.

    She has bonded with me...follows me around everywhere, and Den said she whined a little when I left her inside and ran to the kids' for a minute. So...we will see, I guess. The children's safety is the most important thing, for sure. Keira will get to meet her this weekend, when they all come to see Josiah.

    Better get on to bed...I am just worn out. Hi to everyone...thinking of you all!
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    Diane: Bronchitis! It's a good thing the vet caught that because teeth extraction would NOT be a good thing with that going on. With the good meds that are now available, Beety should be quickly on the recovered list. So......are all her teeth absolutely necessary? I know it's hard not to worry about your little fur baby, but.......worry does nothing to help and will only hurt both you and Kevin.

    Julie: Love the name of your new fur baby at your house. She looks similiar to out old dog, Katie. How old is she? I used to watch the Dog Whisperer and found that most dogs are totally trainable and she does sound like she'll be good for the family.

    Another very full day for me. Realized I didn't have enough death certificates ordered so tomorrow will have to go to AAA for free notary. They have to certify I am who I am. I picked up DHs remains today, I was surprised how much it weighed. The counselor carried "him" to my car and DS brought him in. Need to order the urn and the engraving tomorrow, after I go to the SS office and AAA.

    It seems I've done a # on my neck and back again. I knew my body would only last so long until something hit me. So I'm up with a fresh cup of coffee to help hurry up the ibuprofen.
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    Hi, Everydobby,

    Not much to tell. Condo is clean and the Sliderman guys did a great job. The door glides just like a new one. At $175 for about a half hour's work, it should glide! Still, they were friendly, efficient and made no mess. I continue to fight whatever has been making me sick. Yesterday, I got up too fast from the sofa and had vertigo for a while. It made me nauseated. It's 4:30 in the morning and the cats are speeding around like little remote operated cars. When they settle down, I'll turn on "Morning Joe" and let it lull me back to sleep.

    Diane, I answered under Rock's message to you. You are in my prayers.

    Granni, glad you had a good trip.

    Julie, Oreo looks like a great family dog and, from what you've written, seems to have the right disposition.

    Springwater, believe me, when I do get anything done around here, it's because I force myself to do it. After about three days of vegging, I can't stand it any longer and just start doing something. Just starting something seems to lead to something else, and so on... I still don't feel well but, fortunately, I don't have anything pressing I have to do.

    Sun, when my Mom died, I had to order extra death certificates too. Our mortuary took care of everything. I picked out a beautiful wooden box, which looks like a jewelry box, and when Mom's cremains came back, the mortuary put them in the box for me. All I had to do was pick them up. The box sits on my dresser. When I'm gone, it will be up to the kids to do whatever they want with us both. Mom has a plot next to her first husband in her hometown and I think the kids plan to bury her ashes there. I told them to scatter mine someplace nice, like the beach.

    If I don't start feeling better, they may be scattering them sooner than I thought. Whine, whine, whine! I hope everyone feels better than I do.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Gave the B & W kitty some food. Back in the 70s I used to have B & W
    cat named Oreo. Named for its appearance as is your new dog, I'm guessing, Julie. I've
    read a couple books about herding dogs. They have have a reputation for being very smart.
    You can see herding contests on Youtube. The farmers can give commands to their dog
    from football fields away with arm signals.

    Julie, did anyone talk to you about the possibility of nipping? The dogs' repertoire of
    techniques includes nipping the heels of cattle or sheep. I have no idea if this is a
    problem when the dog is a pet. Anyhoo, you sure have been posting some great pix lately.
    The one of Lorraine and Josiah looks like a painting by an old master.

    Mikie, glad to hear the gliding procedure went well. Did you play The Skaters' Waltz
    to set the proper mood? Saw a sign on a humor site. Said something like: Johnson's
    Sheet Metal. Our sheet metal is 100% organic and guaranteed gluten free.

    Sun, I hope the back/neck problems are temporary. I've read that human cremains
    weigh around 5 to 9 pounds. My friend (the one with the banged up biker husband)
    has her parents ashes in her living room. They are in beautiful boxes with pictures
    of her parents when they were middle aged.

    Springwater, glad you're reporting your back is better. Mine is OK if I spend most
    of the day lying down. But that's generally not too practical, and gets boring after a
    while. I do get a lot of reading done though.

    Diane, I hope your two loved ones are better soon. Would Kevin think it was
    funny if you told him the vet called? They are having a special. Will remove
    two of his teeth for half price when they do Beety's.

    Granni, glad to hear your trip went well. I have never been to a Presidential library.
    Any surprises? Many visitors? Our national library system only includes 13 Presidents.
    I looked on line to see what the cost is. Couldn't find out. It's probably like most
    government expenditures. So huge nobody really knows anyway.

    Good to be home again, huh? My grandmother always said, "Good to go, and
    good to get home."

    You guys see the article in the news yesterday about the cost of funerals and burial
    plots? I think cremation is sensible, but Gordon says you have to have a place to
    visit. He and his siblings visits their parent's graves twice a year. I figure it's his
    problem. When I'm gone I won't know or care.

    Oh, I found the other joke I wanted to pass along. This is allegedly a memo from
    the manager to a new employee at Wal*Mart's deli section. "Shane, Stop selling
    extended warranties on the chicken nuggets."


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    Good morning, friends! It's nearly 8:00 am and Oreo is still sleeping at the foot of our bed...I slipped out to go potty and get a drink. I'm sure as soon as she realizes I'm gone, she will also realize she wants to go outside...so nice to have an already house-trained pet. :)

    Sun, I can imagine you are totally worn out, physically and emotionally. I hope all these arrangements and tasks go smoothly enough for you...I can't even begin to imagine. I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this, but glad your kids are/were there to help you.

    Speaking of "what to do with us when we're gone"...we have a family cemetery just down the road from us. Is called the Harbour Cemetery, but there are lots of "non-Harbours" buried there, including my mom...so it's not really a family only place. Some might remember that we already have a headstone in place (gift from Den's dad a couple Christmas's ago, lol.) I really like the idea of being able to go somewhere specific to place flowers, etc. a few times a year....so a grave, etc. is really for those who remain behind, true?

    Mikie, so glad the Slidermen did a great job! The bonus (although it should be the case in every situation) of them being courteous and cleaning up after themselves when they were done...well, that's wonderful.

    So sorry this illness still has you dragging. I do feel that a couple days in bed would probably do me some good, but with all the mess/clutter/yard that still needs mowed right now, I doubt I would be able to "rest." Den mowed the other night, but there is so much, we hardly ever get it all done at once...unless I do a full day's "mowing marathon" and I haven't been able to do that the past couple weeks.

    When I took lunch to Gpa the other day, I noticed his yard had been mowed, but it looked awful. Gpa had said that Larry didn't do as good a job as he and I do...even with all the rain we've had, it looked all brown and scraggly...I'm guessing Larry mowed it real short, which is a bad idea in the middle of the summer. But then he doesn't have to mow it again for awhile, because it doesn't grow in the summer heat. Den's mom would be so sad at the situation with her yard and house right now...well, if she was still alive, there would be no such "situation."

    Rock, nobody said anything about the dog nipping, but I think it is in the breed's genetics. I think she can be trained...she is already doing better about jumping up on me, but just needs to learn some manners. And she sits automatically now when I go to put the leash on or take it off...hard for her to STAY sitting long enough, but she does try.

    I remember when my folks first got Urkel (Skipper Kee Terrior) from a shelter...my mom went to walk down the hall of their mobile home, and he nipped at her ankles. They almost took him back right then, but gave him another chance and I don't think he ever did it again. That breed is also "herders" so he was only doing what he thought he was supposed to.

    I do remember seeing him trying to "herd" some of our cats a time or two...you can imagine how well that went ;) And that was in his "elderly" years...

    I am working on being the "Alpha dog" myself and not letting Oreo take that role. She does have a tendency to want to dominate (at least it seems that way to me) by standing over me when I sit on the floor with her. But if I don't let her do that, she soon lays on her back and has me rub her tummy.

    Oh dear, she was supposed to be Den's dog, but he says since I'm the one who "rescued" her, she has bonded more to me. At least she seems to like everyone in the family, and is not afraid...except she does give the cats a wide berth when they start hissing at her.

    The shelter had already named her Oreo, and she actually comes to it :p so we just decided to stick with that name. And it does suit her coloring perfectly.

    Granni, I'm glad you are back...I'll be glad when Den and I can just get away for a couple days at at time. He is taking two days off next week, but it is so we can work uninterrupted on the house.

    Diane, I am thinking of you and Kevin and Beety...hoping things go well, whenever they can do the surgery.

    I had better get busy...I did stop "mid-typing" and take Oreo to potty. Then turned her loose in the kids' fenced-in play area so she could run without a leash (and Grandma) attached, lol! I did try to jog a little with her, but I'm so out of shape, it will take some time for me too, lol!

    Hope you all have a good day! Hi to everyone I didn't mention and anyone who is reading...

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    HI there, So sorry it is so late. I have to go and start dinner. However, I have been trying to read up o the posts. Will be having hamburgers but DH also wants mushrooms. So, now I have to go and get them ready along withal the other stuff.

    Thinking of everyone. Sorry I cannot speak to everyone individually !! JULIE - It sounds lke OREO will be a pretty good match for your family. I know puppies like to jump up. My DD's we went to visit last month did the same thing. I have the claw marks on my legs to prove it. . Trying to keep him from doing that . He kept doing it to me all the time :)!! We were new and so he wanted to sniff and probably to play. They are tryng to keep him from doing that also.

    Love to awl. Gotta run !!

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    A late night hello to everyone! We are having such wonderful weather; so cool for August. Some rain off and on, but no storms.

    I spent a couple hours in the strawberry patch this morning. The weeds were twice as tall as the berry plants, and I was determined to save the strawberries...will be so nice to have our own next Spring. I tied Oreo to a tree close by and she just hung out while I worked.

    I was a muddy mess when I got done, so had to hop in the shower then go get my hair done. Since I was "dressed for town" I decided to go on and run some errands...got some toys for Oreo and a nice soft doggy bed for her too.

    Found some cute outfits for Josiah, and new jammies for the other three kiddos. I will take Keira shopping for a new school outfit some day soon...she is old enough to have her own tastes and I would rather she be along to pick something out herself.

    I also found a nice musical jewelry box for David's mom. It has the Serenity Prayer on it...I told Lindsey about it and she said that is one of her MIL's favorite verses. She works so hard when they are here and I just wanted her to know how much I appreciate it...it really gives me a break.

    Got home in time to watch one of our shows with Den. He called when he got home from work and said Oreo was laying on our bed (she didn't get down till I got home and called for her.) He said he called her too, but she wouldn't budge. That is the first animal he has ever allowed to be on the bed...I think Grandpa Den is going to spoil her worse than Gma ;) I don't want her on the bed, though, so she might as well get used to her own, lol!

    Better get on to bed myself...thinking of you guys~
  13. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Gordon and I had the following dialogue yesterday morning.
    G: You're disturbing me.
    R: What?
    G: You're reading too loud.

    A couple hours later he asked me to come help him with the tomato plants.
    I went outside and said, "You're disturbing me. You're weeding too loud."

    That's the kind of snappy chit chat we have at the ranch.

    And for further hilarity, I found this on a site that sells T shirts. "I don't need
    Google. My wife knows everything."

    Mikie, are you sure you're not pushing yourself to do too much? Seems like
    a lotta folks here do that. What do you mean "put your computer to sleep".
    Are you going to have it euthanized? With regard to scattering ashes, Lee
    Hayes of the Weavers folk group had his ashes scattered in his compost pile.
    He said they would nourish the roses.

    Country western singer Faron Young's ashes were scattered on a lake
    adjacent to the home of Johnny and June Cash. (BTW, many local
    governments have laws about this sort of thing.)

    Diane, come back and give us an update when you feel up to it. Victor Borge
    commenting on the English language, said "Many people do not feel up to
    sitting down." He also said that after a burglary in a hotel, the police asked
    him, "Did you find anything missing?"

    Granni, I hope your scratches from DD's puppy are minor and all healed up.
    When I was a law clerk, we had a trial regarding a large dog that knocked down
    an old lady. Our young attorney won the case by showing that this was not
    an attack. It was a happy greeting to an old friend who was visiting the dog's
    owner. (The insurance company paid the medical bills under a different
    provision of the policy.)

    Anyhoo, the brilliant and handsome (but arrogant) young attorney was found
    dead in his bed a year latter. Street drugs. It's not just celebs and athletes that
    throw it all away for no good reason.

    Julie, we used to get toys at the thrift shop for our dogs. They loved to chase
    small plush toys and bring them back. But we wouldn't let them chew on them.
    Mighta ingested some bad stuff we figured. Are you making biscuits or
    shortbread to go with the strawberries?

    Springwater, how many dogs do you have now? My former secretary used
    to have four. She's down to three at the moment. She has the ashes of a
    golden cocker in her living room. Any dog lucky enough to be part of her
    household was treated like royalty. Are you still having lots of rain?

    Hugs to everydobby
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, you are in good spirits today! Instead of the Skaters Waltz, I think they were playing something by The Doors! Love to read all your humor. Humor is what gets us through life. Sometimes, it's the only thing getting us through it. I usually choose "sleep" when I shut down my computer unless I'm not going to be using it for a while; then, I choose "hibernate." If I know Microsoft has a new update, I choose "restart." Life is full of "Hard Choices," just ask Hillary.

    Julie, sounds to me as though Oreo is the one. I'm so glad you found a good fit for your family. I love dogs and cats both but I don't have the NRG to take a dog for walks here in the hood. When I had a house, we had a fenced yard and a dog door for our dogs. We got a rescue cat and he watched the dogs go in and out and he decided to use the door too.

    Granni, there you go again, making my mouth water when you talk about shrooms. I love them on burgers. I don't make anything with ground beef at home but I do eat medium well done burgers when I eat out. Give me some cheese, bacon and shrooms on them and I'm in heaven.

    Yesterday, I decided to go to the other end of the bldg. and do some pruning and weeding. The sprinklers had run and everything was soaking wet. I came back in and spent one more day vegging. It's not that there aren't things to do in here but they are low priority and I've vowed not to do them until the outside is done.

    Tweety was sooooo sweet yesterday morning. Before the sun came up, I curled up on the sofa after the cats were fed and took a nap. Tweety wanted me to get up and play with her and pet her when I woke up but before I got up. She stood up on her hind legs and reached out gently with her paw and touched my cheek. It was so tender and sweet that it almost brought tears to my eyes. When they were kittens living outside, Sylvester would be aloof but Tweety would come to have everyone rub her belly and pet her. She's used to lots of petting and love. To ask for love from me in such an amazing way was almost spiritual. I believe that animals are spiritual beings here to help us if we recognize that and let them.

    Right now, Tweety is lazing on the little glass top table on the lanai just taking in the beautiful morning dawning over our little pond. It's so peaceful. She's lying next to the pink flamingo plant with a big leaf hanging over her head. I wish I could let them out but the plants I keep on the lanai are the next best thing. When I cleaned out there, my philodendron had some kind of tiny white bugs on it--probably aphids. I took it downstairs to spray it before my other plants got infected. No blooms on my orchids right now. Maybe today I can get some pruning and weeding down at the other end of the bldg. I also have to cut off a low limb of the Plumeria. All I have to do is find a good spot for it and stick it in the ground. They look so exotic but are the easiest plants to grow.

    Hope y'all have a great Fri.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Good morning to awl !!!

    Slept in a little late this morning, a bit after 8 a.m. However, I am lazy and just got dressed and ate my cereal. Will be having lunch with 2 friends this afternoon. Look forwards to doing so. We haven't done it in some time. I really can't stay on to long as I need to go start some wash and figure out what to take out of the freezer for dinner. That is almost as big of a chore as cooking it:)!!

    I really need to go and start some washes. Stuff is over flowing in the laundry basket.

    Julie - I think getting Oreo his own bed and toys was a great idea. Hopefully he will too and want to stay with you on the bed :)!! Sounds like you are doing a little better with all you are doing. Thanks for your posts letting us know what is going on in your house and family. Hope things settle down soon and hope all are getting better from whatever was ailing them including David. Hope no little ones catch David's bug. Is he doing better??? TRY and rest even just a bit so you don't get feeling really bad again.

    Diane - Thinking about you ALL and hoping things are getting better for everyone, little by little. Hope Beety;s bronchitis is doing better and then on to the extractions which hopefully will go well for her. Hope Kevin's new meds are also helping him to cope with Beety's problems too. Hugs to you my dear friend.

    Mikie - I love reading about your kitties and how they are dong. Tweety sounds so sweet, probably Sylvester too in his own way :)!! Hope you will take it easy for a bit too:!!

    Rock - So nice to read your chatty post today. I love your supposed CHATS with Gordon :)!!

    Maybe I will be back later. Right now I have gotten nothing done, short of writing this and changing clothes ):!!

    Thinking of ALL my dear Porchies !!!

  16. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Active Member

    HI Everybody,

    I've been reading, and I want to thank you all for your concerns and good wishes for Beety, and for Kevin and me too. Thank you!!

    Julie, I love the pic of OREO (what a great name)! Sounds like a great fit with your family. :)

    I'm having trouble, yet again, about remembering what I've read. So I'm not up to reply to each of you, individually. I will give y'all an update on us.

    Kevin's handling his anxiety OK. He took a .25 mg Xanax and cut it into 4 pieces. He's been taking one piece (1/16 mg?) in the mornings, and it lasts him until midnight. So that's good! He got 10 tablets, with 1 refill. And he sees his primary care doc on Friday for a checkup. I have my Klonopin, and dole it out as necessary (up to 3 per day). So, the "humans" are doing well. :)

    Beety is being skittish since she got home from the vet/animal hospital. I guess that would be normal, to be skittish.

    When Beety was under anesthesia, the vet heard "crackling" sounds in the chest. That could have been fluid build-up around the heart, so they stopped the anesthesia immediately. They gave her a diuretic, just in case. Then took a chest xray. Sent the xray to a specialist, who agreed that it is bronchitis.

    From the tube inserted into Beety, some fluid was taken to be cultured. To "make sure" what's going on. And what ABX would work the best. We will get the results, on or before Wednesday.

    Her "bronchitis" has to clear up, before she can have her teeth extracted. And yes, her teeth need to be extracted, because of the autoimmune disease.

    So we wait. The vet said that Beety's gums are painful, so we have more pain med. And an ABX.

    We had some "excitement" yesterday morning. Faithy decided that she didn't like/know Beety any more. So Faithy went after Beety. Claws out, hissing, wanting to bite and scratch. Oh dear.

    This morning was less "excitement", although Faithy did try to be aggressive again. But Faithy was less aggressive this morning.

    I don't think that Faithy likes the "smell" of Beety back home from the animal hospital. And this time, Beety's ABX is flavored to taste like BUBBLE GUM! Duh! Bubble Gum???

    And we can't forget about Rosie, who needs her broth and Miralax and Petromalt, for her constipation issues.

    It's been a circus. I don't know if I pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle in my left shoulder. But it goes PING! And OUCH. But not constantly. It's a pain in the "you know what" trying to catch Beety, post-hospital stay. She has to get her meds and then eat shortly after that, or else she gets boo-boo tummy.

    Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, my friends. I'm so tired and worn out right now. I feel like a "downer" -- that's why I haven't posted. I don't have a single LOL in me.


    I did want to ask y'all -- do y'all get any hornets/wasps/yellow jacket nests in your yards?? Specifically in your lawn, in the ground?? Harold (our lawn mowing guy) said yesterday that he will not mow a certain patch of grass until the "bees" are gone. Kevin looked this morning and said that they were yellow jackets. We had this happen about 5 years ago. We found the two ends of their "tunnel", sprayed them with killer, and blocked both with tarp and bricks. They died. We were gonna leave them alone, but they started getting aggressive. Harold got stung last week, and this week he riled them up with the mower, so we have to get rid of this new nest. Anybody go through this? Any better ideas?


    Thanks y'all for listening for me. That's what's been going on around here.

    I keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers. And y'all take care!

    Love, Diane
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  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone...just past noon, and I haven't gotten a whole lot done, but will get going here soon. I need to get some things done before Amy, Clinton and Keira come tomorrow afternoon. David's folks are leaving early in the morning...we will sure miss them :( but some of them will be back over Thanksgiving.

    Diane, you certainly have a houseful of sweet fur-babies that need you and Kevin. The cats are so lucky to love with you guys :) Continued prayers that all goes well. Please don't feel like a "downer"...you are going through a rough time right now...and we are here to listen and help what we can.

    We had the yellow jackets in an old stump...we had built a sort of playhouse over it years ago, then discovered those things two or three years ago. We did spray, but it seemed to just make them mad. This year, Den moved the playhouse and tore out the stump...not sure if he sprayed again, but when he leveled out the dirt again, he pretty much closed up any entrances. Those things are very vicious! Hope you can get rid of them again...

    Granni, hope you have a great time at lunch. David was the only one who got so very sick, and Lindsey gave him some homeopathic remedy after he came back from the ER (and they didn't help him at all) and he started doing better almost right away. Still took him a day or two to completely recover, but nobody else got so bad.

    Oreo is doing so well...still learning not to jump up, but is very smart and seems eager to please. I did let her run without the leash this morning, just to get some of that extra energy out. I kept calling her back to me and making her sit...she came every time and often sat without even being told.

    At two years old, she still has a bit of "youngster" in her, so I will just keep working with her...guess she is actually more a Gma dog than Gpa, lol! But I'll have Den and David work with her too...then she will be okay to be around Lindsey and the kids. As it is now, she sticks close to me...didn't get up when Den left for work, but came to my side of the bed when she needed to go out.

    I move her bed back and forth from the living room to the bedroom...she seems to like it a lot.

    Mikie, I loved to read about Tweety being so loving and gentle with you! The lanai sounds like a wonderful place for the kitties :)

    Rock, I got Oreo a squeaky toy and an "orthodontic" bone-shaped thing to chew...she doesn't really seem too interested, but keeps them by her anyway. We love the strawberries just mashed and served over vanilla ice cream...or else shortbread...yum!

    I'd better get off here and get something done...

  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Diane: Years ago there was a small rolled up rug on the side patio so my DH decided to cut it up and toss it in the trash. All of a sudden he took off running, yelling for me to get into the house. Yellowjackets had a hive in it.....OMG.....if we had know that could happen the rug would have been gone pronto. DH got 3 stings, and one got inside the house which we got right away. Funny thing......last night I had a dream I had gotten stung by a bee, held up my finger to someone nearby saying.....the stinger is still in but there's no pain. Then this morning I read your post.

    We also got a bee hive made inside a large jug I had in the garden for ornamental purposes. There was a small hole and when I found it the hive was starting to "grow" on the outside too. We had to pay for a bee exterminator to come.

    Mikie: how sweet about Tweety gently touching your face. And how are your shoulders doing?

    Julie: Grandma is definitely the one she prefers since you were the rescuer. Until she's secure in her new home thats probably the way she'll be.

    Rock: Love your humor! Of course Gordon could have said you're breathing too loud! LOL Do you read outloud or was he being facitious?

    Well, I knew depression would set in sooner or later. Most of my important paperwork and running around has been done, and my son leaves on monday morning. I'm feeling sad already that I'll be alone. We were discussing my getting a dog. Not sure yet.......maybe in a month I will feel more settled.

    I spent almost 2 hrs. at the SS office, trying to straighten out a snaffu.......they zapped my DHs SS check....which he was due for the month of June. Got in to see a supervisor and he just sat there shaking his head at the stupidity of the last person online from SS who did that. Then the woman I talked to on monday also could have fixed the problem without me going in.
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness, Sun! Yes, those yellow jackets can be terrible!!!

    I'm so sorry you are feeling alone...yes, you have been pretty busy getting hubby's things taken care of, I can imagine the adrenaline wearing off and you are left with "what now?" Wish the SS office could have been more helpful and not put you through so much stress.

    I need to get in the shower; David's folks and I and Liora are going to meet up with Den and his dad for supper. Gpa wanted Den to help him run some errands, so Den took off work a little early. David took Lorraine and Isaiah to the out of town chiro today...this means Lindsey will get some quiet/alone time with just Josiah. I think all moms need one-on-one time with their new babies, once in awhile :)

    At the risk of boring everyone with more pictures, I am going to post one of Josiah and then one of Oreo in her new bed. Hope that will cheer anyone up who needs a lift...



    Will check in later...love you guys!
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Julie - Such cute pics of both Oreo and Josiah. Is that the right size bed for Oreo? It looks like if he grows any more there will not be much room left for him to move. I know sort of curl up in their beds but there doesn't seem like much rom for him. Will he grow any more? Hope you get a shower and et to relax a bit.

    Josiah is such a cute baby but of course all or most babies are :)! In some way or another. I just wish I could hug and snuggle with him. I just loved it when my babies were tiny !!!

    How are the twins taking to Josiah?? Any jealousy yet?? Are they wanting to hug or hold him? Of course any holding wit them would have to be with lots of help fro grownups..

    Sun - So sorry to her that the SS is giving you a bit of hard time in getting DH;s stuff straight. Just what you need, more stress ):!! NOT !! I can't imagine that when it is all over with and you are by yourself that is the worst time, especially at night time. Lots of hugs to you too !

    Diane - Hoping things are going well enough for you and all. You are not bringing us down and do understand how you must be feeling with these fur babies of yours. You and Kevin are great parents to your dear kitties. Those kitties are very lucky to have you both. Please feel free to post any venting when you are feeling up to it.

    Love to everydobby,