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    Hi Granni and all...just got back from supper with Gpa Denzyl, Den, David's folks, me and Liora. When we got home, Liora was fighting sleep so I rocked her night night. David and the other kids will be home later...

    Well, the twins are doing okay with the new baby. Liora is pretty gentle with him and wants to hold him too, but keeps wanting to touch his "eyes", "nose", "ears", etc. as she says the words, lol! Isaiah isn't really thrilled about the baby, but mostly just ignores him.

    They've all had lots of extra attention with their other gma and gpa being here...hope they do okay when it's just mostly mom and dad.

    Granni, I've got other pictures of Oreo all stretched out in her bed :) She hangs her head off the edge or lets her feet hang out...but mostly she likes to just curl up like that.

    The sides are real soft so they "give" a little. And at 2 1/2 years, she might be as big as she is going to get?

    I'd better get some more cleaning done...seems I have no energy. Didn't really want to go to supper, but Gpa asked for me to be there...and he hasn't really gotten to visit with David's folks much this trip.

    Will check in over the weekend if I can.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Diane, so sorry for all the problems with the cats. You guys are really good kitty parents. Yes, I suspect it is either the smell from the vet's office or the meds changing Beety's body odor which caused Faithy to react. Cats are such strange little critters. BTW, my AV makes my pee and sweat smell strange. I know, I know--TMI, but if it can happen to a human, I'm sure it can happen to a kitty. Bubble gum? Good luck to you all. BTW, that's how my shoulder pain started. Try to rest the shoulder as much as you can and take anti-inflammatories if you can tolerate them. Ibuprophen is best for inflammation. I am also taking the tart cherry capsules I got here at PH. If it is impingement with tendons and/or muscles rubbing on bone, it usually clears up by itself if rested. Ice and heat can help too. I put my Icy Hot TENS unit on my shoulder when it hurts.

    Hi, Granni, I know what you mean about going to the freezer and just standing there trying to decide. With my AV, my appetite is off kilter and nothing looks good nor worth cooking. Yes, Tweety can be so gentle and sweet. If Sylvester is upset, she comes running and licks his face to soothe him. He is very sweet too. He has the cutest face and loves to snuggle next to me on the bed. Julie calls him a "lover boy."

    Julie, thanks for the new pics. Josiah is really adorable. I laughed when I saw that Oreo has a bed to match his coat. What a stylish little dog! Yes, the lanai is the only connection the cats now have with plants and it overlooks the pond where they can watch the ducks and other birds which come by. This time of year, we don't have too many large birds but in the wintertime, we have huge birds which come to fish in our pond. There are two scrub pine trees just outside the lanai and the cats can watch the squirrels run around like crazy critters.

    Sun, sorry for the SNAFU with SS. Glad you got it straightened out. Shoulders are still painful off and on but nothing like they were. My guess is that the pain will depend on how much I rest them. Depression is a stage of grieving. If it lingers, it might help to see a grief therapist. I don't like support groups because there is always someone who is so obsessed with her own problems that she takes up everyone's time. It takes a good moderator to keep a group moving along so that everyone can share if he or she wants to. Also, not everyone wants to air her problems with strangers. A good therapist is worth his or her weight in gold. Sometimes, churches have someone who helps those who have lost a loved one. I think it takes a good year just to get one's bearings following a death. It's a life-changing event and nothing is ever the same again. People talk about "getting over it" and "closure." I don't think there are any such things. I do believe that the pain gets less raw with time and that we can create new lives for ourselves but it takes some time. I pray you will find comfort in something. Try something which used to bring you pleasure, like your painting, if you feel like it. Getting out in nature helps too. My prayers are with you.

    When I was only three, my Mom opened our kitchen window. I went over and put my hands on the sill to look out. Yellow jackets had started to build a nest inside the screen and three of them stung me at the same time. It traumatized me so much that, for years, if I saw a bee or hornet, I'd freak out. We have large red mud dobber wasps down here but they are not aggressive and leave us alone. The worst part is getting rid of their mud homes when they desert them. They are like cement! Every now and then, someone gets stung by bees which have been Africanized and become aggressive in this area. We have any bee hives removed before that can happen. There are a lot of bee keepers just outside of town. I keep thinking I'll go out and buy some local honey but haven't. There is even a Bee Road.

    I'm still feeling lousy. This time, when the virus reactivated, it really knocked me for a loop. I'm sure it's because of all the trauma and pain to this old bod. I did get to sleep til 4:00 this morning. I think it helps if I leave the vertical blinds to the lanai open a bit so the cats can see there is nothing going on inside. This morning, they have been racing around, one chasing the other and then changing and the chaser becoming the chasee. Tweety has more NRG and is still walking around, going out on the lanai to enjoy the morning air. Sylvester is passed out on top of my loveseat. He likes to sleep on his back and it's so funny to see.

    I have to shower and go to Target to pick up some Rx's. Think I'll go across the street and pick up a couple of new dishes for the cats at B B & B. Perhaps if I put some food, and not just water, out on the lanai, the cats won't he so anxious to come in. My fear is that they will fling the dish around and spill the food. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Publix has some good sales so I should stop as I'm out of anything I'd want to eat. Well, that's about if for my exciting life. Hope everyone is doing well (or better).

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Today is Chiro Day. Did you know that old chiropractors never die? They simply
    adjust to circumstances. OK, not very funny, but it's the only chiro joke I could
    find on the net. But I did find a wonderful story about a chiropractic Beauty Contest
    in 1956. The winners are pictured standing in front of their spinal X rays. And
    they look so young and healthy and friendly. And normal. Nothing bizarre about
    these gals unlike today's etc...

    Mikie, loved your Doors pun. I've heard of them, but never actually heard them. I
    gather from their name that they played music from the big band era. Isn't that
    when swing music was popular? Your suggestion of a burger with bacon, cheese
    and shrooms sounds positively davoon as my neighbor used to say. Must be 20
    years or so since I had a burger.

    Hey! We have plumeria here too. We have a tree in the front yard. And a 5
    foot plant in a bucket in back. It has lots of yellow and white flowers. I believe
    the plural of plumeria is frangipani.

    Granni, shame on you! You told a big lie. "I am lazy." Might as well say Wonder
    Woman is housebound. BTW, the conversations with Gordon are from actual
    transcripts and have been certified by the Governmental Institution of This, That
    and The Other Thing in Washington DC. Cross my hear and hope to die. Eat
    a banana and holler "Hi". (That's a quote from an old radio show that was popular
    in the 30s and 40s.)

    Well, I have to get ready to visit the Doc and do errands. Will be back later if
    ...Oopps! Gordon is hollering, "Time to get ready."

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the condolences regarding my Pye Pye. Oh, I forget who asked, but Pywacket's name was taken from Bell Book and Candle. He was a big cat, the name just seemed to fit him. He was my "familiar".

    Julie, I hope you are feeling better. You have soooooo much on your plate. Slow down and live!!! Hope things start looking up for you and your whole family. Baby is soooooooo cute!

    Rock, your humor never fails to "fracture" me and always brightens my day!

    Speaking of "fracture", here's a joke for you:

    There was a man who had a severely broken foot. A bone from a dog's leg was used to mend it. One day the man was out walking and met his doctor along the way. The doctor asked him, "How are you getting along with that leg?" The man replied, "Just fine, though I have a hard time keeping it down when I pass a tree."

    Granni, Sun, Windy, Diane, Barry, Mikie, Spring and anyone else I may have missed, Hope everyone's weekend is sunny and cheerful.
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    Rock - That is funny about Gordon hollering for you to be ready.. DH is always hollering for me to get or be ready:)!!!
    Your body may not be running at full speed but your minds seems to be when you are on the Porch !! Hope your chiro or doc apt went well. Sounds like you both keep each other going - you and Gordon :)!!!

    Julie - I am being lazy even if I did do load of wash. I should be doing some other stuff but here I sit by the computer :)!! That was funny about Liora and Isaiah. My little girls wanted to nurture and and hold the new babies but DS was to busy with other things, like playing with his cars and stuff. OH, how are the twins with the potty training ?? The girls were pretty good but DS was also to lazy for that. He didn't care till he was 3 yrs old and I had to force him into it :)!! He didn't care if he was wet or dirty that much. . Sounds like you have been a busy beaver again even if you don't think so, running here and there. Nice that Grandpa Denzyl got to visit some with David's folks before they went home. You also should get a break every once in awhile NOT to cook.

    Mikie - It is fun listening to you describe Sylvester and Tweety's personalities. They sounds so funny ! Hope you are feeling a little better anyway, pain wise. I don't care if some of your posts are like W and P I still love toad them :)!!

    I made a 4 bean salad this morning to bring to my choir party at one of the gals house. I was easy since I chopped the veggies last night and made the marinade. So, this morning I put it together with cans of veggies and beans. It should be interesting and fun even though DH doesn't particularly want to go but at least he is going for a few hours.. I think he I afraid he will miss his football game. I think the gal who is having the party has a lake house or it is close to the lake. This is supposed to be a welcome party and his family with 4 young children. Reminds me of our family and Lindsey's too for the new choir director. He has spoken with me and sent me an e-mail. He hopes I can come to a few practices or as many as I can but he seems to understand. So, we will see how it all works out. It is the special practices or whatever is needed and new pieces I may not know.

    Dar - I see you were posting when I was. Hope you are dong better. I was the one, I think who asked about the name Pyewackett. That was so cute and unusual. I also liked the joke you just told about the dog. Hope you can visit us more often as you feel better.

    Diane - Hope things are going better for you too and Kevin along with Beety of course. Thinking of you all and praying all will be well soon after a successful surgery for Beety.

    Well, I need to go for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Love to all, inc those not mentioned ,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Yesterday seemed like a short day as I spent most of it asleep. The chiro and market
    in the morning. In the afternoon we went to a library branch we seldom visit. Asked
    the gal who was checking books in and out where to find the humor section. She didn't
    know. Asked the official reference librarian. She was no help either.

    Then came home and I slept for several hours. I did get a Neil Simon play at the library.
    One I never heard of before titled "The Good Doctor". It is so bad it's hard to believe
    America's most popular playwright actually wrote it. Had a good cast though including
    Christopher Plummer (the Baron Von Trapp). Also in the cast was Marsha Mason who
    married the playwright. (Christopher Plummer was already married.)

    Dar. we got a catalog from Daedalus a couple days ago. I wanted to tell you about a
    book on dealing with the loss of a pet, but now I can't find it. Well, I can find the
    catalog, but no mention of the book. Went to the Daedalus website. Their search
    engine gave me over 6000 hits so that was no more help than the LA library staff..
    But their are lots of books that show up on the the computer search engine should
    you care to look. Thanks for the joke. Would that be a shaggy dog story?

    Julie, glad to hear David is better. We never grew strawberries at our house, but
    we did have rhubarb in the garden. Mom made wonderful pies and sauce.

    Diane, Beety's medicine is bubble gum flavored?! Reminds me of Bazooka bubble
    gum from my yute and some trivia I read a couple years ago. Bazooka is the
    best selling gum is Israel. The manufacturer has discontinued the little comic strip.
    Time Marches On. Hope the folks and the cats at your place are all doing a
    little better.

    Springwater, do you do lots of upping and downing of all your steps? Is the
    exercise good for you or is it wearing you out? We have 18 steps in our 2 story
    house and I make lots of extra trips cause I forget stuff.

    Hugs to all my friends
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    Morning, Porchies,

    Dar, it was I who asked about Pyewackett's name. I have watched that movie soooo many times. The cat steals the show and was vital to the story. I hope you are feeling more comforted from all the love here. We've all been through losing a beloved pet and know how hard it is. I also hope you are feeling physically better. It's no fun feeling lousy! Thanks for the joke; loved it!

    Rock, these are newer doors and came after the swing era. Wish I had a fun pun but the only word I've ever heard these doors called is, sliders. You'll just have to let my faux pas slide (I've been away from my French so long I'm not even sure I spelled that correctly). In the hood, the only time we recognize when we go somewhere is one we got from "Everybody Loves Raymond." It's AIS which stands for, ass in seat. If yours isn't in the seat at the stated time, you ain't goin'. It works amazingly well. If you tell people you're leaving at 11:30, there will always be a slow poke who shows up 10 minutes late. If they know the car is actually leaving at 11:30, they show up on time. BTW, Barb, who loves to argue, said that Plumaria and Frangipangi were two distinctly different plants. Of course, I looked it up. Both are correct names for the same plant. There are different varieties of bloom shapes and colors but all are basically the same plant. We have mostly white but we have one new pink one. In Hawaii, they use the blooms for leis. I got leid in Hawaii, right off the plane!

    Geez, Granni, you are a fireball. Wish I had your NRG or determination, or both. I know from your posts that you eat healthy food and I'm sure that helps. Also, all that socializing helps keep you young. Then, there is the exercising. I think you should be the poster woman for aging gracefully and well.

    Everydoby, don't miss the full Super Moon tonight when it rises. It is closest to Earth in its orbit and will appear much brighter and larger than usual. Being a Cancer, I may have to go out and bay at the moon.

    I did make my appointed stops yesterday. Target had a $5 off coupon for spending $20 on health-related items so I got a packet of pads for my TENS unit and two bottles of chewable vitamin C, things I'll eventually need anyway. Might as well save 25 percent plus another 5 percent for using their card. Target donates a huge amt. of their revenues to various charitable orgs. Education is one of the largest areas to which they donate. I love a company which does well and does good. All my Rx's used to come due at the same time but since I switched to BC/BS, they all got messed up, some only a few days apart. Oh well, it's a good thing I never get tired of going to Target.

    Bed Bath & Beyond has the best little aluminum pet bowls in various sizes. They come in dark brown or copper color with paw prints around them. They have little rubber rings around the bottom to help keep them in place. I have the dark ones so decided to get the copper colored with dark brown paw prints. They look lovely on the little place mat with paw prints. I keep the area where they eat clean and attractive. I doubt that they care but I do. Speaking of which, a little tiger striped kitten, not much larger than T & S when we found them, was on the steps behind Simon while he ate. It saw me look out and ducked behind the step. I don't know whether it had a chance to eat or not. I hope it did.

    Not long ago, there was a miniature version of Sylvester on the landing with Simon but it ran away when it saw me look. I fear this hood is becoming a dumping ground for cats people don't want or that the feral population is growing back along where a small ditch carries off excess water into the storm drain system. It's a swale and is designed to send water is specific directions. There was a third kitten with S & T when they were found but it ran off and no one saw it again. We have a lot of predators which makes it dangerous for kittens on their own. Perhaps that's why they trail Simon. He doesn't seem to mind. I wish all these kitties had the love and care S & T have. I've already cleaned out their boxes this morning, brushed and combed them, cleaned Tweety's eyes and put a new collar on her, a nice bright red one.

    Another "W&P" post. Oh well, y'all, read what you want and ignore the rest. My life is so exciting--NOT!!!--that about all I have to write about is the cats.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - I guess we both asked about Dar's dear Pyewackett and his name. BTW, I have not been doing exercising per se other than going 2x a week to the gym to do the treadmill ( if we push each other and actually make it) and maybe a couple other machines. Neither one of us wants to go. Tomorrow I will go, hopefully to line dancing which I have not gone to in probably at least a month. Hope I remember how to do some of the dances. I haven't done the exercises the chiro gave me for my neck and all.
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    My computer is driving me crazy. My computer has been lockng up. I rebooted and wrote some more and added to my last post above this. Then, after writing a whole bunch more it did the same thing, So, I give up and am sending this on as is. I give up !! I just hate that after all the time writing and not much to show for it. ):!! Hope to check n later or tomorrow. Gotta work on dinner !!!

    Love to awl !!!,
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    Good Sunday evening...hope everyone had a good enough weekend. Our was packed with kids, grandkids and dogs, lol!

    Oreo had to spend a lot of time in the shop...she is just too wild and hyper for all the little ones. And for Amy, Clinton and Keira's older dog, Jasmine. The two dogs did get along, but Oreo wanted to keep playing and wrestling around long after Jasmine was done. Jazzy run around the farm and yard, then gets herself too sore...so she found a quiet corner in which to recuperate, and we kept Oreo away from the temptation of getting all carried away.

    Amy got to hold the baby quite a bit...she is so gracious and loving, considering she would love to have a baby of her own again. I took a long nap after everyone left...chest still hurting, but I really don't believe it is necessarily anything serious with my heart.

    Gonna keep this short and get on to bed...hopefully I will be able to sleep.
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    Hi, Kids, I'm keeping my post short too--nothing much to tell.

    Granni, even though you protest, you still do a lot and I know how hard it is when dealing with fatigue and the other things which come with our conditions. I still admire you and all you do. It's easier for me because I don't have a husband to have to consider. If I had my druthers, I'd rather my marriage had worked out but it didn't so I do what I want without other considerations. BTW, if a chiro or PT tech gives you exercises or stretches, it's important to do them every day no matter how much you don't want to do them or the problem will return.

    Julie, same for you--you do so much and I know the toll it takes on you. I wouldn't ignore those chest pains. It's your body telling you something. Sometimes, if we ignore what our body tells us, at some point, it is too late. I'm not trying to scare you but so many loved ones depend on you and love you. I just hope you're taking good care of yourself.

    I'm disgusted that I don't feel like doing anything. There is this malaise, along with aches and pains, especially in my shoulder. I've done nothing but rest it and take anti-inflammatories. The bicep muscle no longer hurts so I guess that's an improvement but the shoulder snaps and cracks and I believe that means the muscles and tendons are scrunching around trying to make room in the bone. I don't know whether it's because I've been in pain for almost three months now or whether it's all the anti-inflammatories I'm taking but I have become emotionally numb. It's like the PTSD I suffered from following my divorce. At some point, I know it will pass but it's awful living like this. Whine, whine, whine!

    Haven't seen the two kittens again. I fear for them and hope that they have found a kind soul to take them in. T & S are sooooo good. They didn't cry to come in until 5:00 this morning. Putting food and water out on the lanai for them was a good idea. They no longer charge in like they are starving. I saw the Super Moon last night shining through the branches of the scrub pine. When I brought Simon's dish inside, the moon was shining brightly through light cloud cover. It really is brighter. If y'all missed it, we get another Super Moon in Sept. There is also a meteor shower to the NE and Venus and Jupiter are close together in the sky. Both are the brightest planets in the sky. Lots going on.

    Finally, today Oprah's and Deepak Chopra's meditation series for 21 days begins today. I already listened to the sample audio and it left me feeling great. Maybe this is what I need to get outta this funk. There is no cost and no commitment so if y'all are interested, give it a try; you've got nuttin' to lose.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello everyone

    I wanted to open a new porch but couldnt see open new topic button

    Mikie - sorry youre feeling not great, i know thsts an understatement but i still love devouring yr posts..i make sure at least peek in to see whats up with who

    I really pray your this bout of rough weather re health is over soon, in fact, NOW!

    Im watching AFV and they showed this funny cat sitting inside a circular toy with a ball in the edge and her pushing it round n round, lol lying down and playing at same time

    Pls try sending divine whitelight or white violet light to your shoulder and imagine the dirty energy there moving into divine light ..i say divine because its non denominational, ive heard a crackling in the bones like grating could signify a break in the protective aura and dirty energy elemental slipping thru..this is disintegrated by violet light and you can visualize yr aura being made strong.and impenetrable

    Ive had a lot of the same things going on here, losing stuff then finding it in same place where i looked before..electricals going phuttt one after another..and of course the fatigue and stress when things pile up...ho hum..but where there is negative energy there is positive to combat it.my prayers help a lot..of course..when karma dictates i hv to go such n such thing, that i need to experience it..well..then its just waiting it out..praying..breathing

    Julie - oreo sounds like my Tinku..she's funny but too much excitable.i love Oreos snug bed
    Your family gathering sounded warm and happy.lots of kids..grown ups nd now a michievous active pooch...u maybe right about your heart..but the fact that it is acting up means something..rest..i know it doesnt seem possible esp now, but do put yr foot down when u need to.

    Granni - how was the line dancing? I forgot you were doing exercises for your neck..tk goodnesd the poison ivy thing cleared up

    Rock - i always thought frangipani was a dessert..lol! I love the sound of yr garden..youre weeding too loud..hahaha..these stairs are a pain...at this stage..what wil happen later on?

    I went out to the monastery yesterday with DH ..nice weather..cool..we hsd a quick bite too in
    The restsurant overlooking the stupa..grilled cheese n veg sandwich n milk..he had s/w n coffee

    The rains hv caused a landslide and it wiped out hydropower station..so again the power cuts hv increased...cant keep things too long in fridge...luckily our inverter allows me to use the fan and tv any time..
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    Hi guys...just popped in a minute and see we do, indeed, need a new porch. Spring, I'll go see if I can get it going.

    Don't post on here any more, Porchies! I'll go start another one pronto quick :p
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    Julie, please make yourself a priority and take care of yourself. Your body is telling you that there is something wrong and you need to listen. You are no good to your family dead. My sister wouldn't believe that she had a seizure disorder and I had to watch her die yesterday morning in a hospital bed after having a heart attack eight hours earlier. Don't do this to your family. Your chest pain is trying to tell you something. Your kids are adults and can look after themselves and their families. Your sister-in-law can look after Grandpa. You need to look after you and find out why you have chest pain. Please - don't ignore it. Make yourself a priority!!!! :)