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    I'll be back to post as soon as I read the last posts on 735.

    OK, I'm back after taking a few notes. Hope this shows up so others can see we have a new Porch.

    Granni, I was just kidding you about cleaning up before the cleaning ladies show up. I actually have to pick up the clutter every now and then, especially before I clean, like every six months :) I hope and pray the kids get their house.

    Barry, I seldom use our library. A few years ago, there was an infestation of bed bugs in there. They fumigated but just the thought was too much for me. Also, I can't stomach reading books with all kinds of stains on the pages. First, it icky and, second, it makes me angry to see people treat books with disrespect. I'll check to see whether they have changed the two-week policy. I'm sorry you have a temp and the sweats. I know what that's like. OK, I like spiders just fine as long as they aren't inside my home. I used to enjoy watching the little crab spiders weaving their webs in the windows outside when I lived in CO. It was sad, though; they seemed to build the webs in the fall and the first cold weather would kill them. My neighbor was bitten by a brown recluse and could have lost part of her leg. AACK!!! Glad you love the little critters, though. They are easier to care for than cats :)

    Springwater, sounds as though you have a bit of NRG. You cook the most interesting things. Curry is soooo good for us. I put it in a lot of the foods I eat. Glad the water is clean. I do a visualization meditation in which I'm sitting on a nice warm flat rock by a big pond. There is a full moon reflected in the still water. Slowly, the pond ripples bringing peace, love and security to me. It is such a comforting picture in my mind. I found a pillow with water and a full moon which is almost exactly as I envision my pond. I have it on my bed. The fountain in our pond out back brings ripples toward my condo. My Mom bought a ceramic fish on it's stomach with its tail and head elevated. The fish's mouth is wide open. It sits on the floor of the lanai so the open mouth can capture any extra energy to keep me from being overwhelmed by it. My plants also absorb some of the energy too. Water is very powerful and can be a wonderful Feng Shui asset but it has to be managed.

    I'm so glad Julie stopped yesterday. She is doing so well but I worry about her fall in the store and the ensuing shaking. The ER did nothing for her; didn't even call in her neurologist (she has seizures but this wasn't a seizure). She usually cries when she sees the cats but didn't because they were so happy. I know how much she misses them. They were glad to see her but not overly so, which is good.

    My shoulder is better but not 100 percent. I am going to cancel my Mon. appt. with ortho doc; I want to give it a bit more time to see what happens. I'm also going back to the shoulder PT. Everyone I've talked to says the impingement symptoms come and go. Well, at $50 a co-pay, I'm not going in when the shoulder is basically doing OK. It's been better since I've been using it.

    OK, Kids, that's about it from here. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Bumping up this new thread. Thanks for starting MIKIE.

    Plea se check out the last thread to see SPRING WATER and others who may have posted.

    MIKIE - Glad your shoulder seems to be doing better. I know what you mean about paying $50 a pop each time. I had that with the chiro actually it was more on the plan I was on.

    Spring Water - Glad that the weather is cooler for you so you are feeling a little better with some NRG. Hope it continues.

    DH is at a breakfast and we will go weed later and then maybe work out at the gym. For me it is mostly treadmill and leg pushy thingy, I do not know the name.

    Typing fast so I can dress like a bee keeper to go pull weeds. Somehow little buggies have still been getting and still biting me and leave little tiny bites with small pustules in the middle. I have been treating them like poison ivy or whatever, just in case they do spread. Seems to be doing OK but wish they would disappear already.. They are also so itchy.

    DH will be home soon so need to type fast.

    On the home saga front. Got a text this morning from DD saying that their realtor and the sellers were going to talk about DD's bid at 3:30 our time (My time) and they will go back and forth from there. I suspect this lower bid will be turned down but you have to try.

    Gotta start moving even though I do not want to. It is going to be hot and humid again today but I guess that beats the cold and SNOW and ICE for sure.

    Thinking of everydobby !!!! Hope to TTYL !

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    Granni: I think EVERY offer has to be discussed, whether it is very low or not. And you might be surprised.....the sellers might be very anxious to sell and your DD will get it. I hope so. I know how you would love to have her close to you.

    What do you have growing in your garden? And what size is it? I realized years ago I was losing energy and we were also having to watch the water, so I started putting bushes in that were colorful leaves and would spread without much care. And out here in calif. we grow a lot of succulents, colorful but don't require much water. It's been about 20 years ago that my DS and I removed all remaining lawn. A lot of people around here are removing their lawns and putting bushes and gravel. I have gravel and small smooth stones on one side of the house BUT the weeds still manage to come up, just not as prolific.

    Mikie: that's great that the shoulder is feeling better. When you say PT, I'm assuming you mean just doing the stretches, etc. at home? Sorry to read about Aunt Julie. Hasn't it been about 3 weeks or so since her back surgery? I hope she hasn't done any damage.

    Interesting visualization. I've tried a garden path, then walking thru an old gate, thru a meadow and then a cool forest (I got that from a CD I have) but I think I like the idea of sitting by a pond and seeing the ripples. My DS is always telling me I NEED to meditate. He went to a meditation "camp" about 3 years ago. He said no one was allowed to talk for 4 days that he was there, including when they were all in the large kitchen fixing dinner. He told me how hard it was at first, then he said he was soooooo at peace that driving home on the freeway was really hard. He meditates every morning.

    Spring: what a sweet post. I AM trying to be strong, I know this sadness will last, but I refuse to give in to a pity party. Yesterday I was sooooo tired of having to deal with paperwork, banks, etc. that I MADE myself paint. After 3 hrs. I found I had forgotten all things in my life that bring sorrow. Oil paint is my special balm.

    All those interesting curries you make! What do you use as a base to start? Onions and herbs/spices in oil then you add lentils, beans, etc? I need to get back into fast cooking for me. My DH couldn't eat a lot anymore the last 4 months , so I basically stopped using tumeric but I know it's good for aches so need to start cooking again. And I think you mentioned once that meat was hard to come by......is that chicken also?

    Barry: I have to say I'm with Mikie on the spiders. Fun to watch them, just don't want to have them in my house. I've gotten spider bites in the past, I swell up something awful, and when my DD was just a baby got a doozy on my arm, went to ER, they probed around and finally said, yep.....a spider bite and sent me home with instructions to put heat. Still have that mark on my arm. And what is the large spider that I sometimes find HUGE egg cases attached to branches of bushes. I always loved watching Charlotte's Web with the kids though. LOL

    By the way what do you put onion marmalade on? It sure sounds good. I'll have to do a search.
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    Sun - Yes, every offer has to be discussed and sometimes you can be lucky. They just put the price down and there is at least one other person behind us that is anxious to put in a bid. They apparently really liked the house too. It is so pretty with lots of little extras. Plus, for our DD and family this will be idea as they have a son, 21 who has some learning disabilities but does drive. He will more than likely live with them forever, but who knows. This home has a separate area, different side of the house, which would be great for him and they wouldn't be tripping all over them selves. It also has a separate entrance and exit. Right now he has part of the upstairs for himself. All their bedrooms are upstairs which is good for young families but not older ones. This home is one story which is ideal. It is a little bigger and a little more than they originally wanted to spend. However, upon thinking about it they plan on being here for a long time (God willing). and get what you/they want.

    Hope things are sort of getting better for you with less stress. I know it has got to be very hard for you but as they say, life does go on and one has to make the most of it. Still sending special hugs to you sweetie !!

    Sorry but I do not like spiders either, at least not in my house. We have lots of them with cobwebs outside around the doorways and roof area.. I guess they are interesting little creatures though and do not want to be bit b y one either ):!! Speaking of bugs, the last couple of yellow jackets houses we destroyed must have been old as there wasn't a bunch of the bugs flying out of them. From time to time we do have those houses filled with flying dive bombers .

    Nothing else really new. Just tying to cool off from being outside in my almost bee keeper outfit. I also sprayed my clothes in hopes that the buggies would leave me alone.

    Julie - Hope you are resting some !! I am so glad that you are trying really hard to leave some of that stuff alone that you have been doing for all this time. Hope you don't get worn down to much when having to help Lindsay again. I know you can't help that and probably love it most of the time when you are feeling OK. Just need to try and keep from getting really sick !! Keep on with the testing and stuff for your heart and maybe lungs too. Yes, stress can do LOTS of awful things to your body.

    Big HUGZ to EVERYDOBBY inc. those lurking about :) !! Hope to check in later.


    Granni :)
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    Gee, I am talking to myself again :)!!! Just wanted to pop in to see if I was missing something plus give you the good news. My DD and SIL got the house, unless something else unforeseen happens. They only had to come back 1x after the first bid. I know they must have been very nervous about it. I know the sellers were anxious but they probably knew there was another couple also interested after us.

    DH doesn't even want me to tell her siblings yet until after the closing or at least the inspection. However, the sellers of this house have only been in the house 2-3 years. So guessing there shouldn't be any major problems for the inspection but then I guess you never know. They will have it checked out soon. Don't know the dates yet. Can you tell that my DH is one that says that the class if half empty and I say it is half full. One cannot say that we are a lot alike although we do think alike in some areas .

    Hope everyone is doing and feeling as well as can be expected.

    Bye for now and hugz to everone,
    Granni :)
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    that's exciting news for your DD and all of you. I hope they're able to sell their own home quickly and plan their move. How far away do they live from you now? My DH was like your DH......always looked at the negative. No matter what I would say he would always automatically nix it......and most of the time would change his thinking.
    Now with your DD and her family living just down the street, it will take a huge burden from both your shoulders toward the future.

    I picked up the death certificates at the mortuary this morning and looked at a possible "resting place" for his ashes. No way, no way. For $3,000 his ashes would be placed in a brick wall that has openings. and you get a small placque with his name. It felt soooo wrong. I came home and told my DD she will just have to get used to the fact that his urn with ashes will be at his home. I just couldn't even consider this wall. It felt like I was leaving him permanetly with strangers all around.......which I was.
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    Sun - Didn't even think about it but you mentioned the future. DH mentioned that if anything happened to either of u we could probably go there. They would have enough room but of course would have to be "invited". DD's hubby is a real sweet guy but his parents have more problems , so far, then we do, and I don't know if they would have first pick shall we say. I think there are 3 bed rooms in the house and not enough for all of us :)!! Enough of that tuff. They live in a small town in TX and no way he was going back there, he said. Darn it I hate it when I write stuff and then it disappears.

    Gotta run for now.

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    Granni - so happy to hear about the house...i pray the paperwork gets done soon..its a good idea not to let other people know until the deal is signed n sealed..here..we believe even other peoples envious thoughts can affect the outcome of anything...so praying continuously and affirming wouldnt harm

    Sun - chuckle...its not Aunt julie ..its Julie, Mikies neighbour. For mushroom curry i just fry asafoetida..fenugreek seeds..garlic ginger and onions then put mushrooms fry n add cumin corisnder powder of course salt n stir fry not overcooking add tomatoed to give colour

    Mikie - i wish Julie a speedy recovery, do you hv the concept of people putting hexes on others there,? Julies strange behvior, her falling down..illness..here they would wonder about a hex ..they say if u get black blue marks on yr body..fall down without any reason..coupla times..going numb...in limbs..and palpitations..these are marks of someone hexing you..also seeing lil black particles in frontnof the eyes and of course.general malaise...skin eruptions too..if these hsppen all together....but people here go see a priest snd prayers..it usually gets better..blessed water..priest blessing is all it takes and of course being vigilant about health habits...it must sound so strange..but living where i do..ive seen a lot of things i dont say here

    I hate there being such things they hv no place in Gods world..but like jesus took out unclean spirits from people THEN long ago..even now..they see to cause harm..

    I did go out yesterday but to donate some sweets for our pranic healing founder master choa kok suis b day they do some meditations and my friend is going on her oen to deliver s cake and sweets to orphanage..so i conttibuted a teenybit there as well

    I cried the other day when i sawa cnn reporter a board a rescue helicopter they picked upscreaming yazidis from a mountain in iraq and flew off the army men mschine gunning targets down below to prevent isis terrorists from gunning down their rescue hrlicopter

    Who else but America snd an american would risk life n limb for others like this? God Bless You all
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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, I continue to pray all goes well with both sales. I wish I were closer to my kids physically but I am the one who left and moved to FL. I've never regretted it as I love it here but do wish we were close enough to just hand out now and then. DD wants me to come to Dallas for Thanksgiving but the way I feel right now, the thought of flying in a tin can makes me panic. I'm not afraid of flying itself; I'm afraid of being cramped up in those uncomfortable seats for a couple of hours. Also, I've had a lot of expenses recently and, unless I can get a trip on my credit card rewards, I don't want to spend more. Keep us updated on the house.

    Sun, I'm sorry. Ever since the cats were dropped off here and we all helped to take care of them, Barb, Julie, Lesia, and I have called ourselves Aunties. We are also Aunties to whatever dogs we love. When it's nice enough to sit out on the Balcony for coffee, Lesia takes her dog, Pookie, out to do his business. Then, she brings him up to the Balcony so Auntie Barb and Auntie Mikie can babysit him while she gets ready to go to work. Of course, we spoil him with treats. He loves it. All the dogs in the hood stop and look up to the Balcony to see whether we are out. It's so funny. I don't call myself the cats' mommy because they belong to all of us and I'm just keeping them for now (maybe for good, we don't know). Unfortunately, like many deadbeat dads, Jeff moved a block over and wants nothing more to do with the cats. They loved him so much. I'm glad they never found his new place.

    Springwater, Julie was a nurse and had to have a knee replacement from her demanding job. Then, a patient kicked her in the shoulder, tearing her rotator cuff and she had to have surgery on that. An old spinal laminectomy failed and she had to have surgery to correct that and a new laminectomy for several other vertebra. When I smudge, I include the front of her condo. I think all those years of dealing with heavy patients just took their toll. She also has seizures. She isn't capable of caring for the cats in her present state of health. In fact, I think it's a bit of a relief to her to have them gone since she knows they have a good home here with me. If the nasty woman who hates the cats ever moves, we will let the cats outside again and we will maintain two homes for them to sleep and eat when they want to come in. Actually, inside cats are healthier and these two are doing sooooo well.

    Early morning is the cats' frisky time. They shoot like bullets from one end of the condo to the other, including through the small opening in the sliders out to the lanai. One will hide and pounce on the other as he or she runs by. They probably sound like a herd of elephants downstairs. I already told them that I walk on eggshells but there is nothing I can do about the cats. The wife is not a problem and I don't really care if they bother the husband. I finally asked him if the door repair worked and he said he no longer hears them opening and shutting. Then he went into a song and dance about how losing his paperwork was the reason he was so rude (as though that is a valid excuse). I just told him that, in the future, if he wants something to just tell me, that I'm a reasonable person. He's a creepy, strange little man. She is lovely. I can't figure it out but it's not my job to figure it out.

    We are having early, 6:00 a.m., thunder. It rained yesterday and I'm wondering whether it will rain again this morning. When it's done, I should have no problem moving those bird of paradise plants. I'll be glad when it's a bit cooler. This time of year, I should be going to the pool. I just don't have the NRG. I want to finish the garden first. This weekend, I plan to ask Leise whether I can plug my hedge trimmer into her lanai electrical outlet to clear the bushes around the A/C's to give them more room to breathe.

    I send my love to everyone, including the MIA's. Julie has usually posted by now and I hope she is OK.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Julie, glad to see you posting. I'm so glad you are feeling better. The kids are soooooo cute. Thanks for posting the pics. Also glad you got a nap. Geez, even I usually don't do two hours. Good for you!

    I am exhausted today for no reason. I happened to remember what my PCP told me about ibuprophen; it lowers the immune system. That's why it's used for RA. Well, duh! I've been taking 800 mgs. three times a day and feeling all my old immune/auto-immune symptoms returning. I've stopped taking it and my shoulder doesn't seem to hurt; am glad for that. Now, I just have to wait for my own body to overcome this lapse. Worst case is that I need to go in for another peptide injection to boost my immune system's balance. It's always something.

    It has rained most of the morning. I sat out on the lanai with the cats who seem to love the rain, especially Sylvester. It cleared up and I noticed it was cooler than it has been so took a cup of coffee out on the Balcony and drank it. A neighbor/friend stopped by with her dog. We noticed a small animal running around on the tennis courts. At first, we thought it was a possum. I walked over with my key and realized it was the little tiger striped kitten and that it was feral. It must have come in from the gate and couldn't find the opening again. I took the broom and tried to maneuver it over to the gate side. It was vicious and would have torn me to shreds had it had the chance. I gave up; y'all know what they say about herding cats. It broke my heart to hear it crying and running up and down the wrong side. I hope it didn't get caught in the rain and get soaked. There is new housing construction across the street and I would imagine the bulldozers are disrupting many wild animals' homes. Poor things.

    Think I'll take a nap myself. I started the second Fannie Flagg book that Rock recommended but every time I start to read, I fall asleep. It's got to be some of my old CFIDS/ME/FMS symptoms rearing their ugly heads. I did get my tissue boxes put away. As I've mentioned before, I'm a paper products hoarder but my hoardings are neatly stacked in my linen closet. I stock up when things are on sale. I also rotate my stock as tissues eventually disintegrate. With my allergies, though, they don't have time to fall apart. Sylvester was so excited to see me doing something. He loves to watch people do things--anything.

    See y'all on the other side of my dreams.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good afternoon everydobby,

    Julie - Glad to see you back and that you are feeling somewhat better. Those kids are so cute and getting so big already. Try not to overdue ! It is so easy to do and with your family that sure is true !! Can't believe that it is time again for school to start. Wow - Keira going to first grade. That is a cute age and they think they are so grown up. Of course she is in comparison to the twins or Josiah :)!! Nice that Lorraine can go to preschool so Lindsey can have a little break anyway, only 3 at home :)!!

    Mikie - Glad you got some rain. We surely need some for a change. They talk about rain and we see clouds and maybe even thunder and lightning but it has been passing us by lately. We stock up on stuff too and do a lot of shopping at Sams to get the best price. However, if you do not have storage space then that could be a problem. Luckily we do. They also have some specials at Sams with so much off every now in the circular. Sometimes you can a whole lot off the regular price which is still fairly good in comparison to regular grocery stores.

    Sorry you have been feeling more achy . That is something about the Ibuprophen. I never heard of that. I take it every once in awhile but most times I really do not think it helps my pain, at least very much. That is funny tha Sylvester enjoys watching you doing anything , just so he has something to do.

    Well, DD is busy with people coming through their home. Hope they get a bid soon. They will knock the price down this weekend I think or after the weekend. School starts there Aug. 25 and I imagine the rush is on for parents needing to buy to get their kids in school. Talk about last minute.

    Inspection for DD's home is next Wed. so DH will be there to get any news of problems. I think the sellers are anxious to get out and hope for closing about the end of Sept or so. I do not know what will happen if people buying DD's home will want them to get out pretty quick or not. If so it could be pretty hairy for them. Probably have to put stuff in storage for DD's for awhile unless they can get into it sooner. She has 2 showings today and have at least one tomorrow. Busy busy and glad it is not me.

    Thinking of everyone. Hope all are well. No time to chat with all individually !

    Granni :)

    Gotta run for while.
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    Hi, Granni, my kids had to rent their old home for a month from the new buyers and they were so grateful to them. It's soooo hard to coordinate everything.

    It's funny because I actually do have a lot of storage in this condo except for kitchen cabinets. I have a space along my half wall, which separates the kitchen from the entry, and I have one of those chrome bistro-type shelving units with three shelves. I also have the same in a little pull-out cart with a cutting board on top. I can pull it out for extra working space. The top is wonderful for rolling out cookies or pie crusts (like I do that :) Well, I used to. I have my little wine rack, my cookbooks and a couple of small appliances on the shelves. Without those, I'd be up a tree. I actually added extra shelves in all my closets for extra storage. Truth be told, I should get rid of some things. As for the paper products, I just find extra little places to store things in closets. The space between my washer and dryer and the lower shelf always has extra tissues and toilet paper.

    My meditation today was extraordinary. I'm used to silent meditation and these are guided with mantras. My mind actually tends to wander more with these than the way I usually do it. However, today was on playfulness and I had a very strange sensation. I could feel the usual heaviness of my physical body but my spirit felt free like a little ball of energy, bouncing like a pinball all over the Universe. It felt like pure playfulness, like childish joy. I was quite surprised. I feel happier as though my normal existence is to play the game of life in a more joyful way. I don't expect it to last but I'm going to try to remember that when stress sets in.

    Wish I could send you some of our rain. It's been raining off and on, mostly on, all day. I brought the pink flamingo plant up from our stairway atrium to my lanai. It isn't doing well and I don't know why, maybe too much rain or too much sun. In any case, my own plant is doing beautifully. It's the one with the large leaves and pink spaths which Tweety likes to circle on the top of my little round table on the lanai. She loves the feel of the big leaves brushing on her fur. Must remind her of when she was free outside. She has never tried biting the leaves. I think the plant likes the stimulation of the cat too.

    I had to go down to ask Mr. Grumpy how much his electricity is running because they have a 3 ton A/C. Our bigger units only require 2 1/2 ton units. Another neighbor had one installed and they put in a 3 ton and her electricity is going sky high. Mr. G's is running about the same amt. as mine so something else is causing the new neighbor to have such high fees. In any case, he is convinced that, because all the electrical equipment is outside his unit on the other side of one of his extra bedroom walls that he is being poisoned with electro-magnetic fields. He wants to demand that our utility install a shield to protect him. There's probably more EMF coming from his computer in there than from the electrical equipment. I told him to find a little battery operated AM radio and move it around the room. If there is vastly increased static near that wall, there is likely EMF's there. He was looking at some kind of $600 gizmo to test it. He calls himself a health nut. I call him just a plain nut. Oy!

    Have a good day and I'll pray for rain for you and all the SW.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes Mikie I was thinking of that too, if they had to be out early. We will see what happens. Just hope they get a bid soon. Some people just like to complain too, like your Mr Grumpy.

    Need to go out and fix a snack for DH for dinner We went out with another couple this afternoon to a small Italian restaurant. I was fairly good for the price.$5.95 for their lunch menu with salad. I know there are better places but they would b more expensive. I am still full. DH is always starving :)!!!!!!

    TTAL and have a great weekend !

    Granni :)
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I called Edison a few years ago because the reading unit is right on the outside of the wall next to my head when I sleep. I had heard a lot about EMF. The guy came out.....to appease me.....and told me microwaves and cordless phone units give off more than their meter. Don't know about that, but I do know that an area where my DD lives, the people were up in arms, went up to Sacramento to picket the installation of these automated readers and WON.

    By the way, your neighbor downstairs sounds like a real PEST. Booooooo And great idea about storing paper products between your washer and dryer. How the heck do those people manage who live in an area about the size of a large camper. I'm always watching those little spaces programs and am amazed.

    Granni: When we sold our house 30 years ago, we had 3 children in school at the time. I was doing a search for "house sitting" jobs where we could move into the house for a couple of months. But as it turned out, God worked everything perfectly and we were able to move into our new home at the same time as moving out. Only thing is it was a Christmas time so NO tree, etc. We moved Dec. 30. I hope all works out for your DD and family. They need to look at this experience as an "adventure".

    I went this morning to a gathering of artists locally. All senior citizens doing their own thing. I've met some new wonderful friends, and plan to go back every Friday. It's been at least l l/2 yrs. since the last time I was there. Dug out my water based oils because I want to familiarize myself with them. I want to start meeting up with a plein aire painting group that meets on Thursday.....just not until it's cooler though. And I hope to get started back again going to a free water color class on Tuesdays. I'm not that good with WC and will have to make some adjustments with working in it.......using a standup easel.....but it's something new for me and changes are good.

    Tomorrow my new little 3 month old DGD will be baptized in a catholic church in Los Angeles and then on sunday my DGS and I will be baptized at a Calvary Chapel church.......immersed. And I heard that there are over 300 people getting "dunked" that day.

    Rock: Not the Dunkers church! Funny you should mention that. Years ago when I was doing some geneology I found a book about the Dunkers in a little church in Va. Several of my relatives were mentioned. That was back around 1810. I was able to request the book from the geneology section in Sacramento, Ca. and read up on how they "shunned" a member of their congregation who had apparently "strayed". (that wasn't my relative though) LOL Thank goodness I'm not involved with an "unforgiving" church like that one!!!!!!! We're all sinners.
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello everydobby

    I like opening the porch and seeeing a whole lot of fresh posts like now

    Not much to report, i had a visitor come whole of yesterday..my day went there
    Felt too unmotivated to cook dinner even..so asked son to bring some veg dumplings

    Its still raining steadily..but i think of the ground water table rising and feel glad plus the cool weather..aaah..a blessing

    Julie - lovely pic of Keira..i imagine Amy loves dressing her up..thats the extra benefit of having a little girl...Josiah n Liora too! My..how time flies ..when i was in new england i used to stop and stare at the triple, quadruple buggies there..they were so pretty..and handy..here the dust and narrow bad roads do not allow for kids to be taken out in their strollers..theyre used in supermarkets at best...i also used to stare at the pretty lil fluffy dogs with bows n what not in new york..sassy lil jackets n all...the most interesting looking dog ive seen being walkedhere is a st Benard..ambling away ..but how awesomely beautiful they are!

    Mikie - how does one deal with too much EMF? I suspect parts of my home has that esp near where my internet..cctv which i dont use now and phone wires are plugged in...its hot there and uncomfortable..interesting about the meditation..

    Sun - who knows but you become a famous painter yet?? So good to hear you went to those art gatherings..i visited my friend for a teenybit the other day and met herfriend who made lil decorations with crystals and stones..showed me a tiny flowerpot made of the same..i always get excited to see something creative

    Granni - it is going to be wonderful when ur DD n family get to move near you..our grass is still growing weeds n all..higgledy piggledy..we manage best as we can..the mosquitoes are horrible..

    Rock ..Dar..Diane...a hello to you all..

    God Bless
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2014
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning dear ones,

    DH is out again and should be back soon so I am typing away with any missing of letters. I have found the best place to get into PH so I hopefully will not have these problems. Weird though that I have to do it that was to eliminate these stupid problems.

    Glad to see you both SW and Sun. SUN - nice to hear that you hope to get more into your art to keep you busy and happy. It is the same way with my singing and I think we all would do better if we found something fun to do as our THERAPY !! Even reading, if you love it is a therapy of sorts especially if what you are reading is especially pleasing to you/one.

    We have moved amount of times and most times we had no problems. Last time we stayed with friends and put our stuff in storage for a short time. Yes, if you can get to rent out from the people you are buying from that is a great thing. I would love to see some of your paintings.

    DH is here. Gotta run. Back later.

    Love to all, Granni
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Granni, I laughed at DH's always starving. DSIL is like that and he is skinny as a rail. It just ain't fair! Yeah, if it weren't the EMF's, Mr. Grumpy would find something else to carp about. He has a bunch of health issues but calls himself a health nut. They spend $1,200 a month on groceries for the two of them and I think most of it goes in the garbage from juicing. From the sound of the thing, I think it's run by a 350 Chevy engine. I'm not against juicing but they really overdo it. They claim to be vegans but eat dairy and meat. I don't get it but don't care. Personally, I think he's missing a few screws. Still praying DD's house works out.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so glad you've found solace and creativity in painting again. I always use a standup easel. You've made me want to paint again, at least, to finish some unfinished works. They just put in the meters which broadcast but they don't have the equipment to read them yet so they still walk around. There have been many studies about EMF's, especially in cell phones and power lines. I doubt that they are healthy but it's almost impossible to get away from them in modern living. There are ways to measure them and if people really want to know whether they have excessive EMF's, they can measure them. As I mentioned, a simple AM radio will give one a good idea of what is putting out the most EMF's. Cable boxes put out huge amts. That's why they say not to have a TV in one's bedroom. Heck, I fall asleep with my TV on in the bedroom. I figure at this age, it doesn't much matter. Of course, I don't purposely put myself in the path of proven peril. This nut case goes from one thing to another. It's always the health issue of the day. He has a permanent handicap license plate but swims, walks, rides a bike and plays tennis. Like I said--nut case! I've seen those tiny living areas and couldn't do it. I actually don't store my paper goods between the W&D; I store them on top of the W&D under the shelf. Every now and then, something will cause the washer to spin unevenly and causes something to fall off.

    Springwater, I would not want to live under high power lines. There have been no definitive studies but there seem to be more people with unusual cancers who live under them. I think we have a lot more to fear from fracking. It is already almost surely responsible for an increase in earthquakes or earthquakes where none ever were before fracking. Another problem, which the fracking industry denies, is contamination of ground water. Well, when one can set one's tap water on fire, something's up. Gas and oil industries own our govt. lock, stock and barrel. We are destroying our planet for the future generations. I fear some of these problems may not be reversible.

    As sweet as the cats were yesterday, they were little devils this morning. I fell asleep on the sofa and Tweety wouldn't leave me alone. I put her out on the lanai and turned off all the lights and went to my bedroom to finish my nap. Sylvester slept next to me. Later, I heard him scratching at the carpet under my closet door. These guys hate closed doors and think there must be something magic and exciting behind them. Both are now snoozing. I'm about to go to the Oprah/Chopra meditation while it's quiet in here.

    There were six spammers when I came here today. They just keep coming and coming like whack-a-moles. They must snag some victims to make it worth their time to keep doing this. I hate to think what they do when someone clicks on their links. Sometimes, there are several of them all using the same ISP. I imagine an internet café in some third-world country. Occasionally, some of their posts are in Russian. I don't think they are selling something; I think they are hackers after ID theft. That's why I'm so vigilant in banning them. Kudos to our great members who report their posts.

    OK, I'm off to meditate.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Geez, can't believe that people are so out of it that they have nothing else to do is SPAM people and possibly give them viruses etc. I have seen some with crazy lettering and very strange but not lately. Thanks for keeping out boards free of them, or as much as you and ALL can. Glad you caught some of them !! Good luck with your meditating.

    DD has been busy with house lookers but no bids soar. Some come and have to wait for DH's to come back to look. I think one said in September. I think that they have two showings day. I guess that is a good sign. Their home right now I would say is pretty good size. I think it is close to 3000 sq ft or a little less, I forgot. To me that is pretty large but I guess we are all very different and so are our NEEDS..

    Spring Water - Nice to see you a while ago. Hope it is still a little cool for you and that you have stored up some NRG for hot days..

    Gtta run now.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    It'll sell. Ask for St. Joseph's help. Yes, all those spammers aren't selling something. I believe their aims are more nefarious than that. A lot of the big hacking is coming from Russia, Africa and Eastern European countries.

    The cats were quiet until I finally got up at 5:00. It's so nice to be able to wait til then to get up. I have felt really lousy lately and I am going to cut out some of the supps I've been taking and slowly add them back in. It could still be that virus. I'm just not worth a darn. I have sinus headaches and it might just be allergies; all the allergens are high right now. One thing I'm pretty sure it's not is EMF's. :)

    Cats are entertaining themselves by racing back and forth and having big smackdowns. Barb, who has never been around cats much, thinks they are really fighting to the death. She can't stand it. When they tussle, they howl like they are being killed. Then, a little later on, they meet up and lick one another's face. Tweety has a soft pink ball which hangs off the edge of my lanai table. She can lie on her back and smack it around like a tether ball. It's one of the few toys she still wants to play with. Trying to intimidate her brother is sooooo much more fun.

    I finished Fannie Flagg's book, "Can't Wait To Get To Heaven." It wasn't as good as "Waiting In the Rainbow," but it did have an interesting view on what we are doing here on Earth with these lives we live. It's kinda like the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life," in that it shows just how much one unpretentious life can affect the lives of others. I believe that our lives are all interconnected and that they are gifts from God so that we can learn and grow spiritually. The thing which always befuddles philosophers (and me) is how free will comes into the picture. I know without it, we couldn't learn anything. How much do our decisions affect the entire future and the future of others? What about the road not taken? Oy! These are too much for my pea brain to fathom. The main message is the same as for all religions, though--be nice and try to make decisions which don't hurt anyone and which are for the highest good for all. Sounds so simple. Why, then, does life seem so complex sometimes?

    Did I mention that the little tiger stripe cat is feral? He, or she, was trapped inside the tennis courts, pacing and crying. It must have come in through the gate opening but couldn't find its way out. I tried to use the court broom to force it toward the opening but it wouldn't go there and was vicious. Such a small cat could do a lot of damage and acted as though it would if further threatened. I let it be and hoped it would find its way out. They are building new condos, townhouses, or homes across the street and, I'll bet, we'll see a lot more wild critters. Poor little things; those huge bulldozers must be devastating to them.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Didn't want to turn above into even more of a "W&P" post so just decided to do another. The Oprah/Chopra meditation wasn't working on Explorer; it's such a lame browser. It kept cutting out so I missed yesterday's meditation. I did it today and it was on hope. Not like, gee, I hope things work out but hope as in we should always be filled with hope because we come from God. Today's was on wholeness. The message was that we are already whole; we just need to realize that. While meditating, I felt my whole being as pure light energy. There were no dark holes in my spirit, just peaceful and energetic light. It was such a wonderful feeling. If we are already whole, external things do not affect our essential spirit. Of course, there are sad and horrible things which happen but, at our core, we remain spirits, walking in the light. I'll try to keep this feeling going as long as I can.

    I'm not usually a fan of guided meditation as I think that is an oxymoron. To me, meditation is absence of thinking. If I'm chanting a mantra, my mind isn't clear. Still, these guided meditations are giving me something new. So, after a week, I think I'll stick with them for the complete three weeks.

    If anyone still wants to try it, you have to come into day three; each day is only available for five days. It's no big deal; each day stands on its own. You can download the whole shebang but you have to pay. This way, it's free. BB&B sells a zen meditation two-CD music set. I think I'll pick it up. With my 20 percent off coupon, it's only $8 a disc. I do like the background music while meditating and it doesn't interfere with my centering and stopping the racing thoughts which make meditating so challenging sometimes. I think it's good for us to empty our minds now and then. Actually, I think Mother Nature and age is already emptying mine. :)

    Namaste (pronounced as na-mas-tay) which is a greeting, or a goodbye, of respect which means I bow to you.

    Love, Mikie