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    HI Mikie, et al ,

    Waiting until it is time to go to church. It is going to be another HOT day today. If it were cooler I'd go out later an do some weeding. We are so behind due to bad weather. So I'll be stuck doing it tomorrow and probably not make line dancing again. Oh well !! So what else is new. We have to wait till he garbage cans are empty to fill again. They will only take 3 cans, I think.

    DD texted me last night. They have a lady and her mother, I think who are interested but have to wait till sometime in September when her husband can come down to see it. Think they live some place up north right now. and she is afraid that someone else will take it before they do. So we will see what happens. I know they are going to decrease the asking price soon so maybe then they ill move on it.

    That is to bad about those poor feral cats and animals, especially those just dropped of to fend for themselves. You are doing your job MIKIE taking care two kitties. I know that you all love each other:)!!

    Julie - I hope you have been doing some resting !!!

    Hope this finds everyone having a great weekend, at least as pain free as possible.

    Almost time to leave for church. So I guess I will hop off the PORCH for now. Maybe when I come back there will have been more visitors. I know other are busy or not feeling well enough to post. HUGZ to everydobby !!

    Granni :)
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    I made it::
    You have no idea how long I have been trying to sit on the Porch. :( I couldn't get my password and username that they would accept to work. I would try and try and then just give out. Over and over and over and over. I had to stop a moment for potty break. I am still not typing well on my new keyboard. It is flat and just doesn't work like my old one. Any way, remember I am the one who doesn't always correct words.

    I read the two previous vols. but am afraid that I don't remember all it said other than I see that there are several friends that I am not acquainted with as yet. HI! I first came on the Porch in 2004~~. There have so many changes since I joined my friends. And I am aware that so many of you are having challenges with your health. Me too. hope you newcomers (to me) and me can get acquainted.

    And I must sign off now I just got here. My old friends Rock, Granny, Julie, Mikie and Sweetwater it is so good to see you again.

    I shall return, that is if this dear computer says yes

    Gentle Hugs to my new and "old" friends,

    Lilaclover, Joan
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    Hi Kids

    Joan, how wonderful to hear from you. Sorry you are dealing with a recalcitrant
    computer. I never tried one of those flat keyboards. Seems like it would feel
    unnatural. Of course, computers aren't natural anyway. Ha Ha! Come back
    when your health and computer permit.

    Barry, are you a fan of musicals. One of the best, Carousel, has a song titled
    "Geraniums in the Winder". ("Winder" is not a typo. It's "window" with a New
    England accent. The song is sung by Enoch Snow, the tenor. )

    "Geraniums in the winder. Hydranges on the lawn." ("Hydrangeas is also
    misspelled.) Well, if you're Oscar Hammerstein, one of the world's greatest
    lyricists, you can spell however you like, I guess.

    We don't see many spiders at our current location. In the old place we used
    to have them in the bathroom. The daddy longlegs would spin a web in the
    corner of the room and just stay there in the same spot for days. What a boring
    life. Anyway they occasionally fell into the tub and couldn't get out. I squashed
    a couple trying to rescue them.

    And then I had an "Eureka!" moment. I draped a towel over the the edge of
    the tub. The spiders quickly climbed out. According to legend, when
    Archimedes said, "Eureka!", he was also in a tub.

    As for arachnophobia, I think it is more understandable than homophobia.
    "Homophobia" is a poor choice of words anyway since most people are not
    afraid of homos. After all, they don't have to worry about a poisonous bite.

    Mikie, a CD for $8 sound like a pretty good price. When they first appeared
    on the scene 32 years ago, the price was $18. With inflation, one would
    expect the price to be 2 or 3 times that much. But it isn't. It's less. I hope the
    poor little kitty escaped from the tennis court.

    Granni, I see your weather forecast is for temps in the 90s and scattered
    thundershowers. The temps here have been in the mid 80s for weeks
    and expected to continue. Gordon suffers from the heat, but is
    adamantly opposed to moving anywhere else. Of course we're too old
    to move now, but I certainly would have liked to move out of this
    metropolis a decade ago. Driving around LA is pretty depressing. Lots
    of areas look like Tijuana. Pot holes and vacant shops everywhere. Litter
    and graffiti. Uff-da! Smaller is definitely better. I lived some years in
    Ventura, CA, about 70 miles N of LA. Pop. was 50,000. Just right.
    Today it's twice that size.

    Gotta go, been sittin' too long.


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    Hi Joan - So glad to hear from you. It has been some time When you signed in was there a thing that said "Keep me logged in" ? If so next time if you see that please check it . Don't know if you already tried that or not. I know what a pain that is and it has happened to me before with FB and others. Yu just want to scream and throw the computer out the window. I also have flat keyboard. It is OK but I prefer the raised keys too but not sure they're making any more of those. Anyway we are so glad to see you finally made it. I have seen you some on FB.

    Guess you heard but not sure that Julie's daughter Lindsay and David had a baby boy - Josiah. She posted a picture and he is so cute !!!! Go back and check it if you haven't seen him. Hope you get back here soon again.

    Rock - Glad to see you today too. I also love musical. As you said, if you or I were Oscar Hammerstein we could spell anything any way we wanted to :)!! When I was young my aunt used to bring me to different musicals in NYC where she lived. I remember quite a few of them with the original cast, West Side Story. Annie Get Your Gun, Carousel, etc.

    Nothing else exciting happening here. Just to hot to go do anything outside and I don't need to do washing so I am here on the computer.

    DD has another showing tomorrow evening. There was a lady with her mother who were looking and came back 2x but her husband is still not here and he has to come see it, probably in Sept if it is still there. She was very interested. Actually DD and her DH bought this one without being physically in the house. The pictures on the website sold it as did our assessment of it when we went in it the other day. We have no doubt that the people who looked at it the day after we did would have bought it. They were also VERY interested.

    I really need to go and refill my pill boxes - what a pain. I keep putting it off.

    Bye for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Thanks for the welcome back.

    Right now my heart is breaking. My #2 son and his wife came this afternoon and they told me that my dear, dear son-in-[law had died in a horrible accident. Ijust can not take it all in. Their home is 4 hours from me. My #1 son and wife are on their way up. I want to be with my sweet daughter but she needs her kids right now. I have cried and cried_____he is like a son to me and I love him dearly.

    Until later,
    Gentle Hugs,

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    Dear Joan,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dear SIL. I hope he didn't suffer any at least. What a horrible thing to happen to anyone. I know what you mean about your SIL. I have two of them especially that are like sons and are really wonderful guys. Hope you all can be together to give each other comfort. More prayers going out to you dear Joan and your family. Thanks for telling us . Hopefully we can give you a little bit of comfort too. Also, now we know why you are so upset. Crying is good, it is a good release of tension. Wish I could give you a big hug. I guess the closest I can get is this ((((Joan)))) , a cyber hug for you.

    Love to you and everydobby else,
    Granni :(
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    Joan. I'm so sorry to read about your loss. I have a son in law who is also like a son to me so I understand how you would feel. Was this an auto accident? I hope he didn't suffer. Prayers for you and your entire family.

    This is a great, supportive board. I know. I lost my husband 3 weeks ago to cancer.
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    Oh, Joan, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your DSIL. I love both of mine like they were my own sons, so I can understand how hard this must be for you. I am glad your DD and SIL are with you so you are not alone in your grief. I'm sending up prayers for the whole family.

    Rock, is a recalcitrant keyboard like an ergonomic keyboard? Actually, I hate those flat keyboards. When I bought my Surface, I paid extra to get one which isn't completely flat and lights up. None of the new computers have the tapered keys like the old ones. They are all basically flat but some are more difficult to type on than others. This is the "new and improved" version. I turn on hot water and wash the daddy long legs down the drain in my tub. My rule is that I won't harm an insect unless it crosses my door jamb. Then, all bets are off. If I can capture a frog or gecko, I'll try to capture it under a glass and return it to the wild but they usually go deep into a closet or under something and just dry up. Actually, we are homosapiens so homophobes must have a fear of people. The Zen meditation music is in a two-CD pack for $19.99. I have a 20 percent off coupon which makes them $16 or, $8 each. Comcast has New Age music as part of its digital music channels but I don't always like the songs and some are not conducive to meditation. The Zen music is. The only digital music I listen to on Comcast is Golden Oldies. I color my hair blond so I guess I'm a Golden Oldie!

    Thank you, Granni. Yes, I feel I'm doing my part for the people who live here by taking care of the neighborhood cats who are now, more or less, my cats. There is nothing one can do for feral cats. Some old ladies in town feed them but never get close to them. It's so bad that animal services no longer will come out. For a while, they were capturing the feral cats, tranquilizing them and neutering them. Simon still has his original equipment. I don't think he is feral. He likes to have me talk to him as long as I don't make a move too close to him. Feral cats will run or extend their claws and hiss. Simon was here for his breakfast but he hasn't had any more kittens with him since I saw the two earlier. Tweety and Sylvester can be little scamps but, for the most part, they give me more than I could ever give them. They are so loving and have huge vocabularies. When I just walk through the room, they wake up, give me a loving look, and murmur one of their sweet nothings. I stop and pet them and they just drink it up. I feel they are truly a blessing in my life. To think they could have ended up like other dumped animals makes me sick. Still praying for St. Joseph to help DD out. BTW, we are in for a HOT week here. Even when it's 91, it feels like 99.

    Julie, how is your family and how are you feeling? Well, I hope. Keep the pics coming. They are all so cute. How is little Josiah adjusting to the world?

    I have not felt well lately. I'm down to just my meds and multi-vitamin. So, I dug into my bed and watched Oprah's Soul Sunday. One woman wrote a book, "Broken Open." It is basically about what happens when our lives, and ourselves, are broken open by a traumatic event, like a death in the family. One couple lost their twin son when he was 20. His brother described it as though the picture he had on his wall of his life with his family had been broken into pieces. For a long time, all he could do was figuratively stare at his broken life. He decided to take a job working on a fishing boat just to move and do something. Then, he went back to school to finish his engineering degree. He figured out that he had to make a new picture for his wall of his new life. His mother now volunteers for Hospice to counsel others who have lost loved ones.

    I have always believed that there is no such thing as "closure." Some events alter our lives so severely that we are never the same and our lives are changed forever. We can take the time we need to grieve and then, we have to find a way to live in our new lives. Our new lives may feel as though there is a hole in them or that they are patched together. We not only have lost a loved one but we have lost all our dreams and expectations of what our future would hold. This takes time and adjustment. Sometimes, the smallest thing can help nudge us toward some healing. Trying to heal too fast isn't good; we need however much time we need as long as we don't get stuck. I think that's where grief therapy can be so helpful. My love and prayers go out to everyone who is grieving. Four of my neighbors have lost young men in their families who were so young when they died.

    As always, my love, hugs and prayers go out to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Joan, I am very sorry to hear about your son-in-law. It is always hard when someone dies, but especially when it is sudden and very unexpected. My thoughts are with you and your family.
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