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    I'm opening a new Porch and will close 743. Please go back to read the last posts there from Julie, Sunflower Girl, Granni and me. I have a special prayer request for a friend. Thanks.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks Mikie , for starting us up again!!! Just got back from diner. Pasta night - yummy !!! it was so good and then came home and had ice cream with choc syrup - mmm mmm good :)!!! We met another couple and had a nice time.

    Hope everyone is doing well. I just saw the new thread from DIANE about BEETY. Guess all is well but just needs to come home after have all her teeth extracted. Hope all goes well and she learns to eat without her teeth - just a lot of soft foods I guess but it might seem really strange to her at first. However she will get lots o TLC and special care from DIANE and KEVIN.

    Need to go get ready for beddy bye so hope all is well with everyone and JULIE with her our of state guests.

    Don't know if your special prayer request is on the other volume or what. Need to go check I guess.

    Granni :)
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    HI Julie et al,

    So glad you got to enjoy some of your out of state family yesterday. You should be pooped after all the running around you did. Even if you get to see some of your family perhaps once a year it is better than nothing. It is that way or worse with some of our family. I only see one daughter once or twice a year. I only get to see my brother hardly at all. They live in NY and most of the time it was me going u there, esp when mom was alive but it is the same now. I went to see m brother and family and it was me or us doing the traveling. I went by myself a lot of the time. My sil has since retired from teaching so we will see if they ever come to visit us. I know years ago she to thought I probably was lazy and not a good person to not take in my mom for awhile and do other things for her. I know they are real NYers and never would leave there. M brother has just finished his radiation RX's for his prostate cancer. So hope all will continue to go well for him. I called him yesterday. I had sent e-mails and a text and no answer so I got worried.

    Mikie - Hope the shot helps you. I forget when you were getting it. I have been so busy lately . I finally decided to change my sheets on the bed. I keep putting it off. They are washing now. Need to get some new ones on the bed though.

    Diane - Thinking of you all and dear Beety . Glad her surgery went well and hope she will not be in to much discomfort and will be able to eat/drink soon.

    I am expecting someone to drop something off son so I need to get off.

    Thinking of all my dear PORCHIES !!

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    Hi Kids

    Springwater, do you know Jyoti Pathak? She is the author of "A Taste of Nepal"
    which Gordon picked up at the library. I was hoping the book would have
    gorgeous color photos of your homeland, but it doesn't. Instead it has drawings
    done in green ink.

    Anyhoo the author was born and raised in Katmandu, went to college in
    India, and now lives in New York state, USA. I looked at a couple recipes
    including one for curried egg: "a simple but elegant dish". I found it hard
    to believe a recipe with 14 ingreediments is simple. Ha Ha! Most of
    them, of course, are spices.

    Julie, I have some old radio programs where, in response to "How are you",
    the actors say, "Fine as silk". BTW, there really is a hairy frog. It lives in
    Africa. Pictures show it appears to have hair on its sides, but it's not actually
    hair. Seems to function like gills. Helps them take in oxygen underwater.

    Great pic of Keira. She looks like she's bursting with good health; alert and
    ready for fun.

    Diane, Hope Beety is recovering and the rest of the family is fine too. I gave
    our feral cat some canned "pate" last night. She was delighted. Expressed her
    happiness with her usual harsh yowl and a couple of hisses. Obviously not
    raised in a good home.

    Granni, did your whatever get dropped off? Reminds me of a phone call I got
    about 40 years ago. A guy who sounded kinda thug-like said he was gonna
    drop something off. I decided I didn't want to wait around for him. Went and
    did some errands. When I got home I found a balloon bouquet my sister had
    sent tied to the door knob.

    Mikie, is the injection you're having today a peptide shot like you had before?
    I hope you get the same good results and that the immediate aftermath is not
    too unpleasant. You are very patient to put up with people who say things
    that are rude and indicative of ignorance.

    Sunflower, we just had an encounter with the gas company too. The gas man
    was scheduled to come in the afternoon Monday. Never showed up. Eventually
    we got a phone call from the gas company saying it was reported that nobody was

    Pretty much doesn't matter anymore if you're dealing with an individual or big
    business or the government. All untrustworthy and incompetent! I"m glad I
    won't be here much longer. So far as I know we were the first country to have
    a middle class instead of two classes, i.e. the nobility and the peasants. Now the
    middle class has been decimated and the outlook is not encouraging.

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    Busy morning already !! Including a workout (such as it is and changing our bed). That had gotten to be such a chore I just keep putting it off. I remember, rain or shine I change all the beds !! I even hung them on the line at one time like JULIE.

    Rock - Yes, the gal dropped off the name tags from e last large dinner group meeting. I a now in charge of them -goody, goody :) !!! I will have to send off the e-invitation to all n the group this weekend and take their RSVP's as they come in. Yes, isn't it a shame that the world is such a sorry mess, including our dear country that I love . Don't get me started on that ):!!

    Dear hubby needed the computer for a minutes so I got off and submitted now I am adding on again.

    Nothing else is really new. I hope that everyone is feeling as well as can be expected, OR BETTER.

    Diane - Hope Beety is doing well after her surgery.

    Julie - I hope you are getting a chance to rest some today.

    Mikie - Hope you are feeling better after your shot. Write when you can, even if it isn't a Wand P :)!!

    Sun - Hope things are straightening out for you little by little - like selling the car and the paperwork.

    Need to sign off for now.

    Granni :)
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    Mikie: so sorry to read about your friend Richard's wife.......and.....how his bank account is now really depleted. If one doesn't die from all the chemicals a doctor pumps into them, then the giant bills certainly will help it along. I still haven't received The Bill from the hospital, so I'm looking forward to it....not.

    Hope the peptide shot is doing some good for you. So cute reading about Tweety and Sylvester's antics. You need to write all of this down.....I'm smelling a book! You're so good at describing them.

    Julie: Wow....don't YOU resemble your aunt! She looks so healthy and happy. I sure wish I had an aunt reasonably close, but my last remaining aunt is 92 in a retirement home in Ohio. I know you all had a good visit, getting acquinted. I've got my cousin's wife in Ohio, who was married to my cousin for over 50 years, newly widowed, and I haven't seen her since I was in HS. We talked several times in the last month and OMG, she's such a fun person. She's a retired art teacher from primary school, going to get an Ipad and I've been filling her in all all types of fun art projects she can get into. I wish we lived closer together.

    I went to my watercolor class yesterday, much fun and lots of chatting, which I NEED. This is a watercolor I need a few days ago.....homework from the week before. He gave us a photo, then did a demo, and we were supposed to do the scene. Most of this was done using a credit card to scrape and drag the paint around once I had applied it. Very different from my usual style but I really liked the results and so did everyone else in the class......it's very loose.

    I was out to Staples this morning to get a large amount of papers copied, over 100, and someone had told me they could do this very fast. OMG Such technology and it even made holes in the copies so they can be put into a notebook. And my nice neighbor is out right now driving my DHs car around so the battery won't be dead when I want to sell in a couple of weeks. So many nice people I've got around me. I've been running and running for days but this morning I feel the need for several naps. Still have to get to a bank to get some paper work done.

    And I also put in a call to my doctor......hope he will give the OK for me to have a handicap placard......asthma seems to be really doing a number on me. I think it's called exercise induced asthma.

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    Hi, Everydoby,

    First, let me thank you all for your kind good wishes and prayers that my peptide injection work. I can happily report that half way home, I started to salivate and drool. Sjogren's symptoms are always the last to show up when I need a booster but the first to respond. So, I'm confident it took. I'll still be off my reg. meds til Sat. so know that I won't be up to snuff for a bit but I plan to just rest so the injection will have a good shot at working. Ah, the mighty pun. Hope I didn't needle y'all with my word play jokes. Just couldn't help myself from injecting them into the dialog.

    Also, thank you all who said a prayer for my good friend, Richard. He's such a good guy and everyone here is so good to pray for me and for him. I love you guys!

    Julie, so glad your kin got together but hope all this wasn't too much for you. Again, great pics of your family. I'm like Granni; my kids are in other cities and I don't get to see them much. Did talk to DD and my invitation to TX is an open one so if I do start to feel better, I'll check out flights.

    Granni, I'm drooling just thinking about pasta and ice cream, especially with chocolate sauce. Mmmmm! I need to change my bed too but it won't happen til I recouperate. I did do the pillow cases I sleep on while I did my general laundry yesterday. I'm always clean when I go to bed but I don't shampoo my hair every day--usually every other day.

    Rock, thanks for the compliment. I have a prayer for patience: God, give me patience; give it to me NOW! Have you read "The Alchemist" Written by Paolo Coelo (I think I got it right; he's Brazilian). It was written in 1988 and has a cult following. It's a charming little tale with lots of symbolism. I'd say one might call it a New Age story. I loved it. Coelo is an award-winning writer because he has a great talent for telling stories.

    Sunflower Girl, I looooove your water color. I love using things for tools which weren't made to be tools. This would be a great way for me to use my credit cards without getting a bill. Yuk! Yuk! I remember in elementary school art classes we carved soap and made potato prints. In Scouts, we painted pasta and made necklaces. These are probably things most kids do but it appealed to me in that we can make art with many things. My kids and I have always stopped to notice, and sometimes collect, things we find on walks and hikes. Some, we have used to make art.

    Well, I'm getting very tired and should get going. It's thundering out but it did that last evening and we didn't get a drop of rain. For some reason, the thunder last evening frightened the cats. It isn't even waking them right now. Tweety was fast asleep a while ago and let out a growl. She must be dreaming that she is a fierce warrior defending Sylvester and me from zombie cats. I'm not up to checking this so I hope it makes sense.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - almost time to finish up with dinner and go to practice. I won't be going to many of them but DH has a meeting at the church and then will bring me home. Another man in the choir sometimes helps and brings me home but don't want to overdue my welcome. Glad you think that the Peptide shots may have helped you.

    Where in TX does your DD live? How long would you stay when you go? That would be wonderful for you both. Hope you get to go even if we would miss you, unless you cold chat from there.

    Julie- Great pic of you , your dad, uncle and aunt I guess. She looks like you kiddo.

    Gotta run and finish dinner and eat.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    UGH........that's one ugly frog! If I had my druthers I would prefer one of those cute little chartreuse green ones....maybe with some orange spots. Thinking back on my history of frogs, I remember being at day camp for brownies and Girl Scouts, and find some polly wogs, took them home and voila.....frogs. It's too dry around here but around where my DD lives there are frogs everywhere. My family has told me stories of how their dog, Savannah, will go out at night, catch a frog in her mouth and come in drooling. Of course she's also the dog who got bit late at night by a rattle snake and they had to rush her to an emergency vet for shots. She swelled up around her mouth something awful and was one very sick dog.

    Julie: for some reason the story of the man in the bible who built up his barns to store all he had.....well, you know the story. I can understand how hurt you must feel, but, they're the ones who have to answer to what they're doing. Same thing goes for those pastors on TV who have to continually generate $$$$$, which ends up for themselves. God is always watching us.

    Catsinova, the neighborhood tom cat, has been around again. My big female, Abby, refused to come inside, ran into the garage, sooooooooo I closed the door. There's water and a litter box in there. She'll learn her lesson that I'm the boss around here! I'll let her out tomorrow morning.
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    Help! ive gone and posted on Porch #743..and cant seem to copy it here, anyone? tks a ton
  11. springwater

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  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Thanks once again for all your kind thoughts and prayers. My friend, Richard, will be OK (he's a survivor, like me) but he's just been through hell for several years and now nearly bankrupt from caring for his departed wife. I think he must have a HUGE good Karma bank acct. My shot evidently did the trick as I slept til 5:00 and woke feeling better than I have in ages. Once I go back on my BP med, I may not be able to sleep that late (late for me). I supplement my sleep by passing out from about 8:00 til 10:00 p.m. and, now and then, a morning nap after breakfast. I'm still a bit sleep deprived but it is what it is. Evidently, the insomnia is coming only from the meds and not a residual symptom of that bad head injury I had. That's really good news. All in all, things are looking up. Oh, and I'm finally Herxing so the Whatever Herpes-Family Virus must have had a BIG dieoff. Yea! :D

    Granni, my kids, and DSIL's parents, live in McKinney, TX, near Dallas. I think it's about a two-hour plane ride from here. If I keep feeling well, and can get someone to come in to feed the cats, I'll likely go, especially if I can find a fare that I can use my credit card points for. Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to use my credit card to pain watercolors. :) Of, course, I could never do as well as our Sunflower Girl. I don't like being away from home so when I go for Thanksgiving, I usually stay from Tues. til Fri. or Sat. They bought a McMansion so there is plenty of room for me. DSIL's brother and his wife will be there but are staying with his parents. I haven't see his brother since the wedding. Many moons.

    Julie, I'm laughing at your telling me to take it easy. I understand your dismay at the family you helped only to have them suddenly be living high on the hog. That doesn't change the good people you are. Sometimes, when people come from severe poverty, it gives them a boost when someone stretches a helping hand to them and, voila, they are among the middle class, likely upper middle class where they are. It might be nice for them to repay your kindness before doing what they are doing but it is common for people in third-world countries to think all Americans are rich and have money to burn. They likely don't realize the sacrifices you made for them. I'm not trying to excuse their behavior but just trying to understand it. You must also have a HUGE good Karma acct. where it counts! :) BTW, I think the little frog is so ugly that it's cute. Yes, I'm happy to say I'm feeling fine as frog's hair!

    Sunflower Girl, I see Abby has let you believe you are the boss. Cats always own us and allow us to serve at their pleasure. Tweety obeys most of the time but if she wants my attention, she will act out so I'll, at least, give her some neg. attention. If I put her in time out on the lanai so she can't come in for a while, she appears to have learned her lesson but she is just biding her time until she feels the urge to act out again. All in all, though, both cats are well trained and don't give me grief like they did when I first had to train them to be indoor cats. I love the name, Catsinova, with the key syllable being, "sin." Simon must be a Carsinova too as he still has his original equipment and he disappears for days at a time and straggles back looking as though he has been out partying for days. I hope it isn't because he gets sick. :confused:

    Springwater, you have a great attitude. I expect to ache after a workout, especially when it's been a while since I've been able to do it and I'm not well. I won't be going back to the pool workout until Sat. I may go over in the morning just to slowly walk back and forth and talk with my friends. It's a good way to start the day. Well, my day usually starts before 5:00 a.m., but by 9:00 a.m., it's the second start of the day. Wasn't that full Super Moon gorgeous. I think Tweety is a Werecat, though, as she seemed to have gone mad that day. I love the Louise Hay quote. One of my psychics told me my move to FL was divinely guided and divinely guarded. I love that phrase. I believe in omens and I think that's why I enjoyed reading "The Alchemist." Being aware of omens keeps us in the present. Beautiful omens are all around us.

    Rock, a friend/neighbor has stage four lung cancer and is giving away and selling her orchids. She gave me one and sold me another. I gather the one she sold me is more rare. I think it is the HUGE one with small purple and white flowers. The other one is small and is yellow with spider-like blooms. I hung it in the tree near our prayer box/birdhouse so we can enjoy it when we sit in the shade on that section of the Balcony. The big one is on the lower level and I just have to watch it to ensure it doesn't get too much sun. The spider one is under the canopy of the trees branches. The big one is too big to put up there. It looks as though it is a very old plant. I fertilized one but have to do the other one when I go out. Sadly, these will one day become memorial plants to my friend. We have a lot of plants we keep in memory of our loves ones/friends who have passed. Even my old cat, Mr. Big, who is in Cat Heaven, has a HUGE philodendron which provides shade for many of our other plants in the stairwell atrium. Under the exposed roots is a small stone with, "Friend," etched in it. The plant is a full story tall. I've written such flowery verse here that I had better quit before it turns into W&P. Oops! Too late. :)

    I gotta go take a bath and head over to my friend's to work on the big budget for our umbrella village assn. It does't look as though it's going to be a big deal and gets my foot in the door if I decide to run for the board. Everydobby, have a great day on the Porch. Put your feet up and kick back and make shapes out of the clouds.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Had to log in twice. Once to look at Sunflower's lovely pic and again to post. Sun,
    I kept searching for the pic folks were talking about. Finally found the elusive
    thumbnail. Wow! It's terrific! Somehow you made the rocks look solid. And
    the scene look 3-D. Have to give you credit.

    Mikie, I remember lying in the tall grass and looking at the clouds. I told my
    son about this when he was around 8. He didn't seem to think much of that
    game. Well, as we all know, one needed an imagination when we were kids. In
    my case, anyway, no TV, video games, etc. And we got lots of practice imaging
    stuff when we listened to the radio. Lots of radio shows like The Lone Ranger
    and Superman on after school.

    Your shot puns hit the mark. You are still sharp as a tack. Or in this case, a needle.

    Springwater, if we both have the same book, we can send each other coded
    messages. For example, look up the 27th word on page 86 and take the
    first half of the last word on page 92 and add the ending from the second
    word on ...I guess the word of spying and secret message has been transformed
    by the electronic age. Like almost everything else, huh?

    Give Poopsie a pat for me.

    Julie, you found the hairy frog! Looks just like the pic I found, but nowadays
    most pics won't allow themselves to be copied. Mikie, I tried to copy a pic
    of a spider orchid, but couldn't do it. I copied this though: "Any of several European
    orchids of the genus Ophrys". So at least we know they are related to Oprah.
    They are very dramatic and very different in structure from the familiar cattleya
    or phalaenopsis.

    How were your melons, Julie? Gordon brought home a "personal" watermelon
    for me the other day. I haven't bought one for decades, and he doesn't eat
    them. As expected, it had a little more flavor than one made of cardboard, but
    not much. Between the pallid flavor of modern food and my loss of my sense
    of taste, the enjoyment of food is a thing of the past.

    Good luck with the RSVPs, Granni. Remember, you are not required to speak
    French in dealing with same. n'est-ce pas?

    Hugs to absent friends including Joan, Barry, Diane, Dar, & everydobby else.


  14. Granniluvsu

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    Good morning to everydobby. DH is at the men's breakfast so I am on the computer. So I have to make it fast and et out they and do some weeding while it isn't quite so hot. Tomorrow am going out with 2 friends to lunch and the cleaning lady will be hear later than usual.

    JULIE - that is one hairy and ugly frog. Glad you are sort of taking it easy today. About your friends in Belize - I am guessing that they still appreciate what you did for them years ago which helped them get their even bigger home. What you did for them probably helped them to buy an even bigger one closer to where they need to be at this time. I understand how you must feel though like they are tossing away what you all sacrificed to help them get originally.

    MIKIE - Glad you felt well enough to post . I just love your W and P's :)!! This afternoon we are going into the big city again to see DGS football game. DH is already complaining the traffic and heat we will probably have to endure. We don't do many so we just have to do it. I feel badly we don't get to see more. Hope you continue to feel better and better each day. Keep on resting for awhile.

    SPRINGWATER - What a lovely poem and sweet attitude you have. Glad to see your nice long post too. I'm fighting this computer which won't let me type properly - keeps skipping letters as I type. At this rate I will be here all night. When I got in from another way(which I cannot do now since they removed my favorites (YAHOO).

    Love to Rock, Diane, Sun, Dar et al. Gotta run and this pokey keyboard is fighting me. Not sure if I will get back later or not today.:(

    Love to you awl,

    Came back, after weeding and my post hadn't submitted. So here goes, nothing much new happing except off to watch JV football this afternoon - in the heat :)! DH will be moaning about the traffic and probably the heat :)!!
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Darn it ! I wrote another fairly long one and it disappeared. So I am leaving again - boo hiss ! Gotta go have a snack as we will eat a late lunch before we go.

    Granni :( I am so frustrated !!
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Julie, I think it's good you are talking through your dismay at those people in Belize. I always think of the term in the Bible..."Pearls before swine," not that I'm calling them swine but, sometimes, we share what is valuable only to have it seem as though they appreciate it about as much as swine appreciate pearls. Either that or they saw how much your sacrifice did for them and, like I said, they believe Americans have unlimited funds, that they figured they could keep going to the well. Good for you for refusing to let them take advantage of you. I know it hurts and you have a right to feel a bit "taken." God and The Universe know what we do to pay it forward and help others. By giving, we also receive, maybe not in the same way but we are blessed in a myriad of ways. It is those who never give we should pity. BTW, you little lunch date is one cutie. There's a blessing right there!

    Rock, good to know you have your head in the clouds too. We get a lot of cumulus clouds to the West here in the mornings. Barb and I like to sip our coffee and make shapes out of them. Guess we're in our second childhood. Yes, people wonder what the world was like before TV, electronic games, etc. If anyone is interested, he or she should read your Fannie Flagg book, "Waiting In The Rainbow." It was a fine story but I really enjoyed being reminded of an earlier time when life was simpler. Technology is wonderful but if we let it, it will take as much from us as it gives to us. Manners, which have been steadily declining in this country, have further degraded with everyone walking around with a cell phone buried in their ears. I will always defer to people around me than to talking on my cell. If I get a call from one of my kids, I'll make sure when to call them back if I'm with someone. I turn on the Airplane Mode when I'm in a waiting room. There is almost never something so important that the caller can't leave a voice mail. Loved your puns. BTW, asking a woman how her melons are could get you slapped in a bar or she might expect you to buy her a drink.

    Granni, thanks for your good wishes. I'm glad y'all are getting to see DGS's game. I understand the reluctance to drive out in the boiling sun. A cold front is coming down from Canada. It snowed in Denver yesterday and it was only 36 degrees there this morning. Early snows in CO in the fall are always a treat, though. They never last and the beautiful fall weather returns fast. I think this cold front is supposed to reach into TX. Hope so. Y'all deserve a break. BTW, my kids are loving living there. Neighbors' kids live in Sugarland, south of Houston, and they love it there. My CO kids have an old house on the Historical List in Galveston. It was one of the few spared in the big hurricane early in the century. They rent the upstairs and keep the basement apartment as a vacation home. I've always thought Galveston to be a diamond in the rough and, if it were done right, it could become a big draw for tourists. Similar culture as New Orleans. Great BBQ and sea food.

    Yesterday, after the budget committee meeting, where we were actually able to agree on the budget, I came home to watch TV. Well, for the second time this week, Comcast went out and there was no internet either. I had planned to just rest. I decided to go to Lowe's to see what was in their bargain bin. I got two little dark red and green coleas for 60 cents each. They grow fast and are great for fill in in the garden. My lime green dracaena on the lanai had outgrown it's space so I repotted it and put it in the stairwell atrium under Mr. Big's plant. I bought a new, smaller one at Lowe's and it is now on the lanai with the dark variegated one. The strange philodendron, which puts out new red leaves that turn green as they mature, is loving the lanai and the cats love it. They are now spending as much time as possible on the lanai except during the hottest time during the day. That's cat napping time for kitties anyway.

    I took one of my orchids and put a hanger on the pot and hung it on the other side of our prayer box/birdhouse up under the tree's canopy. It is purple and white. On the other side is the little yellow spider orchid. I watched yesterday and it appears that there will be enough shade to leave that HUGE old orchid toward the lower level of the tree. I also put my orange and yellow orchid on the little patio table which sits in the shade of that tree. I went to Home Depot, being the plant junkie I've become, just to look. They sell little orchids in tiny pots. They all look very healthy and are only $5.99 each. I bought two; they are in the Cattleya family. One has lime green blooms and the other has fuchia blooms with a bright red stripe in them, according to the info (they aren't in bloom). I repotted them and have them on the lanai where I can keep an eye on them. So, I actually didn't rest as much as planned but I didn't do too much either. At the budget mtg., my friend and president of the POA board, cut two limbs from her Frangi Pangi (also called, Plumeria) tree. It is a dark pink color. Hope they take when I plant them. I love it that it is so tropical down here but miss some of the things which won't survive our heat. I also cleaned the cats' litter boxes. They mostly use the one on the lanai as they always went outside when they lived outside. The one inside stays pretty clean.

    My friend I mentioned, who is the president, isn't running for the POA board again so I am definitely running. She is just burned out. I know one other person who is running so don't know whether I'll get on or not. I think, despite recent illness and injury, I would be able to handle it. We have a new member and he is on fire with enthusiasm. That is what we need and it is time for new blood on the board. Our individual dues will have to increase and I'm getting ready for all the whining here in our bldg. Barb is the worst and she tells everyone we are paying more than the other individual assns. It isn't true but she continues to say it. I've requested mgmt. give me an avg. of the dues paid by everyone in our hood so I can show it to her every time she brings it up.

    This morning, I'm going over to the pool but won't be working out. Until I'm back on my heart and BP meds, I don't want to put any strain on my heart by raising my heart rate. I'll return to that next week. I am enjoying the pool friends sooooo much. They are delightful people. Sooooo different than the negativity from Barb. My friend yesterday at the mtg. said that's why she doesn't come for coffee any more. She can't take it. I've put my heart and soul into making our place beautiful and inviting and she is driving people away. As Rock says, Uff-da! Guess my smudging work isn't done.

    The worst thing is that I lost my glasses. I try to live more mindfully but, every now and then, I put something where I don't usually put it and then, I can't find it. It maddening! I searched everywhere (I thought) in the house and even went outside to search all around where I had walked. I finally gave up and just put it in the hands of St. Jude and St. Anthony. Cancers are like our Crab avatars; we hate to lose, or give away, anything and clamp our little pincher claws around our possessions. Before I got up, I told St. Anthony and St. Jude that I knew they would find my glasses. As soon as I got to the sink, there they were. I had put them in a strainer which usually sits on the larger side of my sink. I had moved it so there were two things which weren't where they usually are. What a relief! I just bought these glasses. I had narrowed it down and knew they had to be in here somewhere. I'm a thankful girl today.

    It is just turning light near the Eastern horizon and Tweety is asking me to come out on the lanai with her. So, I had better go. Hope y'all have a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - How chilly is it at your house to day?? It is raining here this afternoon too. Went out to a Chinese restaurant with 2 other ladies today. It was fun, especially since I hadn't been there in years. How cute that Keira still plays with her doll baby. They grow out of them way to fast nowadays. I only have one granddaughter and she is almost 21. She went from dolls to Barbie to Boys way to fast ):!!! Chili sounds yummy but still a bit warm here . I love that pic of Liora and you having lunch out. She is getting so BIG !!

    Our trip to the football game yesterday was good, even though they lost pretty bad. DGS did a good job when he was out there playing. Luckily also once the sun started going down we could feel an occasional breeze while siting up on the bleachers. Our son, DIL, DD, SIL, and other grandparent were there too. It is great that they live so close to see all that but hard for us who have to travel.. I'm so jealous but love where I live.

    MIKIE - Hope you run for the board of your condos. I now you would do a good job and be as fair as possible to everyone. Glad you seem to be doing better after your shot. Hope it continues. I have to catch and record the RSVP's for two functions on e-mail . So need to go and try and do these and some other things while the cleaning lady and her daughter is here today.

    DIANE - Hope Beety and you all are doing well. Have to go put some of the house back together after the ladies finish some of their work in the bathroom and bedroom.

    Love to awl of you,
    Granni :)
  18. emah

    emah Member

    Found the Porch :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Cute pic. of Liora. She's losing her toddler look and becoming a little preschooler soon. I know that some people put their little ones in around 2 though. I'm sure she had a really good time with grandma and will store that memory of just the two of you doing errands. I can understand how Amy must feel at times. But she knows she lives far away and it's hard.

    My DGS is playing in his first soccer game tomorrow morning. My DD told me about it.....I said 8 a.m.! It's hard for me to function that early since I would have to leave the house at 7:30, but I could hear the hurt in her voice so I'm going to get up EARLY. It takes me at least 2 hrs. to "wake up" but by hook or by crook I'll be there.

    As I sit here in 100 plus weather, I envy your cold temps. Heat and humidity does a # on my asthma and the last couple of days all I've done is wheeze and cough. I have an inhaler but it only works for about 15 min. so why bother unless I'm dying. I just try to stay indoors. I went out today to pick up the app. for the disabled placard and stopped at a bank to drop off some papers, but that was it for me.

    Granni: so good that you got to watch your DGS play. It really means a lot to them. How far away do you live? I used to love chinese food, but since I discovered thai food I prefer it. Not all those sauces as in chinese cooking.

    Mikie: So glad to read you're finding some new friends down by the pool. Chit chatting is half the fun of getting into the water, whether you exercise or not. And I really pray that the shot will turn things around for you so you can plan on a thanksgiving trip.

    Thank you all for your kind comments on my painting. Spring: Most artists are lucky to get one really good painting out of 10 or 15 done. I find I have to be in the mood to create, feel good, feel energized, etc. otherwise I'm just pushing paint around. This is the first time I really used the credit card though. I've put it away hoping down the road I can enter it into a competition.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2014
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Emah - Welcome, please post something about yourself or your family, whatever you want to chat about. I/we sure would love to know you better. As Julie said there are so any things we talk about here. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Julie - 50 degrees - oh my, that is cold for me for sure. I just can't take really co weather and I know it gets a lot more cold for you where you are. Hope you feel better and have a good weekend.

    Sun -Depending on the way we go and the traffic/time of day the amount of time can vary. It is about 1 hr an 15 minutes and maybe more. I is not so much the time but the awful traffic at times. My DH hates the traffic and do not blame him but oh I wish we cold go see more things they do They will be go in 2 years to college. I know DD does get upset sometimes when we do not come. She s young, feisty and nothing bothers her :)! That is my "A personality"first born !!

    Need to go for now and do some stuff on the computer besides have fun :)!! More tomorrow I hope !!!

    Love to all,
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2014

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