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    Hi, Kids,

    I'll be right back after I close #769. There we go, a brand new Porch. I read a couple of posts so will respond here.

    Julie, That is sooooo cute about Liora. I am so happy to hear you say you are taking time for yourselves to regroup and just take care of yourselves first. You have put everyone else first for so long. It isn't selfish to take care of yourselves first. You will benefit from it and so will everyone else. I am so sorry to hear the latest about DSIL. I certainly understand the decision to stop chemo. I doubt I'd ever start it in the first place but who knows? It would depend on how severely it would affect me and what benefit it would bring, if any. We never know until we are faced with such decisions. DSIL is in my prayers.

    Rock, I'm laughing at your joke. Yes, others' piercings have never hurt me, except maybe to look at. I don't like those ones guys get which make holes in the lobes and they are enlarged with larger and larger hoops until the holes are HUGE and so are the lobes. Certain tribes the world over do these kinds of things but, somehow, it seems appropriate for them. Not so much for a young man here. Oh well, to each his or her own. I couldn't believe the reaction to my getting a navel ring. My Mom thought it was horrible. I'd show it to anyone who wanted to see it but I didn't leave it exposed. For me, it was just a personal thing I wanted to do. Hmmmm, a 26-year-old Toyota is just getting broken in. My mechanic has great respect for Toyotas.

    Dar, thanks for the New Year's card. It's beautiful! I hope you can get some rest on your days off. Bed, a TV and a remote can restore a person. You do soooooo much and need to recharge yourself now and then. As it is, I don't know how you do it.

    One thing I do know is that I have to get something done today. I'm having some symptoms of my Whatever Herpes Virus so I think that is what is getting me down. I'm still on the Acyclovir but am about to bring in the Big Guns--Transfer Factors. Mine are expired and I may have to order new ones.

    It still cloudy and humid with temps in the low 80's. This place needs to be aired out but can't do it in the morning with all this humidity. It stirs up my allergies. If I take an allergy pill, it dries my eyes out so I can't wear my contacts. Looooove my new contacts and the new method for storing them. I got 7 weeks wear out of my last ones. That's amazing. Two weeks to a month is the norm. This storage is more expensive but if it extends wear time, it's worth it. The advantage to wearing my glasses is that they hide a few wrinkles around my eyes.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our Porchies, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: sorry you're not feeling good. I hope the meds you're taking will finally kick in some energy. If you're like me I really droop in muggy weather. It's down to the 40s at night, low 60s yesterday so winter is here for us.

    Julie: How cute about Kiera always wanting to tidy things up and make it better for Gma. She's obviously highly organized and I'll bet she will gets high grades in school.

    Rock: How did you know that pic was from the New Yorker? I do like it. Thanks Spring for finding it.

    Spring: Mincemeat? You made it? Out in the U.S. I think we all buy mincemeat in a jar, premade for baking a pie. What did you do with it? You always seem to have so many people visiting. SORRy... This board is crazy
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    I'm going to try again..

    I'm leaving for a mini vacation with my DD and her family for Palm Desert. My SIL owns a house out there, I was invited, and even though my DS is visiting friends 2 hrs. away until monday, he's got my car and I would be stranded in the house by myself if I didn't go. He's going to have to take a shuttle to the airport on tuesday......he's on his own.....but he's a big boy, age 43, and can figure things out. I NEED a change of scenery.
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    Dear Ones,
    DH needs the puter and I really need to get off before I get on. Loved all your posts.

    JULIE - Love your "SELFIE" :)!!! Take care of YOURSELF and DEN first.

    DAR - Enjoy your days off in BED. More later when DH gets through when he is finished with the budget on the computer.

    MIKIE- Hope you feel better soon. Stress stinks, I know !!

    Love you awl, in Rock, SWand those not mentioned !! WHEEW - Thought I lost all this.
    Granni :)
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    Julie, I like your selfie too! You are one gorgeous looking gal! And such an easy way not to lose your keys.

    Mikie, I don't like the look of those ear-lobe loops either. I met one guy last year who had taken his out due to irritation (of his ears) and swore to never use them again. But now his ears look REALLY wierd; his ear lobes hang down about an inch and a half from where they should be, plus the hole in the middle looks really STRANGE, as you can imagine.

    I've been feeding the wild birds on my bird table. Fox Sparrows, Juncos, Spotted Towhees, Stellars Jays. Oh, and chipmunks too. There have been some robins and ravens around too, but they don't come to the bird table. I hear California Wren-tits in the forest, and some kind of vireo. I lifted up a pan outside yesterday and found two Ensatina salamanders in coitus. I placed the lid back over them gently and left them to it.

    We had our first frost y-day, and now I want it to rain! My peripheral neuropathy doesn't like the cold! It's always warmer when it rains here, unless it snows --- which is seldom.

    Had a leg of lamb for Xmas, stuffed with rosemary and garlic, rubbed with the same, and oregano and thyme from the garden. I saw a flower on the rosemary twig I picked to put in the bone's place. It was delicious! Also roasted a red cabbage (1 inch slices, olive oil, salt and pepper, 400 degrees, 15 to 20 minutes each side.) First time I tried this, and it was good and sweet.

    Diane, I want to dine with you. I love oysters. I love shrimp. Ditto crab, lobster, crayfish, periwinkles, whelks and cockles. Let's eat! :rolleyes:

    Love to All,

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    Well you all, I'm back for a bit anyway. It is rainy., cloudy and getting COLDER ! It is presently 48 degrees - brrrr !!! Tomorrow will be I the 50's I think, which is cold for me and probably great for people like JULIE in the colder areas. What about your temperature BARRY? I think you said you had some snow recently, is that correct??? Your area must be so pretty with all those animals and birds around and lots of Christmas looking pine trees.

    BARRY - I'm with you about loving seafood of almost any kind and OMG I haven't had a leg of lamb is many years. We used t have them most Easters when I was young and lived up north. Leg of lamb is soo delicious. You don't see it much here but if I asked around Easter time, they might have it for a good price.

    MIKIE - What a cute pic of "you" with your navel ring :)!!!! I THINK it was JULIE who posted it. Hope you get to start feeling better soon.

    DIANE - I hope your mouth is better so you can finally really EAT. What time to not b able to eat REAL FOOD. Drop a note when you can and hope that you, Kevin and kitties had a nice Christmas considering your tender mouth situation.

    JULIE - I can't believe you are having such COLD weather. Don't get sick now!! Our weather is supposed to get even colder too but we are not used to it. That was so cute about LIORA and KEIRAS picture when she was eating and pretending it was her there with her - so cute.

    ROCK -How has your weather been. Hope it has ben comfortable for you both as I am sure neither of you are used to cold weather either, even tough you lived in it while growing up. Hope you had a nice quiet and comfortable Christmas.

    SUN - Hope all is well with you . Please forgive since I can't go back and remember what you posted about. Hope you had a nice relaxing Christmas, as much as possible.

    DH is looking for company and I have to start thinking about dinner soon. So, I guess I need to get of here for a bit.

    DAR - Hope you get some rest and get to enjoy your "holiday" with as much family as you can take :)!! More later. Need to go and have shower and get ready for church, tomorrow. It is going to be COLD - BRRRRR and rainy. If it was a bit colder we might have had snow but only in the 40's I think. . That is more than to cold for me.

    Enough of my EDITING for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hey Granni !

    Nice colour font..brings some after Christmas cheer to the board. I tried a few
    colours out myself but am gonna change again in case, it irritates some
    folks eyes, or maybe not. just for this post. this red isnt really that neon type.

    Leg of lamb sounds right delicious. Not sure if i ever did hv that.

    Mikie - i fell in love with your navel with the nose ring..after Julie posted
    the pic. Rather nice. :D On a serious note, i hope you soon get over the
    Herpe Whatever virus..what an irritant..

    Julie - loved your pic. Who wouldve thought you had such a novel idea
    to make sure you didnt lose your keys.:). But i think it might be a hassle
    when going to the bathroom. unless one added a pouch around the neck
    as well to put it in. Miss Keira seems to be turning into quite an able young
    lady already.

    Sun - no no. I didnt 'make' mince meat. I took normal packaged mince
    chicken meat and made mince and macaroni. We did used to mince our
    own meat with cleavers and a wooden chopping board when we were
    kids and making meat dumplings for the meal. Quite a task but then
    we used to manage. Times were simpler and there was time for everything
    because we didnt hv so many things to do.

    Have a good time at Palm Desert. I envy you. could do with a mini
    vacation myself.

    Folks, yesterday i was TIREDER than i ever was in my life. Dear Lord.
    We had to clear out our cut bougainvillea branches from the neighbours
    lot where they had been dumped straight from the tree..while being cut
    by hired cutters. And what a task! First two boys came, looked at it and
    said give us 30 dollars..then they came back saying not possible it will
    take 100 dollars and ten days to get all that stuff cut and burnt.

    I sent them away. Then two other men came, the original tree cutters,
    said they would do it in a day for 40 $. because i had asked my brother too
    to come help out and bring someone. So that would be five people working.
    With our own Man friday helper. Came the next day and my brother came
    alone, went to work and comes after two hours saying not possible, the
    branches are nt catching fire. I sent for more kerosene and found kerosene
    shortage for a week.

    I phoned my SIL and she sent me 20 litres from some one she knew.
    he woodcutters knew someone and got another 20 litres.

    Then when my youngest brother came to look after the house,
    i went down into the neighbours lot, and went to work myself..
    middle brother had a fuse to repair in his own house..so left.
    I tried and was able to get the fire going..of course it also
    involved cutting branches into smaller ones and dragging
    them into the bonfire. Since the hired help only had worked
    for two hours in the early morning and left to do their normal
    shift, plastering and what not, they came back only at 6pm
    and by then me and the help had burnt half of the stuff.

    I also had to send for extra scythes from SIL. What a stressful
    day. I thought i would drop dead. Dozens of scratches on everyone.
    although i used towels to wrap around my hand.

    A huge sigh of relief when the hired guys came at 6pm. they told
    me not to worry, they would get it done. and they did. although
    the night fell and i had to scrounge around for emergency lights
    and move an outdoor bulb to where they were working. But,
    it finally got done. At 9pm. Whoa. That tree has been there from
    1997 when i planted it and what a lot of branches. I felt so sad
    while burning it, remembering all the purple flowers. And how it
    kept out thieves. The boys there were four of them asked for an
    extra 5 $ showing me bruised bloody hands and i readily gave it to

    Me just glad thats over.

    I was aching all over, and nauseous and my head hurt. But somewhat
    better today. Im just back from the Pranic healing centre where their
    instructor who comes from India was taking a course and wanted to
    talk in between to the older members.

    Its a lovely warm day so i liked the trip down.

    I got to tackle the house now.

    God Bless

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    Hi Kids

    Julie, you are a scamp! I loved the pics you posted. In another life you might have
    been a LIFE photographer. That was a great magazine. When I got outta college
    and found a job, I immediately subscribed. And Time-Life put out some great books
    over the years including a series of about a dozen books on the Old West.

    New Year's Eve at your house sounds like fun. We never did anything at our house
    when I was a kid except listen to Guy Lombardo's broadcast. At midnight my
    dad would fire the shotgun into the air. Uff-dah!

    Mikie, hope the transfer factor works. I don't know nuthin' about that stuff. I
    expect it's some sort of modern voodoo where the problem is transferred to
    an enemy. Right? Wearing glasses to combat wrinkles around the eyes sounds
    like a good beauty tip. Personally I always wear a Lone Ranger mask whenever
    I leave the house.

    Calling the transfer factor "big guns" reminds me of our music professor
    at school. He always referred to the girls with low voices as the "siege gun
    altos". One of my friends belonged to that group. After graduation she
    became a member of some famous choral group. Fred Waring, maybe.
    Used to have lots of his records. Wonder what old Peg (Margaret) is
    doing these days.

    Sun, I didn't really know the cartoon was from The New Yorker. It just looked
    like the kinda stuff they do. The cartoons are the only part of the magazine I
    like. The library has lots of their cartoons. I check out a book of same every
    now and then.

    James Thurber wrote a great book about Harold Ross and the magazine some
    decades back. Harold founded the mag in the 1920s. It's title is "The Years
    With Ross."

    And speaking of things in books, I got a new Daedalus catalog. There are
    two New Yorker calendars for sale. There's also a book on typefaces.
    I can't imagine a book less likely to be sold. You ever notice the paragraph
    at the end of some books. "This book was set in Heironymus Garibaldi
    type designed in 1691 and characterized by its readability and......
    I always wonder: who do they think cares?

    Oh yes, Granni, there's a book of "nostalgic images of the Lone Star State".
    "The Way We Were: Texas." I would love to see more of Texas. Drove
    through a bit of it one summer on the way from CA to MN. (The
    air conditioner died. Uff-da!) And I went with Gordon on a business
    trip a couple decades back. We visited the Alamo and the Riverwalk in
    San Antonio. My aunt and uncle were living there.

    Read your post, Springwater. Reminded me of a crime scene. "Hey, Joe.
    Be sure and get photos of the dried blood over here by the curio cabinet."
    Mince meat, I read years ago, was a mixture of meat (often venison or
    mutton) with spice and fruit. I guess it's generally meatless nowadays. The
    cook at my dad's restaurant made fabulous pies including mince. Sure would
    like to have some of her coconut creme or lemon meringue again.

    Barry, that sure is an exotic spot of CA where you live. All kinds of colorful
    flora and fauna. Never heard of the wren tit or fox sparrow before. As for
    salamanders, there's always something newt under the sun. Or under the pan.

    My mother used to make some sort of cooked cabbage dish. My memory has
    faded, but it was baked. Included some pork and onions, I think. What
    I do remember are the popovers! Huge! Hollow. To be consumed with lots of
    butter. Had a popover at an elegant restaurant some decades ago. The "popover"
    they served was a totally different animal and not worth the bother of eating.

    Yesterday was quiet here. I say that all the time, cause that's the way it is.
    We did go to the chiropractor in the morning and dropped by the 99 cent
    store on the way home. Mostly to pick up some dishwashing liquid. I add
    it to my bath. Why should my dishes be cleaner than I?

    I called a place about buying my old car. They will send a tow truck. The
    "dispatcher" called me back. But (my Alz at work again) when she called
    I answered the upstairs phone. Told her I'd go down and get on the other
    phone which has better reception. Then I inadvertently (also accidentally)
    hung up the phone. Land O Goshen! All day long I do stupid stuff. After
    10-15 years it gets to be a bit tedious. Meh! Time to go.

    Hi to Diane, Joan, Dar, and et. al
  9. springwater

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    Coming at the year end i thought this was nice to share, came in my mail

    from Kathmandu Animal Treatment centre, which i used to regularly visit and
    support but i lost my way somewhere in between brothers illness and then passing and
    now..I really need to go back there, I dont even know where they moved

    Tricia Russell's one month stay at KAT Centre was an eventful one. From the very first day, she bonded with a street dog she identified with as something special. She named him 'White Boy'.

    'White boy' arrived at KAT with serious horrendous knife gashes cut across his back. Tricia lovingly watched over him during the healing time when he could hardly move from so much pain. With intensive care and treatment, he miraculously quickly recovered. And grateful 'White boy' never left her side.

    Soon it became time for Tricia to return to the USA. Also it was time for this now healthy street dog to return to his old haunt. With a very heavy heart, Tricia took 'White boy' for what she thought was their last walk together. But the bond was too strong. This faithful dog repeatedly made his way in back to KAT, searching for her. And in the meantime, back in USA, Tricia was realizing that this street dog held a very special meaning in her life. 'White boy' does not know it, but very soon he will be winging his way to USA to be reunited with his beloved pal Tricia and where he truly belongs.


    Rock - you never fail to make me laugh out loud..'The Lone ranger'and 'transferring something to
    'enemies' lol lol

    God Bless
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  10. Mikie

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    Wow! So nice to come back and see everydobby on the Porch.

    Julie, thanks for the pic. I now actually resemble the second pic more than the first. :confused: Oh well, as Marilyn Monroe sang, "We all lose our charms in the end." She never did, though. Dying relatively young preserves the youthful image forever. My older DD was like Keira. When I took her shopping, she would stop and fold merchandise--couldn't stand to see displays all messed up. The women in the stores got to know her and loved to see her coming. She was tidy and organized until she married my DSIL, who is a slob. She has given up trying to keep up with his messes. Her mind is organized and his is all over the place. If he is interested in something, though, he will stick to it. He taught himself to play the guitar very well and now takes some lessons. He played for me when I visited and he was so proud and so was I to have him for a SIL. He's a good kid, sloppy but good. :) I've worn the soft contacts for years and they are so comfortable for me but, you are right--I don't see as well with them as with my glasses. I think a lot of it is because I wear monovision contacts and, if I'm tired (when am I not tired these days?) it is more and more difficult for my brain to do the work of deciding which eye to receive info from.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so excited for you. Yes, a change of scenery is often refreshing. I hope it will be for you. Thanks for your good wishes. I think I am finally feeling a bit better but it doesn't take much to wear me down. I don't like it when it's too muggy. We have heat and humidity down here but the last few days have been slippery humid. Neighbors tried to leave their doors open and they got damp spots on their carpeting. They had to turn on the A/C. My place smelled close inside so I cranked mine down to 74. That freshened things up. I've tried those Glade plugins but Tweety is allergic to them and they make her eye water. Enjoy your getaway. Julie's friend is in Lakeland and it's just far enough north to have been in the cold front which swept through the top part of our state.

    Barry, how wonderful that you feed all these birds. I could probably sit for hours just watching the different birds feed. OMG! I always wondered what those guys' ear lobes would look like if the hoops were removed. I'm picturing a Basset Hound but the dogs don't have the elongated holes in the middle. Yikes! :eek: I'm sure we would love to see pics of your wonderland in the woods. When I hear motorcycles roaring up and down the street outside our condo village (we don't allow them in here) I NV your quiet solitude.

    Springwater, I guess that, somehow, I figured the branches were gone. What a mess to have to clean up. We had some kind of vine growing on the fence at the back of the property. We wore gloves and started pulling it. It peeled off the fence and, as we went along, one person cut the vines where they were in the ground. We had a HUGE mass of vines but our landscapers hauled them away. We have a swale back there to divert the rainwater to culverts and ditches so we don't flood in our rainy season. The county cleans out the ditches a couple of times a year because everything grows so fast down here. I'm not joking when I call this a jungle. Where it is left to nature, one cannot even walk for all the vegetation. They use controlled burns to clear out the underbrush so wild fires, usually started by lightening, don't have so much fuel. I'm starting to think I really don't have much in the way of a green thumb; it's just that about anything will grow down here.

    Granni, thanks for your good wishes. I hope I keep feeling a bit better too. Seems we all go through these things but we are all still here, doing the best we can. Yes, where you are, 40's are very cold. I know when it gets that cold down here, I freeze. It was cold and now, it's back to the 80's, gray and cloudy, and muggy. AACK!!! :confused:

    Rock, I don't know how they do it but the transfer factors are like little oral vaccines but contain no pathogens. It's a proprietary secret but, somehow, they get the "information" germs use to infect us and put it in the TF's. Just ingesting this information is enough to alert our immune systems. Why is it that a lot of OTC products are more advanced than Rx's? Many of these things, like the peptide injections, have been used for decades, or longer, in other parts of the world. I have discovered some gritty, good smelling, exfolliant, made with finely crushed almond shells, I use to remove dead skin. I use it in my bath and then wash with a good smelling body soap. The dollar stores sell these and using them makes a soak a soothing experience. Aaaaaah! :) Maybe it's cause I'm tired but I do all kinds of things like you describe. I took the little jar of kitty dry food into the walk-in to to fill it from the big bin and I left the little scoop in the jar. I looked all over the place for it until I asked St. Anthony to help me (thank God for St. Anthony). Just then, I thought to look in the bottom of the jar and sho 'nuff, there was the scoop. Fortunately, I was able to reach into the jar and grab hold of the handle of the scoop and draw it to the top. No wonder I have so much trouble doing things around here.

    I did get a little bit done yesterday. I was scattered but managed to organize the food in the "larder" and now, I have more room. Today, I have to use my shop vac to clean the cats' mess on the lanai. The sprinkler has been adjusted and now, it comes in and soaks the outer edge of the lanai furniture and tiles. Sylvester came in wet; he must have gotten caught in the initial sprinkle. I got my white cabinets wiped down where food had spilled down the front of them. I got part of the countertop cleaned and I cleaned the bathtub. The little bits of almond shells in the exfolliant stick to the tub unless I rinse them down. I knew I'd be cleaning the tub so didn't bother the last time I took my bath. I used a Mr. Clean sponge and the tub sparkles. Now, the floors are the worst problem so I have to vacuum and clean the tiles. I hope to someday have the NRG to do some "spring" cleaning but, for now, just to get this place half-way clean is my goal.

    One important thing I got done was to smudge my condo and our bldg. I got out a new sage packet and this one stayed smoky. There is something wrong with the first one I used. This one felt waxy; the first one felt dry. I not only did my condo, room to room, I also smudged the outside of the bldg. to keep away all negativity and to protect me. As the time draws near for Barb's arrival, it is less and less stressful. I talked to our president, Joan, and we both agree that if they bring the dog, we will have mgmt. send Barb a letter just to protect ourselves if the dog attacks anyone. That way, the ins. co. will know we are trying to enforce the rules. One woman told Joan that she is bringing her lab down because she has seen others walking big dogs. Guess we'll have to send her a letter too. It gets impossible to enforce the rule on big dogs when people think there is no downside to breaking the rules. Why, oh why, do people move into places with rules if they don't want to follow them? I guess they think the rules are for other people.

    Well, Dear Ones, I'm going to read the Sunday paper. I got one yesterday despite the fact that I'm only supposed to get Wed. and Sun. We now have no regular delivery person so, I'm sure, there will be mix ups. I don't want to call the newspaper of they are likely to start charging me full price again. Customer service, and communication at the newspaper itself, is nonexistent.

    Love to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, again, Porchies,

    Diane, I'm so glad your mouth is healing but don't like the sound of so much pain. Don't know that I'd wait until the 7th to call the doc. That's a riot about the kitties and the new toy. I saw it advertised but these cats don't seem to want to play much. I got one of those arched bottle brushes on a base about a month ago and they are just now getting interested but I wouldn't say they are enthusiastic about it. I always took Christmas gifts to them when Jeff had them and when Julie had them. I can understand Julie's not shopping for them because she's been at her Mother's. Jeff moved less than a block away but he might as well be on the moon. He abandoned his friends, including Julie, his best friend. Oh well, neither the kitties nor I need anything. Keep us updated on your healing.

    I got a fair amount of work done today. I vacuumed the floors and cleaned the tile floors with my machine. I finished up cleaning the kitchen too. It's probably good that my friend/neighbor came up to bring me one of those Mrs. Prindible's candy apples. This one is dipped in chocolate and nuts. Mmmmm! Her DH brought me a wine cocktail and I sat and sipped it and enjoyed my visit with her. Another friend/neighbor just arrived but he and his DW have been inside with a respiratory virus. So, he stopped and talked a lot to us. He's a retired cop and loves to talk about his work. I think he misses it. He said he voted for me. Woo hoo! Another vote! :)

    I think tomorrow I'll get the rest of the regular housework done. Then, I can dig into the paperwork piled up in my front office. I'm so glad most of the outside work is done so I can concentrate on the inside of my condo. I'm tired and will likely hit the hay early. Maybe I'll have a slice of my apple. Gotta go. The computer keyboard is acting up again. Soooooo frustrating! :mad:

    Hope y'all have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - I know what you mean about frustrating keyboard. Every time I get on here I seem to have this problem. I takes me forever to write a sentence. Glad you are getting a little work done today.

    DIANE - So glad to see you posting today. Glad to hear that your mouth is doing somewhat better and you can eat some. Those foods you ate for Christmas Eve sounded yummy !!! Yes, if your mouth is really bothering you in some area. Call and ask about it and what they did in that one area. Maybe there is something that can be dnoe about it now before your appointment . It was funny to hear about the kitties and their new mousey toy :)!!!

    Sorry to hear about Kohls and their skimpy products. I haven't been the is a long time so I guess I might not be going back . It is not that close though and haven't been there so can't comment. I know their prices WERE good.

    Hope all is well with everydobby. I need too start dinner. Leftovers, yay!!!

    New Years Eve will be at DD's and they will be over for dinner the next day.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning,

    Granni, yes, it always feels good to accomplish something. Hoping today to finish up the housework. Of course, the lanai is the most difficult. I have to vacuum up litter on the floor and then, run the floor machine to wash and dry the tiles. My lanai is very small and full of people and kitty furniture. I want to get it done and then, come in and take a shower and do my hair.

    Diane, I knew I forgot something. About Kohl's--we have one here and, when I'm out that way, I usually stop in to check it out. I almost never find things but when they have sales, it's worth it to look. They carry some name brands and some other brands I don't usually buy. The guy who started Kohl's originally had a string of grocery stores. My neighbor told me about it. She knew the history of the store. It's not one of my favorite places to shop but I'm not shopping much these days. Don't need anything and am trying to conserve. I spent more than $1,000 in co-pays while I had all those injuries.

    I do plant to go to Target this week as they have Puff tissues with a $5 gift card when one buys two of the eight packs. I'm not running low but I could definitely stock up. I'm sure they kept the box the same size but I'm also sure those boxes don't contain as many tissues. I go through them like crazy with my allergies.

    Simon showed up for his breakfast today. He wasn't there when I got up but I noticed the carport lights had been triggered by the motion sensor and there he was, sitting on a step near the top. He was looking out and I tapped on the window. I took his breakfast out. Of course, he went down to the landing until I went inside. Poor little fellow; I guess that's how he survives on his own by being super vigilant. He looks good and, as I've mentioned, I'm sure he's found someone else who feeds him too. Tweety and Sylvester would like to go out but they don't ask anymore. They have been so good and respond to love.

    Well, Porchies, I had better sign off but I want to wish everyone a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    His Kids

    Gordon is watching P. Allen Smith on PBS. He is a gardening expert who also
    cooks on his shows. Right now he's fixing coq au vin. It seems to me that Julia
    Child did coq au vin every other program. Good old Julia. A laugh in every
    program along with her cooking expertise. \

    (Gordon says the "P" in P. Allen Smith is for pomegranate. Wikipedia
    says it stands for Paul. Gordon says, "I don't care what they say.")

    Remember when Julia was stirring something in a vat? The wooden spoon was
    6 feet long. Or when she softened the butter by pounding on it with a lead pipe.
    (Borrowed, no doubt, from a really large Clue game.) And then there was the time
    she pulled the muslin spice bag out of a pot of stew or something. Gave it a whack
    with a spoon and said, "Looks kinda like a dead mouse."

    I read Julia was 6 feet, two inches tall. Don't know about Martha Stewart. I
    read she was 6 feet on one site. Another said 5 feet, 9 inches. All sites agree
    she had a very tall bank balance.

    Gordon is about to go shopping at an Asian store in the San Gabriel valley which
    is directly East of LA. I used to live there in the 70s. (In a house formerly owned
    by Tennessee Ernie Ford.)

    Good luck with finding stocking stuffers, Julie. (U.S. Government statistics
    show that most people stuff stocking with their feet. Yuck! Yuck!) When I
    was a kid we hung our stocking over the fireplace. The "fireplace" was made
    of cardboard. Brought out from the storage room every Christmas. One of
    our traditions in the days when bubble lights were high tech, there were no
    artificial trees and Norad did not track Santa Clause because it did not exist.
    Whether or not Santa exists is an existential question for you to resolve yourself.

    Mikie, we don't have Kohl's stores here. I guess it's a department store. If I
    wanted some kohl eye makeup, could I find it at Kohl's? Glad to know Simon
    is looking good.

    Granni, 48 degrees is too cold for comfort. Our 5 day forecast is for temps in the
    high 50s. Faint chance of rain tomorrow. Whatever the weather is here, it's
    better than in Minnesota. Nothing wrong with a meal of leftovers providing one
    starts with good cooking the previous day. My mother used to make great roast
    beef hash. Better than Hormel.

    My brother, the retired sheriff, lives in the MN county where Hormel is located.
    It is the biggest city (around 25,000). The big tourist attraction is the Hormel
    Spam museum. Admission is on the opposite end of the continuum from Disney.
    It's free!

    Diane, I found a cat toy on Youtube. Seems to fit your description except it seems to
    be people powered. Am fading; have to come back and post more later.


  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    A cold morning in the 30's. A light frost. Too cold for me to be outside except to restock the bird table and see Richard off to town.

    Rock, I love Julia Child. Who couldn't? There are a number of books by her and about her. My favourite (I haven't read them all) is My Life in France. My first love was French cooking (frogs and snails ;), but I then found Elizabeth David, and started cooking French food the English way-- "a pinch of this, and a small handfull of that). Even less fussy than Julia. Plus she did Italian, Mediteranean cuisines. When we lived in S.F. I became engaged by Chinese food. I loved eating dim sum in a place that served chicken feet and other unusual foods. I guess growing up in England and the U.S. widened my horizons.... When I was young almost everything was rationed. Didn't see a banana til I was about four, I guess. My grandfather grew as many vegs. as he could; sometimes traded them for a rabbit from the local Gypsies!

    The stocking stuffer delight at the bottom of the sock was always a much-anticipated orange! Now kids want jewelry/money or ?.

    This year was our 45 anniversary. We got married last June.

    I had a reasonable night's sleep for once, but do NOT feel refreshed. o_O So I'm just drinking green tea to try and give me a bump up. But I guess that's the way it goes with Myalgic encephalomyelitis! :mad:

    Love to All,

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Barry - You are right about the rationing and the oranges , fruit and nuts in the stockings. Kids and younger adults nowadays have no clue about doing without almost ANYTHING. Best of luck to you this coming year on another happy anniversary :) !! I know what you mean about not waking up refreshed. Not sure if I have M E or am just sick and tired of all the pain ):!!

    Rock - Sorry you are so warn out. Hope you feel better after a nap. Thanks for that cute video of that cat toy thingy. Looks like those silly kitties haven't figured out that their owner is the one making that mousie keep popping up and down from those holes. That is so funny to watch !!! I think I know the one DIANE was talking about. I saw it on TV and works by itself..

    Julie - It looks like you all will be mighty busy when your guests arrive - or should I say busier than usual. Hope all goes well and hope Lindsey feels better soon. Bad timing for your holiday gathering. :)!!!

    Darn it I wrote a note to MIKIE and then it disappeared - darn it. Hope you get your Puffs for your tender nose when the allergies hit, not fun I know. Gad Simon made it OK for breakfast. Your Sir Vester and Miss Princess Tweety are so lucky to have you :)!!!

    This keyboard is driving me batty , only on PH though. I can't figure it out.

    Hugs to awl including all out MIA's !!!
    Love to everyone,
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Granni - I first read about stuffing oranges and sweets into stockings toes in the book 'What Katy Did'.
    That book fascinated me. I read the two other sequels but the first was special. I guess now $ is
    the best and most practical gift. Suppose you get someone a dress and they dont like it.

    Another book really gave me insight into the ways of those olden days was Tom Sawyer.
    With no tv, books and the motion pictures were all we had to form our opinion on other
    lands and their doings.

    Rock - i have sat in a corner and watched kitties (the more the better, we usually had them
    in groups of fours) play and prance and piroutte and leap and chase each other all over the
    place, in that weird springy way cats and baby goats have. Like theyre on Red Bull
    energy drink and steroids. I remember we
    had one kittie, a fat placid fellow, black shiny bushy fur, and the most beautiful green eyes,
    large as large. Evidently someone else found him beautiful. We lost him when he was six weeks old. Grown up cats provide almost as much entertainment as your utube attests to.

    Mikie - good to know about your smudging. You seem to have achieved a lot of cleaning
    inspite of all those health hiccups coming..i too need to work on my kitchen..and just
    about everywhere else..I need St. Anthony in my life, but know next to nothing about
    him. Must read up. I do misplace lots of things. Ive been invoking Archangel Michael
    for lost things and protection. Sometimes im scared i overburden him even if they
    say Archangel Michael can take on any amount of peoples issues. Did you try out
    the 'blessed' water? or what do we call it. where you write 'love' on the bottle
    facing the water and energise it. Im dead sure it wil work a treat. Ive ignored
    my money plant in a bottle similarly labelled for weeks n weeks and it
    hasnt wilted. In fact its flourishing.

    Diane - I dont know why i thought Kohls only sold cosmetics..thanks for telling. I love
    cosmetic names like Bobbbi Brown, and Maybelline. The names. We dont always get
    the brands here. They sell mostly Rimmel, revlon, Cover Girl here. They do have special
    shops which have Estee lauder and Chanel but i get scared to even step into those places.
    With 200 percent tax being levied on luxury goods and the VAT and other taxes, they
    cost almost as much as a piece of small gold jewllery would cost!! Yikes!

    Anyways, i only seem to use my blush, and eye pencil i got when i came there,
    Thats like 2 years old! and i heard one shouldnt use old cosmetics but so far no
    mishap has happened. Thank heaven.
    and Johnsons baby powder. so its ok. My skin cannot take most cosmetics. and foundations are a no no. I break out immedtly.
    I do hv a lovely L'oreal something a kind of cream u smooth on beneath

    the face powder but i consider it a cosmetic and dressy so i use it only to parties and
    when i dont want my DHs aunt or cousins to think im looking haggard when i go visit.
    Since theyre always in tip top condition. The creme itself was a gift from DHs cousin.
    She calls it 'plaster of paris'. plastering over flaws and wrinkles. heh heh heh.Must
    work because i mostly always get compliments when i wear that. Then i come home
    and wash and uncover the real me.;)

    Julie - I hope your new year dinner the big family one goes wonderfully well. I know
    you must be tired out. You ve had an eventful! to say the least, year. I love your new
    year resolution to make 2015 the year of 'Den and Julie'.

    brrrr... its been so cold past coupla days..today i made a rice gruel, just threw in
    rice, red lentils, spinach, salt, garlic, onion, tomato, water into the pressure cooker
    and let it all turn to mush. Also a capsicum and potato curry with tomatoes..to
    add a little zing to the wholesome but rather bland gruel.

    Well, all take care

    God Bless

    Last edited: Dec 29, 2014
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Everydobby,

    The mystery of why my DGS didn't get his present from me is solved. The poor woman at the PO was so exhausted that she typed in the wrong town in TX. So, I'm getting it back today. What a clusterfuss!!! I'm just so worn down by things like this. I have never gotten my order in a Chinese restaurant messed up. If they can do things that well, why can't other businesses do better? I think a lot of the angst in this country is from incompetence; apathy; businesses cutting corners and trying to get by with fewer employees, causing employees to be overworked and overwhelmed; and, our dysfunctional govt. That's my unofficial findings. Oh, and the economy which is "improving" but only for a few. That's my rant for the day. :mad:

    Springwater, I think you can ask any saint for just about anything but some are "patron saints" of special needs. St. Francis is the patron saint for animals. Some ask him to whisper into Baby Jesus' ear for help with an illness. St. Lucie is the patron saint for the eyes. St. Anthony is the patron saint for lost objects and also for animals. I think a lot has to do with miracles they achieved or for something which happened in their lives. St. Jude is the patron saint of hopeless causes. Like you, I always hated to invoke his help with less than dire problems but I now realize it's OK to ask for help from any saint for any reason. Unlike us mere mortals, I don't think they get overwhelmed. My plants have been flourishing since writing love backwards on my clear plastic watering jug. I also talk to the plants to tell them how lovely they are. Can't hurt; might help.

    Julie, I just asked St. Francis to help Red Mittens. Poor kitty. Sounds as though you are busy, as usual. It also sounds as though someone is usually getting sick, is sick, or is recovering from being sick. Typical in a big family. A lot of people down here have colds and respiratory illnesses. My allergies have kicked up and when I cough in public, I explain I'm not sick because I think people are afraid of catching something. Of course, like Elmo taught us, I cough into my elbow. Take care not to overdo. Well, it's probably too late for that; take care not to continue to overdo it. :)

    Rock, I've never seen makeup at Kohl's store. Of course, it's possible they sell it and I haven't seen it. Kohl's sells clothing, shoes and jewelry. My cats have a similar toy except it requires no effort on my part. It's a square plastic gizmo with a little hot pink ball which runs around a track on the outside edge. It is slightly uneven so that when the cat applies any pressure on it, the ball starts to whirl around the track. There are holes in the top where the cat can stick his paw in and feel the other ball which is inside. It drives Sir Vester nuts to be able to feel it but not see it or get it. He prefers to stick his paw in the track to tap the ball and let it bounce off the tip of his paw. Tweety no longer cares for it. She does chase her little hard plastic balls with bells inside. She has more soccer skills than Beckham!

    Barry, hope you get some NRG. I get mine from the green drinks I make in my Nutri-Bullet. They don't taste great but they aren't bad either. Just taste green veggie-like. Congratulations on such a nice long marriage. Dec. would have been my 51st anniv. but it wasn't to be and, honestly, in my case, I'm better off. I'm always happy for others, though, who have loving marriages. I used to watch Julia Child for the entertainment factor. She was hysterical. She would move a bowl out of the way and I would hear a crash off camera. Her eyes would shift but she would go right on like nothing happened. She did this so often that it must have been normal to her. Meryl Streep did a good job playing her in the movie, "Julie and Julia."

    Granni, thank you so much for your kind words about me and the kitties. I feel blessed to have them. Julie visited us yesterday and they were so happy to see her. She brought me all kinds of goodies her Mom makes. She also brought the cats some treats in a Christmas sock with a plush white kitty's head popping out the top. When you press a button on the paw, the cat meows to "Jingle Bells." It's a riot! I think your DF (dear family) are lucky to have you. You do so much and get together as often as y'all can. That's great! I'll go out after our condo mtg., if we have one, to get my Puffs. I need to stop at Costco for coffee K-cups. I don't mind the store so much as the parking lot at Costco. It's difficult to get in and out of. I'm going to stop and fill the car with premium gas at Mobile. Mechanic thought it would improve my mileage to run a couple of tanksful through it.

    Got a voicemail from a friend asking me to call her as she has a "couple of favors to ask me." One is probably taking her to the doc. I hope it's not anything too much as I'm pooped from all this cleaning. I didn't pick up because I was watching "The Best Grand Budapest Hotel." I think that's the name of the show. It's a strange, strange movie but I liked it. It's a bit Monty Pythonish but not really. It's silly and surreal. Lots of stars doing cameos in it. I want to watch it again as things go by fast and I know I missed some funny stuff.

    Well, Kids, I had better get going. Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Good Grief, Mikie. Here you are at 3:30 AM. Oh wait. We're separated by
    the International Date Line or the Danube River or something. I believe it's
    a leap year where you live.

    With regard to coughing on your elbow, which Elmo taught that? The
    muppet or the Saint? As a pilot, you probably know all about St. Elmo's fire.
    I read decades ago that it was green. A mysterious light seen on ships out
    on the ocean.

    Looked on Youtube. Mostly my search pulled up a movie by the same name.
    Wikipedia says the phenomenon is blue or violet; not green. It also says
    St. Elmo's proper name was Erasmus. My favorite Saint is Joan of Arc.
    Verdi wrote an opera about her: in Italian it's Giovanna D'Arco.

    Springwater, funny you should mention baby goats along with kittens. Only
    a day or two ago I saw a brief video of a baby goat skipping down a lane.
    Bouncing along. A veritable icon for joy, youth, and energy. (All of which
    I could use and very likely many of the rest of us.)

    Saw an article in the news the other day. It said Kathmandu's population
    has gone up dramatically in the last decades and there is a severe shortage
    of drinking water. Hope your family is OK. Our water shortage here in CA
    is just a minor inconvenience. Usta I could spell "inconvenience" Not
    any more; not without help.

    Barry, I read My Life in France when it came out several years ago. I think
    Julia started it, and a relative finished it after her death. She and her husband
    (both worked for the OSS which later morphed into the CIA) visited France
    and he took her to a favorite restaurant. She said that meal changed her
    life. She went to the Cordon Blue and wrote her book on French cooking
    (with help from a couple other cooks) and became rich and popular and
    a laff riot. :p

    Granni, I'm gonna look at Youtube and see if I can find the electric cat
    toy. I wish we had a cat and a dog, but we are just to old and frail. Well,
    I am. Couldn't walk a dog anymore. Gordon is younger, and in better
    healthy but has medical problems too.

    Decades ago I read a magazine article that said people don't have to be
    sick just because they get old. I think the author was like so many who
    pen articles for the news today. "Out to lunch" as we used to say in
    the days of my yute. "Clueless" might be the term today.

    Sun, are you going to be visiting Palm Desert near Palm Springs? That's
    about a hundred miles East of us. I've been there a couple times. Won
    an informal bridge tournament in Palm Springs sometime in the 80s.
    It was informal because it was in somebody's home. I used my ten bucks
    prize money to buy a record by Jane Morgan. I think her biggest hit
    was probably "Fascination" or maybe "The Day that the Rains came down".

    Hope you have a great trip. I don't go anywhere no more. Good thing
    I can still travel via books.

    Oh yeah, Mikie. Can you explain those trophy points that show up on*
    one's profile? Are they like frequent flyer miles? Can I redeem them? Ha!
    The news about flying today is so bad, I wouldn't even take a free trip. And
    the possibility of being trapped for hours on the tarmac waiting to take off
    or disembark sends all my claustrophobic alarms into a state of panic.

    Hugs to Diane, Joan, et. al.

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    I'm in the dark about trophy points. I'll try to remember to ask the powers that be here at PH. I'm sure they already think I'm dumb as a rock when it comes to using the site. When they upgraded it, it came with a lot of new features. Like most of us, I only use the ones I need to get by. I'm with you when it comes to flying--or not with you exactly as neither of us will be flying. Yuk! Yuk! It's Elmo the puppet on Sesame Street who taught the kids to cough and sneeze into the elbow and not the hand. The older generation seems to have missed it as older people at the store used to hack on their hands and handle everything. The worst were the ones who just sneezed and hacked into the air. It's especially obnoxious when it's obvious they are sick and have what the docs call a productive cough. Phlegm! AACK!!!

    Yes, I have been aware of St. Elmo's Fire. I think St. Elmo was the patron saint of sailors. The Catholic Church has a roster of saints for just about everything. Airplanes can build up static in thunderstorms and the electricity can be seen dancing on the plane's surface. When I flew, I wouldn't fly through a storm and airline pilots try to avoid them too. Fortunately, the electricity usually just stays on the surface and doesn't knock out avionics. It's often stress on the plane or turbulence/wind shear which causes problems. I also saw the movie and liked it but can't remember it much.

    I did see the kitty toy on TV but it can be a waste of money to buy things for these two.

    BTW, it's also true that one needn't be old to be sick and if one is young and sick, one is likely to get sicker as one gets older unless a really good treatment is found. I'm so thankful for the peptide injections but they are not a cure and I'll never be the same as before I got really sick, even accounting for aging. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Well, better get going. I still don't know whether we are or aren't having a mtg. today.

    Love, Mikie
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