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    Hi Kids

    I am happy to report that Gordon's orchids were winners at the Orchid Club.
    His yellow orchid won a second place. His big vanda with multiple flowers
    won a Culture Award which is better than first place.

    How can it be better than first place? Because it not given very often, but there
    is always a first place. The Culture Award goes to plants that are large, dramatic,
    and indicative of good horticulture. And you know what Dorthy Parker said
    about horticulture.

    Here's the book report for the week. (Unless I do another one tomorrow.)
    Am reading a a photo book on Lincoln. It has all 103 portraits of Lincoln.
    Did you know you can see Lincoln in stereo? In the days when photography
    was new and high tech, they already had stereo views.

    Remember the View Master from the 50s? You put a cardboard wheel in the
    viewer and looked through the lenses. Clicked to advance the picture. Of
    course the View Master didn't exist in Lincoln's time (it was featured at the
    1939 Chicago World's Fair), but you could look through a stereoptican.

    My great aunt and uncle had one. The picture was the size of a large post
    card; two views of the same subject. Seen through the viewer you got a
    3D view. When I went to the swap meet at the Rose Bowl 25 years ago there
    was a booth selling the photo cards. Most of them were a buck apiece.
    The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, BTW, is looking for a donation of
    a viewer.

    Sun, I'm surprised the Apple people let you in early. Very nice. I wonder if
    a friend or neighbor knows a kid that could tutor you on things electronic.
    Nowadays I can't even work the TV remote. Well, it has about 75 buttons
    on it. BTW, "Sax and violins" is an old joke, but I feel we should pay tribute
    to these classics by reviving them now and again. Don't chu?

    Granni, I hope you got some rest after your rushy morning. Doncha just hate
    it when something interferes with your hair appointment! I do. Ha Ha! I
    haven't seen a barber in something like 3 decades. My stylist Mr. Gordon
    takes care of my coiffure.

    Julie, never heard of water dowsing with metal rods. Only wood. Hazel and
    willow seem to be popular. (I don't know if popular wood is popular.)
    Anyhoo there are videos on Youtube, although I haven't seen any yet. Our
    pioneers often relied on this method. Good luck with your project.

    Mikie, tomato-tomahto reminds me of a story an old bridge playing friend
    told me. Remember "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" by George Gershwin
    and his lovely wife Ira? I say tomato. You say tomahto. Some gal in
    England attempted to sing it. She pronounced "tomato" the same both times.

    She may have been the same singer who attempted Indian Love Call.
    "When I'm Calling You oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo." She sang,
    "When I'm Calling You 0h-0h-0h, oh-oh-oh.

    Springwater, I like to keep up with the goings on in Nepal. It makes me
    feel so cosmopolitan. (Excuse me. I have the desire to sneeze.) Here's
    some news I found on the BBC site. Weather for the next 4 days will be
    sunny and 17 C. I assume C stands for centimeter, so your sunny weather
    will be roughly 42 inches long. Bon appetit!

    Hi Barry, Diane, Joan and all

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    Mikie: OMG OMG !!!!!! What AWFUL people. That upsets me just thinking about what you're going to be dealing with at the meeting and the rest of the 2 weeks. Good ridance to bad rubbish as we used to say. I've said a prayer for peace at the meeting.......and for you.

    Rock: tell Gordon a big congratulations for his awards. What an honor. I sure wish he could take a pic. and post on here so we can see these special orchids. I always loved that Gershwin song. And about a week ago I caught the movie made about him. What an amazing talent and to die so young. It's almost like God gives some people wonderful gifts whether talent, or personality or looks and then they die so young and people are left stunned and saddened. I was watching an old movie the other night, The Mirror Cracked, starring Elizabeth Taylor. What a BEAUTY she was, probably one of the most beautiful women that had ever been born.

    Julie: Good luck with the plumbing and Gpa coming over.

    I'm off in a little bit with the family for San Diego and an exhibit of King Tut. I saw it years ago and recently I watched an entire college course on all the pharohs, so this should be fun.....I hope. I'm feeling a bit tired having been sleeping awful lately. I went to an art painting group yesterday......a fun group and I felt right at home. There is one very talented artist in it who takes lessons at the Art Institute in Pasadena. But then there are others who are beginners, so it's a mixed group.
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    OMG, I missed a bunch as I can see. I can't find ( probably on last volume)on what happened to MIKIE.

    Sorry not much time to respond.

    SUN- Yes we leave tomorrow for the party bright and early to get to Austin . Don't even know what to wear, how dressy, DH too. I think he probably needs to least bring a sports coat for the occasion. We are anxious to go but cannot spend the night even though we got a room. Can't cancel it either . Enjoy your outing today. It sounds like lots of fun and very interesting !! Wonder if it is the same one we saw sometime ago probably I Houston.

    MIKIE - Sorry for whatever has ben gong on wi you. I am guessing it is concerning Barb and relatives. Geez, can't so people grow up and act right and not so mean and vengeful.. I have to try and remember to go back and check out the last volume.

    ROCK - Congrats to Gordon for his prize winning orchids. That is great and he must be proud of himself and his lovely orchids :)!!

    Have so much to do today and need to go fix lunch. Leftovers, yea !!! Lentil soup !!

    I may be back tonight, if not maybe Monday or late Sunday. Then will be gone till probably late Wednesday sometime. Sorry I have been so absent lately. It is so hard now for me to catch up.

    Love to awl,
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    Hi, Kids,

    Y'all can call me, Madam President. The best news is that Barb and her nasty daughter didn't show. I guess they think I rattle easily. Everyone who showed up for the mtg. (people can just send in proxies so not everyone shows up) were very friendly and supportive so guess no one was buying what Barb and daughter are selling. One woman was nominated for Pres. and I had expected it but knew she is too busy selling real estate to accept. I'm glad she was nominated because she's been on the board. It's only right to, at least, nominate her. I was then nominated pretty fast and accepted. It couldn't have gone better. Even one woman who is friendly with Barb and the other sneaky woman downstairs was friendly.

    Thank you all so very much for your prayers. Last night, I prayed for protection and for some kind of intervention for this mtg. I heard the voice I often hear when I pray or meditate. I was a bit upset so didn't hear it as loudly as I usually do but I definitely heard it. The voice said, "It's OK. I've got it taken care of." The voice has never steered me wrong and I was able to relax and had a good night's sleep. I left early to avoid the daughter and helped out at the mtg.

    I stopped to see my friend, Nancy 2 and Nancy and her friend, Mary, were there too. Nancy 2's son, Mike the NYC fireman, is here and helping her. She is still in a world of pain and the meds aren't helping. This is getting desperate. When I came home, the gang was out sitting on the balcony and I said, "Hi." No one spoke so I said, "Bye." I treat it as though it is as ridiculous as it really is. I'm not confrontational, just a bit amused. How much fun can it be for them to hang around all day, sitting on their butts, with the same three people? People come to FL to visit sights, hang out in the pool or go to the beach. Not only can it not be much fun but sitting all day every day isn't healthy. No wonder they are mean. I just hope the screaming phone call was the worst they have to bring. I can last for another two weeks.

    I am Herxing and, as bad as Herxing is, it's evidence of a big dieoff. I stopped my AV about five days ago and when I stop, it usually triggers my own immune system to go after the little varmits. Think I'll take it easy for the remainder of the day. I have the Herx Headache. Nothing seems to touch it; I just have to wait til the Herx is over.

    Rock, tell Gordon, Congrats!!! He is an inspiration to me every time I look at my orchids. You are an inspiration every time I read one of your jokes or puns. I love the old classic crooner songs. I have some Rod Stewart where he recorded them and just got the Tony Bennett album with Lady Gaga. Rod Steward also did some duets on his albums. We had some of those antique stereo things at the library when I was a kid. They fascinated me. They also had quite a few of the postcards. What I loved more were the kalidoscopes, which changed patterns each time they were turned. I can look at stuff like that for hrs. as I drift into a trance. I had a Lucite rectangle with oils sealed inside it. There were three oils of different colors and, obviously, differents weights. As one turns the rectangle, the oils run to the bottom at different rates and make designs. My entertainment needs are simple. :)

    Julie, I'm sorry you've been through what I've been going through. Somehow, I feel as though today may be a turning point--not in their attitudes but in their efforts to make life hell for me. Hope so, anyway. I also hope you can find that pipe opening. I'll bet you will if the ground thaws and you can probe around in the area where you think it is. My toes certainly found ours. :mad: Thanks for the prayers. You are in mine.

    Sunflower Girl, thanks for your prayers too. If those thugs had shown up and made a scene, it would have made them look awful and they would have been asked to leave. That might have just fanned the flames of their vitriol. It all worked out great. I love San Diego and eating Mexican food in Old Town. My ex was on a business trip decades ago and saw the King Tut exhibit on its first visit in the States. He said it was great! Wish I had been with him on that one. I had a chance to see a program on the exhibit and it looks fabulous. Enjoy!!! Glad you enjoyed the art session. OMG! I could never let anyone else watch me paint.

    Granni, have a good time and be safe. You didn't miss anything. Despite threats, Barb and her ilk didn't go through with them to make a scene at the mtg. I think they were just trying to rattle me. Let us know how things went when you get back.

    I hope all y'all have a safe and peaceful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Spent most of the morning napping. Mikie, Sun, Granni, I passed along
    your congrats to Gordon. He is out in the yard digging up weeds. We have
    some sort of infestation.Dunno what the plant is. At the moment it is very
    small. Hugs the ground. It resembles leaves on a carrot.

    We also have a pipe problem, Julie, but nothing like yours. The pipe has
    been a fence post for no one knows exactly how long. Decades. Anyhoo
    it somehow separated from the concrete base it was resting in. Due to
    earthquakes maybe. This old house has lots of cracks in the plaster from
    same. Armando is here replanting the pipe. Too bad he can't come and
    help with your problem. Don't know if he's ever seen snow or not.

    Sun, I took my mother to the King Tut exhibit back in the 80s. I suppose
    it's the same one you are going to. The only thing I remember clearly is the
    famous mask of gold and lapis lazuli. Hey! Come to think of it, I have a
    lapis ring somewhere. Funny. Whenever I wear it I get an urge to ride
    a camel.

    Gordon and I watched "Rhapsody in Blue" recently too. The star was Robert
    Alda (father of Alan). He won a Tony for starring in Guys and Dolls. Made
    other films, but mostly in Europe. I used to have a record of him singing
    Italian songs. Pretty good voice. Gordon thought he was much better
    looking than his famous son.

    Mikie, Congratulations! I am sure you will do a wonderful job for the association.
    No doubt you have already told yourself you will be careful not to overdo. You
    know, I hadn't thought of kaleidoscopes for years. They were popular items in
    the hippie boutiques of our yute. Now that you mention it, I remember the
    new kind: with oil in them. Kinda like holding special effects in your hand.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip, Granni. Gordon and I went to Texas a couple
    times when he was inspecting properties for Freddie Mac. Can't remember if we
    made it to Austin. I know we were in San Antonio and the Dallas-Ft Worth area.
    Don't wear yourself out gettin' ready for your excursion. Ha Ha!

    Hugs to everydobby
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    Great news!!

    Now go show them how its done. The board needs someone with enthusiasm
    and brains and you have both in abundance.

    will just make DHs breakfast and brb
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    Back. Its a foggy morning again. Just sprinted across the street and got our daily milk
    quota. Doggies breakfast and DH likes to drink a cup now and then. The son prefers
    tinned powdered and i have curd mostly to take care of my calcium requirements.

    The help have gone for a day or two, so am saddled with having to sweep up the
    compound as well as locking unlocking the gate, switching on and off all the lights
    (in the compund... we had an intruder scale the wall and come in at night, which our
    man helper accidentally and fortunately saw, so have installed some lights here andthere) and washing all the dishes and clothes in addition to the usual. Oh, i also watered the garden or what passes off as a garden right now. These are the times i wish
    i had that washing machine and dishwashing machine.

    Mikie - gosh. the moment has come and it has brought great results. You must
    be feeling so relieved. One thing taken care of. Just be prepared to feel more
    bad vibes from Barb and gang since they cant be too thrilled with the outcome.
    On the other hand, who knows they may just accept it and back down. Something
    made them refrain from coming and making donkeys of themselves, (maybe your
    loving guide/angel who spoke to you and reassured you all was taken care of?)
    and maybe theyve spent whatever venom was stirring beneath. Good riddance
    to them but it is sad, I dont know what kind of welcome is barb gonna receive
    if she leaves this earthly realm and enters the other side, if she is in this kind
    of state of mind and heart. That life review she does isnt gonna make her too

    Meanwhile, make sure you put your health first and foremost. If thats taken
    care of, the rest will be easier. Good luck!

    Some more congratulations in order

    Rock pls convey these to Gordon


    I think Gordon is getting used to winning..a few weeks back and now
    again..i guess i shouldnt be surprised, passion always brings out the
    best and is Gordon passionate about his orchids or what!

    I like the name Armando. The heroes used to be named those in
    the paperbook romances i used to read in my very very 'yute'.
    They usually were Latin, tall, bronzed, with piercing black eyes
    and a shock of thick black hair and a facial bone structure which
    would put Robert Pattinson to shame.

    Hey, brought back memories. Along with struggling with science,
    math and literature we somehow made time to devour all the
    paper backs of Denise Robins, Mills and Robins romances,
    Barbara Cartland (not too many of those) we could lay our hands on.
    Breaktime, lunch time, during a not particularly attentive teachers
    class, out would come the latest paperback. Those higher secondary
    days. A fad it was. Come to think of it.
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    Mr or Ms. No life nothing better to do gremlin is making the fonts small so i will
    just continue here.

    Sun - have fun at the exhibition. Judging by the number of people who have gone
    to see King Tut he seems to be hugely popular. I saw a docu about him - isnt he
    the one they call the 'Boy Prince' and had spina bofida or something? Died young?

    how did your painting with the abstract designs on the floor go? Did you like the

    I dont usually like abstract, but there are some ive seen, the latest at the stupa,
    by artists which are such a kaleidoscope of colours and which must have taken
    a lot of effort if you look at the method by which they were put there..its somehow
    appealing. As if theyre depicting 'a burst of imagination coming out of a black
    hole' or 'someone letting loose a barrage of emotions' or something..i dont know.
    Definitely not kids play.

    Granni - have fun at the get together. I guess a sports jacket can never go wrong.
    I can empathise with DH. Wondering what to pack and what not to.I remember i had this blue silk beaded/embroidered top made for special occasions and lugged it all the way out of station where it remained in my suitcase, wardrobe hanging without me wearing it. Didnt go anywhere demanding a dressy evening outfit.

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  9. rockgor

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    I was just as surprised to get a culture award for my Vanda (it had only one flower
    spike and this award is usually given to very large grown plants with multi spikes).
    The flower is about 4 - 5 inches across, very dark purple in color and has 10 flowers
    on the spike. I bought this plant at another club's auction three years ago and it
    has bloomed each year.

    There's a funny story about the other plant though. One of the member,
    Paul, came up to me and told me that the plant was incorrectly named
    (Pastorial 'Innocenence'). I bought this plant at the club auction as I wanted a large
    white Catt and was so suprised when it bloom out with a cluster of pure yellow flower.
    It was pretty but I just thought 'what the hell'. Paul told me he was the person who
    donated the 'Innocenence' plant and must have mixed up his plant tags. He gave
    me the correct name, C. 'Ruben' and will look in his collection to see if can find the
    other plant for me.

    Now, I would be happy to post a picture of the flower BUT SOMEONE WOULD HAVE
    TO TELL ME HOW IT'S DONE!!! I have a camera on the new cell phone - how do I
    transfer it into the computer and include it in a post. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.

    Cheers to all, gordon. :cool:
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I did just as promised and rested yesterday afternoon. All the excitement and stress wear me out. I went out this morning and a pot with a dying/dead lemon tree had been moved onto the sidewalk, along with leaves from the plumeria plant, which is in its dormant state. I just moved the pot behind the hedge for the time being. Guess they have decided to play little tricks to get my attention. Kindergarten stuff. I woke early and it's in the 50's, partly cloudy with a chance of isolated rain. I've hired our handyman to pressure wash our sidewalks today so hope it doesn't decide to rain when he's doing it. We don't have much in the way of sidewalks from our doors and stairs to the carport so it shouldn't take long. My guess is that Barb's next deed will be to try to derail me from the board for our bldg. Only problem is that no one else seems to want it and no one else seems to particularly care about how our bldg. is run as long as the dues stay the same.

    I will have my hands full on the big board because, already, two members don't want to go to the Tues. morning mtgs. They told our mgr. she doesn't have to come every Tues. I will call her tomorrow. I told them I like the informal Tues. morning mtgs. where people can come to report problems, make suggestions, and put forward items which will require an official board mtg. These two people, who are already on the board but contribute nothing, want to have monthly board mtgs. Well, if there is no business at hand, there is nothing to hold a board meeting for. We have a lot of people who don't really understand how boards work. Unfortunately, some of them are on the board. Like I said, I'll have my hands full. Oh well, are we any worse off with board members who don't show than we are now with board members who do nothing? I have a feeling that most of this will fall on my shoulders, just as it does in our bldg.

    Big shock--one person got the fewest votes and he is the most eager to be on the board. He has done a lot of volunteer work in the hood. Problem is that he is too anxious and ambitious. He told Joan he didn't want me as the Pres. because I'd be difficult to control. Say what!!! Still, he was anxious to take over the treasurer's job and it would have taken the burden of that office from the shoulders of our long-time treasurer who has gone above and behond. He is getting older and forgetful and I'm not sure how good his health is. So, I and one of the other board members told him we would like to get into his head and have him bring us up to speed. She is actually one who does nothing now and doesn't want to go to the Tues. meetings. She has a newborn and a toddler so I understand that. Perhaps she can be of better use in the financial area. As Pres., I will be involved heavily in that area anyway. I'll get it all under control and running smoothly and won't overdo it.

    Again, thank you all for your good wishes and prayers in my recent turmoil and the board.

    Rock, thank you for your congratulations. And, yes, I will not overdo things. I promise. The Aldas are quite an acting family. I'm not as familiar with Sr. but have loved Jr.'s work for decades. "The Four Seasons" and "Sweet Liberty" are two of my favorite comedies. Of course, his work in "M*A*S*H" was outstanding. No one ever seems to pay attention to the Korean War. That show was perfectly timed as an anti-war answer to what was happening in Viet Nam, another senseless war. As you know, I was a semi-Hippie in my yute. I've been anti war all my life; WWII ended when I was two. Since then, we've engaged ourselves in wars in which we didn't have to be. Terrorist attacks will likely always be with us but that doesn't mean we have to declare war on a country. In the Middle East, there is anti-Western hatred and it is a breeding ground for terrorists. We need to learn to fight smarter with intelligence. OK, that's my anti-war rant for the day.

    Gordon, BIG congratulations on your orchid successes. I am just now learning something about the different kinds of them. With thousands of different kinds, I'll never master it. I'll probably not get beyond the type and color as in, "I want the pretty white one." Your ability and expertise are very impressive indeed! BTW, down here, the gardeners refer to the weeds in our lawn as "grass." They just mow everything in sight. You can e-mail your cell phone pic to yourself in an e-mail and then save that pic to your pic file; or, you can use a USB cord (which might be the same cord you charge the phone with). Most newer phones have a snap-off electrical plug-in with a USB underneath it. You plug that into the USB port on your computer and it should give you options for uploading your pics to a pic folder in My Pictures. If you know someone savvy on computers, he or she can show you how. It's a shame not to have a permanent record of your orchids. Newer inexpensive cameras also have memory cards and/or USBs to upload your pics. My cell phone takes really great pics so my camera lies unused.

    Springwater, what a beautiful Congratulations card. Thank you so very much. I don't know what the thugs have in store for me but I feel better and more protected. I'm glad you installed some lights. It's a shame we have to go to such extremes to be safe. I just had a new light system installed under our carport as the old lights were outdated and expensive to maintain. We got new LED fixtures--four of them. The center unit has two fixtures in it and houses a motion detector. The other two are in the far corners so that the whole thing lights up like daylight when any motion is detected. Even when Simon walks by, they light up. Keep yourselves safe. That is primary. I like abstract art in most cases except for the splatter ones. Abstract art is back in fashion big time now. I see it all over the walls on TV sets. Will I have time to paint when the new board takes off?

    Well Kiddies, I think I'll read the newspaper. On Suns., I get the real thing and don't have to read it online. I'll have to be ready later for our handyman. As always, I am sending my best thoughts and prayers for peace and good health for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello, Dear Friends

    Julie, sorry the elusive pipe hasn't shown up yet. Remember Tammy Wynett's
    big hit 'My Elusive Dreams'? You've got an elusive pipe dream. Whatever happened
    to that wretched girl who left the squirrel on your porch? Did she wind up in
    the nut house?

    Mikie, if you were only a semi hippie, what did that make you? A hip? I'll tell
    Gordon to read your message regarding photos. One of the moderators here gave
    me instructions some years ago. But at some point it said: go here and click on
    this. Only I never could find the place to click.

    Springwater, yes, King Tut is sometimes called the boy king. He is thought to
    have died while still a teen. I think that whole culture of absolute rulers and
    obsession with death is one of the worst periods in human history.

    Remember the film Cleopatra? Came out the year I got outta college. Most
    expensive film ever made (at that time.) Some books say it bankrupted 20th
    Century Fox. Others say it almost did. Gordon meant to tell you thanks
    for the flowers you sent, but it slipped his mind. Funny. That never happens
    to me.

    And thanks to everydobby else too. He read all your posts.

    Granni, hope you're having a swell old time in Austin. Austin has several
    nicknames and mottos including "Hippie Haven" and "Keep Austin Weird".
    Hope you're doing your part.

    Sun, yes, Liz Taylor was one of the screen's greatest beauties. I remember
    when I was a teen guys would be drooling over Marilyn Monroe. I sometimes
    said, "Actually I think Liz Taylor is more beautiful." The response was
    usually, "Who's she?" Janet Leigh was another great beauty from that time.

    I never saw Liz in the Agatha Christie movie. Funny. Angela Lansbury was in
    it. I always thought her "Murder She Wrote" series was a lot like Agatha
    Christie. In the final scene Miss Marple gets everybody into the library and
    announces how the crime was committed. She never seems to explain how
    she figured it out.

    Gotta go round up the clothes. Today is laundry day.

    Hugs to Barry and Joan and Diane and et. al.
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: a BIG congratulations on your election, Madam Chairperson. How many people are on the board and how many building complexes are involved? I hope once Barb disappears out of your life there will be much less stress. Years ago when we lived at the other house, one of my sons and his "used to be friend" were creating much havoc between the houses. We lived only one house separating us. That was VERY stressful and the final straw which drove me to convince my DH to sell was when the grandmother pointendly snubbed me. So the next day I called a realtor and we listed our house. So with you living so incredibly intertwined on your little patio, it must be VERY hard.

    Rock: Yes, I agree on the Murder she wrote" series. I really loved it and watching the movie the other night reminded me of it. Kim Novak played in it also. I thought she was also one of the most beautiful actresses. But.....I saw some recent photos of her. OMG......she sure has been to the wrong plastic surgeon. I often wonder how these beautiful actresses feel once they've gone under the knife and find they don't look the same as they once did. I caught Melanie Griffith on a Hawaii 5-O episode a few months ago. I couldn't recognize her and kept wondering who she was because her voice is so distinctive.

    Spring: I (think) my abstract is done. I keep looking at it......but don't feel right now to work on it anymore. I found it very difficult. So hopefully I feel up to going to class on tuesday and take it in. This week is Marc Chagall. I've heard of him but how no idea on his work.

    Yesterday going to San Diego........freeways were past the point of awful. It took us about l l/2 hrs. to travel about 3 miles. Normally it would be about a 2 hr. drive there. A huge accident and they were trying to do cleanup. What does one do when you can't move and you need to get to a hospital? The King Tut exhibit was basically the same as back in the 80s, but my DGS enjoyed it. He got an A+ on his report on Egypt he just turned in and this is amazing for a kid who has learning problems. Afterwards we went to a restaurant in San Diego that a cousin owns. VERY upscale, and first time for me.....my DD and her family were there last year. OMG, wonderful Italian food, not your run of the mill though. We started with antipasto tray and some carpaccio. I had lasagna, made with fresh pasta and wild boar bolognaise sauce. Then we finished with stuffed connolli and a dark chocolate warm tart. MMMMMM...... He's getting 5 stars........ and I had expected just a little italian restaurant when I first heard he opened it.
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    I'm coming to y'all courtesy of my Surface Pro with the tiny flat keyboard. Hate, hate, hate the keyboard. Love, love, love the tablet as long as I don't have to type on the touchscreen. I think if I can get used to it, I might like it but having to retype every other word is frustrating'. :mad:

    Speaking of frustrating--Barb and Co. have written a letter to mgmt. complaining about the storage bins we have behind our hedge. I don't like them either and have already made plans to remove them after they leave. I can store them in the fenced-in area behind the pool house. They asked the woman downstairs to sign the letter. She had gotten caught up in the mean games and I had told her I didn't want her in the middle and that she was being used by them to get to me. She refused to sign their complaint letter and told them she wanted to talk to me herself. I told her I was working on the issue. She was crying and said she didn't want me mad at her. I told her I wasn't mad at her. She's been burned and feels horrible. I just hope she stays away from these horrid people. I guess they decided not to go to the mtg. and were looking for another way to discredit me. I'm sure it burned them up that I'm the new President. I'm sure Barb will burn up the phone lines complaining about the board and me.

    Julie, a dead squirrel! Yikes! :confused:. Thanks for your kind words on the election. Have already started some Presidentin' and had a phone call from one board member and a visit from another. Both have been on the board and both are really trying to help. I'm sure Barb is feeling quite impotent right now. Wonder whether I should expect a dead squirrel at the door.

    Rock, I think of Hippies as young wandering singles. By the time I was Hip, I had two kids. They were little Flower Children. Loved your pipe dream joke. It could all go up in smoke. :( Hope not; I love your jokes and puns. Elizabeth Taylor was the first actress to command $1 million for a film in "Cleo.". I swear I'm watching garbage trucks in San Antonio doing a choreographed ballet. That must be a fun, weird place to live.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm drooling on myself just thinking about that dinner. There are seven board members which oversee the hood which has 15 individual assns. Some of the assns., like ours, have eight condo units in each bldg. Some are cul-de-sacs with townhouses. Each individual assn. has three board members. I will likely serve on our board and the big one. I wouldn't mind moving if I could afford it and if I didn't love this hood so much. From what I hear, most of these hoods all have one ding bat troublemaker. Maybe better the devil I know than the one I don't. Thanks so much for the congrats. :)

    I can't take this computer much longer so will sign off. I do believe I ought to use it once in a while or it'll probably die. Just heard that M/S is going to stop supporting Windows 7. That is what I have on my beloved laptop. Any mistakes may be due to the automatic correction on this machine. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

    Love, Mikie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings dear PORCHIES !!! Had a wonderful day and finally got home this evening early. Actually we could have gotten home earlier if we didn't screw up and try and take a different way home. The guy who parked our car told us where to find I-35 south and that really took us out of our way. Once we were stuck on that road, even with the navigation system, we didn't know where or how to get off so we stayed where we were and came back the LONG way. Oh well, the birthday girl was lovely as always and we were very glad we went even with other stuff going on. We visited with friends of our daughters who we have known for years and their kids, and the other grandparents, and got to talk some to the boyfriend of our DGD.

    BTW, there is at least 1 picture on FB of Meegen out DGD and some of her friends, I THINK that is who it was. The food was yummy and I had a Pomagranate Mimosa and later on had part of a Bloody Mary which I love if they are not TOOO spicy. I told them not to make it to spicy. It wasn't really bad but it could have been cute a little more. I know they would have changed it if I had asked but I drank most of it. DH didn't drink anything as he had to drive and also he had slept very little last night. We also visited with the other grandparents who we love dearly, even if they are Johnny on the spot, all the time to help our kids and dgk 's :)!!!!! It does make me feel somewhat inadequate at times, but we still do love them !!

    MIKIE - Congratulations Madame President !!!! I know you will do a wonderful job for your condo. Hope you feel better soon and the herxing hurries up and gets over and done with.. Good luck with the Surface Pro with new keyboard. I hope you get used to it really soon and hope it does better than sometimes when I am on PH and I can't get this keyboard to work at all. Not sure what is going on now as right now it is working OK - NOW!! Hope Barb and her gang stop the petty stuff they have being doing to discredit you. That is unbelievable to me especially from someone you had thought was your friend, or at least somewhat - unreal but strokes can make some people worse.

    I tried to speed read everyone's posts but it is getting late for someone who has been up about 5:45 this morning. I also left my cheap reading glasses probably at the restaurant but I do have another pair at home but they are a little stronger. So also not sure if that is what is making my head a bit dizzy right now. Need to go to WM and get the strength that I had before if I can find them. I forget what these are. I will look for the same frames and see if they still have those. If so I hope those are the same strength.

    JULIE - Good luck on finding that problem with your pipes. That has really been going on and on, hasn't it??? That can get old really quick. Hope Lindsey get to feeling better quickly too. Also hoping things are going better with Grandpa and all.

    Hi to Spring Water, Diane, Gordon, Rock, Sun and everyone else I might have missed. No time as hopefully I can get to come back sometime tomorrow to chat as well. I feel badly that I have been missing a lot of Porch doings and chats.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - that's ok, I knew you had shown Gordon the flowers and that 'like' was from both of you.

    I chuckled at the 'nut house' comment..and the other puns. Nothing like a good chuckle at the start
    Of the day.

    I was imagining you and Gordon riding a camel with you wearing your lapis lazuli ring and both of
    You wearing the Egyptian head dress. Somewhere near the pyramids.

    Sun - how wonderful is that..your DGS getting an A plus even with his learning disorder..looks
    Like he really was interested in the ways of old Egypt. Speaking of Egypt, I've always been
    Intrigued by that land, ever since it was the first place we learnt about in grade III in History.
    The Pharaohs, the papyrus, the Nile. I don't like it as in want to live there, just interested.
    Recently, they showed a fabulous documentary on Discovery HD called Discovery Atlas,
    Egypt Revealed..showing the lives of six everyday people..all of them were so interesting.

    Very diverse, one was an old healer living in the mountains worried his art was dying out,
    Then one was a housewife caring for a sick aunt, another a very posh cosmopolitan lady
    Running a hi fi fashion magazine, I didn't catch one, but the two which intrigued me most
    Was a young boy of sixteen, who had gone to the city from the age of ten to work delivering
    Bread to support his family of elderly father and mother and a brood of young siblings,
    Returning home once a year to celebrate end of Ramadan and another was a young man

    A Coptic Christian who left his publishing business because the call of God was too great
    And he joined the monastery in the rocks, high above the city, to become a priest. I mean
    The stoicism, and maturity and lack of bitterness in the 16 yr olds demeanour, when telling about
    His life and the otherworldly spirituality in the youths face who left to become a monk....
    I could feel tears pricking my eyes. They were so content in what they were doing, they
    Were at peace! And what hardship...the monk has to wake up at 4am and pray 10 hours
    A day...out of hundreds who apply at the monastery, only four get selected at a time.

    The bishop makes sure the man applying isn't running away from troubles, isn't
    Hiding from facing the world, isn't recovering from a bad relationship, isn't trying
    To get away from making a living, isn't into some sort of fad...isn't too attached to his
    Family but has come because Of the love of God in him. They are not allowed contact
    With the family after he has been inducted. If you are able to get it at a library pls try
    And see it. I tried utube, but I didn't get the Egypt one. Altho there was a little clip
    Titled 'bread winner' on HD Discovery site..but just a little.


    Julie - hope Lyndsey recovers soon...and take care of yourself

    Diane - you too...

    Mikie - good to know you are getting into the swing of things...just try and keep out of Barb n co.
    I did laugh when you called them 'Those thugs'. Well, they are acting like such.

    You posted about the burial caves of Mustang, and how did those ancient people get up there..
    A mystery...just like it is a mystery about those monstrously huge and very intriguing monoliths
    At Stonehenge. I just gets chills every time i look at those structures. How did the people in those times build those. Looks like some knowledge just got lost in between then and now...

    Who knows what what they knew back then..what forces of nature / the universe they could harness?

    Granni - just saw yr post..welcome back..boy, I do admire you your energy, all that travelling.
    Good to know the get together went well.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015
  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Porchies,

    Rock, please congratulate Gordon on his prize winning orchids for me. So beautiful. Kudos!
    Mikie, How awful those people have been! Congratulations Madam President!

    Julie, good luck with the plumbing and g'pa.

    Granni Austin? I've really been behind on reading posts. I'm sure you will find something totally appropriate to wear. Lentil soup sounds sooooo good about now. It's been so cold here. we got a temporary reprieve the last few days. We actually got near 40 degrees yesterday. However, the temps are going to start to drop tonight and tomorrow again and they're talking snow again tomorrow and Wednesday. Hopefully just flurries.

    Sun, have a great time at the exhibition. Sounds like a neat outing. I'd love to see that. I am a lover of ancient history. Wish I could go with you!

    Julie, Sending out a prayer for you and Lyndsey. Euuuuu! Dead squirrel? As you may remember, squirrels are not my favorite animals since the "gangsta" squirrels broke into my home in the hole in my roof and "mean mugged" me under my own bathtub! LOL

    Spring, sounds like you are busy, busy, busy! Remember to get some rest.

    Diane, Feel better. You are in my thoughts.

    Barry, Joan and anyone else I may have missed.......wishing you all well.

    So far, since my daughter moved home a week ago Friday, we've had to call the EMT's 3 times to bring her back from the near-dead. The last 3 days we've been able to catch her in time to get her sugars stabilized without calling the EMT's.

    My son, Chris, and I are watching her day and night. I've put her on a "Sugar check" every 3 hours and a small meal every 3 to 4 hours. Seems to be helping keep her from bottoming out. She has not had to take any insulin. She's not going high, she's bottoming out. I told her to call the hospital, request ALL her records of EMT calls and Emergency visits and have them sent to her doctor and get copies of all that and her doctor's records.

    We got her set up with an advocate. Kathy, with this information, is going to go after the State of Illinois and Medicade to fight for her glucose pump. They won't allow the doctor to run a second test on her pancreas in the same year to show that it's not stable, so we're going to fight this via another route. Wish us luck.

    I was up at 4:30 this morning to shove a pbj sandwich, o.j., and a bowl of cereal down her to bring her up from a glucose check of 29! Anything lower than that and I'd have had the EMT's here again!

    Chris is doing very well with his weight loss. He has 62 more lbs to go for his surgery to be an option for the hernia.

    I'm tired, having trouble with my right shoulder, and left hand, but other than that doing fairly well at the moment. Just had it all adjusted, but will have to go back in for another adjustment this week I think. Just too much lifting at work. I'll be so glad when I can get this re-fi started on the house and get the job change done. I got the payment history on the flexline in the mail, am awaiting the history on the house so I can send those to the credit reporting agencies.

    I should have my tax PIN from the IRS soon so I can get tax return filed, then it will be a "go" on the re-fi and I can put my notice in at my present job and start my new situation with DORS. I am so "ancy" to get this all done! Wish me luck guys!

    To all on the Porch,
    Love n'Hugs


  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm up early, as usual. After breakfast, I felt nauseated and have been running to the bathroom. Guess the Herxing isn't over. This must have been one heckova dieoff. I'm off the AV for about a week and am anxious to see whether I can stay off them now. My "Whatever Herpes Virus" certainly is tenacious. Think I'll finish up working inside today at an easy pace. I may go to Target because they have toilet tissue on sale and, with the $5 gift card for buying two big packages and my 5 percent discount for using my Target card, each roll ends up costing about 16 cents. The most I will pay is 25 cents so this is a BIG saving. It means I'll have a supply of tissue for a looooong time. Also, my streaming device I use to get Netflix died so will look into another. I'll check out the Chrome plug-in.

    Good news--one of Barb's favorite guys, living in the next bldg., came out of her condo when I was walking the visiting board member out. He was sooooo friendly and she couldn't help but hear. I'm glad people don't buy what she's selling. I know I can't please everyone, and I don't try, but when someone has a smear campaign against me, it's good to know I still have some friends around here. The two board members and I seem to be on the same page as far as what we want to do in the hood. I hope people see the new board (which still has a lot of old members) as a breath of fresh air.

    I asked Frank and Ilona to again run for our little assn. if they haven't sold their condo by the annual mtg. Then, when they sell, I can appoint anyone I want to be on our board. No one wants it but one woman said she will do it if she doesn't actually have to do anything. A lot of people like living in a condo village because they think they will be taken care of.

    Watched "Downton Abbey" last night. I didn't watch the game. Maybe the Patriots' win will put Barb in a better mood but it'll likely just make her more obnoxious (if that's possible). Seems no one sells DVR's anymore with On Demand or the DVR's people rent from Comcast. I can get one online but I have a question. With this antenna, I get two channels on one number, like 11-1 and 11-2. So, if I set it to record channel 11, which one will it record?

    Granni, sorry you had to take the long way home. I got into that situation when I was going from Kings Mountain, NC to Myrtle Beach. What a pain. Glad you had a good time and got home safe and sound. Barb was never a friend to me; I was a friend to her to keep the peace. She's always been a troublemaker and had gotten worse before the stroke. Losing her husband made her a ball of anger. Having her kids sell her home (in-law quarters in their home which her husband built) out from under her seemed to be the turning point. I do agree, though, that she is even worse since this latest stroke. Thanks for the congrats and good wishes for my horrible Herx.

    Springwater, yes, just being able to talk to these two men on the board and find we agree gives me more confidence. The board was a boy's club for years until Joan came along. It was difficult for them to work with a female Pres. One guy is a retired cop and is totally old school. He talks to me like a Dutch uncle to satisfy himself that I have what it takes to make things happen. After our conversation yesterday, I think he is more confident too. I also am in awe when I see these ancient wonders. No one knows how people back then moved huge stones and blocks of stone. In one case, what was erected was miles and miles away from the quarry. Archeologists even found what is believed to be an ancient battery.

    Dar, praying for your daughter. What is so frustrating is that various medical insurance programs try to save money at the patient's expense and, in the end, it just ends up costing more and the patient gets worse. This is what is happening to my friend, Nancy 2. I cringe when I hear people say we have the best medical care in the world in our country. It's more like 37th in the world. There isn't a perfect answer but, certainly, we can do better. Hope your shoulder is better. My little Icy Hot TENS unit works on my shoulder when I overuse it. It can be put on most any part of the body to interrupt pain signals to the brain.

    Gonna go read the newspaper online and then get in a hot Epsom Salt soak. Maybe by then, I'll feel a bit better. Cats were frisky when they came in from our cold morning out on the lanai. They are sacked out right now. I went to Wally World and got a covered litter box. They wouldn't use it yesterday but I figured if they had to go during the night, they would chance it. I'll have to check it out. I transferred their litter from the old box so it would seem familiar. I also got litter while I was there as I like the brand and WW sells it in 36# boxes. The hard part is getting the box into the cart. The outer box contains two 18# boxes so I open it in the cart when I get to my car and transfer it to the back deck. A couple saw me lift and swing the big box into my cart. The man said, "Wow! I hope that was worth it." I said, "Those cats owe me big time." We laughed.

    Hope y'all get a good laugh somewhere today.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I have been washing and trying to get ready for or next overnight adventure :)!! W are going to the casino in LA. I thought that would have to cancel after we went to Austin for the b-day party but DH still wanted to go for a break from the stupid weather. It is still chilly in the morning but may get up to 70 today, we'll see. It is supposed to get co again and get WET and COLD sometime towards the weekend, I think.. My body does not do well in the cold and wet. BRRRRRR !!

    JULIE - How nice that Amy and Clinton will be moving, hopefully closer to you. You did mention closer to their work and Keira's school. Hope all goes well for them and you :)!! Is it an older or a newer home. Hope they get what they need and want. That is always a fun time, if all goes WELL !! HOPE you finally can find that SILLY PIPE that is givng you all fits. I know what you mean about not saying what you would like to call that Dxzm pipe or worse, around ones little ones they listen and copy like crazy. That would NOT be a good thing. Hope things finally settle down wit you , sis, and grandpa - what a stressful situation. She is like a wild cannon getting ready to go off.

    MIKIE - Glad those guys on the board are coming around to your way of thinking or that you all agree on some things, is good!! I guess it will be good when Barb and relatives leave all together. Then maybe you can relax a little. HOPE so, and that they leave SOON. !!!!

    DIANE - Sorry you are still sick with that darned flu. Looks like you have had it hanging around for some time, after Kevin got it. Hope he is all well by now. Hope your mouth is also feeling well too.

    DAR - Good luck to you fighting for Darcy's Insulin pump. Hope she gets it as it sounds like it could really help her a lot. Yes, I am afraid for our Insurance in this country , while it was never perfect, was pretty good. Now I am really afraid, especially for us older people on Medicare. Maybe since Darcy is young she will get the help she needs but you shouldn't have to go through hell and high water to get it approved ):!! Hugs to you for everything you have got going at this time. Good luck !!!!!!

    I had better get going and do more work around here. I'll be here again probably on Wed. sometime or Thursday unless I can get on earlier. Hugz also to SUN, JOAN, ROCK, SPRING WATER, et al.

    Love to everyone not mentioned and MIA's,
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Warm and sunny. Gordon has
    several epidendrum orchids in bloom: orange, dark red, lavender and yellow.
    These particular orchids put out stems 3-4 tall with clusters of tiny flowers
    at the end. The geraniums and some of the succulents are blooming too.

    Gordon brought home a succulent from his last orchid meeting. The fellow who
    gave it to him didn't know what it was. I said, "The leaves look like ping pong
    paddles." Gordon said, "That's what he called it. A paddle plant. But he didn't
    know the real name."

    Sun, I first heard of Marc Chagall when the new Metropolitan Opera was built
    in the 60s. He did two huge murals for the lobby.

    Past Auction

    He has also done sets for various theaters. To me, his work looks like illustrations
    for children's books. Congrats to your DGS on his A+. It's wonderful what
    kids can do when they are really interested in a subject.

    Julie, "Amy and Clinton are hoping things will go smoothly." And don't we all?
    Ha Ha! How often does that happen? :rolleyes: But, who knows? Maybe this time...
    Sounds like Oreo has recovered from her recent injury if she can go gallivantin'
    about the neighborhood.

    Mikie, everybody thinks you will be a great board member and Madame President,
    and wishes you well. That includes moi. With regard to the amazing structures
    put up by ancient people, etc., I had not heard about some primitive from of
    battery. Got a charge outta hearing that. I hope your herxing is soon over.
    Never heard that word till I came here.

    Dar, sorry to hear about your daughter's health problems being complicated by
    the modern medical bureaucracy. How does this advocate business work?
    Good luck to your kids and with your plans for changing jobs, etc.

    Spring, the Minneapolis airport used to have a mummy on display in the main
    entrance building. How's that for a nice contrast? The ancient and the up to date.
    That was half a century ago. Don't know if it's still there. They might have thrown
    it out cause it got too old. Ha Ha! Actually, I've read a couple times that when
    the railroads were new in Egypt, mummies were so numerous they were often
    burned for fuel.

    Somewhere I have a photo of me and Gordon riding a camel across the desert sands.
    I will send you a copy if I ever find it. ;)

    Granni, glad to hear you had a nice trip. Too bad about the snafu on the road
    coming home. Never heard of a pomegranate mimosa. Sounds good though.
    I had a regular mimosa at some ritzy hotel decades ago. Wait. OK, it was the
    Century Plaza Hotel in LA. The building was shaped like a shallow arc. It opened
    the same year the new Metropolitan Opera did. (This illustrates how everything
    in the universe is somehow connected. Like Kevin Bacon.)

    I don't know if the hotel is still in business or not. There was an article a couple
    years ago about some problems it was having. Anyhoo it used to be the place
    where Presidents and other millionaires stayed. I was there for a business
    breakfast. The mimosa and breakfast and name tags were all free! Cheaper
    than Mikie's toilet paper. :eek:

    Hugs to everydobby

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    It's a beautiful day here but slept most of it away after I came home from Target. I started to choke on a little piece of food and the gagging and coughing started an asthma attack. It was swift and severe but I had my inhaler right next to me and put a stop to it. I had allergies when I woke today so it was a perfect storm for an attack. Using the inhaler always leaves me feeling shaken and with that sick depressed feeling. Guess that's common cause DD #2 used to feel the same way. Barb and her brood went to the beach so it was quiet here.

    I got my toilet tissue and bought a Roku streaming device for the TV but it doesn't work. I have to take it back. I don't like the Chrome Stick because you have to use a computer or smart phone to send commands to it. The Roku, and my RCA streamer which no longer works, have remotes. Geez, I miss my Netflix. I just put the TV on and fell asleep. I was soooo groggy when I woke to Tweety's crying for treats that I yelled at her because she was dancing on my body at the same time. This cat was always all muscle and built like a brick. Now, add the fat she has accumulated from living inside and you have one painful experience when all her weight is on those little paws. Yikes! I got up, apologized to her, and gave them both some treats. I had started laundry and am finishing it up. I think I'll go online to look for another streamer. I'll try Amazon because my kids gave me a gift card.

    Again, thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of my election. The mgr. called me today and was very supportive and thinks this will usher in a positive new mood in the hood. From her lips to God's ear. I think I can count on her to help me when I need it. We will probably walk the hood tomorrow after the mtg. to see what stands out as needing work. Things went to seed sometimes in the past due to lack of priorities and I want the whole board to be more aware of our needs.

    Julie, I'm laughing at the silly pipe. I've heard even very young kids using language they heard from adults so I doubt anyone would be shocked. I slipped when I was driving once and Andy heard the big one. Will the kids be closer to you or further away? I'm glad they found a house so easily. Something like that makes one think it was meant to be.

    Granni, again, be safe and enjoy your trip. I think DH is right; it's good to get out of that weather for a bit. Today sounded good though--about the same as ours. Mimosas are not my favorite drink. They served them in Hawaii when we went out on a boat. It was choppy and my ex got seasick. I had never seen anyone green before but I swear he turned green and was sick as a dog. I don't usually have motion illness but just seeing him so sick and having drunk those Mimosas made me not want to drink them again.

    Rock, I also found it shocking that some ancient people had batteries. Can't remember the components now. Today, kids make them outta everyday things in science class. At the time, all I could think of was the Flintstones using betteries for their stone electronics. BTW, those name tags may have been cheaper than my toilet tissue but have you ever tried wiping with one? Actually, neither have I because I always have a year's supply of paper products I have hoarded after buying them on sale super cheap. It's a good way to save money but I have to spend more at the time I buy them; the savings occur over time. I got a $5 gift card for buying two packages and I used the $5 gift card I got last time I shopped to help pay for them.

    I decided to drink a frozen Margarita. I buy those ones in a foil pack that you put in the freezer. They are only $2 and it's nice to have one now and then. They come complete with booze. I'll toast to everydobby's health, wealth and happiness. Y'all deserve it!

    Love, Mikie
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