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    Peeked in and saw it was time to open another Porchlight.


    Please come in, sniff the crisp air and green grass and help yerselves to the goodies laid out.
    Those there are chicken legs and fruits and the rest, well, they taste good, whatever they are,
    so please dont be shy..just tuck in, my lovelies.

    Elaine - i admire your grit and courage..inspite of having so much to deal with, you keep
    on like a soldier. All those medical procedures you describe..they must be so trying.
    I used to walk a lot too, but i dont so much now.

    Julie - I hope Den is back to full form soon. Thats nice, two DDs and their DHs having
    a night out. Means the two DHs get along. Watch out, maybe one day all three
    menfolk might want to go and have a stag night. Or how abut this, you Lindsey and
    Amy go off n have a girls night out and leave the men to baby sit. Hahahahaha. Psst.
    Dont tell them i said so.

    Rock - hahahaha. Im chuckling imagining you and Gordon doing battle with the 'big
    nasty plant in a pot'..theres a kiddie book title right there. Just happy story has a
    happy ending with no tree breaking in two after everything has been done.

    Sun - I use cotton mattresses on top of our normal dunlop or whatever it is.
    Then i take the mattress off and sun it every day i can.

    Mikie - I teared up reading about your two dreams. How much your mum must hv
    loved you and still does. I wonder what the powers that be are trying to tell you
    you still need to do before you get what you want. I suppose that would be
    achieving peace and wellness. Which is what we all want.

    God Bless
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  2. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Oh Good, Springwater. Thanks for opening a new thread. The picnic photo
    reminds me of the picnics we took when I was a kid. Except there are way
    too many dishes. Our picnics were simple: potato salad, hot dogs, bars
    (such as brownies or lemon bars) and a drink. Either Kool Aid or lemonade.

    Sometimes we had our picnic in a farmer's field near a brook. Sometimes we
    went to the grounds of the cave where I was a guide when I was a teen. The
    cave had several acres of grassy picnic grounds with tables and grills for
    cooking. There was also a drinking fountain. And mallard ducks waddled
    around and swam in the stream that meandered through the grounds. If you
    wanted you could tour the cave. Admission free if you were from our home
    town. That was management's strategy to encourage the town folks to
    bring their visitors to see the cave.

    Mikie, Julie, Sun, Granni, Springwater, thank you for your kind words. I
    told Gordon years ago that after I'm gone, I want him to post my thanks
    to the gang here for the support and the encouragement and the laughs.
    He said he wouldn't. Maybe he was kidding. Can't always tell. I guess he's
    more likely to now that he had posted here himself. I can't attend 12 step
    meetings anymore, but I feel the same positive vibes and energy here at Pro
    Health. I love you all.

    Anybody watch the Oscars? I sure didn't. Quit watching many decades ago.
    Gordon saw a bit of it. There was a tribute by Lady Gaga to Julie Andrews.
    She sang some of Julie's songs. Julie appeared. You can see her for a
    second at the end of the You Tube video. She looks amazing for age 79.
    She is 5 years older than I and looks 40 years younger.

    The only other item of interest is that Neil Patrick Harris (remember
    Doogie Howser?) appeared in his briefs. I suspect millions of viewers
    all had the same thought: What was he thinking?!

    Mikie, I got a new catalog from Daedalus. The book "Below Stairs" by Margaret
    Powell which was published in the 60s is on sale for 5 bucks. It was the
    source of two TV series: Upstairs, Downstairs and Downton Abbey. It is
    only 212 pages, so reading it wouldn't be too daunting.

    Julie, you are industrious as the ant or a beaver. I wouldn't work in an
    unheated trailer when it's 16 degrees out any more than I'd join Lucy
    in that meat freezer. Are there any old clothes you can save for the kids
    to dress up in? When I was a teen our church youth group put on a
    show at the High School Gym. The girls wore gowns that were floor
    length. Probably 40-50 years old. And they had big hats with wide brims.
    Picture book Hats? Anyway they looked stunning. Roast beef with potatoes
    and a veggie sounds like the basis for a traditional Sunday dinner. Pass
    some my way please.

    Granni, you sure are busy. How often does your choir practice? Are you
    in two singing groups? In our village people didn't plan things on Thurs.
    night. We had three churches and they all had choir practice that night.
    Wednesday night was some meetings too. Can't remember what.
    How is your contacting people project going? I remember a Mama's Family
    episode where Thelma was sending out notes to all the ladies in the church
    club. I wonder if nowadays folks use e mail and cell phones.

    WOW! Ice in Texas. How often does that happen?

    Sun, too bad we aren't neighbors. Gordon has lots of succulents. Dozens.
    I dunno. All sizes and shapes. Would be happy to give you some. In fact,
    a gal who walks her dog by our place and stops to visit was supposed to come
    by yesterday and get some, but she postponed because of the rain.

    My mother had a couple cacti back in Minn. but I never saw a cactus bloom
    till I met Gordon. We have some that bloom every year in a wide variety
    of colors.

    Barry, hope eveydobby is good, or at least improving, at your hacienda. Some
    of the plants you mention I never heard of. Sometimes I can't tell if you're
    describing your garden or a menu. Haha. Don't know if I've seen Forsythia.
    Didn't some minor English writer do a saga on same?

    OK, time to mosey on.
  3. S-Elaine

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    Hi All!!!!!!!

    I was a little confusiated when I saw the # of the Porch, then realized it was just a mistake & I didn't miss 10+ volumes.

    SPRING ===== The photo of the picnic fix-ins looks delicious & yummy. Your description of me "soldiering" on reminds me of my Dad. Regardless of what needed to be done, he had a way of accomplishing all of it despite his medical issues. (Parkinson's & Rheumatoid Arthritis throughout his entire body.) I'd say that is where I get it from partially & I force myself to do things, even when I don't really want to do them.

    ROCK ===== I agree with everyone here about the importance and value you bring to so many. I guess you are underestimating what you bring to others & the enjoyment we all get from you. Hope you realize it. Sending you some HUGS.

    The weekend went by so fast. I have my Pain Management Appointment on Wednesday & I can't wait for the 2nd portion of the injections I get in my back. Permanent Destruction of the Nerves & Nerve Endings all throughout the middle of my back. I was glad the Doctor did 4 areas when the Insurance Company only pays for 3 & tries to restrict it to only 3 at a time. While the pain has come back, it was gone for 2 days & that means ------ SUCCESS!! (The doctor told me sometimes a patient may only get 7 hours of relief from the pain, so to not be discouraged if I only get short term relief out of it.)

    It's a new Doctor. She's a tiny tiny little thing. She's so pretty, sweet & extremely kind. She is very, very precise. Relying more on that "Specialized X-Ray Machine" they have you under so the doctor can see into your body. She took quite a bit longer to do the procedure, but I didn't mind. I'm just laying there on my stomach. She took about 20 minutes to do the 8 injections, where my last Pain Management Dr, would have had it done in 5 minutes.

    GRANNIE ====== You are right. All medical costs have increased since last year & regardless of how much I will have to pay ...... it's worth it in the long run.

    MIKIE ====== Wow, OK so you had a Corvette. I love, love, love the way they look, but they are not really such a practical car to have when I live in New Jersey because of all of the snow & the winters. Thanks for sharing the details of your dream you had with your Mom in it. She's closely watching over you and still lives on in your heart. I'm sure she is smiling down on you from Heaven.

    BARRY ====== Wanted to mention I'm so sorry to hear what happened to Shorty & hope all of you are recovering, getting better! Special HUGS to you and your family.

    My Mom is having her 1st Cataract Surgery this week on Thursday. Oh, we are both looking forward to it. She will finally be able to see again!!!!!! She will at least have some type of vision now.

    Yesterday I colored both mine & my Mom's eyebrows. Initially, mine came out way, way too dark so I had to redo them & lighten them up a bit. I used a deep dark brown & I have blonde hair with fair skin. They came out to almost a black color, but it was easy enough to fix. I put the color in a Tupperware container, stick a lid on it & keep it to reuse for about 6 months. Now that my eyebrows are more visible ........ it's one less thing to fuss about when I'm pulling myself together to go out of the house.

    OK, wrapping up my message so I can move along and get my exercising in for the day. I will attempt to do a little dancing when I'm done. Just hope I don't trip over my own feet!

    HUGS and positive thoughts to everyone,

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    Spring: mmmmmmm.....the picnic looks delish! I haven't been on a picnic in at least 30 years. When I had some family of aunts and uncles living around us, it seemed we would have one every month. Used to go to a large park near the foothills, lots of grass covered hills.......great for rolling down! OMG I haven't thought of all the fun I would have as a kid in years. And I remember once a light plane crashed right near the park and the debris that flew everywhere. At that time everyone scattered to pick up pieces. Now it's immediately evacuated and all pieces are gathered by police.

    Julie: I also get that "gee, if we brought the kids over, then we could go.....blah blah blah" But usually if I'm feeling up to it I oblige. What are Gparents for. Oh boy, do I admire your determination to clean out your parents mobil home.....in that freezing weather. If it's down to the 30s around here, which isn't too often, no one moves. I'm telling you, the streets and stores are deserted. We're such wimps in calif.

    Rock: I don't think you quite understand what a kind, understanding, giving person you are. We love having you on this board and you're very special. There would be a deep loss if you weren't here to share. I've learned so much from you about various subject, things I just never would have been exposed to.

    I think of this little board as my little internet family. I don't get to socialize much, don't get to talk to many people unless you count the little short conversations at the store or libary. It's been hard not having a person in the house with me. If only I could teach my two cats to talk! We all have come together to share, laugh, commiserate with each other, and boost each other up. These #$%^ things we're dealing with just seems to be a giant struggle at times. I've lost friends because of it. Most don't understand how hard it is to function in the normal world.

    I did watch most of the awards last night, but darn.....must have been out of the room when "doogie howser" came out in briefs. I did wonder about why one winner was going on about wearing his tidy whities???? Yes, Julie Andrews looks wonderful. BUT, remember that most of the stars have gone thru a lot of work on their faces. I guess if we had the $$ we could look wonderful too. You could tell, however, those who weren't looking up to the audience seeing them because some of the women were wearing fancy glittery scarfs around their neck, I guess to cover up the darn creeping chicken neck! I do know that Shirley McLaine showed up in one.

    And wow.....I didn't know Lady Gaga could sing like that!!!!! And was that a silvery wig she had on or her own tresses?

    I've talked to the mattress store and will go in today with my receipt. He said no problem.....he would contact the sales rep and have a new mattress delivered. Yea....I hope there's no troubles. Just can't take anymore right now.

    I spent the weekend digging out a mountain of antique white linens I had stored and have been sorting hoping to get more listed on my little Etsy store. Such WORK!

    Mikie: You should see the amount of cat fur I've removed from these two! I could knit a sweater!!!!!
  5. S-Elaine

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm going to try and put up some pictures of my dog. So here goes. Looks like I was able to figure it out. Was easier than what I thought.


    JESSIE8.jpg JESSIE1.jpg JESSIE2.jpg JESSIE3.jpg JESSIE5.jpg JESSIE7.jpg JESSIE4.jpg
  6. S-Elaine

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    Hi All,

    I just noticed in the last picture I have of my dog, if you look real, real closely at her mouth ----- you can see her teeth a little bit! She has an over bite (like many pugs have) and you are always able to see her teeth. It is like they don't fit into her mouth completely.

    Anyway, just wanted to point that out if you are able to see the pictures of my little girl.

    Hugs to everyone,
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    Wish I could change the volume number SPRING WATER but I can't. Oh, well !!!!

    Just busily reading all the many posts. I am sooo behind in my posts and reading - sorry !!! Went to Line Dancing this morning with DD. Our old teacher was there today who will be moving back east when ever she sells her home here and finishes up the renovations on the home they bought.

    I am making lentil soup today and need to go and check it as well as add the ham. To bad I had no bone to it which is the best way.

    ELAINE - Your doggie is SOOO cute. I haven't been able to figure out how to get a picture from the phone into the computer to PH. I did get a pic at one time from the computer on to my profile but that was some time ago. I am so non technical. Sounds like you are feeling better. When will you have the rest of your shots? Do you know yet? I am glad they seem to be helping.

    Love to everyone, and those not mentioned including JULIE, SUN, ROCK, SPRING WATER, BARRY, DIANE, DAR all the many MIAS,

    If I don't go to choral practice tonight due to cold and possible icy weather I may come back to check on the porch !!! DH wants me to stay home but this stuff we are singing is not easy. It might depend on what it looks like later on. It is cold rainy on and off and almost felt like ice falling but don't think it was quite cold enough even though it surely felt that cold.

    My daughter in the Ft. Worth area said her sons's school was closed due to ice. She sent a pic that looked like snow but I think it was ice. Bye to all for now.

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon went to Wal*Mart so I am free to visit. The other day I saw a huge blue
    bottle in the kitchen. It said Bayer on it. Wondered why anybody but a hospital
    would buy so many aspirin at one time. Now I've discovered it wasn't aspirin. It
    was poison! The manufacturer is crazy for not having conspicuous warnings on
    that package.

    Anyway it's poison for bugs that attack plants. The previous stuff he got was
    intended to be put in the soil. He needs something to put on the plant or
    the bugs if he can find them. So it's back to the store to make a trade.

    The Wal*Mart where he bought the stuff is in the city of Duarte which is
    about 40 miles away. We used to go there 3-4 times a year. Couple years
    ago I told him I couldn't take the drive anymore.

    Granni, we used to have snow days when I was a kid. We would listen to the
    radio to see if our village was on the list and cheer if it was. No one ever told
    us that we had to make up those snow days in June. Anyway we always
    had some snow days. Never heard of anybody having an ice day though.

    Elaine, all the pugs I've seen are tan. Didn't know they came in any other color.
    Don't know any pugs personally, but I've read they are playful and affectionate.
    What is the name? Or should we guess. How about Snookums?

    Never heard of this injection to the nerves treatment you are having. I saw a quiz
    show once. Might have been Family Feud. Anyway the question was: what part
    of the body is injured most often. The correct (or most popular) answer was: arm.
    But having worked in the accident business for decades, I can tell you it's actually
    the back. Glad to hear things are going well. Back and knees often need repeat
    treatment. Better be extra careful when you're riding those bucking broncos.
    Of is it Granni who does that in Texas. Yee-Ha!

    Sun, thanks for you encouragement. Yes, I think of the board as family. In my
    case, the people here are much nicer than my actual family.

    I can understand the beautiful people at the Oscars wearing scarfs to hide the
    ravages of time. Personally I never leave the house without putting on my
    hockey mask. BTW, if you want to see Doogie Howser in his briefs, there are
    pix of same on Youtube. He looks great for a guy of 41. Doesn't mean
    the stunt was a smart idea though. I wonder if the FCC was asked to OK it.
    Read his biography a couple months ago. And there's a video on You
    tube that has Oprah visiting the house where he and his partner live. Nice

    Spring, only you or Mikie can change the title of your thread. But I
    think the original poster only has an hour or so in which to make
    the correction. Don't worry about it. Mikie will fix.

    Oh yeah, the search engine continues to sabotage my efforts to
    find stuff. Last night I watched a video of Vivian Leigh in
    a Broadway show dancing with Byron Mitchell. But when I looked
    for info on Byron Mitchell, the search engine switched the
    name to Byron Biopharma who is a CEO in S. Africa. As Homer
    says, "D'OH!

    Gonna go do a new crossword puzzle while listening to an old recording.
    Made during the time of my yute. The sound is just fine for a
    live performance.

    Hugs, Kids
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Its understandable that you thought it was another store.......one has the "sh" in it and the other doesn't, plus you were on your cell phone. And........go to the other store anyway when you go back tomorrow. We need to do little things "just for us" and don't need a reason.

    I stopped at the mattress store with the receipt. Then he says he forgot to tell me he needs the # above the barcode on the mattress tag. So back I went home and what a struggle. It's impossible to move the Cal King mattress but I was able to wedge my hand between the mattress and the wood frame. Then he's telling me sometimes they come out and MEASURE how far the bad part goes down......has to be l l/2" dip. I dug out a ribbon and stretched it across the puffy padded part and I believe it is. Anyway, this shouldn't be doing it with it being less than a year old. Said he would call back in a couple of days to let me know what the company rep says.

    Rock: Gordon can return that product at any Walmart, but of course he's probably driven to Duarte and back home by now. Did you get hail today? It pelted for about 30 min straight. On the north side it still looks like snow banked. Not good for succulents though.

    I'll have to look for that interview with Oprah. I always love to look at the Star's Homes. I think the one over the top was Barbra Streisand's compound of homes in Malibu. There's a giant coffee table book where she talks about all the detailed work she had done by a bevy of workers. WOW

    I stopped at a plant store today for the first time. I think it's been there forever. I treated myself to a new fern......selaginella kraussiana variegata. Something I've never seen before and just had to have it. Also two zebra plants. Used to have one but obviously didn't know how to care for it and it slowly dropped one leaf at a time.

    I'm listening to KUSC right now......it's pledge drive week. They're giving away a CD set of all guitar music but you have to pledge so much each month. I'm now on a fixed budget though. Right now they're playing THE MEMORIES OF THE ALHAMBRA.......so beautiful

    Elaine: Yes, she is a cutie. Is she full grown? And.......what's her name? I seem to tend to think of real girls names, though I did name a male dog Buttons.
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - i noticed you made Gordon sound like a cactus that bloomed. :D
    I wish i'd watched the Oscars since everyone is talking about it..i was
    even asked by my DHs friend. I like Doogie Howser, seems like ive
    been watching him forever. I remember when James Franco and
    ...hosted and they got flak for it. Did Doogie do a good job?

    Julie - tks so much..now i know how to edit a title. I went and did it. Yeah.
    fist pump in the air. Oops..i must be losing my mind, a leetle. I wrote
    fist pump in the ear. Changed it.

    Elaine - look at your little buddys eyes...melting and liquid. And posing
    so seriously. Yes, that little overbite is too darn cute..we had one pup
    like that..irresistible.

    Your eyebrow colour..how long does it last? My skin is sensitive
    otherwise i would like to hv it done as well.

    Sun and Rock - i love your memories of those bygone days picnics..dont
    you think people had so much more leisure time then? Just throw in
    a few things, get a blanket and it was off. To have a lovely time. Exercising,
    Fresh air. I had that for a couple of years here too. Before marriage. There
    Was this huge forest area with deer and elephant open to the public.
    Two large ponds with a backdrop of reddish mountains.

    It was walking distance from where we had our rented home. Now,
    It has been leased to a five star hotel which also houses the Golf
    course DH frequents.

    Anyone here know how to correct this problem with my ipad? Everytime
    I change to a new line, the first letter automatically becomes a capital.
    It had gone away once but again its back. I havent touched anything.

    Take care, you all

    God Bless
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I was so tired yesterday that I got into bed in the late afternoon and slept a couple of hours. I only got five hrs. sleep last night but, if I count the two hrs. in the evening, I got seven total. I feel well this morning so the sleep must have refreshed me. Between my tilt-a-bed, not to be confusicated with a tilt-a-whirl, and the Prilosec, the reflux seems to be improving. Even though I've never had discernible heartburn, my throat is much better and my froggy voice is smoothing out. I tried singing a couple of days ago and, while I didn't sound like Julie Andrews nor Lady Gaga, I was able to carry a tune and hit the notes. I've always loved singing around the house but haven't been able to lately. I enjoy singing to the cats and personalize, or is that "catalize," songs just for them by changing some of the words and inserting their names. Evidently, they had never heard singing and, at first, it scared them but now they like it. I was thinking, "Geez, one is a really bad singer when it scares the cats!"

    Things yesterday didn't exactly go as planned. I wanted to finish cleaning in the bedroom but ended up going shopping instead. I want to have lunch today with my friend, Joan, the ex-pres of the board. I asked her to show me the toilet tissue and trash bags she buys at Costco for the bathrooms in our pool house. She is not a shopper and didn't want to go to Bed Bath & Beyond nor Target so I went yesterday to spare her having to go there today. On the way, I stopped at Lowe's to buy a galvanized pipe for the gate on one of our garbage enclosures. Someone stole the old one and it was replaced with a piece of PVC pipe. This is exactly the kind of thing I find unacceptable in da hood. Before I can replace the piece of pipe, I have to go down there with my hack saw and saw off the rusty screw someone put in it to keep anyone from stealing it. Who would stead an ugly piece of PVC pipe?

    When I got to Target, I was so engrossed in making sure I had $40 worth of cat litter and treats that I forgot to look for the gizmo to remove fur. I'll have to go back. I ended up getting $45 worth of the kitty products for $35 with the $10 coupon. Some people wouldn't spend $40 or more for cat stuff but I look at the long-term savings. I also got self-watering and self-filling bowls for the cats for when I go away. The lady downstairs will come and give them treats but this way, they won't run out of water nor food while I'm gone. I looked for vacuum cleaners and they had a nice Hoover for $169 but I wanted to check out BB&B to use my 20-percent off coupon. BB&B only had one Hoover so I got it. It was $149.99 but I used the coupon and got it for $119.99. It's a lightweight wind tunnel but it has tools and I like that. If it doesn't suck, I'll return it. I hate the lousy Bissell I have now. Seems that BB&B sells mainly Sharks and Dysons. DD has a Dyson and hates it. Others I know love theirs. One thing I do know is that I can't spend that kind of money on a vacuum. Yikes!!!

    Got a call from our new Treasurer wanting me to sit down with him to listen to his obsessive complaints about the way our reserve funding accounts are done by mgmt.(note: this guys knows nothing about accounting). I've already done that and don't understand what his problem is. He demanded that I call a board mtg. and I refused. He said he'd call one himself and I told him he can't. I told him what I would do is have a mtg. with him and our mgr. to go over it. He hates the mgr. and I told him I don't want him calling her out at a board mtg. and embarrassing her in front of everyone. He said if he doesn't get his way, he'll resign. I guess he thought that I would beg him not to do that. Instead, I told him that was his prerogative. That seemed to shock him. So, the ball is in his court to call the mgr. and set a mtg. I gave her a heads up so we'll see what he does. Tonight is our board class 101 at the atty's office. I hope this guy doesn't try to take over that mtg. to obsess about what he doesn't understand. He has become so disruptive that it might be better if he does resign from being treasurer. If he does, I want him to resign from the board completely. We have important things to do and he's dragging us down. He is popular because he does a lot of volunteering but, I think when people see this side of him, he won't be so popular. So, my job has become more difficult but nothing that I can't handle.

    Elaine, I'm so glad you got some relief from the injections. I hope the procedure will give you permanent relief. Thanks for sharing your sweet puppy with us. What is her name? Does she enjoy playing? I have to get my doggie fix vicariously through friend who have dogs. If I had a house, I might get a dog to play with the cats but, as it is, the cats have taken over most of the condo and lanai. My ex was a car nut and he brought home every kind of car. The Vette I had was a 25th Anniversary model but not the beautiful official black and silver one. Mine was a tee-top fast back model in bright cherry red with gold pin striping. It had a red leather interior. When my girls were young teenagers and my ex was out of town, I took them in the Vette to a shopping center parking at night and we did donut holes on the icy pavement. That night is a favorite memory for us.

    Springwater, thanks for the luscious picnic and new Porch. My Mom has sent feathers to me ever since she died. Also, I often notice when it's 7:11 on the clock. She died on 7/11. I've asked her to come to me in dreams but she has only just been doing that. This dream was the most "real" and I remembered the details when I woke. In the dream, everything on the beach was white and there was white light. Mom was wearing a long white dress like one would see in ancient Greece. I think the brick walls and waking up when I saw them was telling me that Mom can visit me in dreams but that I have to stay here until it's my time to go Home. DD gets visits in her dreams from my Mom and her other Grandma. She also has had detailed dreams of meeting her best friend who died so young and unexpectedly from an aortic dissection. In her dreams, they always meet in some kind of hall and those who have passed tell her that she can go no further in that world. Mediums will reference those dreams when they do readings. In my dream, that beautiful symbol of my soul or spirit remains with me and makes me feel so happy. I think Heaven must be more wonderful than we can ever imagine in this dimension.

    Rock, thanks for the heads up on the book. I'll look on Amazon to see whether I can download it to my Kindle. I never saw "Upstairs Downstairs" but love "Downton Abbey." I wrote instructions in a letter to go with my will in which I specified that I want my kids to post here if I should pass. I need to update the letter. I don't want an obit because they are now considered "display advertising" by newspapers and they charge accordingly. I think that's shameful. Anyone who cares will know when I go. I hope Gordon is feeling his Porchiness now that he shares his beautiful orchids with us. Both of you are food for the soul.

    Sun, I agree--this is my Online Family, my Porchies. I don't know what I would have done without everyone here as I've struggled to heal over the last 15 years. Not only have I learned of the treatments which have helped heal me, I've also had such loving support. And, yes, you are right; "normals" don't get it. I haven't lost friends so much as having had to endure harsh comments due to their ignorance of our conditions. I'm glad that device worked on the cats; I'm sorry I forgot to look for it at Target. I can't stay away from Target so will look next time I'm there. I'm not sure I wish my cats could talk. As it is, they talk a LOT but it's in Cat language. I speak and understand some of it. I hate it when Tweety gets needy and whines. Good luck with the mattress.

    Granni, after seeing all the accidents caused by icy roads, it if were me, I'd stay home and enjoy that delicious soup. What music are you doing now? We did some pretty challenging stuff in JHS choir. I remember our choir director, Mr. Shane, who was very ambitious. At Easter, we did the passion of Christ. Can you imagine a public school doing that today? He was the uncle of Tom (I think it was Tom) Shane, of the Kingston Trio. I looooooved the KT but Mr. Shane was nothing like them. He was so dark and stern. Once he got so mad at us that he walked away. One of the smart aleck kids yelled, "Shane, come back, Shane."

    Julie, I hope your Dad is better. Yes, when folks get older, they seem to feel more secure with a routine. Deviations from that routine can be stressful, even when it's for something enjoyable. I'm not a born Southerner, even though I have ancestors from NC. I grew up in "Live-And-Let-Live, Mellow CO." I love the South for many reasons and enjoy living here. FL is part old South and part transplants. What I don't enjoy is some of the lack of tolerance in the South but I think that is slowly changing. As we move toward a more progressive time, the old timers are hanging on for dear life. They fear change. Besides death and taxes, change is a given in life.

    Well, Kiddies, I've written another Warren Peace here so should go shower and get ready for our Tues. morning condo mtg. Don't know what our loose cannon will do but I hope he behaves himself. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up and have already completed two chores. I fed the kitty and put
    away the dishes that Gordon washed last night. I should get a gold star. Did
    you guys get gold stars in school? We did in grade school; 3rd or 4th grade
    maybe. I can't remember exactly how they were earned. Being neat and
    tidy was part of it. I remember we had a clean hands inspection every morning.

    Am reading a book of memoirs and essays by Dick Cavett. He said he could
    remember the names of all his teachers. I don't. I do remember Mrs. Wilson
    though. She taught 2nd grade. She loved our class. When we moved on to
    3rd grade, she moved right along with us. I thought it was very strange that
    she did not live in our town. She lived with her husband in the county seat
    a whole 11 miles away. Decades later I used to drive 44 miles back and
    forth to law school. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
    Who said that? How in the dickens should I know?

    Springwater, glad to see Julie's info regarding the board was helpful. She is
    a veritable fount of information. Julie, do they sing "Come Thou Fount of
    Every Blessing" in your church? I used to play it in church. A nice cheerful
    tune. Yes, Springwater, Gordon is a member of the cactus family. He never
    really bloomed until he met me. LOL!

    Sun, you're right about Wal*Mart. There is a store in the San Gabriel Valley
    which would be about ten miles from us. I suggested a couple times we go
    there, but he said he didn't want to. Well, his car, his gas, and he was doing
    the driving. Machts nicht.

    He said Wal*Mart wouldn't give him a refund because he no longer had
    the receipt, but they gave him a credit slip which, in this case, was the
    equivalent of cash. I hope you can get a new mattress with almost as
    much speed.

    Julie, I didn't know what a "hot mess" was either. Looked it up on
    3 sites. Found 4 definitions. So the result is I still don't know. Guess it
    depends on the situation and to whom you are talking.

    Well, I'd better go see if Mikie has been here. Hugs, Everydobby.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2015
  13. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi Everyone,

    My dog's name is ------ Jessie.

    At the shelter I rescued her from, they were calling her Ms. Gypsy because she was found wandering the streets. So I wanted her name to be some what similar to what she was use to. Took her a couple of weeks to figure out what her name was. She is a bit on the "slow" side.

    Yes, she is full grown & loves, loves playing. If she wants to play and we don't play with her, she will stick her hiney up in the air, wag her tail and start growling at you. That's her way of letting you know ------ "Hey, I want to play". If we don't pet her or pay attention to her, then she will start playing with her squeak toys herself. She likes throwing them up in the air, catching them & flailing them around in her mouth as she shakes them all over the place. She keeps biting down on the squeaker over & over. Suppose she likes the sound. She has a brown monkey that she has pulled all of the stuffing out of it & broke the squeaker. It looks just like a rag now, but she still plays with it.

    My back procedure has not been scheduled yet. I see the Pain Management doctor tomorrow & she will put it through to the Insurance Company for Approval. Most likely it will be 2 to no more than 3 weeks away. Hopefully just 2 weeks tops.

    I never knew about these injections & the nerve destruction procedure until I found a list of pain management procedures done for the back on the Internet. I printed out the list, asked my Pain Management Dr. about it & he told me what they were & how they work. When I heard it could keep the area treated pain free for up to 1 year ------ I was sold!!

    SPRING ====== Coloring of your eyebrows can last for 8 to 12 weeks. I have very fair and sensitive skin as well, but it works without irritating my skin.

    OK better wrap up my message so I can start working on getting my eBay packages wrapped for my Buyers. Also, I want to try to exercise but my back is hurting me quite a bit. Just took my pain meds & I'm waiting for them to work.

    HUGS to ALL,
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon says his orchids are blooming a little earlier than usual due to our warmer
    weather. This is a mini cattelaya. (The cattelaya is the prom orchid.) The flower
    is about 3 inches across. He does not know the name of the registered cross. He
    likes the color so this is a 'keeper'.

    He is busy taking other pictures of what is in bloom to share and will be posting
    them as they come thru our email.

    rock and gordon

    Attached Files:

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  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi folks. Elaine, love to you for adopting a rescue animal. The shelters are so full that it is pitiful. When we adopted Shorty there were so many dogs and cats it was depressing. But at least they were getting attention and food/shelter.

    Rock/Gordon : I absolutely love the little Cattleya. Much preferable to those big blousey ones. And the colour on this one is especially lovely. I've never grown a Catt. Sorry you don't care for Cypripediums. I used to grow Pleiones, but a big dog peed on the table they were on, and they didn't like it, so I moved on.....

    Shorty is doing well; stitches out today.

    Our warm winter made our Magnolia soulangeana bloom early, but the flowers were caught by two nights of frost. From pink to brown overnight:(.

    Love to All
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Again, it's so good to see all y'all sitting a spell on the Porch. Yesterday was one long meeting, more or less. I called the Treasurer's good friend, who is also on the board, and 'splained the situation. He agreed to talk to the Treasurer and try to reason with him. At the Tues. morning meeting, the Treasurer was calm and very open to the three of us meeting with the mgr. I hope we can get this settled once and for all. I actually like the guy and we joked and got along just fine at the mtg. He even agreed to do a little volunteer work on the property. He is going to install the new galvanized pipe in our dumpster gate and remove that stupid PVC pipe someone put in as a short-term fix (it's been there for years).

    I asked mgr. to find a new letter, T, for our sign. These letters are vinyl and it has warped. I asked that the lanterns be fixed where the glass has broken and new LED lights be put in so that all shine at the same brightness. Someone changed out one bulb and the other three old ones look dingy. These are just little things but when too many little things are let go, a hood starts to look unkempt. I've brought these things to the mtgs. forever but no one ever did anything about them. It's so nice to be someone who can do something about things.

    After the mtg., the ex-pres, who is a good friend, and I went to Costco so I can see which garbage bags and paper hand towels she buys. She is a bigger bargain hunter than I but she doesn't buy in bulk for herself. We went to have lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise and found it closed for good. So, we went across the street to TGIF and I had a yummy cheeseburger with bacon--definitely not on the Heart Healthy Diet. I came home and had just enough time to unload and load the dishwasher and put my new vacuum together. I want to try it out today to see whether it works any better than this lame Bissell. One thing I noticed is that the new Hoover does not have an adjustment for floors like carpet versus tile. As long as it sucks the deep dirt outta the carpet, I'll be happy. Well, that and pick up the cat hair.

    Then, it was off to the attorney's office for my Board Certification Class. It was 2 1/2 hrs. and really only covered three topics, the ones new board members need to know. I knew quite a bit but got a lot of info on details I didn't know. I took a lot of notes. There will be future classes on other topics. The first atty. seemed confused and her presentation wasn't very good. The next atty. was great! He reminded me of my Business Law professor in college. He was entertaining, concise, followed a logical stream of topics, provided a lot of good info and answered questions intelligently.

    Our new board member and I drove there early and stopped in at Hobby Lobby. She had never been there before and was amazed at all the stuff they sell. It's almost overwhelming. I didn't find the kinds of lanterns I'm looking for but did find the cutest little rustic tin bird and a rustic iron bell with a little bird on top. I've wanted a bell for a while. Ringing one once before meditating or doing pendulum work can help clear the air and "get Heaven's attention." Bells are often used in religious rites. Candles and incense are often used because, in olden days, people thought the smoke took their prayers to heaven. I've always loved the saying, "Tis better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." I only curse the darkness if I stub my toe on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. :)

    So, all in all, it was a very productive day but I'm ready for a productive day working inside my condo. Tomorrow morning is our mtg. with the mgr. I'm thankful to have some NRG again. I think the injection is helping. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow but forecasting down here is iffy at best. We could use the rain. I did a pedicure at the start of the week. Yesterday, I got one coat of polish on my finger nails. I just put a second coat on. It's difficult to do a full manicure as I'm always using my hands. I have a spray which dries the polish but it's still possible to smudge. I'll put the clear coat on this evening. I got a really pretty red which reminds me of what ladies wore in the 50's. I had been using Revlon Red but it's a little dark with too much blue in it. This is lighter and brighter. I like it. I sooooo seldom do more than a clear coat on my hands but I love the look of colored polish.

    Rock, I was here but at about the same time as you. Yes, a BIG gold star for you! I hate to put away clean dishes and would love it if I had someone do it for me. Bless you for feeding the kitty. Cats are pretty good at surviving in the wild but having a place where they are fed can make the difference in their survival. I send up a blessing on whomever feeds Simon. He must prefer their food as he only comes around now and then these days. He's still very muscular and quick so I assume he continues to hunt for a lot of his food. With outside cats and birds of prey around, we have never had mice. We also have the big black snakes and they help keep the mouse population down. We used to have bunnies but I think they were hunted to extinction in da hood. Our squirrel population thrives. BTW, love your Dickensonian pun. I always said that excerpt from the book described my marriage: It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Ex called yesterday and was upset that I never got back to him. Still Mr. Charming!

    Julie, I'm sorry you are sick. It sounds awful. I hope it's just a 24-hr. virus. Camping out in the van sounds like lots of fun in better weather. I always thought if I were homeless, one of those vans would be the way to go. DD said that working in a gym or health club would be the perfect job for a homeless person. You could take showers, a big problem for the homeless. Of course, I'm not talking about the homeless with drug or mental problems but someone who just lost everything. Illness used to be the number one reason people went bankrupt. Toyota has had a ton of recalls but, so far, nothing for my Highlander. It's an '03 and most of the recalls have been for newer vehicles. Glad it's warming up a bit for you. It ain't no heat wave but far better than below freezing for days on end. Be sure to rest so this virus doesn't linger.

    Elaine, your dog sounds very intelligent. I'm glad she has toys she enjoys. It's such a good thing to do to take in a rescue animal. I have a magnetic paw print on the back of my car. It reads, "Rescue Mom" on it. I see a lot of them. They are to remind people that animals need rescuing. I'm so excited that you are getting relief from your back pain. Please keep us updated.

    Rock and Gordon, thanks for the pic. That's a beautiful Catt. I love the subtle colors together. My Mom's favorite roses were the yellow ones with a little apricot color on the edges of the petals. Sooooo many beautiful orchids--so little money and room to grow them. Oh well, I do enjoy the ones I have and really enjoy the pics y'all share with us. Thank you.

    Barry, I hate it when blooms get ruined from cold weather. Glad Shorty is doing so well. I can't go to the animal shelters without breaking down in tears. We have a celebrity pit bull here who was found on the side of the road. She had been used as a bait dog for training dogs for fighting. Then, they just left her by the road to die a very painful death once she was no longer useful. Some sweet Earth angel came along and took her to the vet. It was touch 'n go for a while but she is on the mend. Even when she was brought in, she was so sweet and happy to be taken care of. I know dog fighting goes on everywhere but there is a culture of it in the South and I hate that. I always think there must be a special kind of hell for people who abuse any of God's helpless creatures.

    Granni, I imagine you are as busy as ever. Hope you can stop in for a bit.

    Dar, same for you.

    Diane, ditto.

    Same for all of our MIA's. We miss you. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Wouldn't it be nice if those of you living where it's snowy and blowy could
    jump on your magic carpet and drop in for a visit? We have lots of stuff
    in bloom. In addition to several different orchids, the geraniums and crepe
    myrtle trees are in bloom. Lots of pics on the net of the crepe myrtle. The
    flowers vary from lavender to pink. There are several such trees planted on
    Alvarado Blvd. next to the library.

    And our teacup magnolia in the front yard is in bloom. The flowers are white
    and a maroonish purple. The teacup magnolia is a much smaller tree than the
    regular magnolia which has large white flowers. According to the
    ancient myth, if you stand under a magnolia you will talk like a Southerner.
    Which is not quite the same as talking like Ann Sothern.

    We also have a patch of low growing succulents that is flowering. Don't
    know the name of the plant. The flowers appear on slender twig-like
    stalks. Tiny white and pink flowers with four petals. Perfect for a
    bouquet in a doll house.

    Goodness, Mikie. Such a busy day. Glad to hear you were able to get so much
    done w/o collapsing afterwards. Well, something happened. Lost the sentence I
    was typing and was thrown back to page one. That's the second problem I've
    had since starting this post. Guess I'll come back later. See if the computer is
    in a more accommodating mood. Or maybe it's my fingers. They're a little
    stiff since it's so cold here. 52 degrees on its way to 73. HaHa!

    Later, Gators
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Dear Porchies,

    Have so much to do to get ready to go out this morning for our luncheon. It is COLD but may hit about 50, we'll see. So far it is 37. I hovered about 39=40 all day yesterday.

    I am rushing so making mistakes and so's this computer :)!! Nothing to new happening here right now.

    I have gotten on and off the past few days to read the posts but when I am free, DH is on the computer:)!!!

    JULIE - Hope you feel better soon. Such bad and cold weather. It is bad enough here. I don't know how you stand the cold but you are so much younger and that helps to :)!

    BIG HUGZ and waves to everyone inc. MIKIE, ROCK, DIANE, SPRING WATER, SUN, DAR, BARRY et al. Will try and get back tonight or tomorrow.

    Gotta go for now. DH is usually on the computer early in the a.m. but he is now doing errands. That is why I can get on it now. Talk to all you early birds later :)!!

    Granni :)
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I tried to post on the Homebound board as well as here this morning. Ran into
    troubles at both locations. Computers are kinda like families. Sometimes
    more trouble than they're worth. I had on my fingerless gloves. Maybe that
    was the problem. A glove hit an extra key? Right now it's 69 degrees, but
    my hands are still cold w/o my gloves. Maybe I forgot to take my diabetes pill.
    Land O Goshen! If it's not one thing, it's etc.

    Gordon is watching some cooking show. The chef is making cupcakes sans
    flour. Why bother? Well, maybe for medical purposes. Decades ago Gordon
    made a chocolate cake without flour. I think cocoa powder was substituted.
    As I recall the texture was rather brittle and the flavor rather wan.

    Barry, what kind of Pleiones were you talking about? I searched for "Pleiones,
    define". The first effort was a complete failure as the search engine looked for
    "Pleiones define integrity". Eventually I found pleiones might refer to a
    mountain in New Zealand, a nymph in Greek mythology, or some sort
    of plant: a clematis or a dwarf orchid.

    Julie, your dinner with crockpot chicken and baked potatoes, etc. sounds
    da-voon as my show business neighbor used to say. (He worked as the
    fashion consultant on Family Feud with Richard Dawson. Also was in
    charge of the 400 or so tuxedos used backstage on the Oscars program.)

    Hope you and Den both feel better ASAP. Sounds like Oreo has no
    residuals from her injury.

    Hope you have a nice luncheon, Granni. Is this one where you sing or the one
    where you pop outta the cake? Folks, have you, or anyone you know, ever
    actually seen a girl pop out of a cake? I think it's like that story about Old
    Ben and kite with the key on the string. If lightning had really traveled
    down that string, he would have been fried from his wig to his brass
    buckled shoes.

    Mikie, glad you appreciated the Dickensonian pun. Ah love ta twist
    words around now and then. A cheeseburger with bacon does indeed
    sound yummy. Haven't had one in decades. I hardly eat at all nowadays.
    Nothing much tastes good anyway. Maybe I'll start a thread on the
    Homebound board. What foods do you miss?

    That reminds me. I watched a video on Youtube of some song from the
    50s. Among the pictures from that era was a Maid Rite sign. You guys
    remember them? A maid rite was a ground beef sandwich that was not a
    patty. It was steamed; loose meat as they said on the Rosanne show.
    They were delicious. Got 'em on the outskirts of Rochester.

    Julie, I looked on the net. They started in the 1920 and are still in business.
    Have 30 or so locations in Iowa. Headquarters seems to be in Des Moines.

    Mikie (revisited), your ex was Mr. Charming, huh? Reminds me of an
    essay I read some years back in a woman's mag. It said beware of charming
    men. Ask yourself: why is he going to the trouble of being charming. What
    does he want in return? Was it Amanda Wingfield in Glass Menagerie who
    said a girl should have natural charm?

    Oh, well. Time to go. Gordon wants to do something in the garden. Or was
    that yesterday. He had me sweeping water. Really. He was watering the orchids
    on the upper tier and I was diverting the run off to the plot where the long
    beans will be planted. Sweeping water. Somewhat akin to paddling air.

    Bis spater

    Well, Good Night Shirt!!!

    I now see posts from 5 hours ago by Julie and Diane. Why weren't they
    visible when I was posting?! Uff-da! Well, have to respond next time,
    Kids. I have to lie down. (Exits mumbling to himself.)
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I"M BAAAACK !!! as they say :)!!! The luncheon and fashion show was fun and DD even won a pr of cute earrings, even if they are bigger than she is used to, like me.

    JULIE- I am s sorry that you and Den are both feeling so badly? Hope you are not coughing too much. I is also terrible not to be able to sleep at night, when you can't breathe much through your nose. I know that it really bothers me. Yes, those elephants on your chest surely can make you feel terrible and make it so hard for you to breathe, normally. Hope they leave soon. Hope your daughter and her little ones stay well and don't catch what you both have. REST - REST - REST !!!

    DIANE - Glad to hear from you but so sorry you and Kevin are also feeling so badly. It is warm now (32) and DH said it is supposed to be 28 or so tonight or over night. Not sure if we will get precip but I won't be out for sure. So far, so good with me not catching anything but I take precautions plus do take lots of supplements which I guess are helping me, so far. I used to get sick every year. I also took the flu shot and that seems to help me too. Everyone is different and you have to do what seems to be working for you.

    Glad you have some left over antibiotics. I save them too when I get them, if I have any left over. Right now I don't have any !!!! At least I can take them. A friend of mine can take little if any meds or even supps. so she holds up in the house a lot and tries not to get in any crowds. The biggest group I usually get to is church and maybe he Fish Fry at church. I guess choral practice too but we don't touch hand and most coughing I hear seems to be ,like mine with the stupid post nasal drip/allergy thing. Of course who knows? This is just a terrible time of year for sickness and this freezing weather is not helping any.

    Got an e-mail from my DSIL in L.I., NY. They have had a lot of snow recently and he broke his ankle again but is still outside shoveling snow with a plastic bag over his boot that he has to wear. My bro. is not a complainer and just does what he thinks he needs to do. He is not like my DH who is more of a complainer but that is what happens, many times, I think when you are an only child - even if I do love him :)!! They have had so much snow lately. I am sure that JULIE can relate to that and you too DIANE.

    THINKING of everyone but no time to write to all. Not even sure I can remember what you all wrote :)!!

    ROCK - Thinking of you and have Gordon keep sending pics of the flowers, etc. They are gorgeous. Keep on posting, we sure do miss you when you don't.

    MIKIE - Don't wear yourself out doing all your presidential work for the hood. I know you do love it and you are a good people person.

    ELAINE - Your puppy is to cute even with his overbite :)!! Hope you continue to feel better ( your back) , etc. Don't overdue either sweetie.

    Gotta run for now !!


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