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    Come one, come all, help yourselves to these dainties...

    set yourselves a spell, put yr feet up and lets chat

    God Bless
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  2. rockgor

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    Some spread, Springwater. To think you did that all by yourself. I'll have one
    of everything. And I love the hat. Can I borrow it? Will be perfect for the
    cotillion next week.

  3. Granniluvsu

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    SPRING WATER - Thanks so much for starting up our new PORCH volume. That spread looks so yummy, almost like the one after the funeral we went to today . We really didn't stay to eat though. I did grab a piece of fruit and a couple of small sandwich pieces and cup of coffee. DH was in a hurry to get home . The funeral was for the husband of a neighbor a couple of houses down the block . They were so sweet and we only knew them a couple of years even though they lived in the area for years.

    JULIE - Hope you get better soon and DEN to.. Sorry Lindsay is having such a hard times off and on with the little ones when you can't help. I know it is hard time especially when aid is not there to help out. You are doing the rethink stepping back every once in awhile. I had 4 children 2 years apart except for the 5th one so I understand. Those twins really make it difficult esp when they are so young. It will get better for her, unless she has another in the mix :)!! our twins g boys are now 17 !!! Hope you get to take a long nap !!!! You most likely pick up whatever I around since you are run down and doing for everyone else.

    DIANE-Hope you are resting and feeling better, KEVIN too. I am now typing 3 words a min. or so it seems. I wish I could figure it out and why it only happens on PH. How are those kitties doing? Hope your temps are getting better and less snow !!

    MIKIE - Hang in there girl and don't wear yourself out with your Presidential duties :)!! How are those kitties? Are they behaving for you?? Hope so !! I cannot believe how fast the last Porch zoomed past me - WHOOSH !!!! Missed so many posts but did TRY and read them. Has your weather warmed up some?

    ELAINE - Hope you and your puppy are doing well today in your cold weather, with little back pain. I hope you get to come and sit a spell as they say. Not that I am very good lately :)!!! If I had my own computer then maybe I could post more. However I do not see that happening.

    SUN- Hope all is well with you . Still painting ???

    ROCK - Hope you are feeling OK and thanks to Gordon for his posting the beautiful flowers for us.

    Gotta run for now.


    Granni :)
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  4. springwater

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    Brrrrr..yesterday was so cold and rainy. But i was glad because, one can bundle up
    and stave off the cold..the hot weather in summer is :eek:

    Glad you all liked the porch spread. A place of joy and comfort, is our
    Porch, indeed. Not least because of the folks here.

    Julie - that is encouraging to hear about Lyndsey getting her act together.
    She so wanted those little ones, im sure it must be a labour of love for
    her mostly. I dont think one can compare Amy with only Keira and
    L with her little brood. I do remember you being almost a second mom
    to Keira when she was little and Amy busy with other things. In fact,
    you used to work outside!! at that school, unimaginable now, with
    your schedule.

    Granni - mmm, the funeral spread sounds yum. Ive been going to
    more n more funerals, prayer ceremonies..saying goodbye to the
    older gen..in our community..its just the way it is. We must do
    our best to keep things going the way they did.

    Rock - a business which is still going strong from 1920s.!! Sounds
    like my kind of thing. Very stable, predictable and comforting.
    In these fast, here today, closed tomorrow, times.

    Mikie - i too hope the new neighbours are nice. When the
    plot next door became a scool, i hated the thought. All that
    noise! But i grew to love it. The routine, the morning school
    anthem, the functions. I got used to the noise after a while.
    They mustve been doing something right, used to produce
    classes which scored all first divisions, ie. Above 65 percent
    And no less than 10 distinctions, above 90 %..!!!

    It was just a little school, mostly poorer to lower middle class
    income people. I guess they are motivated to work hard.

    Mmm, the help has come, need to show her what needs doing.

    God bless
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  5. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    We took three excursions yesterday morning. Two were a bust. We went to
    Ralph's. I wanted three items. Kitty kibble, chicken broth and chocolate milk.
    They had none of those products. In fact, several aisles had bare shelves.
    They are not closing till March 15, but there's really no sense in going there

    Then we went on a hunt for mulch. California law requires cities and counties
    to reduce their land fill by turning green waste into mulch. The mulch is
    provided free to the public. All you have to do is go get it. Gordon got some
    a couple months ago from the site at Griffith Park (the largest city park in the
    country. Early film makers shot a lot of scenes there.)

    Anyway we went to a different site, but the address was apparently an old one.
    There was no recycling facility-mulch site. We were on a two lane street in
    a Mexican neighborhood with trash trucks bigger than tanks chugging around
    us. Uff-da! Felt like we had fallen into a giant trash compactor.

    The only successful trip was to the library where we picked up several books and
    news of Willie, one of the employees who has been out with a broken leg, or
    ankle, for a couple weeks. Apparently he tried to step over a cat and fell.

    And speaking of which, I suspect our feral cat is preggers as the Brits say.
    She is coming around more often for food. Yesterday the pale orange tabby
    was with her.

    Springwater, our old house was 4 blocks from an elementary school. No
    problems unless you wanted to drive by when school was starting or
    getting out. Occasionally we could hear announcements over the PA
    (Public Address) system, but it wasn't a nuisance. And sometimes
    we heard a rooster crow. The neighbors two doors down kept chickens!
    Yes! In these modern times. If you wanted fresh eggs, they would sell
    them. Perfectly legal up to a certain number per city ordinance.

    Julie, I'm reading a book by Dick Cavett. He had an essay on home schooling.
    Thinks kids need the socialization and friendships that go with regular school.
    I never heard of the combination program you described. Sounds great. I
    sure wouldn't want to send my kid to a big city school. Much too dangerous to
    my small town way of thinking. Hope you and Den are feeling better today.

    Granni, 3 words a minute sounds pretty slow. I wonder how long it takes to
    chisel words on a tombstone or monument. Gordon is continuing to take
    photos of his orchids, etc. He keeps experimenting with his new phone-
    camera. Now he's discovered the smart phone allows you to adjust your
    picture by making it darker or lighter, etc. I remember back in the mid
    70s when the first pocket calculators came out. They were made by
    Texas Instruments and cost $100. My boss brought one into the office;
    people were amazed.

    Mikie, sounds like cognitive dissonance to me: I don't eat sweets, but this
    cinnamon roll is sure good. Reminds me of the cimarron rolls on the
    Jack Benny show "which should not be confused with ordinary cinnamon
    rolls". Did you catch my second Dickensonian pun? Ah love ta twist
    words around now and then.

    Your Twinburger stand sounds like the perfect high school memory. We
    got a an A & W Root Beer stand in our town when I was ten. They served
    great food; all homemade. Not shipped frozen from a factory a thousand
    miles away. And little kids got a free root beer. It came in a small mugs.
    All the mugs were kept in the freezer so they were really cold.

    Diane, Barry, Sun; talk atcha next time around. Just can't sit too long
    anymore. Hugs, Everydobby.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I wonder whether Rock is posting as I post. It happens so often.

    Treasurer, another board member and I met with our mgr. yesterday. I think treasurer got some understanding from it but wants to meet with our CPA to see whether he can 'splain things in a way he can understand. I think a man, hearing something from another man, may work better than hearing it from a woman. No, I'm not being sexist; men and women have different brain structures and communicate differently. Listening and Logic was probably my all-time favorite class in college. Treasurer came over to see me yesterday afternoon and we chatted. I think he realizes that I have his best interests in mind and realizes that handling his questions in a small mtg. is better than airing it all out in a board mtg. He's settled down a lot. Thank God!

    Neighbors downstairs changed their mind about moving and cancelled the contract on the new condo. They do this all the time. Everything they buy is returned and, sometimes, it takes three purchases and returns before they are happy. The inability to make decisions seems to me to be an affliction and it must be hell for them. I know it's hell for anyone who tries to work with them on anything. They are good neighbors, though, and I'm glad they are staying. Of course, they may well change their minds again. Oy! Ilona's and Frank's ex DIL and her DH will be excellent owners when they buy that condo. They won't be here much. They are younger and will likely rent it out during Season until they retire. Rentals down here are at a premium. The seasonal rentals are almost all gone for Jan., Feb., and Mar. of 2016.

    Yesterday afternoon, I deep cleaned my bedroom. I used a soft brush and "swept" the dust off on my drapes. They are dark brown cotton and I'm afraid they might fade if laundered. As it is, the brushing really got a lot of dust off of them. I pulled furniture away from the walls and cleaned the carpet beneath it all and baseboards too. My new little lightweight Hoover vacuum is a wonder of engineering. It picks up dirt and cat hair better than that heavy Bissell, which is supposed to pick up animal fur. I love it soooooo much. It's a lot easier on my back and knees to push this lightweight vacuum versus a heavy one. I have a Nate Berkus table next to the bed; I bought it from HSN at least six years ago. The base looks like a branch from a tree and is antiqued bronze. The top is heavy glass. It's so unusual and I love it. I removed the top and cleaned it and put everything back on it. Today, I will finish cleaning out my old tee shirts from my closet and get them ready to be donated. Hopefully, at long last, tomorrow I'll get into the front office and finish cleaning in there. I should have plenty of time to get the condo in decent shape before the kids come back with me from Orlando.

    Lady from downstairs will watch the kitties for the three days I'm gone. They can have the whole condo to themselves. They may jump up where they aren't supposed to but I don't think they will get into any trouble. I bought a food bowl and a water bowl from BB&B. There is a bin on the feeding dish and a bottle on the water bowl and both automatically refill just using gravity. I can load them up before I go so my friend won't have to bother with them. She just has to refill the ones on the lanai. They have two huge litter boxes and can go three days without her having to clean them out. I do it more often, usually every other day, but they have gone three days when I'm sick. The clumping litter does away with odors so the boxes don't smell.

    Springwater, what a nice surprise to see what you prepared for us. It not only looks yummy but is so pretty. It can't help but make one happy just to look at it. I envy your having help but am happy for you that you do. I just have to do the best I can, depending on how I'm feeling. Of course, I often put work on our yard or board business first so it's really a choice. Before I had cats, it was much easier to keep the condo clean but they are worth the extra work. Glad the school has turned out to be a good neighbor. There was a big plot of land, zoned commercial, across the street and facing the main street running along side of our hood. It worried me for years what might go in there. It was sold and rezoned residential and new condos/townhouses are being built there. They put in a big pond and fountain facing us so I think it'll be a nice addition to the area and will likely enhance the value of our property.

    Julie, I continue to pray you get over this crud. I think the dual enrollment is an excellent idea. It's the best of all worlds. Socialization in school is good but the other side of the coin is peer pressure. DD is dealing with this as DGS is starting to adopt the jock attitude he is getting from the other boys in his class. Some of the mothers held their boys back a year so they would be bigger when they play football. This means DGS is running with boys a year older than he. That any parent would make that decision for football seems nuts but in the area where they live, many mothers think their only job is to ensure their boys play football and their girls are cheerleaders. This is where a mother was going to have another mother killed because her daughter made the cheerleading squad and her daughter didn't. Can't remember the details but it was a famous case in the news. What a screwed up set of values! Get well, Dear One.

    Granni, the kitties are fine. This morning was cool again and they yowled and chased each other in and out on the lanai. These morning games don't last long before each goes to a favorite snoozing spot inside. Don't know what they will do for three days when left to their own devices. Yes, the last Porch did fly by but I always love it when our Porchies stop in often. Our weather is strange--rain and heat one day; rain and cool temps the next; then dry and hot, etc. I don't think these weather swings are good for what ails us. Is it still cool there? It's so nice of you to go to the funeral. I know how much it means when people show up based on my Mom's memorial service. I know for some who showed up, it was comforting for them too. It meant the world to me. Bless you for going.

    Rock, I want to see a pic of you in that hat. Geez, I haven't heard the word, cotillion, in ages. It brings to mind a gentler time where manners prevailed and young boys and girls learned to dance formally. I have to say that in my old age, I prefer more informal times. The One Percent still have their balls down here but the rest of us enjoy kicking around in our tee shirts, Capri pants and flip flops. I'm getting ready to go through the closet again today and getting rid of some of my old tees. They don't last long, especially the ones I wear a lot. I even have everyday tees and ones that are a bit nicer, with some decoration on them. It's the Senior Citizen uniform in FL.

    It's still early so will read the newspaper online. Later, I need to take the paper products and garbage bags over to the pool house. Before I go, I need to bring in stuff I have stowed in the back of the SUV so we can get everyone's luggage in there when we head back from Orlando. It is so filthy outside that I need to stop at the carwash sometime before I leave. It'll get dirty on the trip but, if I don't clean it first, it may get so filthy that I will have a hard time getting it clean again.

    Hope all y'all have a good day. Sending love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry to hog the Porch but if I try to edit my last post, I can't keep going back to Rock's post and my pea brain isn't capable of reading it and retaining it.

    Rock, just as expected, we were posting at the same time. It's early for me but the middle of the night for you. Yikes! Wow! Free mulch! What a great concept. CA has always been more progressive than so many places. The mulch for da hood sets us back $10,000 a year. It's dyed red and is already loaded with weed seeds (not that kind of "weed") It's not down long before the weeds sprout and then, the so-called landscapers are spraying it with Roundup. What a system. I've already let it be known that this will likely be the year we don't mulch. First of all, we are short of money and, secondly, they put waaaaay too much on it last time. I need to get our rake and spread it out better.

    It's a shame that your kitty is PG. That's how the wild cat populations explode. One unneutered female can produce thousands of kittens through generations. Is there a trap, neuter and return program through animal control or the Humane Society there? They return the kitties to their hood once they are neutered. If the orange kitty is a tom cat, it would be good to get him neutered too. Seems that tom cats can impregnate females well into their old age. Neighbor looked out the window the other night and saw what she said was the biggest cat she has ever seen. Sounds as though, soon, you'll have some more mouths to feed.

    I can relate to Willie. I have stepped on Sir Vester several times. Now, when I get close, he lets out a warning yowl so I don't step on him again. Both cats love to be around me but Sir Vester is especially interested when I'm cleaning. He is curious as to what I'm doing and wants to be part of the action. When I stopped in at Lowe's, I looked for my friend, John, who had to have some toes amputated. Last time I saw him, he was recovering but didn't look too good. He is soooo sweet and has helped me with every project I've done in the condo over the years. It's always nice when we have a friendship with the people where we shop or at the libraries.

    The new craze today is raising chickens for the eggs. People want their own free range eggs. When I was a kid, lots of people living in town had their own chicken coops and layers. Not too many had roosters.

    I did miss your twist, Oliver. You are such a master at puns but, sometimes, when I'm tired, I just miss things. That is a good one. Can I have more, Sir?

    DX probably has cognitive dissonance at some level but a pathological liar doesn't even recognize when he's lying. I also love a good cinnamon roll but I don't lie about eating them. Some of his lies have been soooo BIG that I'm sure the cognitive dissonance has contributed to his poor health. He thinks he's healthy but he is pre-diabetic, if not downright diabetic; is overweight; eats like a pig; and has had surgery with six bypasses. Two of the arteries had to have two bypass sections. He is obsessive about buying condos in a bad part of town, fixing them up and renting them out. He will work nonstop when he acquires a new one. Then, he is exhausted. Doc told him he has CFIDS but I doubt he does. A diagnoses of CFIDS cannot be accurately made by just seeing a tired patient. Kids love him but have pretty much written him off as a lost cause. Last time DD, DGS and DSIL were in town, parked in his driveway, he wouldn't even come downstairs to see them. Talk about your screwed up values. I wonder when he's on his deathbed, whether he will regret putting things and womanizing ahead of the love of his family. Oh well, no es mi problema.

    We had an A&W in our town too. Loved those root beer floats. The stuff in the can isn't bad. Only problem is having to choose between sugar and Nutrasweet. I buy the Publix brand of diet root beer, which is made with sucralose. I don't drink much of it because even the sucralose isn't good for a person but it's not as bad as Nutrasweet. Evidently, root beer has malic acid in it so it's good for folks with FMS.

    Well, again, I had better get going. Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My computer went crazy and just kept doing one scan after another. I couldn't get it to stop. Yikes!!! I finally went in and restored the system to earlier this morning just before the virus scanner updated itself. I hope this fixed the problem. I had to wait for the scan to finish and fix the problems but when I shut the computer down and restarted it, it started all over again. Hence, the system restore. It's taken more than an hour.

    Julie, I'm sooooo glad to see you in this new mode. Good for you!!! Take it easy and get well. It'll be good for you, Den and everyone else to let them take care of you for a change. Hope going to work doesn't set Den back. I remember when my Mom once was sick with something. I went over and made sure she was OK and got something to eat. I also cleaned and organized what was under her sink. Not only did she love it but it felt so good for me to be able to help her for a change. Take care and feel better.

    Love, Mikie
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: That's interesting about a school next to you. How big is it? Actually I like seeing the little ones walking to and from school......well, not the HS kids. Such a GIANT change in them from even 10 years ago. Back when I was in HS (graduated in 1962) there was a dress code. If your skirt looked too short you had to knee down and if it didn't hit the floor you were sent home to change. I blame ALL of this on the parents who were always screaming that their little darlings were being singled out. My DD and my DGKs now have to deal with how the schools allow so much. My DD has been tossing it around to send my DGS to a private Christian Jr. Hi. But it's expensive and all his friends would still be at the new Jr. Hi. and he doesn't make friends easily. Such a problem.

    Mikie: How much longer until your little vacation? And.......what model of the Hoover did you buy and how much? I have a dyson pet vacuum, but it's heavy, though it picks up a lot of fur. I have carpets thru most of the house, but the reason I pay $150 a month to a house cleaner is basically to vacuum, because I can still wash the kitchen/bathroom floors, and dusting is a breeze.

    Speaking of hired help, she's a good friend of my handyman......who for some reason is NOT returning my calls. So I need to find someone else I can depend on. And......because of him not calling me back, I decided I could paint my floor on my own. I'm 3/4 finished, although I'm NOT moving the heavy pieces which wouldn't show the floor anyway. LOL I'll mark the paint when I put it away that it's for the studio floor for when and if those big pieces have to be moved. It dried to the touch in about 45 min. and doesn't seem to have an odor either. What a difference it has made also!!!! And MIKIE........thanks for the suggestion about a long handle. Found that a mop handle attached to the paint roller.

    Rock: That must have been awful getting stuck on a little street with the trash truck. Our city also has the compost program but it's loaded into a huge walk in dumpster but the problem is you have to load it into bags, trash containers, etc. and it's a lot of work and I'm past that.

    So your visiting kitty is PG. You might find yourself with a little of kittens on your porch. Good luck.

    Julie: I'm sorry you're still sick. But that's good reading that Lyndsey is mostly managing to do on her own steam. I had 3 children, 3 years and under and it was a TON of work. My daughter and my son were only 17 months apart and it was almost like having twins. Thankfully my youngest son was a dream child. He would sleep when it was time, would eat whatever I gave him, and was basically an easy child. I had no one to help, nor did I even have someone to watch them aside from my mom, for about an hr. while I would run to the store.

    Granni: How's the line dancing coming along? I think you said that your instructor is leaving. Is this thru an adult education program?

    I'm now heading back to my studio to paint the floor, then hopefully to my art group. I need some chit chat! It looks like rain is coming again. Earlier in the week we had a HUGE storm which hailed for 30 min. It looked like snow had hit the patio. Even the next day there was still a bank of ice all around my fence.
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Sun, it was twice as bad because we were being attacked by two trash trucks
    simultaneous! Yikes! Dusting BTW, is only a breeze if you do it vigorously.
    Ha Ha! Reminds me of Jack Benny's theme song, "Oh, no, it isn't the breeze.
    It's love in bloom."

    Yes, I hope that darned cat isn't enceinte like Lucy in 1952. Back in the 80s
    I came home one day and found two kitten crying in the driveway. So I
    rescued them and about a year later I had some 20 cats of varying ages. Gave
    some away, got some fixed, took the rest to the SPCA. I don't want to go
    through that again.

    Illustrating that many things, maybe most things, in life are ambiguous, does it
    look like Kermit is doing nothing? Another interpretation would be that he is
    doing sit ups.

    Diane, that sure is a big bed for a small kitty. Our feral cat was napping earlier
    on an old gunny sack Gordon put out for her. I guess that's luxury by her
    standards. Hope you feel better soonest, Kiddo.

    Yesterday Gordon told me the more things change, the more they remain the
    same. Or as zee French zay, "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose". Mikie
    can probably tell us how to pronounce that. Through your nose would be my
    guess. The writer who coined the phrase was also a great gardener. Wikipedia
    says a species of bamboo is named after him. (Zee Bameauxoo is probably
    how they pronounce it.)

    Anyhoo, what Gordon was working up to was, his brother is moving back in.
    So we had a discussion about that. This time he's promised to pay rent. There's
    just no reason why I should help support a healthy fellow 20 years younger
    than I when he's employed. And that's the truth, as Edith Ann used to say.

    Mikie, I try to remember to put puns in italics, but can't always remember much
    of anything. Even the great Dave Barry does that. Well, it helps folks who are
    in a hurry, folks who are multitasking and folks like me who have the Big A or
    the smaller BF (brain fog). Congrats on knowing how to fix your computer. I
    often have trouble finding the home page.

    Barry, how is Shorty doing? Richard didn't get bitten, right? Things
    calming down at your place? Started reading a book of letters by Groucho.
    Not so entertaining as I had hoped. He's better in videos on Youtube. There's
    one I saw a year or two ago with Jack Benny as a guest on Groucho's quiz
    show. As I recall it was tres fun-ee.

    Au revoir
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: I especially love the kitty in the big bed. I wish I knew how to save that pic. on my ipad so I could send to my DD. Her kitty looks just like that and.....lucky cat......gets to sleep in her bed. Her DH isn't particularly fond of this cat so wonder how he feels about that.

    So I'm guessing you're feeling a tad better?

    Rock: I always loved Edith Ann. Some of her characters didn't though. And if my memory serves me correct, isn't Edith's Ann's chair in the smithsonian?

    Good heavens......taking in two strays brought that many kitties? And about Gordon's brother, I guess he's going to need several months rent up front. Gordon has a good heart. Well, you do too, it's just that you KNOW the brother too well.

    I'm sitting here waiting for the plumber to bring/install a new water heater. The one in the garage is leaking this morning and we also have one in the house so I decided I better get a new one there also. They've both have been making the LOUD sounds. When I first saw the water, first thing I started was to panic, but I managed to get control of ME and get on the phone. One plumbing company quoted me $1,500 EACH......I said.....I THINK NOT

    My painted floor is done.....I just need to put on an extra coat in the traffic areas. Then........move in ALL my stuff.
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    Here is another picture of a dendrobium that bloomed. I don't know the registered
    name of the cross but this plant was named 'Loreli'. It's typical of the orchids I
    like and hope you will too.

    Yes, it takes several years to bloom an orchid grown from seed. It takes 9 - 12 months
    just for the seed pod to get ripe. The seeds contain no nutritional storage and must be
    grown with a fungi. This is done in a glass flask and takes another year of growth
    before they can be planted. It's take several more years for the plant to grow and bloom.
    Some of the Australian Dendrobiums can take over 10 years before it's first bloom.



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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Gordon: I LOVE that orchid. Such a beautiful color and sooooo many buds. That should last at least 2-3 months. I guess one needs a lot of patience to work with orchid seeds. Have you ever tried it?

    Diane: thanks, that's the way I do with my PC. Anyway, I just touched the photo, but it took about 10 seconds to capture it, but now I have it. Thanks.

    I wanted to share what I was watching the other night. Anyone hear about the Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge in Missouri? OMG......what a wild bird sanctuary!!!!! Wish I lived close so I could see it.

    WHAT A DAY! I was waiting for the water heater guy to come....doorbell rang around 1 PM and I showed him where the problem was. So he examined everything and said he would be back after buying the two water heaters. 35 min. later the doorbell rang......another plumber! WHAT! I must have thought I called the same one when asking another question.........very similar names with both of them starting with the same word. Anyway, it was a cross between a disaster and a laughable situation. And get this, the first guy's boss told him to go back and "rough up" so he could get the job. The first plumber was a really nice guy.....huge.....and I spent a little bit of time talking to him after he left, not getting the job. He told me he was a little shocked that his boss would ask this of him and was really going to think about whether he should be working for this company. So, after a couple of hrs. of this whole situation, one water heater is being installed and the second one should be done sometime next week. And.......I saved $200 plus got a longer warranty. God always watches out for me.
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    That cat in the bed...its expression is like..whatcha lookin' at? So im still in bed at 10 in
    the mornin', so what?!

    Diane - get over your crud soon. Thanks for the cute pic.

    Rock - speaking of the ambiguity of pictures, to me, it looks like what Kermit is doing
    is enjoying himself hugely. When is the last time any of us really did that? He is
    doing nothing, and is being darn good at it and he knows it too. Or...he could just
    be recalling the sweet nothings he exchanged with Lady Kermit the other day.

    Gordon - that orchid is a dream. In the world of orchids, that orchid is a Princesse Royale.
    It was meant to be nurtured, admired, and coveted. No wonder people are driven to
    stealing orchids. Who wouldnt want that adorning their home?

    rock - Your brush with the two monster trash trucks reminded me of the movie
    "Rise of the machines'..you and Gordon just got off wrestling with a giant potted
    tree and now this..maybe the stars indicate you should stay home this week.

    Julie - remember, we are watching to see you make this The year of Den and Julie.
    Come any storm, hail, bacteria, school trips, clogged drainpipes, pesky SILs,
    you must stay the course. Tks for posting kermits ' just do nothing' slogan.
    I like it better than Nikes.

    Sun - i like that you are getting on with life..and attending to all the have to dos.
    Sticky situation that. Two handymen for the same job on same day. Glad
    it had a good ending.

    Mikie - make sure you enjoy your trip and dont worry too much about the kitties.
    I know its no use telling you to not worry at all. your table sounds like an elegant
    work of art.

    Its cold again today. The doggies are balled up on the mat, trying to wait it out till
    the sun peeks thru.

    The prettiest daughter in Downton Abbey succumbed to childbirth death. Will miss
    her pretty face..but theyve introduced a pretty new housemaid and a dapper footman
    to compensate. Thomas the footman is so goodlooking, he would be the lead in
    a Hollywood extravanganza or old Western. But his character has interesting shades,
    maybe thats why he is still with the show.

    My nasturtiums are gathering strength..tho they took a beating with the hail the
    other day.

    God bless

    Last edited: Feb 27, 2015
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: I'm reading what you posted about Downtown Abbey and it's occured to me that you're about 3 complete seasons behind. So the new footman.....is he the cute kinda blond guy? And Thomas is the guy with black hair? And I was really surprised but watching a short interview with thomas......it's a wig he's got on. Doesn't look much that in real life. All I can say is watch out for Thomas!!!!!! Evil/wicked/warped. Yes, I think everyone was devastated when the 3rd daughter died in childbirth. I've loved watching DA over the seasons......loved the change in clothing over the years.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We are invited to Jim's house to see his black orchid which is in bloom.
    I think I'll pass. Jim lives in the house cum museum we visited recently.
    The problem is there's too much standing and walking for me. I'll just
    look at the pics when Gordon gets home.

    Oh yeah, that reminds me. When we got back from our harrowing
    excursion yesterday, Gordon's car was ticketed. Because it was
    street sweeping day, parking was only allowed on one side of the street.
    So Gordon parked in our driveway while we unloaded the car. Then he
    was gonna drive around and find a parking spot. A minute after he
    parked a cop pulled up. Issued a $68 ticket for blocking the sidewalk.

    Tickets are big business in LA. A few years ago the LA Times reported that
    parking tickets bring in about 50 million bucks a year. The city is millions
    in debt, so it needs to squeeze every dollar of its residents that it can.

    Sun, I don't know about Edith Ann's big rocking chair. It wasn't at the
    Smithsonian when I was there. Not surprising since that was a couple
    years prior to Laugh In. I looked on the net. Couldn't find any info.

    I was thinking about painting your floor. I wonder if there would be a
    market for skates that use paint rollers for wheels. Probably speed up
    the process.

    Diane, hope your cough is gone. Folks, Diane posted some pics to identify
    on the Homebound board. Take a look see. We used to do that here some
    years back.

    Sspringwater, I heard about nasturtiums for decades without ever seeing
    any. Then, a decade ago, when our new library was built, the West wall was
    planted with them. They are very cheerful. And they play a minor role
    in an episode of Mama's Family. I hope yours bounce back from the
    hail attack.

    Julie, what are you and Den taking for you nasty coughs? At our house
    we take Robitussin cough syrup. Wasn't there any actor with a name
    like Robitussin? Tough to try and work when one is illish. But most
    businesses want the employees to show up disregardless. That just
    spreads it around. Poor Liora. Didn't get to stay with granma.

    Mikie, why is the mulch dyed red? A form of advertising? Is SirVester
    afraid of the vacuum? Lottsa pets are, I hear. I used to hate having to
    vacuum when I was a kid. I could never see that anything was accomplished.
    My mother was always mopping floors that looked clean to me. Years of
    her life spent cleaning. Surely there were other things she could have
    been doing.

    Watched a George Burns & Gracie Allen program from the 50s on Youtube
    yesterday. The guest was Jack Benny. Did you guys know George and
    Gracie were great tap dancers? You can see them dance with Fred Astaire
    on Youtube.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I started to respond yesterday but had to go walk my friend's dog. She's the one who had back surgery and got an infection which was the devil to get rid of. She's still in a ton of pain because the nerve got infected and it's still inflamed. She has a physical therapist coming to the house and is getting around slowly with her walker. Her BFF upstairs has been walking her dog but she had to go out yesterday. I'm always on call for whatever she needs but she doesn't ask for much. I really enjoyed walking Chewie and he enjoyed our fast pace. He needed a good workout and drifted off to sleep when he got home on a nice warm blankie. Another friend, whom I haven't seen in ages, stopped by so we sat and chatted. Nancy 2 also has a Maine Coon cat, Bob The Heartthrob, and he is HUGE. I enjoy petting him.

    Barb called me and was very warm and friendly. She is coming down on the 10th and staying until April. Ugh! Her nasty daughter is coming with her and bringing two friends. She always has to have an entourage to give her the cajones to bully people. I have no idea what her demeanor will be but I think the "mean" in demeanor will prevail. If this woman is as hateful as before, I won't be spending time with Barb out on the Balcony and it will be just like the last time they were here. Barb is already planning her next visit after this one. This upset my whole afternoon but there is nothing I can do about it. It's been so nice with her gone.

    Gordon, thanks for another spectacular orchid pic. I would never have the patience nor the know-how to grow an orchid from seed but I have bought very small orchids at Home Depot. It'll probably be two years before these bloom but they are nice orchids and I have the time to wait. The Vanda I got is growing and it will have orange blooms. Keep the pics coming; we love them.

    Sun, I will leave on Mar. 7th and return on the 9th. My kids will come here with me from Orlando and stay a couple of days in a hotel. I'm glad you got your hot water heaters and saved money. Also glad the mop handle worked for you. You can also use it for reaching high places when you paint. I did that for my ceiling and tall walls in my open areas. My new vacuum is a Hoover Air. I hauled my old Bissell down to the dumpster area and couldn't believe how heavy it was, compared to the new one. Someone will take the old one. That area is like a swap meet without the people. The new one has tools and the handle is removable to use with the tools. I'm so excited because it picked up all the cat hair and the little wind tunnel chamber was full from just vacuuming one room. It got what the other one had missed.

    Julie, loved the pic of little Kermie. Hope you feel better soon. In the meantime, take your cue from the frog. ;)

    Diane, same advice for you. Take your cue from the kitty. I'm sure that by now, you are getting sick of just lying around but that's what it takes to get better.

    Rock, yes, I can pronounce the French but don't know how to spell it phonetically because a lot depends on the accent and not just the pronunciation. Also, whenever translating, it doesn't come out verbatim to what is said in the original language. That's what drives me nuts when watching a French film with subtitles. They take a LOT of license with the translation. Meme chose means the same thing. If "I said six versus half a dozen," you might say, "C'est la meme chose." When you were being attacked by the two garbage trucks, could you find no place of refuge? I guess you and Gordon were on a little junk-et. OK, that was a stretch. Garbage puns aren't easy to come by. I think I misquoted Oliver. Wasn't it, "Please, Sir, may I have more?" Oh well, "C'est la meme chose."

    Once again, we were posting at the same time. So, I came back to edit this. The mulch is dyed just to add contrast to the plants and lawns. It is pretty. We could get natural mulch but we didn't like it. The red is pretty when first put down but it does fade over time. Some people use red dyed lava rock but I don't like it. Reminds me of what I picture hell to look like.

    Springwater, I won't worry about the kitties. They are very self-sufficient or, at least, they used to be. They have come to depend on me now for everything. I think that, as long as they have food and water, they will be fine. My friend from downstairs will stop by to give them some treats. I just hope they don't turn destructive if they miss me too much. On the other hand, there isn't too much in here they can really destroy. They sleep most of the time. I'm sorry your flowers were damaged by hail. We don't see hail this far south in FL. We had it in CO and, one year, it got to the size of baseballs. Had to get a new convertible top on my VW and have a few dents worked out. Windshield was shattered.

    I'm gonna take a shower this morning and go to the store. Think I'll ask Nancy 2 whether she needs anything. Her appetite is off with the pain meds and muscle relaxers she takes. Hope everydobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2015
    rockgor likes this.
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, I agree. You and Den make a peach of a pair. Well, glad you were at
    least able to sit up and post. Hope both of you are markedly improved by

    Mikie, Gordon has never tried to grow an orchid from a seed. Anybody who wants
    to try can buy really cheap orchids in a flask of seeds or of tiny plants at a nursery
    or an orchid show. There might be 50 plants for sale at $50 for the flask. But
    one might have to wait 8 or 10 years for a flower to show up.

    Your trashy puns were much appreciated. Waste not, want not. And speaking of
    waste, I just had one of those "Why do I even bother" moments. Gordon's
    brother just got here, and already I'm annoyed.

    As you guys probably know, California has been short of rain for several years.
    There are about a dozen restrictions on home water use and additional ones
    for businesses. Most of the home rules have to do with watering the lawn and
    garden. You can't use your hose to wash down your sidewalks or driveway,
    for example. And you can't have automatic sprinklers that come on even
    if it's raining at the time.

    There are penalties lurking, but they have not been implemented yet. The
    water bill might be doubled or tripled for folks who use too much water.
    Another potential penalty is a surcharge of $50 per day. Don't need a
    calculator to see that's $1500 a month.

    Anyway I asked Gordon yesterday if he had talked to his brother about our water
    conservation methods. He was playing solitaire on the computer. All I got
    for an answer was "Hmmmm". So I asked him later, and he said yes. Except
    this morning it was apparent that his brother is not going along with the plan.
    And when I talked to Gordon he said, Well, he wasn't either. Uff-da! If
    this keeps up we could be using an extra 800 gallons a month!

    Somedays I just feel I'm awash in a sea of troubles.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I'm off to a funeral. Hope to get back soon.

    JULIE - and DIANE - Take it easy and get well soon.

    Luv to awl,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Back from the funeral. Sad but she had been ill on and off with one kidney, ended up on dialysis I think. She was older than I, I forget exactly. She was very well liked and respected and such a busy lady,

    MIKIE - How nice of you to ask Nancy 2 if she needed anything from the store, if she is sicker than you are or not doing that well at the moment. I too zoomed through the posts and can't remember what everyone said. Hope your weather is warming up. It is still cold here and I don't like it. It is supposed to hit 70 or so in a day or so they said and then back down again, DD is supposed to go to visit her one sister that she gets along the most with her DH. They are supposed to stay about a week, we will see. The two of them love sports, especially football :)!! I am afraid it is supposed to get cold again at that time and then DD's DH who live here said he doesn't want to drive there if it is icy and snowy. I know it will break my other DD's heart who has been looking forwards to seeing her sister who now lives here. Hope the weather behaves itself so they can have their nice visit.

    Did you say it has been chilly there in FL? How are those kitties liking the cold weather? Are they getting stir crazy? Are they allowed to go outside at all or would one of them esp Sir Vester, be would be yearning to go run free or not?

    Sorry to hear that Barb and her sis and entourage in March or was it April and then she plans on coming again after that. That is to bad that her place is next door to you. Yes, I know that you have been enjoying the quiet while she has been gone. I would think that her sis and entourage cause Barb to be her old grouchy self. We will be going soon to DD's to talk about a date for the Rodeo. We had to wait for DGS to get his work hours and days he will be off before choosing. Therefor we do not have lots of choices but I will go even if DH feel like going. We haven't been to the Rodeo in many years and went for years.

    Hi also to SUN, ROCK, SW, ELAINE and all my dear Porchies. Can't remember what you all said.

    JULIE - Hope you and Den get to feeling better real soon. If Keira is not feeling well best to say home in that awful cold weather.

    DIANE - I had hoped to get over to see your posts on the Homebound board but still haven't gotten there. Hope you and Kevin are doing better and staying warm with your sweet furbabies.

    Need to run for now and go talk to DD.

    Granni :)

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