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    Hi Kids

    Time for another edition, issue, chapter, volume, page, etc.

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    Well, yesterday was pretty quiet. But then things generally is around this ranch.
    Gordon gave me some DVDs of an old British comedy we used to watch
    decades ago. "Are You Being Served?"

    I was posting yesterday when the phone rang. I seldom answer the darn thing
    'cause it's usually a peddler even tho we are on the no-call list. But since
    Gordon was out doing errands, I answered. It was an old friend, once my
    secretary. She typed about 120 words a minute and talks even faster. She
    says she is manic depressive, but I've known her since 1985 and she's always
    manic. We talked for an hour. Uff-da!

    Julie, thanks again for the colorful card. Did you get a picture of Lorraine
    in her Cowgirl-Princess outfit. Was she wearing a cowgirl hat or a tiara?
    That's an awfully long trip to see your chiro. Hope you get your usual
    good results.

    Granni, you were posting while I was talking to my old friend yesterday. I
    have never been to a Chipolte place. Just the name is too spicy for me.
    Gordon would probably like it though. Funny you should say the eats
    were tasty. That's what my secretary always said. She also used "tasty"
    to indicate approval of just about everything.

    No, our library doesn't have the book on the first ladies. I tried another
    library system in the suburbs. Not there either. I did put a couple
    DVDs of old movies on hold. We'll see how that works.

    Sun, No, Gordon didn't bake a cake. Although he has in the past. As
    the years go bye we do less and less. Don't go out to eat or to the
    theater or concerts anymore. As for Reiki, it looks like the name of
    a Japanese beauty in a tragic love story. I think it might be that
    really vigorous massage where you get rubbed and poked with
    sticks. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me.

    Well, shoot! Can't get the DVD to play. So annoying when stuff doesn't
    work. Like your cell phone, Sun.

    Mikie, hope the visit from DD and Andy is going well.

    Hugs, Folks
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    Hi Julie

    I went back to the previous thread and unread your post. So things is
    now evened up. No, no. You needn't thank me. Happy to be of service.

    Rock aka Happy the Elf [​IMG]
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    Good morning dear Porchies,

    HAPPY or should I say ROCK - Thanks for starting us up again on the new volume or whatever it is. The contractor is here putting in the new double doors from the LR into or onto the Porch or deck. We seldom use it but it sure looks nice. It even has the blinds inside. The old one had gotten patched up a few times already since we have been here. It is pretty OLD so time for a replace. They make them so nice and light nowadays. DH is out buying some hardware for the new doors which we didn't know we needed to also get. So I will be writing fast till he gets back. NO where for him to go so he will be on the computer when he gets home. BTW, where did you get the book on the first ladies that you told me you read. I thought you said the library or one of them. Glad you survived your wild birthday :)!! LOL Sounds like mine when I have them. Maybe a dinner out but that is usually it.

    JULIE - Good luck with everything today and hope after that long ride the chiro can help your headaches, etc. Sounds like you have a pretty busy and late day ahead of you. Drop in when you can, I guess it will be tomorrow sometime. I need to learn how to move posts from one place to another. We always bring water with us too everywhere ewe go for those coughing fits especially but in this heat it is a very good thing to do.

    Thinking of everydobby. Not sure I will be back later or not. DH has a meeting tonight so maybe in the evening if I am not to pooped to participate and my brain is engaged :)!

    QUINN - Hope you are feeling better and not having to watch your little cousin...Drop in when you can.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :).
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    hi everyone,

    i want to share our orchid website with you : SGVOH.ORG (san gabriel valley orchid

    it tells us who our next speaker will be for the month, list names of other societies in
    the so cal area, etc. if you would click on the 'society news' you'll see photos of some
    of the members and the orchids that were brought in last month. it'll also list the
    winning plant for each category. the website will have much more photos than i
    can provide but i will continue to post the ones i liked.


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  6. Granniluvsu

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    GORDON -Very interesting website. I see you were or are in charge of selling raffle tickets :)! I saw that on the site. Those pictures are so beautiful with so many different kinds and colors or orchids I had no idea there were so many different varieties. . Thanks for sharing such an interesting site. I know so little about flowers and especially orchids but I can enjoy just looking at them. I know that others on here will enjoy them too. MIKIE knows a lot about them and maybe SUN too.

    DH is at his meeting so have a few minutes on the computer but no one else is on here. The HD came and put in our double door going onto the patio. We rarely use it for that but tat is the way it was designed and it looks nice if we sell the house some day. The old one was getting rotten and had been painted and fixed a few times. Now we will have to do the single door also going onto the patio from the kitchen area. DH will have to paint the wood the same as the house on the outside. He had to cover up parts of it since the door was smaller than the old one, not a lot but enough.

    Just remembered some stuff I need to do on the computer so I will run for now. Thanks again GORDON . Hope you and Rock are doing well even though you didn't get a chance to do a big party for ROCK's birthday :)!! LOL

    JULIE - I guess you are on your way to or back from the chiro. Hope you had a good trip and that he has helped you after such a long drive.

    Hugz to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    gordon - i can just imagine how much you look forward to your orchid meets..that brown spotted orchid on yellow petals is so gorgeous. It must feel like going to some otherwordly place when you go and visit a show and be surrounded by orchids of every hue and form.

    Rock - Happy Birthday! I get what you mean about not going out much these days..same here. But then there is so much to do even in the house...i have lots of books which ihave yet to read properly..i do make sure i skim over them wheni i get them but i have not properly read a book in ages...somehow something always seems to be beckoning...
    Some pesky chore or other that will make life miserable if i dont get it done.

    I dont mind the cooking chores so much, one gets to eat something nice at the end of it..hopefully but the other chores, fixing this, repairing that...yuck!

    I love when you mention your little doggie visitors, how i wish i lived there and could have them casually drop by.
    If i lived in my hometown, i could hv done that. Here, any visitor is greeted ferociously by our dogs and any nosey doggie which pokes its nose through the gate bars, gets an equally ferocious greeting.

    Julie - happy belated birthday to Lorraine. That info about uncle Harvey swallowing dentures that ruptured his bowel!!! Scary..i hope you get a good chiro session.

    Granni - your house sounds beautiful, i know it does take a lot of work maintaining houses..you get something done only to find something else needs doing..i am having a headache with repairing the living room cabinet where we kept our decorations...it was a nightmare getting all the smashed glassmikie - out and it stillisnt fixed properly even though we got in the upper half now after fixing new glass.

    Sun - it was good to read your post..Reiki is like pranic healing, a method of healing using ones own energy. It is so interesting to learn that one can access divine energy and use it to heal oneself....reiki and pranic healing are similar. Except in,pranic healing you dont touch the other person...and i think for both you cannot heal another person, even long distance without taking permission from the patient.

    I have a cousin who recommended reiki to me for my health issues..her lifelong migraines went away completely after she took some reiki healings bit im afraid it wasnt as effective for me...pranic healing was, tho. Much depends on the practitioner, and his level of purity, spiritually and physically.

    My former help was suffering from undiagnosable problems, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, back pain, anxiety and spent a year going to different doctors, i took her to this reiki healer who i had had success with recommending others, and after ten sessions, she was completely fine.

    But he lived nearby and it was easy...not so, now. Besides i think the healers themselves get zfatigued, the last time i spoke to him, he told me, to tell patients to go to a spiritual guru and heal themselves from the inside out. Humph.

    mikie - you must be busy with your family visiting...are you taking them any where...i imagine there must be lovely places for a young un to visit..in Florida.

    I went andvisited the prayer ceremony of DHs cousin...he was diagnosed with eosophagus cancer and the doctors didnt hv much hope but he lived for 15 years more. His children are in america and one girl in the navy...that is a first for us.

    I had this delicious jushrom puckle..o m goodness how did that get typed, Mushroom pickle. Oh also one of DHs cosusin sisters gave us this lovely bottled raw mango chutney
    she made, it is delicious but my head aches at the thought of trying to make it myself.

    Ive been transfixed by an ongoing scam on tv...its called vyapam scam in india, where the chief minister of the state himself is under suspicion for collusion...bribes taken to get students admitted i nto medical colleges and govt jobs...

    Scam been going on for years and was only unearthed when a tv journalist who was investigating suddenly died in that state, as heleft after interviewing ...the govt tried to say he died of heart attack. Then they dug into the journos work and found he had fou d out there had been more than forty deaths in the last two years alone, when some FIRs had been lodged of people connected to the scam and one of them named the gvernor himself. Students, middlemen, police, the governors son himself all dying mysteriously.

    Now its breaking all over the channels 24 x 7. I hope justice is done.

    God bless

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    Hi Kids

    My brother the forest ranger called early yesterday morning to wish me Many
    Happy Returns. Gordon answered the phone but was still asleep. He told me
    to call my brother. So I tried all day, but never could.

    It just didn't work out as they say in show biz. I couldn't call
    on the land phone 'cause it doesn't allow long distance calls. And I
    couldn't call on Gordon's smart phone cause he wasn't there to assist.

    All day long he was asleep when I was awake or vice versa. Or
    he was in a long phone conversation with his new friend, the orchid grower
    who lives in the historic home in Pasadena. Or he was cooking or
    gardening or having din din while watching NCIS. Or he was
    watering. And he was gone on two expeditions to do errands. So you see...

    Anyhoo I got a birthday card from my brother, and I sent him a note. He's
    not a lotta fun to talk to on the phone BTW. He frequently goes into his
    impersonation of a farmer from New England and talks every so s l o w l y
    with lots of Yups and Ayuhs. He's educated. No need for him to dawdle
    along like some yokel in a vaudeville skit a hundred years ago. Doesn't he
    realize I'm a busy man even if the only thing I'm busy at is lying in bed?

    Mikie, hope you had a wonderful visit and are not worn out. Here's a bit of word
    play I chanced upon for you and other conoisseurs of same. What if there
    were no hypothetical situations?

    Oh yeah, the kind of massage I mentioned the other day is called Rolfe. It is
    really vigorous. A stick is sometimes used. Wikipedia says it is a pseudo science.
    The founder said it got your body aligned with gravity. Guess what.? You
    don't need to do that. Gravity constantly pulls things down. Our bodies do
    there best to stay upright. No study or adjustment needed.

    Springwater, the big scam is no surprise. India has too many holy men
    (thousands) and too many languages (hundreds)! They need some modern technology (like toilets) and an educated population.

    Most of the money, food, etc. sent to countries in need is stolen by the
    politicians. Look at the Philippines. We would send millions to build
    hospitals. Marcos would buy Cadillacs; his wife Imelda would buy shoes.
    3,000 pairs! Heck! Look at our own politicians. Oh, well.

    Here's a joke I found on a site of one liners. I don't think the people who
    create these joke sites realized that a one liner joke is only one sentence
    long. Anyhoo,

    A guy came to the door and asked for a donation to create a local swimming pool.
    So I gave him a glass of water.

    OK, gotta go. Hugs
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  9. Mikie

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    Hello, Everydobby,

    Was soooo busy with the kids' short visit that I couldn't keep up with all the posts. Seems we have a lot of June/July birthdays. Andy's birthday was the 2nd and mine was the 7th. Rock, is yours on the 8th? Is Lorrain's also on the 8th? Tomorrow will be the 13th anniversary of Mom's death. It gets easier to deal with as the years go by. I now only have my good memories of her. She sends us feathers and on Wed., DD got a pink one. I showed her the pic of a spoonbill roseate from which the feather originated. She was so thrilled to get a natural pink feather which was not dyed.

    We drove over to Sanibel Island. The bridge/causeway is in two parts with a large sandbar in the middle. Andy fished off the sandbar shore on the way over and on the other side of it on the way back. DD and I lounged in chairs in the shade. There was a nice breeze and we just enjoyed ourselves. Fish weren't biting so the fishing part wasn't good. We drove into Sanibel and ate my birthday lunch at Jerry's, a little restaurant in a small shopping center. It is all landscaped in a natural rain forest look. There are large cages with all kinds of parrots and other birds and nice little shops in the center, so we took some time to shop. One store had a crystal "bible" which I bought because I'm so interested in stones and crystals. So is Andy and I'll go back over to get him the same book; he wanted it. They have some nice tee shirts with long sleeves and I think I'll get a couple for winter wear. I was beat by the time we got home. My allergies were awful and I was sunburned but it was a really nice day.

    The garlic scallops were wonderful. When heated, the garlic butter melted and I added shrimp and some garlic alfredo sauce. We ate it over pasta. Andy loved it. He wanted it heated up the second night instead of a grilled ribeye steak. So, the steaks went into the freezer.

    We stopped by a juice store on the way to the airport yesterday. They let you sample all the juice you want. I bought a quart of strawberry orange juice. I drink fruit juice in moderation. I bought a beautiful picture frame with seashells and starfish all around the edge. They aren't real and the whole thing is painted blue. It'll go perfectly with my other beachy things. I took a pic of Andy and DD next to a giant orange and hope it turns out so I can put it in the frame. Kids bought me a beautiful birthday present there. It's hard to splain, Lucy. It's a copper blossom with the top of the blossom solid copper in the shape of a squash blossom. Under that is an open ball of copper wires with crystals on them. It has a battery and lights up with little LEDs. Every decorative thing on the lanai is copper so it'll go perfectly out there.

    Andy was wanting to pet the cats but they aren't fond of kids. In fact, they are pretty shy around everyone. They spent most of the time under my bed. As we grandparents always say down here--it was good to see them come and good to see them go. It's always so much work for me. I have to clean up before they arrive and clean up after they leave. I still don't have a lot of NRG. After lunch yesterday when they were safely on their flight, I lay down in bed and slept deeply for five hrs! I musta needed it. Cats and I are decompressing this morning.

    Tonight, my friends and I are off to a brass band concert. I believe they are playing patriotic music. I'm wearing a skirt! Almost never do that. I am going to wash the car this morning because I always drive. It's filthy. We got caught in a horrible downpour on the way back from Sanibel but the car was too filthy for God's car wash to dislodge the dirt. Yikes!!!

    Sorry I'm not responding to everyone singly but there are simply too many posts on the last Porch and this one. I'll be back in normal mode from now on. Hope everydobby has a good day and, Happy Birthday to all who are having one or just had one.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good Morning to awl,

    I need to get outside before it gets to hot and do a little work. DH is already out there painting around the door that just got installed yesterday.

    BTW, does anyone have an easy way to get rid of the sticky stuff left on the new door from the stickers they had on it????? Will alcohol work?? That is something else I need to do inside and possibly outside too. I washed the windows yesterday or cleaned the class but the sticky stuff is still there.

    MIKIE - So glad that you had a nice visit with your DD and DGS. I know what you mean about all the work getting ready, etc. etc. To bad they couldn't stay longer but I know it is all a chore even if you love it all and them too :)!!

    QUINN - I hope you are feeling OK or better than the other evening when you had to sit and had a headache. No need to write long posts as some of us do or come every day, just do what you can do.

    JULIE - Hope your chiro helped you yesterday. Visit when you can.

    Love to everyone and special HI to SPRING WATER, ROCK, SUN, DIANE and anyone else I missed. Hope to get back later!!

    Granni :)
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Yes, now I remember that rolfing is basically "getting beat up and paying for it"! Sorry your brother is a comic in disguise......perhaps that would have been the best choice of life choices, but then never too late. You might suggest it to him.

    Spring: about the reiki, I guess I'm a skeptic when it comes to this, probably because I'm a Christian. I did look up about reiki and Christianity and read a lot about it on a website. It makes sense to me why I seemed to have been blocking everything from this teacher. She had been questioning me about it, while instructing on the tai chi, and when I told her, she almost exploded about it. I think we were all taken aback. Then she came over and apologized to me. After the tai chi lesson she took us inside and again had us try the reiki on each other. I don't think I will return to this class. She does teach another arthritis exercise class which I will go to again but steer clear of any discussions with her about reiki.

    Your talk about chutney makes me want to make a little for me. I made some years ago....loved it....probably because I love tastes with a lot of flavor.

    Mikie: your little visit sounds like a lot of fun. Memories of Sanibel Island and shelling came to mind I brought back 2 big boxes filled with the shells and drilled holes in a lot of them and they became my christmas tree decorations. I don't think I ever again pulled out my old christmas decorations because I loved the shells. And when our kids were little we collected a lot of shells, came home and cleaned them in muritic acid at our picnic table (boy......was that STUPID) because the acid is dangerous!!!!! Anyway, I got a plain wood frame and glued them all around them put a mirror in it. It still hangs in my hallway.

    I also love crystals......when we used to go to rock shows for my brother who collected I always wanted to buy an inexpensive geode and have it cut open, opening to find crystals inside....never happened though.

    And on the 23rd my DH will have been gone one year. I've gone thru so much this year with the transition.

    Granni: I love those special doors that have disappearing screens inside them. I know your house is all coming together like you want it.

    I had a very good day with my DGD yesterday. I picked her up around noon and we went to Panera Bread for lunch. This restaurant chain has a SUPER broccoli cheese soup which I shared with her. We sat next to two ladies, got to talking about a movie, Inside Out. It sounds soooo cute. My DGD had already seen it. Apparently it's about emotions that live inside our head......funny and very different. I'll have to do a search on it.

    Then we hit Michaels for jewelry making stuff, etc. She wanted a little crystal Swarski heart (I think I spelled that wrong) and then I bought a package of 2 wires instead of a chain, some jump rings, etc. so she was able to wear her little heart when we went for ice cream later on. Lots of fun......we have a very good connection with each other, more so than I ever had with my DD. My hope and prayer is to be able to continue scraping up energy for these special days.

    Today I have to go back to the AT & T store...still having cell troubles, then on to an art group in the afternoon.
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, yes, my birthday was on the 8th this year. LOL I think maybe I read about
    Sanibel island is some book of fiction a few months back. At any rate there was a
    car chase and an island and there were only two bridges to get off the island. Andy
    probably would have enjoyed a good car chase. You ever read any of Carl Hiassen's
    books? They are comic thrillers set in Florida. He used to work at the same paper
    Dave Barry did. I think maybe he helped Dave when Dave started to write
    his convoluted-plot fiction books.

    Granni, there's a product called Goo Gone you can buy to remove stickum residue.
    And there are recipes for making your own on the net. One has only two
    ingreediments. Baking soda and coconut oil. And one site suggests using a blowdryer
    briefly; then rub and finish up with rubbing alcohol. Send us a pic when the project
    is all done.

    Sun, never heard the "getting beat up etc." line before. I certainly wouldn't pay
    anybody to poke and prod me. I am not going to suggest anything, not even in fun,
    to my brother. He and our sister grew up in bad home. Are very touchy and easily
    offended. On the other hand, our youngest sibling is always cheerful and pleasant.
    Has a wonderful family. It's almost as if he were adopted.

    I remember muriatic acid. When I worked at the cave, it was used to remove water
    stains and mineral deposits from the sinks, etc. Reminds me of morganite, the
    gem stone which comes in "peachy-pink, pink, and violet pink, as well as a pretty
    salmon color."

    Hugs to Awl as Granni says
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN , SPRING WATER , et al- There is not really any big PLAN for the house mostly just fixing what needs fixing :)!! DH does sot of have a plan but it seems to keep going awry. The roof guy may be done but we have to see what happens or hopefully doesn't happen when we get rain. We are now in the dry period. Seems like dry or flood lately, even though we are pretty high and dry where we are. There are areas in our subdivision that have a few problems but we are pretty lucky ( knock on wood).

    We replaced the door as it had been patched up a few times already and was getting bad. There was a hole in the old door the DH showed me after it had been taken off, down below. SD was going to paint part of the door trim and then wasn't sure what to paint so he called the guy we use for lots of home repairs, etc. He came over and did that today and I got him to come over and recaulk and try and clean up that shower. It has been driving me crazy lately and of course DH doesn't clean it. I take a shower mostly because if I took a bath I would have to clean up the shower anyway. Bath tubs are not that much problem I don't think. I usually wipe down the shower and then spray the daily shower spray on it. Does anyone else have any other ideas or have a spray that you can mix up that is less costly since I use it daily??

    MIKIE - Those garlic butter scallops sounded so good. Do you have a recipe that you used? So glad you could visit with DD and DGS even if only for a short time.

    JULIE - You should be pooped out from your long drive yesterday and hope you are feeling a little bit better. Pop in when you can.

    Gotta run and do a few more things on the computer and I should do some phone calling for the ladies club in a few weeks to see if these people want to attend. Hugz to everyone who I was not able to address today.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just waiting to go to the concert. I'm always early so I'm not frantic trying to get ready and running late. After the concert, my dear old friend and I are going on a mission. A rusty old work truck with the bed full of junk is parking in here. I have the tow sticker all ready to put on the driver's window. We've been trying to catch him for a while. The truck was gone for a couple of weeks but is back. Don't want to get caught. From the looks of the truck, I wouldn't want to meet up with the owner.

    Granni, I also use Goo Gone but it's oily so don't get it on the wood. It's fine on the glass. Glad you got your door. There isn't a scallop recipe. They come frozen in the garlic butter and are a Publix brand. I'll bet some other company makes them for Publix. Check your seafood frozen food area for them. If you can't find them, just crush some garlic and sauté in butter and add the scallops. I wipe my shower tiles down with a towel every time I use it or I would have hard water stains on them. I love soaks in the tub but need to shampoo my hair in the shower. Glad I got to take my shower and wipe it down as it's a mess from the kids. Now, I can just clean the tub and the rest of the bath.

    Sun, I'll have to look at reiki to see why it bothered you. I have done Tai Chi for decades and find it very soothing. In fact, I combine Eastern things with Western things and get something from each. Sounds as though you had a great time with DGD. How nice. It'll mean the world to her as long as she lives. My girls still talk about doing things with my Mom. I just don't have that connection with DGS. I love him but don't really connect like my girls did with Mom. Maybe when he's older. Maybe it's because I don't see him often. I do enjoy hearing about all he does and seeing his newest magic tricks. That first year anniversary of the death of a loved one is really rough. You are in my prayers. It does get easier over the years.

    Rock, I had a friend who got Rolfed. She gained an inch in height. They sometimes do half the body in one session and the other half on another day. One always has to get both done or one is taller on one side and off balance. It sounds to me like the last thing a person with FMS would want to do. Myofacial massage is painful enough but it does lead to less inflammation later on. There is a guy; I think his name is Randy Wade White or something like that. He writes mysteries based in FL and his main character is Doc Ford. I've read several and don't think much of his writing. I've eaten at his Doc Ford restaurant and don't think much of his food. There is only one way on and off Sanibel--the causeway/bridge we were on. Sanibel is connected by a short bridge to Captiva Island but there is no other way off Captiva. Farther up the coast are Long Boat Key and Boca Grande. The younger President Bush used to vacation up in that area.

    Well, guess I'll relax before the concert. I really need to get back to exercising in the pool. I haven't been in a week and I already feel thicker around the middle. I didn't go this morning and neither did my pals. There is a muck fire in the Everglades and the smoke was horrible--not so much visually but to breathe. Hack! Hack! Hope all y'all have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Enjoy your concert. We need to hear about it tomorrow :)!!! I need to go and start fixing dinner, like tacos made out of ground turkey meat. It tastes just as good as ground beef with all the seasonings in it and the salsa.

    JULIE - Hope all is well with you and awl. Just wanted to pop in and out for a bit and see you awl later.

    Love to everydobby,
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, saying your friend got rolfed sounds like like she got roughed up. Well,
    maybe it was both. As for growing an inch, my aunt said the same thing over
    half a century ago. She was about 5 feet tall; my uncle was 6' 4". (Same as
    Lincoln.) My aunt was thrilled after she took up Hatha yoga. Reported she
    grew an inch.

    What sort of concert did you attend? And how did operation Tag the Truck go?
    Speaking of pesky trucks reminds me. It's been a year, maybe two since we
    had a film crew on our street. I have seen a few in the neighborhood, but not
    close enough to interfere with our parking. Actually it's only on the two
    street sweeping days that it's a problem. I don't think I ever heard of a fire
    in the Everglades before.

    I looked up author Randy Wayne White. He's written lots of books; lives on
    Sanibel Island. Used to be a fishing guide. Most of his books are e books or
    on CD. I put one of the old fashioned kind on hold. Hope you get your exercise
    in this morning.

    Not much going on here. Went to the bank to cash a $100 savings bond yesterday.
    It actually paid $100.24 cents. High finance is so confusing. I still have to send
    a donation to the museum fund in Minnesota, but I'm holding off. Gordon and
    I are still coughing. I don't want to be a transmitter of this nasty plague. Jeff
    and little Buddy came by. We gave both Jeff and Stephanie at the bank some

    Another friend with a dog stopped by. She had a tragic story to tell. Her brother
    disappeared a week or so ago. He went to Las Vegas and just vanished. The
    situation is especially alarming because she reports he is a ex meth addict.
    Doesn't look good.

    Hope everdobby is doing OK. Hugs.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Porchies,

    Slept well and woke to a nice mild morning with no trace of smoke in the air. My allergies are bad and a lot of others are complaining about allergies. Don't know what is causing it. I haven't written about the kitties much but there is nothing much to tell except that they are sooooo good and sooooo sweet. Like a fine wine, they just get better with time.

    Concert was a blast--literally. The River City Band is normally a 28-piece band but, in the summer, they break up into smaller groups and do small venue concerts. There were eight of them last night: Three trumpet; a French horn; drums, a trombone; a euphorium (a baritone tuba-like instrument) and a tuba. The tuba player did most of the arranging and it was the arranging which made it fantastic. He came down to talk to the couple in front of us during intermission and talked to us too. I had a chance to tell him I loved the arrangements. He is from Scotland and has a beautiful accent. He did the talking between numbers and was a great comic. The band not only did patriotic music but also some jazz and blues. Very talented musicians. Band is 32 years old.

    I knew the couple in front of us but just can't place them. I've seen him on TV and I think it was on PBS. It'll come to me eventually. She was very friendly but he wasn't. I laughed and told my dear old friend that he couldn't sing his dirty version of Yankee Doodle Dandy out loud. He actually played the euphorium for years in school bands, including when he attended Perdu. I think our next concert is the symphony and I think they are playing Vivaldi. I love baroque music. Well, that and the Russian composers. They have such passion.

    Rock, yes, my dear old friend and I saw the truck as we approached his condo bldg. It was parked in such a way that I had a clear path to the driver's side window. I never want to have to tow anyone's vehicle and that's why we do everything we can to avoid it. I gave him til Mon. to call mgmt. The whole street sweeping sounds like a pain in the neck. It's like musical chairs but with cars. Was the book you put on hold one of Randy Wayne White's books? I just found his writing was to books as junk food is to nutrition. I'm not going to the pool this weekend. I just don't feel up to it. I need to get things back to normal inside and let myself rest. Next week is soon enough. I do miss the feeling of fitness I get from working out even thought it leaves me so tired. Geez, I'm so impressed with your financial investing. Nice of you to use your wealth for a good purpose. I hope you and Gordon get rid of that nagging cough. I have never understood why we seemingly recover from viruses and, yet, the cough sticks around. I hope your friend finds her brother. That's alarming.

    Granni, your tacos sound so good. I've been meaning to make a run to the border (Taco Bell) because I can get several things without having to cook. I want to run over to Sanibel to pick up those tee shirts so, maybe, I'll stop by the Bell for lunch but not today. I need to run to Publix for just a few things so will grab lunch there. How's your weather? DD said that when it rains, the little creek, behind and below their yard, swells to about five times its normal width. Coyotes are living back there. Their dog, Nigel, is a Chow/Neufie and is big enough that they don't bother him. He chases them out. I was blinded by the rain which came down on us on our way back from Sanibel. It was scary. Wish I could stop in and eat some of your tacos with you. Mmmmm!

    Julie, I hope we haven't heard from you because you are busy with the kids and having some summer fun. Let us know how you are doing. I hope we hear from our other Porchies too.

    Sun, I know this is a sad time for you. Today is the anniversary of my Mom's death. From my perspective, it's sad but I know from her perspective, it's the anniversary of her going home to Heaven. From all I've read about near-death experiences, Heaven is more beautiful and peaceful than we can ever imagine. I'm trying to be good so I have a shot at getting there. Take care of yourself.

    Dar, hope things are going better for you and your DD. Let us know.

    Barry, haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you are OK.

    Diane, hope you, Kevin and the kitties are doing well.

    Spring, hope the tremors have settled down and you are safe and sound.

    For all our Porchies, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    His Kids

    I keep typing "His" instead of "Hi". Uff-da! I got outta the house yesterday. Usually
    I let Gordon do all the chores. Walking isn't too much of a problem, but standing makes
    my back hurt. Wouldn't you think it would be the other way round? Anyhoo we went
    to the library and to the market. I bought some red grapes for me and some canned
    kitty food for you know who.

    The reason I went along on the expedition was because of all the carrying. We had to
    return 14 books and pick up 13 plus lug the groceries. Gordon does most of the lugging.
    We drove by our neighborhood park. The Lotus Festival is underway. We took my
    mother years ago. She had a good time. I am now too much of a curmudgeon to
    enjoy hot weather, noisy crowds and over priced food and trinkets. Here's a
    pic from Echo Park showing the lotus flowers and either a person in a hat or
    a garden troll.


    Julie, maybe David can add trees of the Bible to his tree house sermon. I
    read there are about 50 plants mentioned in the Bible including several
    trees: sycamore, apple, sandalwood, olive and pine for example.

    Where is the Children's Museum? We have one in LA in the civic
    center near the historic Biltmore Hotel. The Oscar dinner used to
    be held there in the days before it was a public ceremony.

    My son and I went to the museum once, but it was closed for several months
    so they could dust off the employees or some such.

    Sorry your allergies are on the warpath, Mikie. Mine used to be worse decades
    ago. One of the few conditions that has gotten better rather than worse. I
    am a great admirer of the euphonium. I'm not sure if it's the same as the
    baritone horn or if they are just similar. Anyway we had one in our H.S. band.
    It was played by a gal named Pauline. Had the most beautiful mellow tone.

    Meredith Wilson mentions the euphonium in his song 76 Trombones. "Double-
    belled euphoniums and big bassoons." BTW we used to go to a vet who
    had a trombone hanging on the wall of his office. But a most unusual trombone.
    Not one with a slide, but with valves like a cornet. And two bells. The "bell"
    is not something you ring. It's the part of a horn that is shaped like a
    funnel. It's where the music comes out.

    OK, going back to bed. Hugs, Everydobby
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Can't say, "Good Morning," cause it's afternoon. My dear old friend, Bee, and I sat out and had coffee. My good friend, Nancy, came by with her little dog, Chewy, and they came up and sat a spell with us. Chewy always looks up to see whether anyone is out on the Balcony. If I call out, he will strain at the leash and bound up the stairs like a puppy. When he's ready to leave, he taps Nancy on the leg with his foot. He's such a sweet dog and I love him so much. What a nice way to start my Sunday.

    After Bee and Nancy left, I decided to go to Target to pick up some really good deals on steaks, kitty treats and kitty litter. I decided to take two of the chairs I had bought there back to see whether they would do anything about them. They weren't used much but broke in the same place. I didn't have receipts but was able to show them that they still carry the same chairs. I also told them I didn't pay full price but got them on sale. They took my word for what I paid and gave me a gift card in that amt. I'm glad I decided to try to get my money back because there is obviously a design flaw in that they broke in exactly the same place. I looooove Target!

    Julie, I am so sorry you have to keep on going over things with GPA. I know it must be so hard to have to explain to him that it is his own child, and not you, who is causing problems. You shouldn't have to defend working in your own yard instead of his. His own child should be doing that. It's little enough for the free home she is living in. I know he appreciates all you do for him but, with his strokes, he probably forgets just how much you do for him. It doesn't hurt for him to be reminded. Losing a child, either through miscarriage or being stillborn, is a huge loss. I also lost my first baby almost 50 years ago due to miscarriage. DD#2 lost their first child through miscarriage too. As you know, it's not something we ever "get over." We always feel a child is missing in our lives. I hope and pray you get some time to yourself and some rest. You deserve it.

    Rock, I had written "euphorium" instead of euphonium and am laughing at my mistake. I wonder whether one buys a euphorium at an emporium. Does playing it make one happy? Can one only play works in a major key? Your description did ring a bell. I have a music appreciation book which shows all the instruments in a full orchestra. It's interesting. I played the typical clarinet. Reed instruments can be tricky. Thanks for the beautiful pic of the Lotus. I find water flowers fascinating. BTW, I found the source of the mealy bugs. I had a big philodendron in the corner of the lanai. It is infested with them and aphids. Yikes! I took it downstairs and will have to spray it. Don't see any evidence of infestation of any of my other orchids. My allergies are gone (knocking on wood). They were only bad for a couple of days.

    BTW, Kids, I won $10 on one of my scratch-off lotto tickets. That paid for the two I've scratched. I'm ready to go for the "$10 Thousand Dollars A Week For Life" ones. Geez, don't know what I'd do if I ever won big. I got soooo excited over the $10. There are all kinds of prizes.

    I'm back to the pool in the morning. Thank God! I need to get back to it. I'm doing nothing else today. I got a lot of sleep yesterday and last night and my hips and legs feel soooo much better. I think lack of sleep accounts for a lot of my problems--probably for a lot of all our problems. I wish you all good rest, a good day and a great night.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have been thinking of you today JULIE and your little family traveling today and David preaching. Hope all goes well. Sorry you are still feeling yucky but with all you have to put up with, it almost sounds impossible to get rid of all the stress. If all goes well with David and they move , I know you will miss them all so much but maybe the daily stress won't be as bad with Gpa living with you now.

    Hope you got to go on your early morning walk and it has cleared your head some. I can imagine the drive with Lindsey , David and the kids. Hope all goes well and poor Lindsey with little or no sleep. Poor kid I guess she is somewhat used to it though. Hope David does well on his sermon. I remember those days. Hard on the mommy and daddy too. Wondering now I how I survived with 4 children two years apart and then another in 5 years or close to it.

    Let us know when you hear anything from David or Lindsey about the moving situation. Hope all went well for them and his sermon and that everything went nice and smoothly for everyone.

    MIKIE - Sorry if is around the anniversary time of a loved one's death. I do not remember who you said. Also , I can't imagine like JULIE said losing a baby, even if it hadn't been born yet. That is just awful. A friend of mine had 1 son and he died of cancer and he was in his 30's or so I think. That is just as tragic. Hope Isaiah's earache is better. I had one with lots of earaches and they were not fun for anyone.

    Went to church this morning. Have dinner engagement tonight unfortunately it is our dinner group and most of the time we meet outdoors and it is so hot out. It is a big group so not to many people have room for all those people inside or outside but this is outside - whew !!! Nothing that new here but got a surprising e-mail from someone in the Czech Republic who is in the line of my mother somewhere and wanted us to trade info. Very interesting, it must be just as frustrating for him as me and he can understand both languages :)!!! One thing he sent me was an incorrect census so it is back to the drawing board for him unless I can find it. I haven't done any genealogy in quite some time. I love it but seems like no time or no NRG or both.

    Hi to awl. Need to get off for DH needs to do some work. Sorry I can't chat with everyone and really haven't read everyone's post very thoroughly. Thinking of everydobby !!

    MIKIE and ROCK - You both were posting as I was and I have to go back and read it. HUGZ to awl !!

    Granni :)

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