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    OK, Kids

    Start Your Engines. Have at it.
    Ready, set, go. The time has come.
    Wagons, Ho. Bon voyage.
    Open the Throttle Blast off.

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    Hi Kids

    Julie, looks like Den saved your Sunflower House. I also see some blue and pink
    is the last picture. What else is growing there? So Josiah is a year old already.
    Seems like the little fellow just got here. I wonder if he'll be called Joe when
    he gets older. Great pics that you posted with Lorraine.

    Granni, it's hot here too. I don't know what the temps have been. High 80s
    I guess. Yesterday we were out gardening. Gordon was repotting an orchid, and
    I was watering the long beans and the succulents and the bamboo. We got some
    rain! But not enough to fill a tea cup. A few scattered drops fell for a minute or
    so. With regard to sherbet and ice cream, I remember some gals discussing same
    at the office. Just checked on the net. A couple sites say sherbet has fewer calories
    than ice cream, but often contains more sugar. Who'd a thunk it?

    Mikie, how wonderful that Sir Vester feels good enough to play and invent games.
    I remember you said he used to spend his days hiding under cars. The news is
    so terrible today. Well, maybe it always has been. Anyway there are so many
    stories about child and animal abuse. I skip over them. Too upsetting to read.

    Gee, a Pina Colada sounds wonderful. Haven't had one for years. Haven't had
    anything with alcohol for years. When I tasted a margarita a year or two ago
    it was so nasty I threw it out. It's my distorted taste syndrome. On the other
    hand, makes it easy to lose weight. I now weigh less than I did when I was in my
    20s. Too bad I don't feel like I did then. Too bad we all don't.

    Diane, I know whatcha mean. Failing to post is not the equivalent of ignoring. It
    just means we are not up to it at the time. I hope both you and Faithy are much
    better soon. You're right about balancing those meds. Hard to get the right
    combination. Tricky for the doc. Even trickier for us. Regards to Kevin.

    Springwater, I don't understand what kinda grubs you have in Nepal that
    don't turn into insects. The do here: by definition. And if MAO is not
    Chairman Mao, what is it? (That shows up in the crosswords BTW.) And
    what are coldarins? I looked up "Kurta". I read it was a hip length shirt
    with no collar in India. Except the picture shows men in India must
    have really low hips.


    Never heard of mango powder, but I just read the autobiography of the guy who
    was the assistant director on the film Apocalypse Now. It was filmed in the
    Phllippines. Several weeks were spent in the filming in the jungle. The only
    amenity the camp offered the crew was mango ice cream.

    Hi Sun. I was introduced to Mexican food when I was a freshman in college. There
    was one such restaurant in St. Paul. A few years later it was destroyed in a fire.
    It moved to downtown Minneapolis. The prices went up substantially. The food
    was still wonderful. Now I haven't had Mexican food for several years. Never
    tried Caribbean cuisine. Gordon would probably like it. He is more adventurous
    than I. I used to make pretty good guacamole. We had an avocado tree in the
    backyard. People at work were always glad to see me come in with a paper bag.
    "Did you bring avocados.?"

    Better go. Hugs Everydobby.
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    Good Morning, My Online Family,

    Hope all y'all had a good night's sleep. I did pretty well myself until 5:00 this morning. Last night, I put the kitties out about an hour early. I grabbed Sir Vester from his nesting spot in the bedroom and carried him out to the lanai. Tweety came running out and I left him out there with her. When I picked him up, he was so shocked to see that I had outfoxed him. This is probably good for my brain to have to figure out how to stay two steps ahead of him but what does it say that this is increasingly difficult for me to do? I didn't find the detangler at the store but he lets me cut the knots out of his fur without too much trouble. It's easier than having them snagging on the comb. When I am through, I show him the fur I removed and he always seems satisfied that more knots have been removed. This morning, Tweety chased him instead of the other way around.

    My guy on the board has been great and I hope it continues. I am getting another little hose housing unit to go at the other end of the pool and he will install it. Seems the exterminator tech left the door to the pump room at the pool wide open when he left. He also left the gate wide open to the storage/heater area. If a child got in there, it could drown in the pump room or get burned on one of the heaters. Yikes! :eek: Good thing Sam was at the pool to find it. We have had some vandalism at the pool and this would have been a good opportunity for someone to vandalize our equipment.

    It appears we may not have rain here this morning and, I guess, that means I should go to the pool. My heart just ain't in it but I haven't been there all week. Actually, I did not feel up to it so the rain was a handy excuse. TV news just did a segment on getting regular exercise in our senior years. A doc was speaking to how important it is for us to move. Hah! My doc told me to stop exercising in the pool. I don't want to stop; some days, I just don't feel up to it. Longitudinal study has shown the women who did as little as exercising once a week in the teen years now have less risk of all kinds of things. Well, I was a jockette in school and ever since until I got too sick to work out in 2000. Obviously, my illnesses are not ones which exercise deters. OTOH, I might have been worse off or not have been able to improve without it. Who knows?

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and running again. When I'm able, I read or watch the news but it is troubling so much of the time. I'm so sorry you don't get to enjoy your food. I also make a mean guacamole and my kids always want me to make it for them. Some chips, guacamole and a nice frozen tropical drink should be on the Food Paramid. Well, it's on mine. ;) Yes, when he lived outside with Tweety, Sir Vester would not come out from under the cars when it was hot out. His magnificent plumy tail was always dragging, literally. Now, his tail stands tall and he is a happy little guy. I envy you and Gordon for having a garden. That is one thing missing from condo life. Of course, I probably wouldn't have the NRG to keep up with one. There are community gardens across the road at the regional park but that's even more trouble. Am I lazy or sick? Some days, it's a fine line.

    Julie, I think you are right; you will likely be taking GPA to his PT. Don't know why sis expects someone else to take care of her battery problem. I take great satisfaction in living independently and it's a good thing because I have no one here to do those kinds of things for me. That is why I have AAA to fall back on in case my car needs something or I have a breakdown. They put in the battery that is in the Highlander now. The guy came to the condo, handed me an icy cold bottle of water and proceeded to run an analysis of the problem and put in the new battery. I have my mechanic but that's no good if the vehicle won't start. Geez, not only can you and Den watch TV at a more normal sound level but you can make out too. :rolleyes:

    Spring, you had asked about the Knights of Columbus (KC's). It is a fraternal organization for Catholic men in which they can do a lot of charitable work. There are several degrees through which they can rise. My Dad was a lifelong member and the KC's were at his funeral in full dress. It's really quite impressive to see them. They do a lot of good in the world. I'm sure Granni could give you more info on them. Hope you are not too hot. It was 80 degrees out at 6:00. AACK!!! :confused:

    Granni, wish I could remember what you posted about on the last Porch. Thought I could but my poor pea brain hasn't been working well for a while, ever since this relapse started. Are you getting any rain? I would think some would be welcome.

    Sun, I think that I missed replying to a post from you back on the other Porch when I was soooo tired and losing posts. If so, I'm sorry. Hope you'll be here soon.

    Diane, I hope all goes well for Faithy tomorrow. My kids have exhausted themselves and are now passed out, Tweety on the top of the loveseat and Sir Vester stretched out on the floor by my feet. I've been sweeping the floor on the lanai daily so whatever litter they spread won't turn to "cement" in the rain and humidity. Keep us updated.

    Well, Kids, I think I'll read the paper online. Don't know what the day will hold. I gave Sam the option of going to Lowe's to pick up the hose housing unit instead of my buying it. Mgmt. reimburses us within days of turning in receipts. I, on the other hand, have the corporate credit card and that makes it even easier. He volunteered to hook up the second unit. I could have bought it when I got the other one but didn't know whether it would work out OK. Sam tells me it looks beautiful. We now have the hose area on one end cleaned up with a nice new housing unit which matches our new trash bins. I just hope no one steals them. Someone stole our hose and winder from behind our pool house. I think it was workers who were onsite redoing a condo unit right next to the pool house. At least, they didn't take the ladder I keep in the storage area. I don't get thievery. Even if someone "gets away" with it, there is a bigger ledger being kept and we all have to give an accounting. It's easier to be good than to invite bad Karma into our spiritual lives.

    Have a grand day!

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning dear Porchies,

    Don't forget to check out the out PORCH where I and others have posted. Actually got to post a faily long one for a change.

    Probably need to get outside some this morning when DH gets back to work outside some before it gets too HOT. Thought I needed to check out the PORCH before getting dressed.

    ROCK - Thanks for starting up the new PORCH. Looks like you are right on top of things which is more than I can say for myself lately. Glad you seem to be coughing less and hope it continues. Thanks for such a long post.

    MIKIE - You are right about the bigger ledger being kept. That is a cute way of putting it. Better to be good than sorry, to put it simply. Sorry you have no get up and go to the pool today. Did you end up going to the pool? That is terrible when someone vandalizes things or steels stuff from others property. Many just never got the proper upbringing is what I think and then of course bad influences along the way. Thanks for giving SPRING WATER some info on the K of C. You got it pretty right on what you told her about the group..

    JULIE - Hope you are still hanging in there, as they say. Do you ever stay home to get things done??? Maybe now however, with just Gpa around you can try and start thinking a little more of yourself besides Gpa. Just remember no more going over to his house to mow. I am sure that is what you know who expects. Love all those pics of your flower house garden. It looks so pretty all posted up by Den. I think you said that you will be seeing Keira soon. I know you all with enjoy her and visa versa. Can't believe that school be starting up again soon. Have you been hearing from the kids in Tenn.? Where does David stay during the week?

    SUN - Hope you are doing well and staying moderately busy so you don't poop out from to much stuff:)!! Doing any painting lately??

    DIANE - Keep us abreast of your and Faithy's situation. Hope her urinalysis is a clear one with no problems. Hope you are also feeling and sleeping a little better. I know you will when all is right with Faithy.

    Thinking of everydobby. and have a lot to do so I had better run.

    Love to awl,
  5. Granniluvsu

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    P.S. I think I missed JULIE's last post. Sorry I missed it the first time. Hope David gets the law enforcement position then at least he will be with the family and keep looking for a ministering position. JULIE, so you ever take it easy?? I need to go and get dressed now. Probably should have tagged this one onto my last post. Sorry about your headaches again JULIE. To much to do and stress may be the cause or at least part of it. Glad you will get to see Amy, Keira and other family this weekend.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Didn't work out at all today or work outside but tried to get rid of some mold and hard water stains on the bottom of shower. The bottom of the floor or parts of it has lots of little cracks in it. It is synthetic marble and not new for sure. It got to looking better but is still stained. I have to do that more often with the bleach and water. I have been so concerned about putting bleach on the marble but I guess a little is OK esp after rinsing it off. I have been putting that off for ages. We finally also had it cleaned and regrouted a few weeks or so ago, at least the bottom worst part. Not sure when I will get to post tomorrow maybe in the afternoon.

    JULIE - That was a cute picture on FB and here about Gpa Denzyl and nice good news but I will let you tell that to everyone :)!!

    DIANE - Thinking of you and kitty Faithy . Hope all goes well tomorrow with her urinalysis and that all turns out well. Please let us know what is what when you hear. I know you and Kevin are worried about her, Prayers also coming your way.

    MIKIE - Hope you are also feeling better today.

    Thinking of everydobby and hope all are doing well.

    Bye for now.


    Granni :)
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    Granni: check this site out.....I just found this today. I went out today to buy all the necessary things to make this brush cleaner for my cordless drill but the size 5/16 was wrong....won't fit on the replacement brushes I bought today at Target so will have to go back to Lowes. But watching the video I think it's a terrific idea.


    I took my visiting dog for a walk today at a local mountain trail.......I've come to the conclusion she doesn't like to walk and when she gets stubborn she refuses to walk any further so I had to turn around and go back. But I do need to make this early morning walk daily. I went wednesday to a "dance" exercise class again.....this time it was a tad better with my energy.

    Then I went this afternoon to my art group, but didn't end up painting. Didn't like the way mine was turning out, did some scrubbing out, and had to let it dry. So I just watched one of my friends paint while the rest of us gabbed.....works for me.

    My DD called a little while ago from Maui. She said there's a hurricane approaching the island by sunday and they're all hoping it will turn. She already told her husband she WASN'T getting on a plane on monday morning if there's still turbulance. I said......stay a few more days if they had to.
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    Rock - MAO. monoamine oxidase inhibitor, i think it freezes anxiety impulses, something like that. Yes. That is a kurta..for the women, a kind of shawl is added to drape over the shoulders...tho i tend to dispense with those as i find it cumbersome, unless its a dinner out or something. Kurtas are very versatile, as one can have plain ones for regular wearing and elaborate ones with mirror work etc..for somewhere more dressy.

    Mikie - thank you for Knights of columbus explanation. Its very interesting and such good work.
    I would love to have that detangler...some weeks ago, post earthquake, i literally was scouring the net for 'ways to detangle knotted hair'! It wasuch a stressful time, i hadnt really properly combed out all my hair and the knots kept getting worse. I hadbought a detangler for my mum years ago, she had hair like straw. But i dont remember seeing one at the supermarket. Im so tempted to cut off my hair, get a boycut or something but again, i like wearing mine long. But its such a pain to take care of. Ive been ignoring my vitamins, minerals...due to, well not really feeling sprightly enough and its telling on my hair which again needs a touch up.

    Julie - Den is such a sweetheart to replant the rainwashed sunflowers...and now look at them.! Doesnt Oreo trample the plants? Here, we hv a job keeping the pooches out of newly planted flowers, they like to sniff and dig and scrabble in the earth.

    I hope everything gets sorted out with David and his work, Grandpa and that your headache goes away soon..really seems like those are tension headaches. Too many unexpected changes coming all at once.

    I hope you have a good visit with Keira and Amy. It will be good to see them..maybe Keira can help cook with you, or go for a long walk or a picnic. And then theres always shopping or browsing.

    Sun - i like that you are exercising..i know i ought to, i keep walking up and down the stairs but some parts of me arent getting stretched..my neck, hips, shoulders, where most tension stays, i look forward to seeing more of your painting work.

    Granni - have a good day..

    Its been raining a lot...yesterday was Full Moon and Guru Poornima, a day of prayers and worship for teachers...spiritual teachers that is, they had a special programmeat the Pranic Healing centre which i couldnt go to...i was behind in my housework and it poured heavily too just at the right time.

    I made use of our extra milk by making halwa..a dessert of semolina, and clarified butter and sugar with cardamom seasoning. I ask the men not to eat meat on Full Moon days so made mushroom curry, it tasted somewhat meat like.

    The DH had gone on a short trip to india and came back with a couple of kurta salwars for me, and indian pears, cashew nuts and duty free Toblerone and Daim chocolates for son.
    He has a horribly sweet tooth. I did not like the clothes at first but when i tried them on, they were a perfect fit, and looked good too. So, happy about that. Looks like this years clothes wardrobe is done. Id just given two outfits to be stitched.

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  9. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I hope everydobby had a nice Blue Moon Friday yesterday. Sam didn't want to be bothered with the paperwork involved in buying the new hose housing, turning in the receipt and getting a reimbursement check. So, I dragged myself to Lowe's after working out in the pool, and got it. I left it in the berry back of the Highlander and left it unlocked. Sam and his wife went to the pool and he installed the new housing. She tore out old bougainvilla plants in two planters at the pool and cleaned them up. Both are work horses and I really appreciate their help. I appreciate it even more that he is being so civil. We even joked and laughed on the phone. Perhaps now, he won't be so upset all the time. We'll see. It's like some kind of invisible wall has come down with us. I'm not one to carry a grudge so the ball is in his court. Everyone who sees the new hose housings loves them. They look so much more upscale, match the trash bins and keep the ugly coiled-up hoses out of sight.

    I was glad I went to the pool but my friends were not there. After all this rain, the pool wasn't as warm as it usually is but not so cold that I couldn't take it. Joe, the last angry man that I managed to turn, came over and talked to me from the edge of the pool. That meant I had to run in place instead of running laps. He's a big talker and he tends to repeat himself and tell long stories over and over. Still, I'd rather this than the angry ranting. He has actually joined the board of his bldg. and has learned just how things work in terms of what is the big POA board's responsibility and what is the responsibility of individual bldgs. Misunderstanding those distinctions was at the heart of his initial angry outburst. He keeps apologizing for that and I tell him it's water under the bridge. He has a man living in his bldg. who is upset all the time because he doesn't understand. Now, Joe can help deal with him.

    I didn't get anything else done yesterday, including taking my garbage to the dumpster. I have it bagged to go but was beat yesterday when I got home after working out and shopping at Lowe's. While I was there, I picked up a box of Terro Ant Traps. I keep them to give to our bldg.'s residents when they see just a few ants inside. I also found a beautiful teal blue pot for one of Barb's plants. It's variegated Italian oregano and she's had it for ages. She was shocked that I took care of it for her back when she wasn't speaking to me and had gone up North. She keeps buying cheap plastic pots and the sun destroys them. This pot is glazed terra cotta and it beautiful. I think she'll be thrilled when she sees it. It matches her new welcome mat but the mat is already faded. That's why I don't buy that kind. They don't last and are the devil to sweep clean. I guess she is coming down in Sept. She and Joe are friends and both have lost their spouses so they have a unique understanding.

    Granni, I didn't get into too many details on the K of C but I think most people know about service and fraternal orgs. so I just hit the highlights. Is the floor of your shower real marble or the faux marble? You can probably find out how to care for it online. Real marble can stain and hard water is not good for it. Every few years, I have to scrape out the caulk around the floor of mine and redo it (floor of shower is tiled). Same with tub in the guest bath. I've finally gotten fairly good at doing it. Not one of my favorite DIY jobs. We don't have a lot of vandalism nor theft but we lost toilet paper and garbage bags before I locked them up in the pool baths. Our vandalism over there was limited to someone's smearing poop all over both baths. Our poor handyman had to clean it up! AACK!!! :confused:

    Julie, adorable pic of GPA with his license plate. Wow those plates where huge back then. They look like the ones I saw in Europe. If my math is correct, it makes GPA 94. Wow! All things considered, he's doing pretty well for 94. I think your sweet, caring help is probably responsible for his holding the line. Had you not been there for him, I believe he could have gone downhill fast. Do you harvest the sunflower seeds for yourself or let the squirrels have them? Mom always had problems with the squirrels when her sunflowers were ripe with seeds. I went outside this week and heard one of the squirrels, who has a condo in one of our palm trees, making the saddest moaning sound. I walked over to the tree and just talked to him. He seemed to be comforted by my voice so I spent a few minutes just hanging out with him. After I left, he stopped keening. Just call me the squirrel whisperer. :)

    Sun, I'm laughing at your guest dog's refusing to walk. Sounds just like a two-year-old kid lying down on the floor in protest. My big granddog does that when he knows he's in trouble. He lies down and makes himself limp so he can't be picked up. Sir Vester does that at bedtime when I actually manage to grab him. What he fails to realize is that he's small enough that I can pick him up. Last night, he was on the bed. I got up and walked by as though I weren't interested in him. I got next to him and whipped myself around and grabbed him. At the last minute, he realized I had outfoxed him again but it was too late. Glad you got to just chat at the art class. Sometimes, that is what is needed. Hope DD is OK with that storm coming. There is one tropical depression out in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa. We don't worry about them until they are close to us.

    Spring, that kurta sounds like a really versatile garment. I'll bet you do look lovely in them. People with nice trim figures usually look good in most everything. It's soooo nice that you can get your clothes tailored to fit. It's also nice that DH knows you so well he can buy ready-made clothing which fits. Publix got in more of those denim cargo shorts so I got another pair of khaki ones. I got one size smaller as I'm continuing to lose weight and even the new ones are roomy. It's been sooooo hot here that shorts are more comfortable than Capri pants or peddle pushers. When my hair gets too dry and fly away, I just put a good heavy-duty conditioner in it when I shampoo it. My hair is short and fine so it really doesn't get tangled. For longer hair, they recommend putting the conditioner in the hair dry, covering it with plastic wrap, heating it with a blow dryer and leaving it in a while. If you can find one with Argan oil or coconut oil, or just put the oil in it directly, it should restore the shine and texture. Wish I could still wear my hair long but, at this age, I look like a floozy. Not everyone does but I do. We don't do anything here for the full moon but, as I've mentioned before, a full moon always energizes me. I woke this morning with a bit of a bounce in my step. Don't know how long it will last, though.

    There has been rain all along the coast this morning. I haven't seen the weather on TV so don't know how long it will last. Want to take my garbage down to the dumpster but don't want to get wet. I need to shower this morning and do my hair. I started to print out the proposals to fix the loose pavers around our pool deck and to completely redo the pool itself but my printer paper jammed so I still have a few pages to print. I need to spend some time studying these proposals and will try to interview the vendors, especially for the pool. In years past, the president and board didn't perform due diligence and it's all coming back to bite us in the behind. I've sworn that I will not do this and will take every precaution so we don't have shoddy work performed in here. FL is starting into another real estate bubble and it's really difficult to even get contractors to give bids for work. This is not supposed to be like the last bubble, thank God. Still, the courts here are inundated with foreclosures.

    Ooh, ooh, weather is on. Looks as though we won't get more rain this morning but more is likely to fall this afternoon. Good. I can take the garbage down without getting soaked. It's cooler so I think I'll try to clean around here. Tomorrow, I really need to look at the proposals. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from two trips to the dumpster for garbage and recyclables. It is sooooo humid out that just walking down there and back left me dripping sweat. AACK!!! I had showered and done my hair and hated to get all sweaty. I had a frizzy spot right in the front so sprayed some "It's A 10" keratin treatment on it and it's so much better. I also did a bit of a trim but, in this weather, nothing really helps. Whine, whine, whine!

    Julie, it just never seems to stop for you or even to pause. That "big ledger" of which I spoke must be very heavy in black ink for you. I'm sorry the chiro didn't seem to help. Hope your tune up goes better. You don't sound blah. You sound like your usual busy self. When my Mom was living with me, I just explained to her that I simply could not go on screaming at her so she could hear me and I couldn't stand having her scream back. It's not fair to your family that he can't hear and plays the TV so gawd-awful loud. Of course, reasoning with him isn't easy. They make earphones he can put on when he watches TV so others aren't bothered. Good luck.

    I'm soooo pooped from my foray out into the world of sweat that I don't know whether I have the NRG to do much else. Still, getting the stuff down to the dumpster and trimming my hair are significant progress. If I can do only one or two things a day, everything will eventually get done. I just never seem to get ahead of the curve so I can do things I love.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - Thanks for the site but couldn't find the ingredients/. Gotta run for now
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: if you go to that site, scanned down to the "shopping list" you'll see that he's done tests using bleach, vinegar, oxiclean, etc. So I bought a box of the oxiclean yesterday. I have to go back to Lowes for the correct size of hex bolt to fit my cordless drill AND the brush replacement. Months ago I spent $$ to have the grout professionally cleaned. Never again because the water that the machine left seeped into some baseboards and warped them at the bottom. I HATE dirty grout so I'm trying this method.

    Mikie: I HATE humidity!!!!!! My body can't take it.....I feel sorry for everyone who has to live with it. It's been very humid here, but today I think it's lifted a little.

    Julie: are you familiar with trigger points in the neck and shoulders which will give headaches big time. I bought the book, Trigger Point Therapy Workbook years ago and it's really helped me. When I start to get headaches BAD I search the muscles around my neck and shoulders for places that are hurting and sure enough, I've got some. I tried a chiropractor AND PT for this bad pain, but nothing has helped more than doing it myself each day.

    Diane: worry accomplishes nothing except giving us anxiety. I know.....because I've put in many years of this awful habit and it's pointless. I'm trying hard to practice deep breathing, sitting quietly, when I start this up again.

    Spring: Is not giving the men meat a religious thing or are you trying to get them healthy? Your dessert sounds yummy. I love the taste of cardamom in cookies.

    I drug myself out this morning to my front yard and started to blow the leaves from the neighborhood trees that seem to collect on my little plot of land. That led to more and more blowing and by the time I was finished I had almost filled a trash container and was filthy, so after an hr. I had to come in and shower again.

    I keep forgetting to tell all of you.....I caught 3/4 of a program on PBS by Dr. Christiane Northrup......it's wonderful! And what surprised me is she was talking about diabetes and she said that Alzheimers should be relabeled type 3 diabetes. What a shock. And lately I've reading more and more about the sugar connection with ALZheimers. Anyway, check your TV listing for her special show.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE - So happy to see your post that all was done. Now we wait.!!! Try not to worry so much but I know that is awfully hard but really is pointless. Hang in there sweetie !! Let us know when you find out the result. Need to go out to dinner with DD and DSIL. So I can't stay on.

    Love, Granni more later.
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Woke up about 2 AM. The feral cat was waiting at the back door. Quite possibly
    she'll be back around 6-7 AM for more. Gordon had a upset tummy yesterday. We
    haven't figured out why. He's fine now. I am the same as usual, possibly a little more
    cranky than usual since I haven't watched Lucy for a week. The station keeps
    showing episodes it showed a week or two ago. I don't understand it. There are
    179 episodes. What is the problem? That station has some 'plaining ta do.

    There are still a few tomatoes left. One of Gordon's friends from the orchid club
    came by yesterday. We gave him about 3 dozen, I guess. Oh, that reminds me
    of something I hadn't thought of for 50 years or more. Tomato Aspic. People
    still make that stuff? My mother made it now and then for big family dinners or
    when her friends were coming over to play bridge. Anyhoo you mix unflavored
    gelatine with V8 juice, some spices, and chopped carrots and onions. It's colorful,
    but not really worth eating.

    Sun, I hope the hurricane misses Maui. As they say in Hawaiian, Humuhumunu-
    kunukuapua. (I believe that's the name of the state fish.) Here's a pic of the
    state bird; shows up in the crosswords; the nene.

    Julie, great pic of Gpa and the license plate. Reminds me of days gone by. When I
    was a kid the states issued a new metal license plate every year. Several garages
    in town had the old plates hanging on the wall. Some going back 30 years. And some garages had decades of old magazines gathering dust. Almost always Life or
    Saturday Evening Post or National Geographic. Sorry to hear about the
    headaches. Is the chiro usually able to help?

    Mikie, What color is that glazed terra cotta anyway? I'm not sure what it is. I mean
    glazed means frosting on your do-nut. and cotta is cheese and terra means Earth
    (as in terra firma) unless you are talking about Scarlet O'Hara and Tara. (Tara
    was the home of Irish Kings.)

    As for getting ahead of the curve, Albert Einstein predicted back in the 30s that
    rays of light could be bent by gravity. 43 years later, astronomers proved him right.
    But you'll have to run pretty fast to stay ahead of those light rays.

    Diane, glad to hear the vet is making progress with Faithy. Hope the results are
    OK. Hope all of you are fine. On the old Amos and Andy show they used to say,
    (speaking for the sponsor) "Good health to all from Rexall." Now Amos and Andy
    are gone and so is Rexall. And radio programming with real programs is gone too.

    Granni, how is your marble shower doin'? Reminds me of a story. One I probably
    posted before. Anyhoo, in the days when I was working I went to another attorney's
    office to take a deposition. We did so in a very nice library with a long table that
    had a striking top. Pink marble. About the same shade as the pink frosting on the
    do-nut I mentioned above. So I said something sorta vague like, "Wow! Some
    table." The opposing attorney said one of their clients imported marble and had
    given them the table. I said, "Very impressive. And if you and your 2 partners
    ever split up, you can cut it in 3 pieces. You'll each have a tombstone." He
    didn't think that was the least bit funny.

    Springwater, Oops! I typed Sunflower by mistake. I make so many mistakes now.
    Takes a lot of proofreading to look this cheap as Dolly Parton said. Anyhoo, I
    wouldn't want to take any kind of inhibitor. I'm already too inhibited. Or do I
    mean inhabited? What do ladies in Nepal do about their hair? Do they go to
    the beauty parlor. Do they give each other home permanents? My mother and
    her friends did that a lot back in the 50s. When I came home from school and
    detected that pungent chemical odor half a block from the house, I knew it
    was another Toni Home Permanent Day.

    With regard to cardamom, I read it comes from a plant in the ginger family.
    I also read it's made from the seeds of various plants. The Norwegians use
    it in baked goods. About ten years back Gordon was gonna buy some so
    we could make cookies. Turned out it cost about 40 bucks an ounce. More
    than an ounce of gold cost when I was a teen. Uffda!

    Hugs Everydobby
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Another night of good sleep and waking to the now usual gray skies. Rain is supposed to stay up the coast but the clouds are staying here. I don't really care. My work today will be reviewing proposals from contractors for the resetting of the pavers along the edge of our pool deck and for complete renovation of our pool. The printer jammed so I have to go back to the e-mail attachment to see what I need to print out. This printer is a real pain!

    Yesterday, I fixed my garlic seafood pasta. I got some of Publix's frozen scallops which are coated in garlic butter. I added the rest of the shrimp from my Costco shrimp salad and a jar of garlic Alfredo sauce. Mmmmmm! Soooo good! I have enough for several more meals. I will have gotten five meals from those shrimp. I only had to use half the scallops and the other half will make the next pasta dish. I cooked enough pasta so I can buy some Italian sausage and some marinara sauce and have a couple of more meals. I love being able to extend my food like this.

    My soul-mate friend, Richard, called me yesterday. As usual, we had the most wonderful chat. When I talked to his Mom on her 90th birthday, she asked me to come up to NC to visit her. Her family reunion is the 3rd Sat. of August every year. Richard asked me to come up to see him in Myrtle Beach, SC and we could drive together to the reunion. That's only two weeks away. Or, he said I could come up later in the year and we would drive up. His business is soooo busy that he hasn't had time to come down to see me. I think it would be better to wait until the fall, after the busy summer real estate season, and we could drive up to see her. His business seems to be busy all year but he does drive to see her all the time. I am starting to come out of my relapse a bit and might feel better by then. Also, I checked the weather and it's hotter in NC than it is here. Yikes!!! :confused: Ninety-six. She lives in a more mountainous area so it might be a little cooler there.

    I think I mentioned that my TX kids want me to meet them in NYC for Thanksgiving but I don't think I'll go. Richard thinks I should but, again, I have to weigh everything. Even with reasonable hotel rooms and flights, it would be an expense which would trouble me. If I find my health isn't good, I would lose money on the flight, unless I were to take Southwest Airlines, which I hate. Lagaurdia Airport will be closed, putting even more pressure on Newark and JFK. Then, I would have to get a taxi into the city to the hotel. It may just be more expense and hassle than I want to endure. I haven't seen their home in TX so, I think, I'd rather fly there if I can find a reasonable flight. Last year, at Thanksgiving, it would have cost $800, too much to go from FL to TX, and there is a layover, making it a long flight. Limited health and limited funds make it a big deal to travel. I feel blessed that my loved ones desire my presence but I have to weigh everything.

    Diane, I've just sent up a prayer for you all. I hope Faithy's results are good. In the meantime, maybe you can find something to distract you from worrying.

    Granni, hope you can come back to stay a bit. Good luck with the shower floor project.

    Sun, we stay inside or go to the beach or pool this time of year but I still have to do some things outside and the humidity kills me. It's not so bad if I don't have to exert myself or when there is a breeze. When I first traveled to CA, I thought it was humid there and it was, compared to arid CO. Dry climes aren't good for the skin. So many older people in CO who are outside a lot have tan, dry and wrinkled skin, especially on their faces. I also press on the trigger points around the spine and shoulders. It hurts like the dickens to press on them while taking deep breaths but, as I breathe and hold the pressure, the pain subsides. I think I saw part of the PBS show too. Seems as though all the docs are now pointing to sugar as the culprit in a lot of illnesses. PBS has some of the best health programs. Hope you can take it easy after all that yard work.

    Rock, sorry you are suffering from "Lucy" withdrawal. I go through withdrawal after binge viewing old TV series on Netflix or Prime. I just downloaded my free book from Amazon. As a Prime member, I get one or two free books each month, prelease. Most of them are only so-so reads but, hey, they're free, my favorite price. The new pot is the reddish clay that is the color of most terra cotta pots. The glaze is a beautiful teal/aqua blue. There is a small design pressed into the clay before firing which adds interest. I think Barb will be thrilled with it. Yes, don't think, even on my best days, that I can move at the speed of light. :) I find reading about Einstein's theories fascinating. Crazy thing is that no scientist knows why time only travels in one direction. Scientifically speaking, there is no reason that it shouldn't travel backward as well as forward. Don't we all find time travel compelling?

    TV news is showing two adorable rescue dogs which are up for adoption. These dogs were rescued from euthanasia at the pound and given a second chance. I pray they find forever homes.

    Gonna go back to reading the Sunday newspaper. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Nothing to exciting happening here. It is very hot out but went to do the treadmill and a couple of machines for a bit after church.

    DH is going to be doing a steak outside on the grill soon so I need to go and finish the mushrooms and other veggies, I just wanted to check out the PORCH today . I finally folded some clothes that were in the drier from yesterday :)!!

    JULIE - So glad you are getting to go on a little trip to Tenn with Amy and Keira before school starts again. I know that will make everyone happy.

    MIKIE - Your new pot sounds neat. Not doing any more right now with the bathroom shower stall floor. It looks a bit better but need to work on it some more without the bleach, I think I read something about baking soda and vinegar too. I have let it go for so long and was scared to touch it as I never had synthetic marble at all before.

    SUN - Thanks for your info too on the cleaning although the grout is OK now as most of it was removed and new put in.

    DIANE - Let us know about Faithy when you hear please. Hope and pray it will be good news for you all.

    Gotta run and start the shrooms :)!!!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Hope everydobby had a good weekend. Yesterday, I did basically nothing. I was soooo tired. I slept til 6:30 this morning. I woke feeling all confusicated and groggy. After my toast and coffee, I'm feeling a bit more alive. Kitties were so good to wait til I got up and they were hungry for their treats and wound up, chasing through the condo. Sky has light cloud cover and I woke too late to get the weather on the local channel. I think at the half hour, there will be local weather. It wouldn't bother me if I couldn't go to the pool today. I always hate to miss a day but today, I am not really up to it.

    Yesterday, I binge watched "Last Tango In Halifax." It's a good PBS Brit show. Netflix only has two seasons and the third season is running on PBS now. I'll wait til this season goes to Netflix so I don't miss any episodes. I also watched "The Bomb" on PBS. It more closely gave the story on WWII and our fear that Germany was ready to build an atomic weapon than other shows I've watched. When Germany surrendered, we found out they weren't ready to build one. The big question was whether we should go ahead with our own efforts to build one. The show covered the decision to drop the bombs on Japan and then, the arms race when the old Soviet Union and the United States both built the more powerful hydrogen bombs. It also covered the Cuban missile crisis. At the time, I had just graduated from H.S. and didn't realize just how dangerous it was.

    Following "The Bomb," PBS ran a two-part show called, "Uranium." It chronicled the history of uranium and explained just how an atomic reaction is made. It also explained why uranium 235 is needed to produce the reactions versus the more common uranium 238. When the atom was split, Einstein's E=MC2 was proved correct. Fascinating!

    I studied our proposals and don't understand the methods of two of the paver contractors. I'm not alone; the other board member here doesn't either. I've asked our asst. mgr., who talked to the contractors and procured the bids, to come to the Tues. mtg. to splain it to us. I still need to pour over the pool proposals for details. I rejected one out of hand because it was $10 thousand more than the other two. One of the two remaining gave all kinds of backup info on type of material used and referrals. I like that. The other only submitted the basic proposal. I will need to interview them once I'm satisfied with what they are proposing. I also need to look them up on Angie's List. Mgr. will check with the BBB to see whether they have any problems. This is really a huge responsibility.

    Granni, if it's faux marble, I'm surprised that there is any problem. That's the benefit of faux over the real thing. Real marble stains. When I got the stone countertop for my kitchen I opted for the man-made quartz over real granite. The quartz is real in that it has pieces of rock embedded in epoxy but it doesn't chip nor stain as granite can do. I hope you can get it clean. Do you have to seal it once it's cleaned up? I'm impressed that you worked out after church.

    Gonna go read the paper online. I'll check in later.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, Julie, another whirlwind of activity. You are like the little Energizer Bunny! I'm so glad you can do it but I know it takes its toll. So glad GPA has decided to get new hearing aids. Now if he just goes through with it... If he decides not to, when you talk to him, just move your lips but make no sound. He'll think his hearing is worse than he thought. I know, I know--dirty trick but, when dealing with the elderly, one sometimes has to resort to trickery. I hope your headaches get better.

    Just got back from the pool with the two Nancy's. We had a good gabfest and I got a good workout. Another friend, a neighbor came to the pool to ask me how to get a new pool key. He left his in Ohio. He's such a nice guy but very quiet and doesn't talk much about himself. His son died in his 40's last year of a heart attack and that was so very hard for him. He looks good and it's nice to have him back.

    I went out on the lanai with the kitties. Then, I got the broom and swept up the scattered litter. It's going to be another gray day. AACK!!! I am thankful that it didn't rain this morning; it's sposed ta this afternoon. I didn't feel like working out but, as usual, I'm glad I did. One of the Nancy's has been diagnosed with FMS. Her daughter has it. She is experiencing the pain and fatigue so the pool is good as far as the pain goes. She's in that stage where being too tired to do anything is so hard for her to reckon with. We talked about pacing herself when she has good days.

    I must be slowly climbing out of my relapse because the workout didn't leave me as tired as it usually does. Don't know whether that will translate into doing anything else today but it's good not to feel as though I've been hit by a Mack truck. Sir Vester is lounging out on the lanai as it's not so hot today. Tweety has opted for the comfort of the back of the loveseat in the living room. These loveseats were not expensive and there are permanent dips in the top of the backs from cat lounging. Oh, I spoke too soon. Sir Vester has come inside and is curling up in his little cat bed.

    Good thing we got our workout in because the thunderstorm is approaching shore here from the Gulf. It's a bit early but definitely heading our way. I am watching "The View." I always liked Rosie Perez when she acted on TV but can barely stand her as a TV host. She talks too loud, gets tongue tied and has the most annoying laugh. It makes watching unpleasant. Only Michael on "The Chew" has a more annoying laugh. I no longer watch that. I'm about to drop "The View" as well. I always liked Whoopie Goldberg too but her rants on "The View" without all the facts are getting to be too much. It's not as good a show as the early days. Whine, whine, whine!

    Rock, I see you are here but I think we will pass like ships in the night. I'll have to read your post when I return.

    Gonna go. Hope all y'all are having a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon dear PORCHIES,

    MIKIE - Glad that you are feeling a little more like yourself or should I say maybe energetic, if that is the right word. Glad also that you gals had a good gabfest as you called it. I would love to do that at the pool too. We do have some aerobics at the pool but it is so early first of all and the water has to be very warm for me. I also have to take the car to go, not that it is far but in our subdivision.. I agree with you on Whoopie whole heartedly. That is all I can say about that.

    JULIE - So glad that you and all will be going to see the kids in Tennessee soon. To bad that Den cannot go to but I now he has a crazy and busy work schedule and probably very hard to get away. Sorry you still have a headache. I also have the book on trigger points and need to get it out and really look at it again. My head, neck and shoulders are so very sore most of the time, especially in the back of my head. Hope you get your van all fixed up now so it will be all ready to go.

    Not sure if I mentioned that I had misplaced my keys and thought they were LOST. Well, we thought we had looked all over and gave up and went to the dealership and after paying $300 plus and having the new one programmed we came home. When DH came home from the bank after that he saw something on the floor in the garage. Guess what it was. It was in the middle of where the car would be and both of us thought we looked under there. AAAACK !!!! I really needed that $$ this month especially. Oh well, now I will be very careful of it. Now we have an extra. DH is thinking of buying a new car maybe next year but have had no problems really with ours. It is almost 100,000 for a 2008 Toyota. The way things are going though we may just keep it. While waiting we took a test drive with the salesman in a 2015 Toyota. It is really nice and I love the new navigation system especially and the way it is organized, better than the one we have and a larger screen.

    DIANE - Don't forget to let us know when you find out how Faithy is doing and her how her urinalysis turned out.

    HI also to SPRING WATER, ROCK, SUN et al including all our many MIA's !

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Next time you go to the chiro ask specifically the muscles that are giving you the troubles. By the way, you can use two tennis balls in a sock to massage your shoulder muscles that have knots. You put one in and tie a knot, then add the 2nd one and tie another knot. If the sock isn't long enough you will have to stitch on a second sock at the end so you can hang onto it. A PT person showed me this....previously I had just been using one ball. PAIN is no fun.

    Mikie: How old is this friend that now has FM? I'm sure you had good advice to give her.

    Granni: I had a 3rd key made when I had it in to replace the airbags. But I KNOW I didn't pay that price.

    My cleaning lady was here today.......she is having troubles with the diabetes. Her doc changed her meds a few weeks ago but it's not helping her. I turned on the AC high for her since she was telling me how the heat makes her suffer. Me too. I HATE summer, used to love it, but not anymore. And since we were talking about diabetes I told her that the thinking is now that alzheimers is actually the new type 3 diabetes. Here's a link for everyone to read.


    I was cleaning the garage while she was here. I'm taking a break for a nap and then I'll get out there again. Doesn't look like I even made a dent though........and talk about DIRT!

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