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    It is to late right now for snacks but have a cup of Camomille (sp) tea and some very light snacks before beddy bye. I saw that the # was 30 so I decided to start the new volume. I didn't see MIKIE around so hope she doesn't mind. I haven't done so in some time it seems.

    Hope you all come and visit tomorrow morning if you can't tonight. A full buffet breakfast is at your disposal. Just imagine all the goodies and coffees, teas fruits etc. to eat. Just take your pick. I have a few more things to do tonight before heading off to shower.

    JULIE - Hope you got to relax some today and if not tomorrow. Hang in there sweetie !!!

    PUFF - I hope you will come and visit us here and chat for a while if you feel up to it.

    PS Don't forget to check out the posts on the last volume #828.

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I'm up early today. Tweety started crying to be let in at 4:00. She wasn't that loud and wasn't yowling or catterwalling, so I waited until 4:30 to let them in. I went to bed early last night so just stayed up this morning. I got an e-mail from one of the idiot board members who wanted me to survey our board members to see whether they want to have a board meeting. OMG!!! These idiots just don't understand running a board nor having to have the necessary info in order to call a mtg. and make a decision. I know that he wants one now so he can try to get everyone to vote against renovating the pool. Once again, I splained to him that, as soon as we have the samples from the pool contractors, we will have a meeting. Oy!!! :mad:

    I'm watching "This Old House." It's sponsored by Home Depot. I have the slow closers on my toilet seats. HD now has one with a blue LED light back by the hinge which lights up the seat and toilet bowl. What a great idea. I wonder how much they cost. My old ones are scratched a bit on the lid. I could justify buying new ones but not if they are expensive. Now, I'm watching "Dobie Gillis." These old shows are sooooo corny. So was "I Love Lucy," but, somehow, it has stood the test of time.

    Granni, anyone is welcome to start new Porch threads and I thank you for getting us started on this one. I guess I'm the one to change the titles of the old ones so we know they are closed as I don't think everyone can do that. You asked whether lunch is my main meal. I only eat one big meal a day and lunch seems to be the perfect time to do it. If we eat out, lunch is less expensive. At home, I don't like to be preparing meals later in the day. I try not to eat anything after about 3:00 in the afternoon to cut down on acid reflux. I usually have a light snack just before 3:00. Seems to work out for me. Thanks for setting out such a nice virtual breakfast buffet for us. I'm enjoying the bacon, eggs, grits, coffee and orange juice. Oh, and the sweet rolls are delicious!

    Julie, I'm so glad GPA had a good time mowing. Bless his heart and bless yours for all you do. I am praying you have a safe trip, a good time, and a nice respite from you know whom. Hope the antibiotic cream clears up GPA's rash. We have biting ants down here and, where they bite, turns into little pustules. It takes forever for them to go away. We are always on the hunt for ant hills so our landscapers can poison them. We have to replace our pump room door as the ants have eaten part of the bottom of the door. Yikes! :eek: Glad you are able to make some progress on the roof. Summer is going by like a streak. In my case, that's a good thing. It is sooooo hot; I can't wait for cooler temps. Glad I got my A/C checked because it's working overtime.

    Just heard the newspaper hit the balcony so will go read it. The kerplunk made the cats start. Before that, Sir Vester was sleeping up against my leg on the sofa. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just watched Lucy. It was the one where she missed the boat to Europe and
    had to take a helicopter from Idlewild Airport. Remember Idlewild? Its
    name was changed to JFK.

    Thanks for opening up the new porch, Granni. I thought about it. Decided
    I didn't have the energy. Almost every day Gordon asks, "You wanna go to
    the market; the library; Jim's place; the nursery? My answer is pretty much
    always, No. Just don't gots no energy.

    A "full buffet breakfast" sounds like fun. The most lavish breakfast I ever had
    was back in the 80s. My brother the cop was visiting. Brought his family to
    scuba dive in the Pacific and see Disneyland. They stayed at the Disneyland Hotel.
    the buffet breakfast was $25. The menu included everything and lots of it.
    They served turkey 3 different ways. Oh, yeah. Brother picked up the tab. :)

    Mikie, glad to hear the cats are behaving themselves. I suspect they may have
    some realization of how much better their lives are now. Did you eat grits before
    you moved to Florida? I spent a week or two at insurance adjusting school in
    Atlanta, Georgia back in the 60s. Grits came with every meal. I took one
    tentative bite and never touched them again. No flavor and the texture of
    sand. Uff-da!

    I agree with you about some of those board members. How can they not understand
    that there's no point having a meeting to discuss an important issue when you are
    still waiting for necessary info?

    Julie, I hope you have a wonderful trip. Enjoy being with the family. Forget,
    as much as possible, about what may be going on back home. Are the sunflowers
    in bloom? We had them in two different sizes at our old place. Such cheerful
    flowers. We used to drive by a gas station on our way to my 12 step program.
    It had a long narrow flowerbed full of marigolds in different shades of yellow and
    gold. Like a patch of sunshine.

    Well, guess I'll go back and catch another Lucy program. Maybe it's the one
    where they're on the boat and Lucy gets stuck in the porthole.

  4. Granniluvsu

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    Good afternoon dear Porchies,

    I almost got to post this morning but then had to run off to church. Nothing new happening here. Just HOT like it is in most places. Went to church and then went to work out. For me it was mostly the treadmill and then the leg pushy thing or whatever you call it. Then home and fixed lunch and threw a wash in the machine .

    ROCK - I haven't watched Lucy in some time but I love those old shows, much better than most of the stuff they have on now. Yes, they are corny and goofy but that is OK. Lucy and usually Ethel sure used to get in a lot f messes and they were so funny. You were talking about the flower being sunny. That reminded me of my mom who just loved flowers especially pansies. She always said that they looked like they had little faces on them, and they do if you look closely :)! Finished reading your books yet and is it time to go get more? It is great that you do a lot of reading. It is fun and good for your mind. Does Gordon read a lot too? I know he is busy with his shopping and orchid meetins and whatever else. It is good though for you to go with him once in awhile too for a change of pace even though you have little NRG. I know how that feels.

    BTW, I am not a big grits fan either even though DH loves them. I don't even like hot cereal goes way back when when I was growing up and my mom thought hot cereal like cream of wheat was fantastic and I had to eat it. Not the biggest breakfast fan either so it sat till it got cold. Nothing worse then cold and lumpy hot cereal. YUCK !!

    JULIE - Glad you still have a week to get ready for your trip or should I say.4-5 days, so maybe that isn't so long to do everything you want to do. You always do so much in one day. I know Gpa will miss you when you are gone and perhaps this trip will get him to appreciate you more , the way he should. Of course you know who will try and sway his views as usual. Have you started to think of packing yet? That is always a pain for me and I always pack to much. Changes in climates drive me crazy too. Not sure how much hotter or cooler it is in Tenn. as we have only been their a few times years ago or passing through, I guess jeans, pants and some capri's along with tennis shoes and sandals. Maybe a few shorts for messing around at home if wear them. My shorts are all Bermuda now, not to short, almost to the knees. Doubt if you will need dress up stuff since no one dresses up that much for anything any more, not even church ( at least some surely don't). You won't be thee on Sunday so you won't deed dressy clothes :)!!

    How nice that Gpa got to mow the grass yesterday. I know that made him feel really good about himself and not to feel so much like a taker and that he could give back something to you by helping out.

    SUN - How are you doing? Hope that you have been having some fun and doing some painting maybe. How far away do you live from your family? I know you get together occasionally but I understand how it is to try and get together with family is, if they are anything like mine, even if an hour and 1/2 or so away, One of the closer ones that lives over an hour away is not that close and she is so busy. Luckily now our other SIL who moved close by will drive into the city or we wouldn't be going very much, not that we go much now. Maybe more this year although after the kids graduate from H.S. and college, esp the H.S. twins, they plan on moving to the TX Hill Country so we will see them even less. It is a great area, probably somewhere around Fredericksburg but not in the town but DSIL will still be working and he needs access o the airport for travel. To expensive for us to move up there but it is a great area.

    SPRING WATER - Hope things are going OK for you and the heat is not driving you crazy with less NRG than usual.usual. Haven't seen you in a bit and hope all is well and that you haven't melted away with the heat.

    Better get off here but thinking of everyone including PUFF. Hope she will come and visit us on the PORCH soon.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie: Good luck with the pool redo.......I guess you've got a real adversary opposing you. And why is that? He doesn't want to spend $$ or is he the one who wants the cosmetic redo?

    Granni: I admire you for working out at the gym. Do you use the bicycle too? When I was having PT they always put me on that first for about 15 minutes, then the leg lifts with the weights on the machine, then the one where you have to lean on a machine kinda slanted and push yourself down slowly on the weights then slowly up. My legs would really be shaking after that.

    Rock: I understand about not wanting to go anyplace......but it's good Gordon still enjoys it. Many times I have to push myself to get out and then when I do I'm happy I did. I rarely watch regular TV, but I did enjoy Lucy and Ethel. I make it a habit to not turn on the TV until 6:00 PM otherwise my time would really be sucked up.

    Spring: What's up in your world? By the way, I hate having to color my hair!!!!

    Julie: I'm sure you'll be so busy just hugging your little ones for 5 days. Have fun. How's the looking/searching for a job going for David? I keep forgetting to ask, what he trained at seminary school or what?

    I went to my DD yesterday, since my son and DGD were coming over. She's 14 months and much better running around and having fun than even 2 weeks ago when she screamed every time my son had to leave the room. Of course there was also a dog and a cat to run after plus my other 2 DGKs.

    I went this morning to the open air market. Bought a bouquet of orange, red and yellow zinnias.....I always think of my mom's garden in the summer when I see them. Bought a Starbucks, and stopped into an art gallery. One of the artists was there.......checking to see how his work was selling. Looks like the majority of the paintings were sold......good job......they were running from $400 to a couple of thousand, so I'm sure he was happy. Of course 1/2 is the usual take from the gallery.

    I get an update from this one artist I know. She's in a gallery in Newport Beach and I see she's almost doubled her prices. I'm wondering how they will sell.

    I have to unload on you guys about my neighbor.......30 years we've lived next door to her and honestly in all this time I don't recall her asking anything about what's going on in my life, my family, my vacations, etc. etc. or showing the slightest interest if I happen to mention something. If she sees me out I KNOW when she comes over it's to brag about something.......it's always about her. It seems to me that a conversation should be two sided.

    She is very busy in her life, bridge, tennis, philanthropic clubs, trips, etc. Her DH has been gone about 8 years and even though she's now 80 she seems more busy than ever. She had a colon surgery about 2 months ago, they removed l/2 her colon, but apparently she's fine. Doesn't even need chemo. Is it wrong for me to feel highly annoyed at her?

    After my DH died, she called to say she had an extra ticket to a local concert and did I want to go.....no thank you. A few weeks later she called again about a concert.......no thank you......and her reply to me was....OK, I've tried (as if I was her object of charity) A few months ago I was in terrible agony with pain, happened to be talking to her and I explained my spine troubles and how it's hard for me to even sit for longer than 20 min. without having to get up and walk around. Seems like at that time she finally understood.

    Thanks for letting me unload.:mad:
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - No it isn't wrong to feel a little annoyed if after all this time she hardly ever spoke to you and when she did it was all about her. Maybe she thought she was doing you a favor after you DH died asking you about if you would like a concert tickets. All you could say in your case is no thank you as I cannot sit to long in those seats due to my condition but that you did appreciate her asking her very much. If she got annoyed the second time it sounds to me like it was still about her and she wasn't understanding your medical problem. Guess she was trying to do her philanthropic thing to a degree for you but she shouldn't have gotten annoyed at you for turning the ticket down. Try not to feel to bad but it doesn't sound to me for all the time she has lived next to you she really wanted to be bothered before. I understand and I do know some people what are that way and it is all about them all the time. Nice to hear from you. I can imagine that cute little DGD who must be starting to get into everything now, liking to touch everything and pitter patter everywhere. They grow up so fast though. Enjoy her as much as you can. Unfortunately mine never lived that close by and most are almost grow up except for a couple of them.

    See you all in the a.m. I hope.

    Hugs to all. It is getting late and I need to get ready for nighty night.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - you have been upto a lot. I think you are no less than your high on adrenaline busybody neighbour..the way she sounds i feel there might be a tab bit of insecurity within her lying somewhere..secure people do not go about rubbing peoples noses into the fact that they are so busy themselves to the extent conversations become one sided. I have a friend like that, sometimes i have to shut my eyes and blank out while she keeps up the monotone about how accomplished this is or that is invariably about her family. But there are good points to balance out that so i guess i take it. Ooh, i just remembered i have two friends like that. Sometimes and often i just leave the phone on the cabinet and go and put off the stove or go shut the door or something, and when i pick it up, they are still talking without missing a beat! Heh heh. You re such a good artist and creative, i think she may be trying to not feel less because of that.

    Julie - make sure you enjoy your stay and dont fret about Gpa. I have to admire the way he is so dogged in his determination to keep active and as close to normal, the way he mows the lawn, etc..I hope Den can bear to be away from you for all of five days. I dont seem to remember you and he ever staying separate.

    Granni - one of my pet peeves is how we have to have clothes for two types of climates..cold and hot. bedding, heaters, coats. takes up so much room.

    You will be visiting your grandkids i guess once they move further for their studies. That will be nice. I remember you having excursions into those areas with your social group. The wildflowers sound so lovely.

    My energy is up and down, but i hv to say ive improved by leaps and bounds from the times i used to sleep half the day, or anytime i could and perplex my DH and his family.

    Rock - I started laughing when you commented on the pun about the butterfingers and popcorn..believe me, i had no idea and had to think awhile. here most of the popcorn we hv is without butter so it didnt even enter my mind.

    the episode i remember most clearly about Lucy is the one where she has a grape fight with another lady. it was soooooo funny. I watched a docu on Lucy and her husband and the commercial empire they are supposed to have built up together centering around Lucys own popularity and it foxed me, i just could not associate this goofball entertainer on screen with the shrewd businesswoman persona of the entreprenueur she seems to have been! same with Charlie Chaplin,I read his biography a very interesting read, and it had accounts of how his mum was in and out of workhouses and mental institutions, when he was a little child. I think those kinds of difficulties give rise to a complex nature later on. He was complicated.

    That bed of marigolds sounded lovely. I tried to achieve the same effect here with the ones i bought...alas, those pesky pests i told the Porch about didnt allow them to flourish.

    Mikie - im sorry these niggling aches pains health glitches keep surfacing. im pretty sure the creator never meant for us to go through life like this.

    Have you tried white light meditation for a sustained period of time, what we call connecting with the soul.

    I think you deserve to have a healthy pain free life. Maybe some kind of concentrated meditation and connection with the higher self is the answer?

    Our main meal here is lunch. For most nepalese they have a kind of brunch here..rather than breakfast and lunch tea dinner. They only have a glass of tea in the morning, most nepalese here wake at 5am..the women at 4am, do their prayer rituals. They then have their main meal of the day at 9am bfore leaving for work. Rice, lentils, curry/meat, chutney. I used to be so perplexed when i first came here. At 2pm they would hv a light snack of chickpeas and beaten rice. then nothing until dinner at 8pm. same as lunch.

    For as long as i can remember, lunch and dinner were well defined. and both equally heavy. mandatory carbs in the form of rice or tortillas, lentils or meat soup and the manadatory veggie curry.

    Here i used to do the same, until i got short of staff. and didnt hv a full time somebody to help cook meals. Now i make sure lunch is complete..all the dishes cooked. and dinner i just take it easy. last night instead of making tortillas for DH i cooked macaroni and tomato sauce for everyone. sometimes i just fry up the rice of the day with egg.

    yesterday was productive. went out and bought some stuff needed around the house, and also was able to meet up with my friend and her friend and have iced coffee and snacks together. She is still busy with her healing work and philanthropic work with the earthquake affected. I dont take any healings and havent for the longest time now, because i was told i have to make my self stronger from the inside out and not rely on others. made sense. in the context of karma and all that.

    Didnt rain and that was such a boon. got a taxi back and didnt get ripped off inspite of it being dark and after 8pm. another boon.

    Well, everyone have a good day.

    Dar, Elaine, Jole, Georgia (Goatwoman) and all our dear MIAs a shout out to say hi and thinking of you all

    God Bless

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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It's so good to come here and read your posts. I fell asleep about 9:00 last evening and woke around 1:00. Decided to take a small sip of ZzQuil and, before I knew it, it's was after 5:00. Yea! A good night's rest. I woke feeling a bit groggy so am drinking my coffee and hoping to shake off the fog. Think I had mentioned that Sir Vester had been scratching one of my baskets. I asked him not to do that. I showed him the base of their bottle brush archway and scratched on it. Ever since, he's been scratching it instead of the basket. Smart little kitty. Good little kitty. Do any of all y'all watch "Big Bang Theory?" They sing a song called, "Soft Kitty," to one of the nerds when he is sick or upset. It has stuck in my mind and I sing it to the cats. Good thing they aren't music critics.

    Speaking of music, my dear old friend and I are going to the symphony on Thurs. They are playing Vivaldi and I can't wait. I believe they are performing, "The Four Seasons," one of my favorites. I am going for Baroque. Sorry, I just couldn't pass up an easy music pun. This morning, I am showing up at the pool at 11:00 to meet one of the pool contractors. My friend and neighbor, and an actual sane board member, is also meeting with us. I'm to the point where I will continue just as though there were no problems with board members, have the meeting, and resign at the end of the mtg. if the measure doesn't pass. Not that I'm mad and going home and taking my ball with me; it's because I won't sit on a board which isn't performing it's fiduciary duty to the community. We could be sued if not doing the pool work results in problems down the road.

    Granni, the treadmill is good aerobic exercise and the leg pushy thing (hate it when you use those technical terms :) gives the legs stability, strength and toning. Bet your gams could rival Bette Grable's. My Mom's favorite flower was also the pansy but she loved roses too. She also talked about the little faces on pansies. One of her cats was named Pansey. Grits need to have some butter, milk or sugar added to taste good. I like them with butter. Good for you for working out. Don't think I'll be going this morning as I have too much to do and am still not up to snuff. Hope you have a good day.

    Rock, I love it in the South where breakfast comes with grits. More and more, though, they are including hash browns and offer grits as a side. Didn't eat them in CO but always had them when they could be ordered. I don't like the hominy grits; they have a nasty taste. I'm so sorry you don't have the NRG to go with Gordon on his appointed rounds. It's usually been when we travel that there is a breakfast buffet. The best ones were in Hawaii and Bermuda, both on the company's tab. I love a nice breakfast/brunch buffet on Easter or Mother's Day but haven't done those in years. Neighbor found a good one on the banks of our big river and we will all go pig out one of these days. My favorite Lucy was when she was trying to smuggle a wheel of cheese under her maternity top. Desi said, "I'm not the father of that 'chess.'" Both DD's and I cracked up. His accent only added to the humor.

    Sun, I have one guy who is mad all the time. He thinks he is smarter than anyone else and he punishes everyone for being so "stupid." He is power hungry, egotistic and has anger and impulse issues. All around, a grand fellow! NOT!!! His only agenda is to undermine me as president. The other guy with the grand expansion plan is another piece of work and is a control freak. Finally, the young woman is just plain insecure and wants to discuss everything ad nauseum. She is used as a pawn by the first guy. We just have an overload of idiots on this board. I need four votes to get the pool done and don't know whom I can depend on. For the rest of the board, it is what it is--time to do a needed maintenance item. I hope sensibility will prevail. Your neighbor sounds as though she has personal problems. I've met people like her. My Mom used to work with one; her kids were perfect and she spent every waking hour outside of her job pushing them to achieve and doing things for them. She always bragged about them nonstop. Years later, after one of the daughters got divorced, the daughter killed herself. It was so tragic. Sometimes, I think some of these people keep busy, not because they have things to do, but because they can't stand to be alone with their thoughts. They keep busy to avoid something in their lives. They are often so wrapped up in their own lives that they don't stop to try to understand others. No, your feelings are your own and it's only normal to feel some resentment at her. It's no use denying our feelings and it's healthy to recognize them. She really does sound annoying! I wish you didn't have so much pain in your spine. Your DGD sounds sooooo cute, running all over the place. Pics?

    Julie, you are soooo good to GPA. I'm glad he is willing and able to shower on his own. That is progress. Sounds as though he is pretty dependent on his oxygen. Your trip sounds perfect and I think when you are away from everything, it will give you a nice break. Too bad you and Den can't get away together. Glad you are getting your van checked out before the trip. I pray it's a safe one. How nice that you will be able to reconnect with people from Belize. Lots to catch up on. Thank you for your kinds words. I hate to leave the board and I know people in the hood depend on me to be their voice in running our community. Still, if I can't do anything, due to the crazies, there is no point in my continuing to bang my head against a brick wall. I just don't need the stress. Can't wait to hear how your trip is going.

    Spring, I have not tried white light meditation. Don't know how to do it. I do meditate on my chakras and on the crown chakra as it turns from violet to white as it ascends. I agree that we all must try to strengthen ourselves from the inside out; however, I think healers can often help us. I'm glad you had a good day. Iced coffee and snacks sound just perfect. Glad you got a taxi too. I couldn't walk far out in the heat. I only need to look back to when I was bedbound most of the time to see progress in my health. Still, as you say, I think we were meant to have glowing good health and NRG to be able to do things and enjoy life. Wish someone would find they key to unlocking us from these tired bodies. Stay cool.

    Prayers and good wishes going up for all our Dear Porchies, including our MIA's.

    Love, Mikie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up Got my usual 2-3 hours of sleep. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up just
    one more time refreshed and raring to go like we did decades ago? Gordon's brother
    returned yesterday. He was busy dog sitting for the weekend. For whom? His
    wife. I'd explain their relationship if I had a clue. We've been here 5 years. He
    lived with us the first two. Then came back again 6 months ago. Well, better him
    than some of the folks sometimes mentioned here.

    Julie, did you see the list in the computer news the other day? 7 countries on the
    verge of bankruptcy. One of them was Belize. Another was Brunei. Didn't even
    know where that was. (Turns our it's a tiny country in Malaysia.) Yes, good idea
    to get those headlights fixed now so you'll have time to test them before you
    start off on your sojourn. I know the kids will be happy to see you and versa
    vice. Bon voyage.

    Springwater, I read a biography of Charlie Chaplin decades ago. Yes, his childhood
    was terrible. When I was a kid I saw a few silent films including some of Charlie's.
    What I didn't know then was that the films were speeded up when shown on
    modern projectors. Seen at the proper speed, the actors aren't rushing around like
    demented insects. Charlie came to this country with an acting company. Another
    member of the group was Stan Laurel, Charlie's understudy. (See Laurel
    and Hardy on Youtube.)

    Yes, Lucy was wonderful. I think the fight in the grape vat is just one of dozens
    of "best" episodes. I saw the one a couple days ago where she dances with the Ricky
    doll and it gets caught in her mantilla. Makes me laugh to think of it.

    Mikie, yes, the baby aka cheese is another favorite. The official at the end is
    Frank Nelson who was also the conductor on the train episode. Frank was on
    lots of Jack Benny programs. Hominy grits? Ya mean there's more than one
    kind? Yes, I am in total agreement with you. You should not continue to bang
    your head against a brick wall. Or even a concrete paver. Hope folks come
    to their senses. (The only thing wrong with that sentence is that is kind of
    assumes they have senses to come to. HaHa.)

    Granni, yes, it's time to get more books. We've had several waiting at the
    library for 3-4 days. But I don't want to pick them up too soon. Once you
    pick them up the clock starts ticking on when they are due back. On
    the other hand, you can't wait too long of they fine you a dollar for not
    picking them up within ten days. Life is so difficult at times. I wonder
    if it's a dollar a day. Oh well, with novels costing 25 or 35 bucks these days,
    the cost of fines is pretty negligee. I mean, negligible.

    You've been working out with that leg pushy things for quite awhile now.
    I think you two should be on a first name basis. Here's the proper name:
    lower extremity muscle extensor and flexor designed to maintain proper
    muscle tone and strength in Texas Grannis. [​IMG]

    Sun, I like zinnias. They're nice and cheerful. My mother had them in her
    garden. But she had standards. "They are outdoor flowers. They don't look
    good in a vase." My mother had strong opinions about everything. LOL We
    had them here in our front garden for some years. Gordon replaced them
    earlier this year with epidendrum orchids.

    So what color is your hair now? Remember when Lucy was involved in some
    mad publicity stunt? "I'm not a Maharincess. I'm a Hennarinsess!"
    And speaking ofwhich, she is on right now. Two hours; from 6 to 8. I only
    watch two episodes. The five commercial breaks get to be too much. I read a
    book or watch the news during the commercials. Modern commercials are
    so annoying. Remember the early days of TV. The announcer, or maybe the
    star, held up the product and said, "Go buy this".

    Hugs Everydobby

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Da-- it, I just lost another post. Not that thee was anything exciting on it. I am so mad at myself. No time to say on here . I am not even dressed yet. Sorry I cannot address all individual.

    MIKIE - When do you have that vote on the pool. Hang in there. My gams are no longer that good and we are lucky to make it 1x a week lately, Wish I could still be tap dancing but not possible.

    JULIE - Hope you can make it till your trip with all you have to do. Glad GPA is trying to be more dependent.. I know you will love your trip. Hope all goes well and you are all safe and happy.

    SUN - How many hours is it (time zone wise) difference between central and where you are in Ca? A friends b day is today and I need to call her when she is not sleeping.

    Will try and get back on here later on, maybe in the evening. DH already has plans to work a little outside before it gets too HOT ):!!! Hope to get back later on.

    Love you all,
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: We are 2 hrs. behind dallas, texas meaning if it's 10 a.m. in so. calif. it's noon in dallas. Hope that helps.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot SUN. These time zones drive me crazy. I should remember to call her after this. I have been so bad in calling her I think she gave up. We were singing buddies in elementary school before we moved. We used to harmonize with each other all the time. I really miss her. Haven't seen her in many years and she now lives in your neck of the woods - Eugene, Oregon. Thank goodness her CP was the same.

    Deed to run to the health food store to get some goats milk yogurt I ordered. Gee that stuff is like gold, not to cheap and very hard to find. Not sure howl long I will stay on it depends on the cost. Glad that they are really close by ( the health food store and where I had my eyeology appt.) I am not driving all over creation to get this yogurt. If I have to be on it long term I may take to trying to make it.

    Gotta run to the store. DH is back.

    Granni :)
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Went to the pool to see the samples of tile and coping but contractor was at the hospital. It must have been an employee because he is coming now at 1:30. Just heard from the 4th board member who doesn't even want to consider the pool until Jan. In other words, they don't even want to have a meeting to vote. I am getting the resignation letter. There was another long, abusive e-mail for me before I left for the mtg. There are four "good old boys" who vote as a block and one idiot woman who is their puppet and sends the abusive e-mails. She is the vice-president. If I resign--God help us all. Sorry to be so consumed with this tempest in a teapot but it will consume my life if I let it. I'm not going to let it. Just got back from looking at samples. I don't think these board members will even attend a meeting to vote. How sad and dysfunctional!

    Oh, Rock, how I also long for refreshing sleep on a regular basis--sleep without the use of Special K and ZzQuil. My day care family always had a huge zinnia garden with all the beautiful colors. I loved it when I was a kid and have always had a soft spot for zinnias and four o'clocks. They remind me of my yute and long summer days. I also do not want to have to read under the pressure of finishing a book by a certain time. I was half-way through my current Kindle book when I stopped reading it. Now, I have to start over as I can't remember what I've read. Oy! Yes, commercials are sooooo annoying. Pennys now uses the sound of a vibrating cell phone in the background of the ad to try to get people's attention. VERY annoying!!!

    Granni, DD#1 took tap dancing as an adult and loved it. I took tap and ballet as a kid and loved it. I hope there's dancing in Heaven, where I hope to shed these physical constrictions. I'll glide and twirl to my heart's content.

    Gotta go check my e-mails one more time to see what fresh hell awaits me.

    love, Mikie
    rockgor likes this.
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Fresh Hell! Ha Ha. That's what "the wittiest woman in America" used to say when
    the phone or door bell sounded. "What fresh Hell is this?" (But
    I'm sure you know that, Mikie.)

    Parker wrote short stories, poetry, and screenplays. She and her husband
    were making thousands of dollars per week during the Great Depression as

    She was a member of the Algonquin Round Table; famous for her wisecracks.
    Asked to used the word horticulture in a sentence, she said, "You can lead a
    whore to culture, but you can't make her think."

    In her brief but memorable review of a Kathrine Hepburn performance, she
    wrote, “She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.” A very colorful
    woman. Not always pleasant, but always interesting.

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    ARG!!! Kitties have been up early for two days with Tweety yowling to come inside. Since I actually fell asleep early last night, I'm not too sleep deprived. Of course, they are now snoozing, little scamps! I was soooo exhausted last evening just from trying to deal with these idiots on the board that I fell into a deep slumber. Four of them are refusing to consider doing the renovation on the pool so I have my letter of resignation. Mgr. is begging me to reconsider but I can see no future working with these dolts. The most idiotic one is the VP and will become president when I'm gone. That is what the mgr. is trying to prevent. Damage to our pool from neglect is a liability and board members could potentially be sued if, down the road, the damage costs a bundle to fix. I have explained in my letter, which I will post on the bulletin boards around the hood, just why I'm leaving.

    I successfully downloaded Windows 10 to my computer which had Windows 7. Microsoft keeps designing new versions and I just don't see the benefit. Perhaps I'm missing something and the new kids on the block will find them easier to use. Version 8.1 is awful but I'm not sure I'm going to update to 10 which, in my opinion, is no better. It used to be easy and straight forward to find things but one must now hunt around on the new versions and I don't think things are hidden in any way which makes sense.

    My dear old friend is coming for coffee this morning and that will be a nice diversion.

    Rock, I have always enjoyed reading about Dorothy Parker but didn't realize it was she who made the comment about "fresh hell." I think I heard it on TV. Believe that I did mention Louis CK who said, "The alarm goes off, I wake and reset the program for misery." Gotta love a depressed comic. How I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at those salons back in the 30's. If you haven't seen Woody Allen's "Midnight In Paris," I highly recommend it. I don't know who said it nor about whom but I always loved the expression, "She has an eye for the obvious." Evidently, Princess Diana enjoyed wicked humor. Well, who doesn't?

    Gonna go read the online paper and watch the news on TV. Wonder what The Donald is up to now. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    See you're up and being productive, Mikie. I don't think I've come across "an eye for the
    obvious" before. I'll have to remember that the next time I have lunch at the Algonquin.
    Reminds me of Tallulah Bankhead who went to some sort of avant garde theater
    production. When it was over she said, "There is less here than meets the eye."

    And speaking of humor, I found a site of one liners by Henny Youngman yesterday.
    Of course, they are not one liners. I think almost everydobby in the modern world
    is incompetent. Like those idiots for the Associated Press and Reuters etc. who keep
    printing, "He was arrested on suspicion of something or other." It is unconstitutional
    to arrest people because of a suspicion. The cops need probable cause.

    Anywho, here are some Youngmans: My wife will buy anything that's marked down.
    Last week she brought home an escalator. (Notice that is two lines; not one.)

    Here are a couple others. My brother was a karate expert. He joined the army. The
    first time he saluted he killed himself.

    My Bubbe (grandmother) is over 80. Still doesn't need glasses. Just drinks
    right outta the bottle.

    Just got an e mail from my brother the forest ranger. He is 5 years younger than I.
    He needs a hip replacement. Poor guy. He was in the last generation of kids who
    got polio. It was a mild case; left him with one leg a tad shorter than the other. He
    has to have the heel on one shoe built up a quarter inch or so. For some
    reason the surgery is not scheduled till February.

    My mother had a hip replacement late in life. She used to joke. "Now I'm half
    Norwegian and half airplane." (The new hip was titanium.)

    Hope everydobby has the bestest day possible. Hugs.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2015
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning MIKIE and ROCK, hopefully others will follow soon. I just got dressed and DH is getting ready to go to his meeting Tuesday morning meeting. Not sure if he is going to lunch or not. The two of you are rather chatty this morning, not that is anything new for most days. ROCK, I think I know where you got some of your humor from - your grandmother :)!!

    MIKIE - That is such a shame that your feel you have to leave the board. However, I cannot blame you at all but it is sad that the one who is likely to take your position is one of the troublemakers. Yes, it does sound like you are sorely needed. I am like you, I like things to run smoothly without major fussing or fighting going on. I could not stand that either. Wish that this would cause them to" straighten up and fly right", as we used to say way back when. Sounds like it will be one big mess if you leave but that is all their fault ( the ones causing the problems).

    Need to go throw a wash in and do a few things before coming back. Nothing that exciting happening here today.

    JULIE - Thinking of you and hoping you are getting your van checked out along with other things to get ready to go on your journey.

    DIANE - Has Faithy had her teeth cleaned yet?? Hope all is going well for you, Kevin and Kitties.

    Thinking of everydobby including those not mentioned and all our many MIA's.

    Granni :)
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Had coffee with my dear old friend. He is tired, has brain fog and suffers aches and pains. He is wondering whether he might have FMS or, as he calls it--fibro Malaysia. Think he is feeling a bit down and, of course, is troubled by what I'm going through. Got a nice letter from our mgr. who has finally accepted that I'm leaving the board. She mentioned that the law requires board members to act in the best interests of the community and wonders whether the other board members' short sightedness isn't going to come back to bite them on the butt. That is precisely why I'm leaving.

    Rock, I love comedians, the old ones and some of the new ones. A good witty remark makes my day. Hope your Bro's hip replacement goes well. Hips are usually easier than knees in terms of recovery.

    Granni, sorry if nothing too exciting is happening but, sometimes, that's a good thing. Hope your day is a good one.

    I'm not going to do anything today. I hope to be able to go to the pool tomorrow. My Yahoo e-mail is not wanting to work with Windows 10. Technology will be the end of me.

    Hope everydobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I'm sorry for the complex that it's come to this.....your resigning.....but I know YOU know it's the best thing for you. You did so much for everyone and now it's time to take care of yourself. What a shock when they all read the resignation letter. How many people does this affect?

    I've been reading the book from Dr. Christiane Northrup. Such good information and she sure has a way of building one up. So far what I've taken from her is that "STRESS causes high levels of cortisol. High levels, combined with a diet high in sugar that causes uneven blood sugar levels, create insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, and oxidation, which are the root causes of all chronic degenerative disease." The most common chronic degenerative diseases today, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, dementia, and diabetes, start with chronically high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. WHEW.......it's enough to want to sit down and cry!

    I need to get some note taking done from this book.......since I just can't remember everything I need to know. I've got two large containers of supplements in my kitchen, and I admit, I haven't been diligent in taking them. I've been getting terrible muscle cramps in my legs while trying to sleep! OUCH. I've read up on them......trying to get more magnesium and WATER in my body daily. I put in a call to my doctor who has ordered labs again.....the usual thyroid (nothing ever shows up) along with A, B, D, and iron because I'm sooooo fatigued. I left another message this morning because she didn't say if I had to fast for the lab test, and I want to be sure that magnesium and other minerals are tested. I've been drinking distilled water for about 3 years and I'm thinking my body is all out of whack......missing minerals for the sake of not consuming chlorine in our city water.

    Granni: how's the goat milk yogurt? Does it have a different flavor from regular cow milk yogurt? When my oldest was just a little baby, he was allergic to the formula, kept going from one to another, finally I asked the doctor if he could drink goat milk. He said yes, so I would go twice a week to a lady I knew who kept goats, and buy fresh raw milk from her. He thrived after that.

    Spring: your outing in the city sounds like fun and very productive. Had to laugh at your two friends, especially when you said you can lay the phone down do some things and come back and she never realized you were gone......sad really.....like I said before conversations have to be a two way street.

    Rock: I have a mystery, sort of, that perhaps you might know the answer. I bought a plated bread tray at a thrift store years ago. It's got a little emblem on it......It says Hollywood Muskateers on it. Also some squiggles I can't quite figure out, but one is a face mask on a stick. I figured it was some secret club in Hollywood. And I want to say I might have heard about this back in the 20s with Errol Flynn and others in this club. Does it jog your memory?
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2015
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I think I must have missed a few posts, like SPRINGS. I need to go back and see if I can find it. It is already getting late and need to get this computer. I have been fussing with it a lot of the day especially this afternoon. I was trying to figure out my phone and computer and why it didn't seem to be getting the new e-mails on and the old supposedly are supposed to disappear. Not moving that quickly ( the emails). Anyway I spent half the day at least fooling with it and talking to our provider. I wanted mainly to be able to go through the computer and getting out e-mails through the back door as they say. I needed to find out our PIN number and PW check and UN. I THINK I may have it figured out, we'll see and hope the e-mails will come in better tomorrow.

    MIKIE - I think I might have also missed your e-mail. Need to go back and ck for yours to where you said you resigned. I hope they all are satisfied that had caused all the problems for you and others. They made a fine mess for themselves and now hey can fight with each other and not get much done. I feel sorry for your whole neighborhood.

    SUN - The other day I finally got some goats milk yogurt. I need to try it tomorrow. You have to order it in advance and it goes quickly I suppose. I gave up trying to buy it elsewhere. Not to cheap but if it helps it will be worth it. We'll see. I know it is good for babies who couldn't digest cows milk or perhaps even had some problems with mother's milk.

    Gotta run for now. Hope to get back tomorrow. Beddy bye time and DH is calling.

    Granni :)

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