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    Hi Kids

    Bow and curtsy; clap a while.
    Let's all see a nice big smile.

    Form a chain and all go round.
    Swing that gal right off the ground.

    Back to home and tap your toe.
    Allemande right and away you go.

    Acey Ducey; centers trade.
    Sun too hot? Then find some shade.

    Move to the left. You're free to roam.
    Now buss your gal and all go home.
    The above is a historic post. First posted in 2011.
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    I just posted on the other site........but for some reason I can't move it here.
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    Here is Sunflowers post from the previous thread.

    Granni: I drank some molasses in warm water in a mug....actually pretty good. When I was a teenager I was very anemic and had to drink the molasses. I take the vinegar by itself, followed with a little water to wash it down. I would hate to ruin the taste of the cranberry juice with the other stuff.

    Years ago there was an article about an elderly man who made his own yogurt daily.....something about bringing the milk/cream to a certain temp, stirring in the starter (the already made yogurt) and setting it on your kitchen counter, covered with a towel for so many hours......and the room temp makes it set up like a pudding. Incredibly easy.

    Mikie: it should be interesting when you start to hear back from fellow hood members.

    I drove to a local wilderness walking trail this morning. I decided I would walk 20 min. up the slight incline and 15 min. back ......daily I hope. I really need to get more energy. Today was the dance exercise class but I'm finding I'm out of breath so need to work up to it.

    Then got a starbucks and drove to Lowe's. I found a large 1/2 price boston fern so I bought that and then discovered they had some plants I've been wanting......Pride of Barbados. It has gorgeous red/orange flowers at this time of year, so I scrounged in my car and found my bag of quarters I kept for the toll road. Yea.....so I got both, came home and planted the pride. And great news......the butterfly bush I put in on sunday had a monarch butterfly hovering around yesterday. I watched her lay eggs on the underside and checked the bottom of the leaf today......6 eggs I spotted. I'm doing my bit for the disappearing monarchs.
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    Wow! Some pic! I thought Pride of Barbados was the name of the butterfly.
    Turns out it's the name of the plant. Here's a pic from a nursery in
    San Antonio.

    What do you think, Granni. Like some of these in your garden?


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    Rock and everyone.......there are those large bushes around town and I finally found the plant at Lowe's today. Too bad they only bloom in the dead of summer.

    Someone came over to pick up some cuttings of salvia divornum today that I'm giving away and one coming tomorrow. The one tomorrow said she is a healer/shaman. I talked with her a little bit on the phone today. She said she chews the leaves to go into a trance. Hmmmmm.....said it was similar to a peyote button. Don't think I'll anytime soon try that although I read that scientists are doing experiments to see if it has cancer treating properties. I got this plant years ago at a church rummage sale. I chuckle because it was probably some little old lady like me who just likes plants. She also calls herself a kahuna which I guess in Hawaii is also shaman. Interesting conversation.

    By the way, Spring posted on the old post so be sure to read it.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Woke just before 2:00 so took a swig of ZzQuil and slept til 5:00. This is one morning that I wanted to get up about 4:00 to see the meteor shower. I did go out at 5:00 but there is so much humidity that only the brightest stars and planets are visible. I slept well overall on the new sheets. They are about as cool as cotton but the brushed finish on them makes them soooo soft and comfortable. I just wish Costco had them in chocolate brown. Tan is the only color in the brown family. This light blue I bought is really too light but they do have a blue in cotton which matches better. I still have a brown set that I hadn't been using. It really doesn't matter as I have a quilt on the bed covering the sheets.

    I'm achy from my workout yesterday. I have to shower today and shampoo my hair. Tonight is the concert and I haven't even decided what to wear. Just read my e-mails and got one from the guy across the street who is on the board. He said my work will be missed (not me, but my work) and said he always votes what is best for the community. As far as I'm concerned, failing to maintain our pool isn't in the best interest of our hood. He did sign it, "Your friend, always," so I guess he's trying to make nice. His wife and his sister-in-law, who lives in another townhouse in that courtyard, are really nice so I am glad he isn't hateful like a couple of the others. I'll answer his e-mail.

    Granni, I can only imagine how difficult it is to try to go dairy free. I just threw out the shredded sheet. It's such fine cotton with a sateen finish that it wouldn't make a good rag. I don't use rags much; for dusting, I use the Swiffer dusters. For windows, I use paper towels. I use the little microfiber cloths to clean my porcelain stovetop and to wax my car. I try to avoid cleaning at all costs. :)

    Rock, thanks for shutting the old Porch down. I'll change the title. I always hope elves will come in at night and clean the condo. No such luck! :( Thanks for opening up a new Porch.

    Sun, the feedback has been sadness. One woman who has been on the board will only ride out her term this year, if she can, and won't run again because of how the other board members have acted. She called me yesterday. She is lots of fun and a nice person and had only sweet things to say to me. Yes, making one's own yogurt is really simple. Good for you for walking. When I started running in the pool, I got so out of breath. Now, no matter how fast I run, I don't get breathless even after half an hour. You will build up faster than you think. In fact, one day, you will discover that you have really made progress. How wonderful to have those butterflies. We get quite a few of them on the bushes and trees here in da hood.

    Spring, how I wish those quakes and tremors would settle down. It must be so traumatizing to have them continuing. I have also heard of other souls taking over a body. Not sure I buy it either and, if it does happen, I believe it to be extremely rare. No matter how bad things get, I want to finish out this life because I obviously chose to incarnate and, I believe, God agreed and gave me this life so that I could learn and grow in spirit. Until I'm called Home, I believe I still have work to do. Praying that there are no more quakes and the tremors stop.

    Julie, I know only you know what is best for GPA. I just hate to see sis manipulating everything and everyone. You are a saint to put up with it all. Hope David's interview goes will if it's a job he wants. Keeping you in my prayers for everything, including a safe trip.

    We are in for hot days all week--low 90's. It now gets so hot out early in the morning that the A/C runs all day long. Yikes!!!
    :eek: We need some cooler days so I can get out and cut off the palm tree blooms and clean up the mess they have made. I would also like to rehang the orchids in the tree. I think our little bird house/prayer box broke and fell to the ground. It's just too hot to check it out. Gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    A quick hi again before DH gets back from the weekly men's breakfast. He doesn't go all the time but has missed the last couple for one reason or another. ROCK - Thanks for starting us up again. Glad someone is on the ball :)!!! Those flowers you posted is great but it probably needs a lot of sun. We don't get to much on our lot.

    JULIE - You wear me out kiddo :)!! I know you are excited and I am too for you as are other here on the PORCH. You have such a busy day planned and week for that matter. HOW MANY HOURS DOES IT TAKE TO DRIVE TO TENNESSEE??? Hope it doesn't take to long and I know you don't mind anyway. I guess some people born in an area where they learn to drive early and everywhere you want to go takes time and a car or truck. I grew up walking almost everywhere except for long trips and specialty stores and visits to see my aunt, uncle and cousins. We could have walked to church but we usually drove but could have walked and have done so on many occasions.

    Have a wonderful trip and get back safely. To bad Den can't go with you. Good luck to David on his interview. Is it closeby or in Tenn.??

    MIKIE an SUN - The goats milk yogurt seems to be very mild and it seems to take on the flavors of whatever you put with it. It has a mild tang but is not strong. At least I don't think so but everyone has different taste buds. I will check out possibly making it but having to find the goats milk is another predicament.

    SW - Sorry to hear you had another tremor. I missed that post but someone one here mentioned it MIKIE or SUN, I think.

    DIANE - Hope you and kitties are doing OK. Come by when you can.

    DARN IT - I just canceled or deleted a whole big post to everyone !! So sorry about that . I don't have the time to re write everything. My cleaning lady is coming and I have lots to do and I am not even dressed yet.

    Thinking of everyone. I had better send this before it all disappears again.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    We picked more tomatoes. Probably got a couple dozen. We trimmed the geranium
    patch. The plants were thriving. So much so that they covered up the adjacent
    succulents. Gordon has a vanda in bloom. It is big and dramatic. About 8 large
    flowers; dark purple. Reminds me of an old song from the 30s: Deep Purple.

    Our showplace (as Thelma referred to her house on Mama's Family) will now
    be even brighter. Gordon bought a cleaning kit for the toilet from some
    shopping channel. The toilet brush appears to be suitable for applying
    makeup and the chemical cleaner appears to be water and the pumice stone
    was missing all together. Gordon didn't want to call, but I nagged at him so
    he called the seller and talked to a nice young man who said he would give
    him a partial refund. Fifty percent! Shoot, you can buy a pumice stone at
    the 99 cent store for a buck. Oh, yeah, in spite of the fact that the kit didn't
    look very promising, it actually preformed very well. Only now we feel
    like we really shouldn't use the appliance in question. LOL

    Granni, yes, the colorful plant Sun posted probably does need a lot of sun. I read
    it was native of the Caribbean. I think Julie posted a while back that it took about
    ten hours to drive to Tennessee. I looked at mileage chart. It said 500 miles.
    Remember when we were young. People didn't fly. They automobiled. You'd
    hear guys say things like, "Well, we averaged about 300 miles a day. Next year
    Joe will be old enough to help with the driving." In those days many women
    didn't drive at all.

    I never flew in a plane till I was 27 years old. Came to California. Been here
    ever since except for one year in Las Vegas.

    Julie, are you en route? I thought you said earlier you were leaving on Friday. Well,
    I'm not sure of much of anything anymore. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Good
    luck to David with his job interview. I don't know which is worse. Surgery or a job
    interview. Can you send Den an e mail? Write and tell him, "I thought I told
    you to stay off the roof. I saw a satellite photo of the house and somebody was
    on the roof. Has to be you or that fiddler Tevya was talking about in Fiddler on the Roof."

    Mikie, I'm sorry to hear the elves haven't shown up to clean your casa. Have you
    tried calling Elves R Us? Why do you want chocolate brown sheets? Are you going
    to eat chocolate in bed? Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci invented chocolate
    cake in the 15th century. I was reading about him earlier. He left a journal of thousands
    of pages. Some of the pranks and bawdy jokes he exchanged with his assistants are
    contained therein. One of them is still popular today. How do you make a
    Venetian blind? Answer: throw sand in his eyes.

    Sun, we used to have salvia at our old place. Don't have any here. The old Victory
    Garden show seemed to have salvia on every other program. I read it comes in
    different colors, but the only ones I ever saw were blue. I also read they are
    good for attracting birds and butterflies.

    Gordon just left to do errands. I guess I will read some more of the novel I
    started yesterday. By the gal who lives in Australia. I find her books to
    be of high koality.

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    Diane: I'm sorry you got some bad news about your kitty. I think it's quite common for cats to get kidney problems. Just enjoy her as long as she lives. I hate to say this but my two haven't been to a vet in at last 8 years. My alpha cat, Abby, weighs about 25 pls pounds and there's no way I can pick her up. The one and only time they went to the vet it took 4 of us to catch her in the tiny room and get her back into her carrier. We tried one other time and we couldn't even get her INTO the carrier, so it's all up to God how long she lives. When I was growing up we had cats all the time, at least 2 litters a year. They never went to the vet and they lived outdoors like Julie's tribe of cats. My DDs cat lived to be almost 20 years old.......and he never visited a vet.

    Rock: you're in fine humor today. I think you must be having a good day. "elves and Fiddler on the roof" LOL Don't you just HATE this heat? I heard it's going to be over 100 at least until tuesday!!!!!

    You mean there never was chocolate cake before he invented it? How tragic.

    There are apparently many varieties of salvia. This one I got at a church rummage sale years ago, took over 2 years before I even learned what it was. I was a little nervous with the lady coming today to pick up the cuttings. She chews the leaves to go into a sort of trance????? But she seemed very nice.......even though she said she was a white witch/shaman/kahuna. But I took the offer of more cuttings off the posting.

    I'm feeling awful today.....I think a combination of heat, over exercising, etc. My heart seems to race/tachicardia sometimes after I eat something in the morning, even though I have eaten the same thing for eons. My cleaning lady who deals with diabetes, told me I can buy a glucose meter and strips without a doctor's RX, so will probably check out Walmart because she said they have the best prices on strips. I was tested over 25 years ago for sugar problems......a 4 hr. fast and that was AWFUL, and it came up negative so I figure it might be easier for me to do the testing myself when I don't feel good.
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    JULIE - Have a wonderful and safe trip to see everyone n Tenn. Do you think the cookies your brought to David's dad will last very long in that house with all those kiddos too?? Enjoy also your date with Den tonight :)!! I know you will miss each other.

    ROCK - Julie hasn't gone yet but will be leaving very early in the morning tomorrow.

    DIANE - So very sorry to hear about dear Faithy. I will continue to pray for her and for you and Kevin too. I can't imagine how hard it is on you both. Both those kitties are so lucky to have you. You give them such great care and hopefully with this care and love , Faithy will live for a VERY long time. One never knows. I have heard of people who were ill and the docs didn't give them but a few months or years and they are STILL around. Don't give up hope sweetie. Big HUGZ your way !!

    SUN - Sorry you are not feeling very good today. Hopefully you will feel better tomorrow. Checking your own blood sugar might be a good idea if you can do it without a doctor's visit and script. DH hasn't been using it but he got a free
    meter from the doc years ago. Now they don't give anything away for free.. He moaned and groaned about having to take his blood sugar but he is just borderline now or was.

    Thinking of everydobby. Need to go and wash my hair and do the big project again. I hate it and put it off as long as I can. DSIL told us to come over at 4:15 or so on Saturday to surprise out DD who will be celebrating her 3 year cancer free anniversary on Saturday. She doesn't know anything is going to happen. We are just going to have some wine probably before going to a Mexican place to eat to celebrate. How nice to get surprised. I think in my life I was only surprised once with a party. Think that was our 30th or there about wedding anniversary with a bunch of people at Steak and Ale restaurant. Still waiting for our 50th which is now almost 54 I think - ugh !! Everyone is so busy and not close by and I think sometime next year we might get together with DD who just moved here who will be celebrating their 25 wedding anniversary. It will be probably small and simple mostly family, I am guessing,

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    This post is coming courtesy of my Surface laptop. It's soooo hard to type on this little flat keyboard but I'll try. My regular laptop was hot when I picked it up and it refused to start. I unplugged it and hope when it cools down that it will start. I woke up with my sore throat and feeling as though my head were in a vice. Yikes!!! I'm seeing the doc on Mon. No pool for me today.

    My dear old friend and I went to the symphony last night and it was awesome! They did Vivaldi's Four Seasons and with each one, they then played each season by the Argentinian composer, Piazzolla. They went from the familiar strains of Vivaldi to the Latin beat of Piazzolla. What fun! The violin soloist started to play and I thought it was the sweetest sound I had ever heard. There was a reason; he was playing a Stradivari on loan for three years from the Canadian govt. The solo pianist has a doctorate in Music Arts. We both felt we had had a special treat. Last night was the final performance for the Strad in the hands of the young man who played for us.

    Diane, I am so sorry that Faithy is sick. She, and all of you, are in my prayers. I pray she feels well for her sake and yours and Kevin's too.

    Julie, I pray you have a safe trip.

    Granni, I was thinking that perhaps the milk would be easier to find than the yogurt. Is there a local goat farm near you where you can get the milk? Might be worth checking into. Stop eating the yogurt if you feel the urge to butt things with your head.

    Rock, how nice to have such a sparkling clean toilet that you don't want to use it. Chocolate brown and blue were a new fad in decorating a couple of years ago. The bedroom walls are blue, the drapes are brown, as is one lamp shade. I have brown and blue on the bed. If I used the tan without the sun lotion on my legs, it doesn't show on the brown sheets if it rubs off. plus, I've heard that elves are partial to brown.

    Sun, I hope you get to feeling better.

    Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Just a BTW: I plugged in my old laptop and it started up just fine. I have a sneaky feeling that the power cord is about shot. Everything is falling apart, including me!

    Love, Mikie
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    This article on those smart crows is so interesting! Someone sent it to me who has told me for years that crows are incredibly smart and you can teach them to talk if you get a baby one.....I guess like a minah bird. After reading this I'm going to have to go to the local park where the "gathering is" and maybe take along some food to toss to them.

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Glad that you enjoyed the symphony. It sounded great!! Speaking of symphonies we are about to start our Choral Society on Monday again . Then it will start getting hectic again. I need to check to see if their is goats milk available around here but not going to far . Not even how long she wants me on it, might be forever but we will see. I am surprised though more stores don't have the yogurt. Wonder if I could order the milk from there, where I get the yogurt but not sure they will do that. I have gotten so lazy lately and am lucky to get stuff I really need to do. If you don't hear from me for awhile it be because DH has switched over to Windows 10. How are you doing with it MIKIE?? Hope you are doing better with it. Sorry about the power cord too. Geez !!

    SUN - Hope you are feeling better !!! Haven't read that article yet but that is interesting about crows?

    Thinking of so many or our Porchies including DIANE, SPRING WATER, ROCK and our ever growing list of MIAs. Hope to get back later or tomorrow. Nothing exciting happening here other than going out to dinner for a surprise for DD who is celebrating her 3 years cancer free tomorrow.

    Granni :)
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Sun, the heat doesn't bother me much. Drives Gordon crazy though. We have fans going
    night and day. Hey! That would be a good title for a song. Interesting story about
    the crows. It illustrates how our cities have sprawled out and wildlife has moved in.
    Crows were known to be crafty when I was a kid. I was told they could tell the difference
    between a farmer carrying a hoe and a farmer carrying a gun. You can see crows
    doing tricks and solving puzzles on Youtube. We have crows in our backyard
    frequently. Nothing musical about their caws.

    Well, shoot. This machine is acting up. I'd better shut it off for a while.

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I hope our dear Porchies don't stay away long. We miss you, MIAs! Got nothing done yesterday but needed to rest. The sore throat is better and headache mostly gone. I'll be seeing the doc on Mon. I need to gather things to turn in to our mgr. I am storing five pool umbrellas until after hurricane season. Now, I have to carry them downstairs, load them into the Highlander, drive them to the mgmt. co., and unload them there. The asst. mgr. has had serious surgery on his hand and I don't want him trying to lift them (he's only supposed to life one pound). Got another nice e-mail from a woman on the board who is sad I'm gone. I got one yesterday from that idiot woman who has been so awful, acting as though she is sorry I'm gone. I replied that now that she is the pres., I hope no one is ever as rude, disrespectful and abusive to her as she has been to me. It is partly because of her that I am gone.

    I'm having coffee Sun. on the Balcony with my dear old friend. He called me yesterday and was sooooo happy to have been to the symphony with me. Neither of us is looking for anything more than friendship but a friendship like ours is priceless. We seem to appreciate the same things, like having heard the Strad played by a young musician who was fantastic. He had a mtg. with mgr. yesterday and told her how unhappy he is with how the board has acted and that I felt I had to leave. Bless his heart. Mgr. told him she is also upset over it.

    Sun, I had seen the video about the crows. It was about the time I was having so much trouble with crows here. That was when Tweety and Sir Vester were living outside and I put bowls of food and water out for them during the day. The crows would fly down and eat their food and dance in their water bowl. I could appreciate the crows' intelligence watching the video but still can't stand them with their harsh cawing outside. We have the large crows which scream, "Aack, aack,." They hang out in the Publix parking lots. Between them and the blue jays, the smaller birds suffer. The Publix up the street from me has a beautiful little retention pond and ducks and egrets hang out there. I always love seeing them when I shop. I hope it has cooled down there a bit. I read in our newspaper that the West Coast weather will be changing and there will be lots of rain. Oh, great! Mud slides! Oh well, it's better than the drought and fires.

    Granni, downloading Windows 10 was a snap for me but I'm not thrilled with it. It may be just a matter of getting used to it. It is supposed to have a firewall and anti-viral protection built in. I hope so. I knew Windows 7 so well and now, I'm having to figure out how to find everything. It seems slow to me too. The program for the symphony had an invitation for chorale singers for the upcoming season. I thought about you. Hope you find a better source for your milk/yogurt. Tell DH that I wish him good luck downloading Windows 10.

    Spring, hope things have settled down and no more quakes nor tremors.

    Rock, miss seeing you here.

    Diane, keeping you all in my prayers.

    Julie, hope you are enjoying your visit with the kids.

    Barry, hope you are doing better.

    Dar, hope you and DD are doing well.

    Who have I missed? Sorry if I missed anyone but am keeping my Online Family in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Well, we'll see if the puter is on its good behavior. Earlier I had sticky keys syndrome.
    Granni, you ever read any books by Loula Grace Erdman? She wrote 3 about a
    family of pioneers in the Texas panhandle during the 1890s Very similar to the
    Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Wrote other books as well. Eventually taught creative
    writing at West Texas State College. The Texas State Historical Association has
    her biography on line.

    Sun, there is an interesting video on Youtube titled Are Crows the Ultimate Problem
    Solvers: Pretty amazing. When I was a social worker I had a family in my
    caseload with a pet raven. Ravens are twice as big. For a comparison see


    Mikie, you missed me because we were broadcasting simultaneously.

    Oops. Gotta go. We are leaving for the library. Gordon wants to go now before
    the heat of the day is upon us.

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the tardiness...as usual some chore came up..now i forget what..probably someone at the door. And then this and that and i had to leave my post without completing it.

    Julie - thank you for moving my post into the right thread. As you can see, my brain is wading in Fogland these days. Will you be able post from Lyndseys? I do not look forward to driving for ten hours at a stretch, but i remember days of my yute when i took the bus from here at 5pm and rode to reach 'home' in India at that time and reaching 3pm the next day. Two bus changes inbetween.

    Mikie - nice to know you enjoyed the music...i have almost never tried classical western music...i remember way back when..Saturday Night Fever had a little piece of Beethoven?? mixed into their music. I mean SNF the John Travolta movie. The track was by Bee Gees. Its so nice knowing about your dear friend...yes, it is a gift indeed having that kind of a bond with someone.

    Rock - ive never liked crows. They are so sensitive to energies around them. Whenever a tremor hits us, a whole gaggle of them rise cawing into the sky and it adds to the tension. Seems like i and my family slept thru a tremor last nite...this morning the help was saying people got up from their beds and rushed outside. 11pm..ish.

    I was chuckling thinking of Gordon rushing to beat the hot sun..because that is what i do...nothing will make me stir out after the sun has reached it hottest point or close to it.

    Sun - the salvias i bought as seedlings are beginning to pick up after we dug and found these pests, fat big white grubs at the root and sprayed. We hv the red variety of salvias tho at one time i had tried the purple one, but its kind of not that striking. A kind of wilder salvia, the shrub kind which grows on its own, we hv a patch of it. We would hv had a couple of gladioli at this time, but alas, the grubs did them in.

    Diane - i missed yr post about Faithy and her kidneys...i pray she will be well. Pls dont let yourself get too anxious..

    Granni - have fun at the party for DD. So good to hear she is celebrating 3 years of being c free. Yay.

    Yesterday we went to the Pranic Healing Center. my friend too was there, it was the founders birthday...organisers had decorated the hall and ceilings with pink and white balloons. We meditated. There was a slide presentation on the earthquake relief programmes carried out by the center and then musical chairs and then snacks.

    My DHs uncle and his family hv returned from Switzerland where they were invited to visit by their DD and her DH who is from there. They stayed a month which is all the visa people would allow. Uncle it seems fell in love with the greenery. Who wouldnt. Hv to visit to say welcome back.

    uncles DD stays in zurich but my DHs sister lives in the countryside part. Her DH drives an hour into Zurich to work. There are lots of relatives who all migrated way back in 60s when the govt was taking in refugees from Tibet. I believe our family in India too was given a chance to migrate to Canada and China under the same programme but my maternal grandfather who had a good business dealing in pig fur!!wanted to stay close to his roots and near the religious shrines. as it turns out, WRONG CALL!!!

    Theyre calling a strike today and tomorrow, something regarding the constitution...and the police is taking in the strike enforcers.

    Good thing i got my chores done. The shopping chores, that is. I made mushroom dumplings day before because i got fresh button mushrooms at the market and had them with a tomato sauce i cooked. Verrry tasty!!! But it took all of two hours to prepare even with my help..i had my brothers over for lunch too. Still. Worth it.

    Our bathroom cabinets too arrived, had wooden ones made..our bathrooms are tiny so i dont like to put things in it, but there had to be some place for the shampoo bottles, sponges etc to go. My decluttering has come to a standstill...ive been trying to clean instead. De flea-d the doggies. Yet to give them that needed bath. When the sun is shining, im busy with something else. When im free, its raining and cold for the dogs.

    Well, better go heave ho...mountains of chores await.

    Love you all

    God bless

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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I think I've slept for an hour so far tonight. Good thing I no longer have to get
    up and go to work. I saw a letter in Dear Abbey. Same man is looking forward
    to retirement soon, but says his wife doesn't seem too pleased. Maybe she's
    heard those stories about men who retire and then have nothing to do so. So they
    organize the kitchen. Or follow the wife around telling her how to keep house.

    Julie, glad to hear you made it to far off Tennessee and are enjoying yourself. I bet
    the kids were really excited to see grandma. Hope you can get a picture or two
    to post.

    Springwater, I saw on the computer news a picture from Bhaktapur about the
    Ghantakama Festival. Is that near you? Do you know the term for a group of
    crows? It's "murder". "A Murder of Crows" has been the title of several
    books. I guess they're all mysteries. It's also the title of a film. I believe the
    title for a group of politicians is a conspiracy.

    Diane, I hope you and Faithy are feeling better. We have no pets to care for
    now. Just the feral cat. Fed her about 2AM today. Last night there was a
    possum in the yard. Don't know how it got in since Gordon added mesh to our
    fence. Greatly reduced the number of cats, possums and skunks we used to
    see in the yard. Gordon's brother said some years back someone left the back
    door open and a possum came in the house to investigate. Anyhoo I put
    out a bowl of kibble for the possum. Checked in the morning . Something
    ate it.

    Well, I suppose Mikie is posting too. She is indefatigable. That is not
    only an adjective, it's the name of ship in the British Navy. Sunk during
    WW I.

    Hugs to Granni and Barry and Sun
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2015
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I had to cancel my coffee with my dear old friend. Yesterday, I was pretty sick so knew I'd be feeling low today. Sho nuff--I'm lower than a snake's belly. Sore throat is causing me to be extremely tired, achy, and nauseated. I have to take my garbage down to the dumpster. I told my friend that that is likely to be all I get done today. Actually, I need to gather some paperwork, my keys, credit card and receipts for reimbursement so I can leave them off at our mgmt. office. I'll also take the pool umbrellas but maybe not tomorrow. I can always take those to mgmt. Tomorrow, I see the doc and will ask for a throat swab.

    I've neglected my plants and the balcony since I've been sick. I decided I wasn't up to carrying all my orchids to the sink to water them so just put some ice cubes on top of the bark in the pots. I was told this is a good way to water them. I want to hang some of them back up in the tree but will have to spray them for the mealy bugs. Too much work for my poor old bod right now. My stag horn fern is going crazy, putting out those little flat leafs which grow before the antlers grow out. I have it in moss in a wooden slatted orchid container. Those little flat leaves are popping out in between the slats. Soon, it'll be a big ball of a fern. Just don't know whether that little container will support it.

    Rock, when I first read your post, I thought you said you were having trouble with your putter; I had the Golf Doctor on TV showing how to make a long putt or, at least, get close to the hole. I was thinking that I hadn't heard you speak of golf before. Duh!!! My poor brain is also tired. That video is, I think, the one I saw about how intelligent crows are. As I said, interesting to watch but I just hope they go somewhere else to perform their smart acts. Don't know which is more evil--crows or blue jays. The smaller birds here must have sentries posted because, when the crows and jays are in the area to plunder and attact their nests, they sound the alert. The crows are the terrorists of the bird world. Guess they feel they have just caws. Yuk! Yuk!!! Hope your trip to the library was fruitful. I'm reading an excellent book I got free from Amazon (at last, a decent freebie). It is "The River." I'm about 2/3 of the way through it and would recommend it to anyone. BTW, I think a group of politicians is called a Corruption of Politicians (oh, wait--is that redundant, redundant?).

    Julie, we miss you and are waiting to hear that your trip was just what you needed. I know it's just what your kids needed. [Later] Oh, just read that you are having a great time; I just closed out my post and got the message there were other posts so I'm back to edit. We are all waiting with bated breath to hear all about it. Hope you have pics to share. I keep you in my prayers for a safe trip home. I'll bet Den is missing you and those date nights.

    Spring, I guess sleeping through a tremor is the way to do it unless, of course, there is damage or danger. It's better to have those tremors, which mean the plates in the earth are adjusting, than to have none and, all of a sudden, a big quake. Mom and I were in Switzerland back in '89. We traveled from Paris to Geneva and spent the night. Then we went to Zurich to spend another night before heading out to Munich. I liked Geneva better than Zurich but both are beautiful places. We took a short boat ride around Lake Zurich. I agree about the crows' disturbing the peace and stability. They seem nervous and make me unsettled and nervous too. Maybe they are called a Murder of Crows because people would like to murder them. Hope the healing center was good for you. It sounds perfect.

    Granni, I hope your Windows 10 isn't giving you any problems. I'll be anxious to hear from you.

    Everydobby, I hope y'all have an excellent Sunday. I'm just sitting here with the cool (74 degrees) breeze from the fan and am about to go out on the lanai with Miss Tweety. She was crying for me to come out. I tell her I'll go out soon and she goes out and waits for me. [Later] I did go out with her for a short time. That's about all she wants. I petted them both and thanked them for being quiet so I could go back to bed after I let them in this morning.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2015

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