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    Dear Porchies,

    As is my habit, I'm starting this up but going back over to #843 to read the last few posts. I'll be back...

    Hi, Porchies,

    Got up to find we're already at 30 posts so started a new Porch. How time flies! I got a pretty good night's sleep so am feeling a tad better. Kitties wanted to come in early but settled down and let me go back to sleep. I don't mind letting them in really early if they let me sleep. Since I've been rationing their treats a bit, they have lost a little weight and seem to feel more frisky. They were getting too heavy. Now, they are like Goldilocks likes them--just right! I'm not just right yet but am working on it.

    Dear old friend is supposed to come over for coffee but he's been getting a bit forgetful lately so don't know whether he'll remember. If he doesn't, it's OK. DD called and said DGS is on the special teams on his football team. Coach wanted him to play offence and block but he doesn't like hitting the other players. They don't need receivers so he was sidelined for a while. When they found out that soccer was his first sport, they made him their kicker. Can y'all tell I'm a proud grandma. I'm glad he won't be carrying the ball and getting hit.


    Sun, I had thought when I drooled that the shot worked too but I am in pain and have bone crushing exhaustion. I think that it may have helped in that my Sjogren's isn't worse and, if that's the case, I'll take it. I do have a very sore spot on the inside of my upper lip but I think I bit myself. My clumsiness has known no bounds of late. Thanks for the link; I'll check it out. I love garlic. Hope you enjoy DGD's soccer game. Wish I lived close enough to go to DGS's games. That moisture in the air may be depressing but it helps with the drought. Some plants can use it in lieu of rain.

    Granni, glad you found a drink you can tolerate. I need to get back to making green drinks in my Nutri-Bullet but I'm usually so full with all the fruit, veggies and seeds I'm eating that I'm too full to want anything else. One thing is certain; I'm getting enough fibre. My toilet will never be the same! :eek: I don't think I could drink the kefit but might be OK in a smoothie. Glad those birthday celebrations are still going. Hope you enjoy DGS's game. You and Sun are soooo lucky.

    Gotta get going. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    :)MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again. It is almost 10:30 and I have done a lot already and so can't stay on long. Need to get dressed and probably eat lunch before we go to meet the kids to go eat dinner early and off to an early football game. He only has a few more games to play and that will be it most likely for football. he also plays Rugby and don't know about that sport or when they start and stop.

    I know what you mean about your toilet never being the same with all the fruits and veggies and green drinks. Lately I have had very loose BM's and not sure what is causing what around here. Right now I haven't been doing the green drink every morning and am starting up slowly a they say to do. Before that they were still loose. Sorry to be talking about this on the forum but it has me baffled and confused :confused:! However, these days that does not take that much.:D Not sure if the nat. meds are causing it or the killing off of the little buggers, or whatever else :confused:!!

    JULIE - Hope all is going well with the new part of the house and with Gpa. Also hope you are feeling a little better. Come back when you can and have a nice weekend.

    SUN - I forgot what question it was that you asked, Oh I think I remember one of them. We are going into Houston. That is the Big City and it seems like it has grown so much. I am sure also we have gotten more Hispanics too which we have always had here in TX. However, that is another question and problem I will not get into on here. Houston is a pretty big city !!! It will take us over an hr. to get there. I need to try and avocado smoothie too if I can know some other things to put in it besides the yogurt , maybe almond milk, kefer if I have it, cinnamon. My daughter gave me her breakfast smoothie recipe that calls for a cup or more of frozen blueberries and that might be a little to much for me with my problem right now and whey powder , yogurt, cinnamon, almond milk. She uses the skim milk.

    Hope you enjoy your DGS game. How old is he. Our son played FB since age 6 and never was injured.

    Well I need to get off here and get dressed.

    Hugz to everydobby, inc. those not address in this post. and MIA's,
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    Mikie: It's my understanding the kicker is the star! That's super.

    Granni: Just my opinion but I don't know if cinnamon and avocado would mix. When I made giant smoothies for my DH I used whipping cream (that was to help him put on weight) plain yogurt, fresh fruit (whatever I had around) protein powder, some cottage cheese, put in a little sugar for him to make it taste good. But for me I think I will use the kefir, protein powder, a few strawberries (the protein powder has stevia so is VERY sweet to me. And since I'm losing weight and need to put some on I'm going to start using whipping cream.

    And you might try backing off a little on the magnesium. You might be getting too much.
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    SUN - MIKIE's right, that is if the kicker makes his kick. If he doesn't, it could be disaster if they haven't scored to many points in the game already. Hope he and his team does well. Our DS was lucky in all those years he had no injury other than stepping in a hole at practice and sprained his ankle. He played mostly defense and was always getting wacked and love to hit others (in the game) but he was and is such a mild manner kid. He wasn't that big either especially when very young but he loved to tackle. There goes this stupid font again. You might be able to see it when I send but it keeps changing. I understand about the cinnamon but I have not made any smoothies with avocados as yet but cinnamon is very good for you. Great on cereal or berry drinks. I wish I could have sugar and all that sweet stuff. Would love to make myself a malted or milkshake or fruity smoothie that is healthy for me, that would put on weight.

    Yes, I have thought about the Mag. but am taking the malate and wasn't sure how much that would effect it. I know some kinds do like citrate which is what I used to take. I am also taking the Mag. amount for b/p . May try that after awhile. Some of this could also be the IBS or whatever else you want call it.
    Need to go get ready to leave soon.
    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

    Everyone please have a great weekend, if you can at all help it :)!!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Haven't gotten much done today. Sat out for coffee but dear old friend is having balance problems so is getting scanned and going to physical therapy. He fell and I'm hoping the docs and therapist can help him. He's 89 now but is in fine fetter except for his balance. It really is a problem for him. He wasn't able to walk over here. Barb and I had our coffee. She was in one of her moods, loaded for bear. She was complaining about how overgrown our landscaping is and about everything else. I included her in my plans to redo some of our landscaping and to generally clean it up. That helped some but she just works herself up into a lather about everything going on in the hood--things out of my control. I reminded her that being angry about everything isn't good for her. She knows that but can't seem to help herself when she gets like this. Yikes!!! By not getting angry back and by letting her realize that I won't let our place get rundown, we are able to remain friends but it takes a lot of work on my half of things. I'm thinking it must be a bit like Julie and GPA.

    I'm not going to be doing much else today. I may let Roomba clean the floors. I'm watching a show on light and science. It's not the most well done video on it that I've seen but, if I fill in the gaps, it makes sense. Relativity and quantum physics are difficult to understand and remember so using different sources can help. Told y'all I'm a closet nerd. I love this stuff.

    Sun, I think the quarterbacks are still the stars, with receivers right behind them. If the team cannot score, however, but have advanced the ball close enough to the goal, it is often up to the poor kicker to save the day. I always find it heartbreaking when the kicker misses. So much depending on that kick. BTW. Barb's mother had Type II Diabetes probably 50 yrs. ago and Barb is arguing that there is nothing which can be done about it and it's only a consequence of ageing. I've tried explaining to her that I'm sure the care she got way back then was the best available at the time but that docs and researchers now know a lot more about how sugar affects us. Oy!!!

    Granni, loose stools can be due to a lot of things and, possibly a combination of things. Adding magnesium and roughage could certainly be culprits. Herxing also causes it. Ain't getting healthy fun? I keep forgetting about cinnamon. Actually, I keep forgetting about everything. My brain is a sieve. You're having a busy day and I'm having a lazy one. Hope you enjoy the game and birthday celebration.

    Kitties are having their usual lazy day. So glad I'm getting adequate, not abundant but adequate, sleep. When I'm not frazzled, I can enjoy and love them as I want to. They are soooooo cute and, usually, sweet.

    Again, hope all y'all enjoy the rest of the day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting up the new volume, Mikie. Our monthly chiro visit was
    scheduled for today, but I didn't feel up to it. We are now appointmented for
    Wednesday. One of our members, yclept GB, posted this piquent verse on the
    Homebound board.

    There was a young skater named Hanna
    Who slipped and fell on her Fannah..
    As she lay on her Side..
    More stars she Espied..
    Than there are on the Star Spangled Bannah...

    I believe you are supposed to read it with a Bostonian accent. I looked on the
    net. Could not find the name of the author. Following is my response.

    On Changing the Channels, etc.
    A fun-loving poster named GB
    Attempted to turn on her TV.
    Somehow the remote
    Was et up by a goat.
    The process is no longer EZ.

    Not much else is going on at the ranch.

    Mikie, with regard to relativity, I just saw a limerick about Einstein. I'd
    post it here, only I doubt I could find it again. What a wonderful picture
    of your DGS. That's Andy, right? I drop by the Youtube magic video now
    and again. His video has had 90 some views.

    Granni, the font in your post was fine although the color changed halfway
    through. I wonder if anyone makes a supplement for computers. Mine
    could sure use one. Did I send you a Happy Birthday Wish? I intended to,
    but it's kinda tricky when you have the memory span of a goldfish.

    I did manage to send my two brothers their cards. My goal for today is to
    send one to my sister. Her birthday is next month, but if I wait I may
    forget altogether.

    Sun, Granni and I can remember when the only whipped cream was the
    kind somebody actually whipped as opposed to the kind that comes out of
    a can like shaving foam. I used to make that pie where the filling is cream
    cheese and whipped cream with pie filling on top. Very easy. Always impressed
    the ladies at work when I brought that to a pot luck. All the other single guys
    bought a jar of pickles or a six pack of Coke.

    Hope everydobby has a good day.
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    Hi Kids

    Wow, Julie, as of yesterday I had never heard a limerick (or any verse) about
    Einstein. By the end of the day I had heard four. And all highly amusing.

    Never heard of A. H. R. Buller before. Wikipedia says he was an English
    academician who moved to Canada and became the first Professor of Botany and
    Geology at the University of Manitoba. His verse about the young lady who
    "returned on the previous night" was published in Punch back in the 1920s.

    To my surprise I found the limerick I had seen earlier yesterday. I modified
    it a bit to improve the meter and to ensure that it would qualify for a G

    Einstein, who was frizzy haired,
    Claimed E equals MC squared.
    This tells us that mass will decrease
    When all activities cease.
    Thus the atom's great secret was bared.

    I could not find any info about Linda Magruder, but I found some
    other verses she wrote. They are all on some aspect of science. Here
    is the first verse of one about her cat.

    I’m just about to give up hope.
    My kitty ate my gyroscope!
    Like a dervish he does spin
    across the room and back again.

    So Mikie and Diane and Julie and other cat fanciers, don't leave
    gyroscopes where the cats can get at them.



    Above is the spinning cat illusion. Some people can make the cat spin
    in the other direction. There was a similar illusion with a ballet dancer.
    The trick was to focus on her feet and/or the shadow below which
    somehow reversed her direction. I can't get that result with the cat
    though. The spinning torso is from You tube and its discussion of
    the spinning dancer.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Oh, my! Such good fun going on here. Loooove the limericks and spinning cat and torso.

    I read about Shrodinger's cat
    I can't wrap my brain around that
    It can't be said
    If he's alive or dead
    The experiment seemed to fall flat!

    Rock, yes, that's my Andy. He's a man of many talents. DD didn't say whether he's still into magic. I imagine he is as he tends to keep his interests alive and doesn't jump from one thing to another. Surprising for a kid with attention deficit. Kids are taking him to a "brain center" for testing to see what, other than meds, are available to help him. The side affects of those drugs can be unacceptable. I had ADHD as did DD, Andy's Mom. His IQ is above average so it's not a question of anything but his inability to stay focused. Hope you get your card sent. I have one I need to send. I'm overwhelmed due to my recent relapse. Doing better but not there yet. Hope you are feeling better and can get
    crackin' and make the appt. to the chiro.

    Julie, thanks for the verses. I hope things have slowed down a bit for you. How goes the roof? Well, I hope. When I read about what you and Den are doing, it takes me back to when my ex and I enclosed the addition to our house. I stained and sealed the exposed beam and all the new wood window frames. What a job! Now, I can barely keep up with my housework. Whine, whine, whine!

    I did get the cat to rotate the opposite direction. I looked beneath the cat's feet and imagined it was rotating the other way. Viola! It worked. Wish I could suspend these two kitties in the middle of the night when they want me to get up. Early this morning, I had to put Ben Gay on the bottom of my closet door to keep Tweety from rattling it and I had to spray the loveseat to keep Sir Vester from scratching it. I said, "No!" and they finally settled down and let me sleep until 7:30. All in all, I got seven hours' sleep but I was awake for hours after they came in. I can't always get right back to sleep.

    Gonna try to finish the "New York Times" crossword puzzle. Hope all y'all have a great Sunday. Happy Birthday, Granni.

    Love, Mikie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, Mikie. I used your technique for the spinning cat and it worked. Du bist sehr
    klug. Did you construct the Schrodinger's cat verse? I liked it. It left me fe-line
    quite amused.

    I didn't get my card sent, but it's in the envelope w/ a check and two stamps on
    the envelope. One is Dick Tracey. The other is Elvis. And the pic on the
    card is a Siamese cat. I had Gordon write the check for me. I make too
    many mistakes nowadays.

    Bis spater
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    Just sitting here watching Miami run the heck outta the football. Don't want to jinx it, though. It's only the second half. Whoa, another Miami touchdown!!! Denver will be playing later today. I don't really keep up with sports anymore but there's nothing else much to do today for someone with no NRG who doesn't give a fried fig. It's gray out but nice 'n cool for a change. I saw that awful mud slide north of you on the news on TV. I said if CA gets rain, after this horrible drought, there will be mud slides. Mud slides and flooding. AACK!!! Roomba is vacuuming the floors and is docked to re-energize. I wish we people had docking stations where we could get re-energized. I'm multi-tasking; vacuuming and doing laundry. Does it count as multi-tasking if a robot is doing half the work?

    Yes, I made up the ditty about Shrodinger's cat. I figured it was appropriate when I saw the spinning cat you posted. Wish it were better but, obviously, limericks, or any other form of poetry, are not my forte. There is something soooo compelling about that spinning cat. I can barely take my eyes off of it. It's soothing to watch. Just hope watching it doesn't put me into a trance. Yikes!!! Thank you for your kind compliment but if I were really
    klub, I'd probably know what klub means without having to look it up. :) It's always good to learn new vocabulary and I thank you. I'm washing the cats' big softy-wafty throw I keep on my bed for them. I also cleaned Sir Vester's little animal print bed he sleeps in. It's hard to keep up with their fur all over the place. Thank God for appliances.

    You got further on your card chore than I. I'm not into that today so will mail it tomorrow. Post person is off today so it won't matter. Publix has BOGO's on Hallmark cards so will replenish my general birthday card stock. It's always nice to send a more expensive card I got for half price. I hate to send the cheap ones but they are sooooo expensive. I should buy them at the Dollar Store. They are surprisingly nice and I don't think the price is on them. Publix had a $10 coupon off of $50 spent in today's paper. That's a 20 percent discount on groceries! I'll take that, and the 20 percent I save on gas, any day. My newspaper subscription always more than pays for itself.

    Tomorrow, I'll have to be half dead before I miss another workout at the pool. One of our friends and her DH are sick with a cold/bronchitis. She is such a nice person and so is he. Love them like I love my family here. Hope you and I both feel better and get some NRG.

    Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  11. bct

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    Beware of the spinning cat! I made it spin both ways, and when I stopped I was the one who was spinning! Actually, I can't understand the s. c., and was wondering if it was a hoax; experiments must be done with multiple people watching it at the same time. :p Mighty amusing! Thank you.

    We had about half and inch of rain here. Weather outside is grey and damp. 65 degrees. What a change! More showers on the way. Yay!

    We got a lot (4) Margery Allingham mysteries on request from the library. I like mellow British mysteries. Our library system checks books out for four weeks, with two renewals available. Gives one plenty of time to read.:rolleyes:

    Now I will recline and read 'til I'm catatonic I guess.
    Best wishes to All
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    Barry......thanks for telling us that. I get dizzy quite easily and I was wondering how I would feel if I attempted that. My DGS was trying to share his favorite game on his phone yesterday. It had lots of movement, flashing lights, etc. and I told him I can't look at it. Tried to explain what happens sometimes with our brain and eyes. Years ago when nintendo first came out, I worked for a company that put the nintendo games and machines in stores for people to rent. My neighbor's son, about age 8 at the time, was playing one of the games and it brought on a seizure. Then warning labels were applied to the games.

    Mikie: I was telling my DD about the roomba yesterday. She said they're very expensive and can't go over area rugs. Is that so? They've got about 2,000 sq. feet on the first floor, all ceramic tile and area rugs.

    I just had my first Kefir shake in the nutrabullet. I added about 1/2 cup kefir, 8 fresh strawberries, about l/3 cup whipping cream and l scoop of my protein powder. OMG .......so unbelievably good.......a thick strawberry shake.

    Rock.......honestly, you guys should try this for you to drink to substitute for the canned drink you use. The kefir is a natural way to add good beneficial bacteria in your gut, the protein powder is chocked full of vitamins, and whipping cream will put on weight. If I lived close I would bring some over for you.

    I had a good day with the family yesterday. My son brought DGD to the soccer game. She seemed to enjoy all the activity and after awhile we couldn't keep her on the blanket. Kept wanting go onto the field. Went to lunch afterwards and then spent the rest of the day with my DD and her family. My little granddaughter wanted some extra hugs from me before she would be put into the carseat. She's 16 mos. now......not very outgoing.....so this is a good change with her.
  13. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Barry, I hope you don't actually become catatonic. There is presently no tonic you can
    take to effect a cure. When I was a psyche major half a century ago, our class went to
    the state mental hospital and observed patients who suffered from this malady. Some of
    them demonstrated waxy flexibility. The hospital staff was reviewing several patients
    and planning treatment. Same conclusion in every case. "Wait and see."

    BTW, have your gastronomical adventures included sparkling catawba juice? I used
    to buy it in my yute for an occasional treat. A bottle cost around $2.50 then. Last time
    I looked the price was 6 or 7 times that much.
    [​IMG]Haven't read any Margery Allingham. Will have to try one of her later

    Mikie, Du bist sehr klug is Deutsch for You are very clever/smart. Our German professor
    used to say it frequently. Never to me, of course. The fact that I had a Deutsch
    Grossmutter didn't help at all.

    Yes, I got Sis's birthday card all ready. The next hurdle is to get it mailed. Gordon said
    he would mail it yesterday when he did errands. Said the same thing today. It's
    still sitting on the table beside his keys so he won't forget to take it. But I can't
    criticize. He had to do all the shopping and errands and bill paying and etc.

    How did you do with the NY Times crossword? I tried it once. Didn't get very
    far. I like the puzzles of medium difficulty, but they are hard to find. Most are
    too easy and some are too hard. Surely there must be a market for Goldilocks
    crossword puzzles.

    Hugs, everydobby.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Another nice cool morning again here. It gets into the mid-80's during the afternoons but the mornings are deee-lightful. Very entertaining zoom-zoom games this morning--Tweety is doing an intricate dance on the lanai designed to get Sir Vester all stirred up. He can see her through the glass doors. Once he is about to pop with excitement, she zooms in through the opening right past him and he gives chase. I'm glad to see them getting some exercise because they sleep all day.

    I'm going over to the pool this morning even though I only slept from about 10:00 p.m. until 2:30 this morning. I just hate this damned insomnia. I finally got up at 4:30 to let the kitties in. Talk about catatonic! I have soooo much that needs doing and I hope I am not too tired to do anything today.

    Barry, Shrodinger's Cat was not a real experiment. It was simply a way to explain that, in quantum physics, a cat could be either dead or alive inside a box and it was impossible to tell until one looked. It's a metaphor for the state of matter. In theory, matter behaves differently when observed. Until then, there is no way to be certain about whether something exists nor about the state of the matter. Some theorists believe matter, or people, could be in two places at once. Quantum mechanics flies in the face of our traditional common sense. Even Einstein was baffled by this new way of looking at everything. As I said in my little ditty, I can't wrap my brain around it, but I do try to understand the theories. Soooo glad you got the rain. Hope it comes in nice 'n steady so there isn't flooding.

    Sun, yes the Roombas are expensive, very expensive if you get one of the better ones. Mine cleans the area rug over the carpeting in the living room but not the other smaller throw rugs on the tile floor I'm more than happy to pick them up. I usually brush them off and put them back down and just let Roomba clean around them. If one has animals, the small collection bin may not be large enough to allow Roomba to clean without stopping to empty it and brush off the filter. I have to do that to get rid of the cat hair after it cleans each room. It's a lot of money to spend on getting just one thing done but it's just the extra help I need so I'm not completely living in filth. AACK!!! :confused: Glad you enjoyed your kids. Sixteen months is such a cute age.

    Rock, I was able to understand the Deutsch except for the klug part. I had to look that word up. I can barely speak any foreign languages any more because I never practice them. It's sad to lose something like that. I'm sure that had I been more fluent, I would retain more. Neighbor spoke to me in French the other day and I told her that I'm so tired I can barely think in English. :( The NY Times crossword puzzles are progressively more difficult as the week goes on. Monday and Tuesday puzzles are too easy. Wednesday is usually the Goldilocks puzzle. Thursday puzzles are often a nice challenge but are sometimes too difficult. Saturday puzzles are the most difficult, more so than the big Sunday puzzles. Oops! seems your second post was here twice so I deleted one of them and the other disappeared too. So, I'm copying and pasting it back. Sorry!


    Sunflower, Have tried off and on for 90 minutes to send you a "conversation"
    message. No cooperation from the electrons in charge. At first the computer
    froze up. Shut it off for half an hour. In my most recent try I got a message
    saying I could not send a message to you. No explanation provided.
    My question to PH on this point a couple weeks ago did not provoke any response.

    Anyhoo, when I last posted I couldn't respond to your post because it wasn't there.
    Gordon is going shopping this morning. I think he said Wal*Mart or Costco or one
    of them thar big places. I will ask him to look for some Kefir. I read about it at
    various sites. Sounds too good to be true.

    Julie, I looked up the origin of the phrase "The show must go on." Couldn't find
    any definitive answer. I suspect it goes back to the days of traveling troops in
    Europe. If they didn't put on the show, they didn't get paid. I can only hope
    you are getting lots of applause for all your efforts above and beyond.

    Hugs Everydobby


    Julie, I know what it's like to work on getting new construction enclosed before bad weather but, please, rest as much as you can. This HUGE project, being sick and taking care of GPA has to have taken its toll. It was snowing up in New England yesterday but don't know whether the projected colder-than-normal winter forecast includes the Midwest. We are even supposed to have cooler weather down here. There goes our gas bills to heat our pool. Take care.

    Gonna go read the paper. There was a mass shooting the other night in Downtown Fort Myers at the Zombiecom gathering. One person died and four others are injured. The ongoing renovation is making our downtown area even more beautiful but the central area is a high crime zone and the place where the shootings occur. Cops are saying this is random but I think it's gang/drug related. In one night not long ago, there were seven people shot. This latest shooting resembles those shootings more than just a random act. This one made the nat'l news. Sad.

    Good news is that Miami won in what has to have been one of the most boring games ever. It pre-empted the Denver game, which was evidently a nail biter. Denver remains undefeated but they certainly got sloppy against the Browns in OT. Luckily, the Browns got sloppy too. Have a good one, everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Howdy! Well, just an expression. Seeing as how i just read down the page.

    Mikie - love the sound of your dear DGS. That he didnt want to be kicker because he didnt want to hurt the other boys. A gem of a boy, he is. A boy after my own heart; If i were a little girl i would want to marry him.

    Granni - i saw your post and wondered what about the designer looking post. Half black, half pink. So the computer gremlins are upto their treeks again, eh? I hope your runny stomach stops running and gets back into its usual pace again. I think it may be reacting to all the dietary changes you are introducing your gut to. Hope it settles down fast.

    Sun - nice to hear about your good day out with the family. your little GD will soon hit the terrible twos and then there will be no stopping her.

    Rock - i could really relate to what you said, about having gotten your card to your sister ready. And now to accomplish the job of posting it. Im doing all my chores in bits and pieces. Either the mind or the body starts giving way and preventing me from doing everything in one go. Most common is soaking my underwear to wash and then forgetting them altogether until much later.I wont tell you how much later.

    Rock , Mikie - Was that spinning cat a trick? I was really pumped up that i made it spin the other way by staring at the bottom of it like Mikie said. But then i did it again just staring at the middle and with no intention of spinning it in another direction and it span in the other direction on its own and there was a part where it spin in one direction for just a little bit and then in the other.

    Julie - i hope you feel a little better soon. How is Den feeling now? Its good to know he is back at work.

    Ive taken a breather from cooking our festival lunch.

    Yes. its the middle of festival. Dashain. Five days of festivities among lack of fuel and cooking gas. My sons friends family has started stocking up on wood. which it seems they will start having to use pretty darn soon if this crisis and deadlock with the powers that be in India dont get resolved soon.

    A cousin had rung up and said there was fuel to be had but at four times the price. $4 per litre. We didnt bite. Cycling, walking is good enough.

    Last evening we had gone out on errands using precious gas but i was so tired, i couldnt even shop properly. It was so weird how the night came on so fast, by six pm it was dark, son and me went to this temple bout ten kms away and stopped at a shopping mall so he could buy some clothes to wear when we went to get blessings from the head of the family. he also showed me a church which he said he went to with his Christian friends, Unfortunately no new stock is coming in, and they were out of the size he wears, they had smaller sizes in pants and shirts. Then i tried to get us some dinner outside because i could feel the fatigue coming on, and found all restaurants out of what we wanted, chowmein or dumplings. What people could get buses, to take them back home to their villages, had gone so in addition to no cooking gas, restaurants didnt hv staff.

    Heigh ho, a merry ho. Good news was the supermarket i went to had stocks of most everything i needed. But i was wiped out by the time i got home and just took to bed. Leaving the men to forage in the kitchen for their dinner...left overs. bread, a little meat.

    So this morning i hit the kitchen determined to make up for last night. and prepare a meal that was a leetle beet festive at least.

    Ive finished making my tomato veggie pulao rice, potato curry with mustard, chickpeas masala gravy. And will tackle the rest of cooking when i finish posting this.

    Well, i think ive finished.


    God Bless

    Last edited: Oct 20, 2015
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I just checked. Today is Wednesday. I thought all day yesterday that it was
    Monday. Hard to keep track of the days when your mind no workee, you
    don't go to school or work, and you sleep most of the day and are awake
    most of the night. I've gotten much like an old fellow we used to play
    bridge with. He never knew what day it was either. But he could still play bridge.

    Springwater, yes, the spinning cat is actually a trick. It's not really a cat. It's
    a dog wearing a cat suit. Ha Ha! I believe the perceptions you reported are
    typical of people with a high IQ who eat lots of curry.

    Sorry to hear it's so hard to buy supplies. Numerous articles and essays have
    predicted the same thing is going to happen here. Hard to prepare. How many
    cartoons of canned soup can one store in the spare room. Assuming one has a
    spare room.

    Mikie, I read Shrodinger's Cat was a joke between two physicists who corresponded
    regularly. I forget the details. Don't have then energy to hunt up more info. Way
    back in the 1930s T. S. Elliot produced a collection of poems he called Old
    Possum's Book of Practical Cats. It became the basis for the musical Cats. Perhaps someday folks will be singing about Shrodinger's cat.

    "Is it Dead? Is it alive? Tell us, tell us. Did it thrive?"
    "Is it live? Is it dead? Tell us what the doctor said."

    We had a little rain yesterday, but some places nearby had way too much. And
    a couple days ago cars on a freeway got buried in mud. And there was another
    big water pipe that fell apart. Funny. When a city doesn't take care of its
    infrastructure for 90 years, eventually bad things happen. It looks to me like
    the 20th century was America's golden age. Things seem to be falling apart
    all over the place. As William Butler Yeats said, "Things fall apart. The center
    cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world." I wonder why
    he put "mere" in front of anarchy. Anarchy is pretty serious stuff.

    Guess I'll try going back to bed for a while.

    Hugs, Kids
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2015
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm a bit groggy this morning. I decided to take 1 mg. of clonazepam last night to get some sleep. I slept all afternoon in a deep, hazy sleep but woke at midnight. I didn't want another night of tossing and turning. It worked and I got up at 4:00 to let the kitties in and went back to bed til almost 6:00. Publix had bacon on a BOGO so I cooked one of the packages. I can put some of it in with beans for lunch. Beans are supposed to be good for our diet. For breakfast, I cooked two eggs in the bacon fat and scarfed them down. Mmmmmm! My favorite breakfast. Only thing missing was toast and marmalade.

    My ex called and told me he was horrified to find all kinds of sugary snack foods in his brother's cabinets. His bro is on three diabetes drugs. Both he and his wife are very obese and suffering from other conditions. One of my ex's old friends has always been very obese and now, he has lost a leg to diabetes. Seems that a perfect storm has gathered to shake some sense into him. I hope so. This seems to be an epidemic. TV news shows call obesity an epidemic but very few are dealing with the consequences of it. People need to know that obesity is far more than just being fat; it is a serious risk to our health. Much of the world goes hungry, even here in the U.S., and there are eating contests on TV. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. OK, climbing off my soapbox now.

    Spring, Andy didn't want to play defense because that would mean tackling the other boys. The kicker usually doesn't hurt anyone unless a member of the other team gets in front of his kicking foot. I'm relieved because the kicker usually isn't tackled but may get knocked down if he doesn't get the kick off quickly. Andy has already had proposals of marriage but, like most boys his age, girls both fascinate him and scare him. With his ADHD, girls are mostly a distraction to him. Oh how I wish this mess would resolve itself so you aren't suffering these shortages. You are dealing with it in such a practical way and keeping your spirit as good as possible but it has to be taking its toll. I am so sorry and am praying for you. Making the cat spin in the other direction takes some new neural connections in the brain. Once your brain makes the connection, it becomes easier to make the cat spin in the other direction. Sounds as though you have a good elastic brain.

    Rock, I had never heard that S's cat was a joke but I wouldn't put it past two physicists. They often have offbeat senses of humor. If it was a joke, it's another joke on us that it is often used to teach quantum mechanics. "Cats" is one of my favorite musicals. I know it's not considered high culture but I love it. I saw it live on stage while it still had all the Buzby-Berkley-like song and dance numbers with lots of chorus dancers. They later eliminated those numbers from the show. I loved Betty Buckley's version of "Memory." She played Dick Van Patten's second wife on "Eight Is Enough." The woman who played his first wife died of cancer. She was in her 40's and was in a serious relationship with John Travolta when he was in his 20's or 30's. He was devastated by the loss. I saw the mud slide on the TV news. Yikes! Some of the pipes in the NE date back to the War of Independence! How can that be? My prayer is that you all get rain but just enough Goldilocks rain so it doesn't flood--juuuust right! BTW, I think it's Tues. today but, like you, I am often confused as to which day it is.

    Going downstairs for wine with Ilona's ex-DIL and her DH this afternoon. They bought Frank and Ilona's condo. Frank and Ilona are supposed to come down in Jan. for a couple of months. He had five surgeries to correct the infection in his hip and will be doing a lot of rehab. She says he isn't doing his exercises like he is supposed to. He has his new hip and the infection appears to be cleared up but five cuts into the muscle in his hip has really set him back. I think he's 80 now.

    Each decade seems to bring on more frailty and health problems. That's why I'm trying to keep my poor old bod as healthy as I can, starting now. A lot of people I see with obesity-related issues, diabetes, high cholesterol, strokes and heart attacks, don't take corrective action until it's often too late. I'm glad to see a lot of attention being paid to preventive lifestyle changes but it can take decades for change in people who don't want to give up their unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. It's one of the leading reasons for the huge increases in healthcare costs. We have to change the paradigm from one of pills and surgery to one of living healthier lives from childhood on. Opps, seems as though I didn't get off the soapbox. Sorry!

    I'm going to clean out the fridge because it's a mess. Eating whole new kinds of things has thrown off my storage. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh, Mikie, I think you're right. It's Tuesday. But I checked the calendar earlier.
    Was sure it said Wednesday. I think I'm now in stage 6 of Alzheimer's: difficulty
    with simple tasks. Stage 7 is the last. The poor old brain is so full of tangles and
    snarls it can no longer handle the automatic stuff like pumping blood and digesting.

    I did a quick search for the joke about the cat. The 2 physicists were Einstein and
    Edwin Schrodinger. Couldn't find the actual passage dealing with the cat.
    I did however, come across the following (on a different site) which was described
    as a highly cerebral anecdote.

    "Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an
    impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him rather frail
    and, with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath. This made him (Oh, man, this is so
    bad, it’s good) a super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis."

    Must be popping off
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies !

    Sorry I cannot stay so much to do and have to sing this afternoon. DH is gone and I need to get outside to do a little weeding or cutting back. Have a wash going and I need to go get somewhat dressed for outside work. it is nice and cool this morning. Low 80's I think today but have to check to see for sure.

    Have a doc apt tomorrow and will try and get a referral for an internist. Had my green drink for breakfast that had everything but the kitchen sink in it plus some green powder and protein powder. Need to also fid some other kind of cereal that I can eat. Not a big egg person but I can eat them, they say.

    Looks like everyone is busy around here with one thing or another. JULIE , try and take it easy some with all you have to do. Glad the guys are helping den with the house building. Hope all goes well with Gpas doc. visits. Hope you feel better soon.

    Gotta run and go get dress for one thing. Tomorrow is a doc visit and a birthday party for a friend.

    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Was a bit late getting with it and I'm not really sure I am with it. That clonazepam really shut me down. I'm not used to it any more. Decided to do a little personal landscaping and a pedicure. I also got in a nice soak and scrubbed my skin with body wash and those little exfoliating gloves. It leaves the skin nice 'n soft. I feel a bit lightheaded so had lunch and am just sitting. I may not get anything else done before heading downstairs for 6 oz. of wine. That's OK. Tomorrow is pool day and then, I'll have to clean the fridge and haul everything down to the dumpster. The weather is fantastic so I don't dread being outside so much.

    Rock, that was one of the most fantastic jokes like that I've heard. I'll share it with my deal old friend, who also loves those jokes, when I see him. Believe me, one needn't have Alzheimer's to forget what day it is. I was trying to put together something for me and two friends yesterday and I was convinced it was the 21st. Oy! My memory and cognitive functions are shot! I'm just physically and mentally exhausted. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Granni, you are your usual busy self. Wish I had the NRG to do a few things. Glad it's cooler there for you. Our weather is beautiful but I lack the NRG to work out in the yard. Sooooo, have e-mailed our landscaper to come by so we can plan what needs to be done. I'll let his crew do the work. We want to replace some of our plants with ones which don't require a lot of pruning. Things grow so fast down here in the jungle.

    A doctor, who favors holistic healing, has a column in our paper. Today, he wrote about the healing properties of naturally grown plants. It's so nice to see more and more healthcare providers getting on the bandwagon. He wants patients to do their own research and become educated on lifestyle choices. He also wants people to spread the word like we are doing here. I e-mailed him to tell him about what we're doing and how I've told my ex and friends here about it. I told him about the book, my new regimen, and my weight loss. I think things may finally be at the point where momentum kicks in and things change. Look at how long it has taken to get smoking out of public places and work places. Even though there are die hards, and the operative word is "die," smoking is way down with smokers quitting. I hope this new movement spreads and obesity, and obesity-related illnesses, start to decline. I would love it if we all were healthier.

    Hope y'all have a great afternoon.

    Love, Mikie
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