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    Don't forget to check the last posts on 513.

    Sweet Spring was catching us up on her niece

    David is coming home!

    Goatie is working with Latin and reading about the Great War.

    Lefty is soaking up the sun.

    Julie is running around like a chicken with her head cut off tunneling through the snow.

    Granni is singing and eating.

    The rest of us are watching them go by while we drink hot chocolate1

    Jerome is fixing a feast for New Year's Day.

    Any requests?
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    It's cold but sunny here today. We didn't get all of that lovely snow.

    The weather people are predicting a heatwave by Jan. 1. 50 degrees! woo hoo!

    Haven't done laundry in I don't know how long. Let's just say it's a little nippy right now.

    So, despret times call for despret measures.

    I'm in today running the washer and trying to assemble a new vaccum cleaner. The old one died.

    Tally ho!

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    Teacher - Thanks for starting us up again. Did you get snow too ? I know it is cold where you live for sure. I know my cousin used to live there and they had their share of snow and cold weather. Yes, I think you will be very happy when it gets to 50' degrees :)!! It is supposed to almost hit 60 today, we will see !! OOOO - a new vacuum cleaner. Sounds like fun - a necessary evil I think !! Lucky you not getting any snow. New York surely looks bad on TV. We were both born and raised in NY (L.I actually). Haven't heard from brother if they had lots of snow in L.I.

    I am getting ready to make turkey soup with the bones and such. I just did all the chopping of veggies and will starat soon. It was from leftover turkey and bones from Thanksgiving so I saved them in the freezer. I finally found the very thin noodles that Iused to make turkey woup with. Not all stores had them. These are almost like thin spaghetti but much shorter. DH prefers them in soup and I think I do too. Will go start them soon ! I have been procrastinating soon with the turkey soup but I had better make it before it gets warm again. It is supposed to get wrmer the next few days and then colder again BUT not as cold as it has been overnight for a few days - 20's.

    I need to go start the soup and start a wash too. Thanks for reminding me TEACHER !!

    Spring - it sounds like you are busy with your kids and your niece ! They keep you hopping, I know even if it is just worry and the kids are good kids . So much worry with stuff going on nowadays and with the kids. It is hard enough with kids with no psychological problems, like your niece. Hope they will find help for her soon. I know years ago I still had a problem with one daughter and with all the worry and other things going on in the house I think that started the stress which caused my FM and whatever else I had/have at that time. Take care of yourself sweetie !

    Julie - Wow things must be so exciting at your house with David coming home and everything else with your parents, etc. Hope things happen (David's arrival) soon and everyone stays well for the event.

    Take care of yourself to with all of your responsibilities with kids, g kids and parents all there with you alot of the time. You need alot of big hugs yourself and someone to take care of you to once in awhile. How is your weather? Hope it warms up soon so you can finish off you mom and dad's house outside. I think you said some things still needed to be done when the weather warms up.

    Gail - You have your hands full with your mom too sometimes. I know how hard it muct all be. My parents lived thousands of miles away so hard to really help them when they were alive. Luckily, my brother is a saint and really helped them alot and my SIL too. I felt so guilty not being able to help when they became ill. I had my own problems of feeling awful most of the time. Not sure my bro and sil understoood until my doctor cousin told them about my situation and that it was real. I think they thought I was just cheap and or lazy.

    Missing lots of MIA Porchies -Jole, Elaine, Mickey, Joan, Carla etc. DH needs the puter so I have to run.

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    Georgia - Glad to hear that you are doing pretty well. Yes, we all have been through alot this year, haven't we ??

    Well, I threw oin a wash and started my soup. this morning I was busy chopping celery, carrots and onions. Never measure anything so I hope it comes out ok. Everything is simmering now except for the carrots. Will throw in the carrots afater the bones come out. Then put in the rest of the leftover turkey. I even have some boxed broth i can add, if needed. So far I haven't seasoned at all. This broth is low sodium and I also have Mrs. Dash herb and garlic seasoning to add. I was out of bay leaves. Geez !

    DH even went out to the store to get some french bread to go with the soup. I will smear it with garlic powder and olive oil and buatter spread. Not that we need it but is so good with it especially on a cold day like today. Although I suspect it is not brutal like the other day. DH and friend even went to play golf.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. I imagine Julie and Linds are on pins and needles without knowing exactly what is going on with David !! Waiting to hear !

    Carla - hope to see you soon on the Porch ad Elaine too ! However, happy to know Elain was doing well and Carla enjoyed her trip and is not playing with all the thousands of pics she took in Australia :)!!

    Rock - where are you and what have you been doing ?? Mising you !

    Joan - you too but I guess I need to check on FB. Hope all is well with you and family.

    Love to awl,
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    its nine in eve here and am going to post this then going to go watch tv sitting next to the heater.

    Granni your talk about turkey soup with spaghetti n all made my mouth water, nothing like lovely
    nutritious hot soup in cold weather.

    Georgia - i need to get a hobby like researching old writings, family trees but dont know if my mind is up to it. i think sometimes i have ADD. my attention span is not so good.

    Julie - your laundry sounds like my laundry. washed but not folded. good to hear your brother at least called. hope the weather there picks up soon. blizzards look beautiful but only if u dont have to go out in it or have your life put on hold because of it.

    an okay day i guess. tho i got woken very early morn by DH who said niece was dressed up and ready to go out. grrrrr. i called her to explain and she said her mom had told her and her bro to call together. so i called up her aunt and aunt had no idea. convinced niece to stay and go only after lunch. she went and came back well in time around 4pm. now she is all excited about new years eve. shes even inviting my son to go with her and her friends to a restaurant. i dont know. I just cant get the vodka incident out of my mind.

    there have been a few minor irritations but nothing really that bad. i made her do the morning prayer ritual once and she asked if she could go offer flowers in prayer room. Mistake. i found later she had plucked all our long awaited calendulas and geraniums and put them in two vases. one in prayer room and one in her room. we have scarce flowers this season due to water shortage and have been waiting all winter for these flowers to bloom. i told her gently she should only pick the bougainvilliea which is plentiful at the moment.

    then she is eating all the sausages in the house! these sausages are expensive and ive heard DH complain if son eats two for breakfast. she ate three for breakfast according to my DH (who gets up earlier than me), and in evening i found her frying three more! lol. six sausages in one day?!!! hahahaha. poor thing. she doesnt have an idea right now about these things so not much we can do except try and explain. she doesnt want to eat bread with the sausage and eggs because "she has to chew hard".

    this afternoon was so chilly i put on the heater and lay on the sofa and nodded off and dreamt such a horrible frightening dream. involving my son, my passed on mother, my elder brother and myself. about sores and ghosts and being scared. i hurriedly put on my clothes and went off to the monastery to ask the monks to pray a preventive prayer for each of us.

    I remember just before nieces trouble also i dreamt a horrible dream and had been wondering at the suddenness of it, and why did i dream such a ominous dream. fear, dread, revulsion.

    i honestly hope there are no more upheavals. as it is i found out big bro was having his own domestic upheaval re his wifes family at the time of nieces trouble. Turns out his wifes nephew had been recently married off by his family in the hope that a wife will cure him off his drug taking/drinking habit. hes very young, like early 20s. instead the night after he got married, he went out with his chums and got drunk and his new gold ring, chain, a lot of money from his wallet all got stolen by someone while he was sleeping. all presented by his wifes family! what must they have thought? i must say i had no idea, and it was good of big bros wife to offer to keep our niece at her place when she was having to go over to her brothers place and deal with her own issues. but she is kind of a strong lady.

    when my brother told me all this the other day, he and i started laughing helplessly! i mean what else is there to do?

    the absurdness of it all. woudnt u think troubles would be distributed a little more evenly among families?

    well, all take care. we had a curry of bottlegourd cooked and mashed with buffaloe meat
    and had it with rice. it was quite good.

    God BLess

  6. Granniluvsu

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    Feeling guilty about being on here with so much to do. Just got back from my so called working out at the gym which we are trying to do 2x a wk. Lately it has been less than successful. I mostly do treadmill, the leg pushy thing and maybe a arm pullor lift a bit. Trying to keep as limber is possible which is hard when I am so stiff. Being cold doesn't helpo heither. Today is warmer though sos that is good.

    SW - what is bottlegourd? Is is a type of squash? I had never heard of it before. That is sad when there is so much bad stuff happening especially in one family. We have had that too, esp with one of kids. To many bad things happening there. It gets better and then something else happens.

    Julie - Hope your day goes well. There is so many things happening at your house. Guess you haven't heard any more about or from David lately unless you are busy with him. Hope you hear soon and the family has a grand time/. Stay warm and hope your mom 's pain is getting better. If there is sloight fever still , something is probably going on with her.

    Have to go to the dentist today. I am sure that is when we will get the rain that is promised:) !!

    Will try and check back later on.l

    Love to everydobby,
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    ..............because I'm dog sitting!

    Baby was supposed to work the two evenings of the basketball tournament. Turns out that she had to work the whole day today.

    She was planning on leaving the dog in his cage until she got back this evening, but I didn't think it would be nice to leave the poor thing in "jali" for 12 hours! So, Sister took Baby to work and I brought doggie here.

    He'll only be alone about two hours this evening. Sister has to work, and I gotta go get Baby.


    Why am I siting in my apartment with the door to the patio hanging open so some mutt can run in and out as he pleases while I freeze?

    AND why am I in the kitchen peeling carrots for this dog to eat?

    No, he does not have a coat.

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    BILLCAMO New Member

    I've been MIA...

    I did manage to sneak onto the last porch & snag a couple of cookies,,, ;>) lol !

    (I left a gallon of milk behind )...:>) [I see that all of the milk is gone....:>) ] .

    Thanks !

    I hope that ALL had a Very Merry Christmas !

    & I'm wishing ALL a Very Happy New Year !!!!!!!!

    We ALL just do the best we can !

    Now , please squeeze out a grin , giggle , and/or , even a smile !

    Blessings ,

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You need to have her take her temp with you there. Hopefully, the doctor will take it in the office, or should I say the nurse. Many times it does go up through the day and higher in the evening. It may also be very low grade like I had with my last crud. She also may just want attention but you need to make sure she isn;t making up stuff or just thinking she took it.

    Good luck with everything - Linds and David and your Mom.

    Love ya and everydobby too,
  10. S-Elaine

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    Hi Porch Friends,

    Wanted to drop in and say HELLO to all of you. Hope everyone is doing as well as possible or can be expected.

    LYRICA ======= Ah, finally at the higher dosage it addresses my back pain. Thankfully!

    LUVOX ====== Seems to be a pretty good fit for me regarding the “depression” category.

    ~~** It doesn’t take care of everything so I am glad I have a Counselor. She is a keeper.

    FATIGUE ======= That area my FMS doctor is trying to help out. Perhaps in the next month or 2 I will see an improvement in that area.

    When there is very little energy & I still have to exercise ----- that is when music comes in handy!

    HOLIDAYS ======= Stress free and the most enjoyable I can recall in so many years. Oh, what JOY and bliss to not have to deal with “problematic” people and to have a wonderful time.

    Wonderful, AMAZING, Incredible, Pleased, Delighted & EXCITED !! ===== are all words I would use to describe how I feel & have been for quite some time now.

    SLIPPERS ======= I got 4 pair of them for Christmas! Fantastic because I wear them all of the time.

    Had fun chatting with my Older Brother. We exchanged gifts this year and he got me things that were on my Wish List so I was happy with that.

    I cannot believe where I am at this year, compared to last year! WOW, it is miraculous I have come as far as I did.

    I am THRILLED with the changes that were made in my Family and was something I needed so badly.

    Another nice thing is ===== my Family seems to understand me better and what I NEED to have in my life and are respectful of that.

    Heck, it might have taken them forever ( ….. as they were very, very, very OH, did I say VERY slow to the learning curve!! …..), yet I am HAPPIER than I have been in a very long time.

    Those are my main areas to update you guys on.

    I’ll SING LOUDLY and TAP DANCE ( ---- both poorly ---- ) on my way out.

    NOT TO FEAR ====== Jerome is making sure to hand out ear plugs & blind folds to everyone!!

    Wishing the best to everyone for the New Year,
    HUGS and Kisses!
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Elaine - so glad to hear from you and that you are doing so well this year.. Hopefully next year will be even better and you will not have to deal with those old demons - who and whatever they are.

    Glad the meds seem to be helping and that you have a good therapist and to hear that your family seems to be understanding you better.

    Hope all this continues for you during the new year. Thanks for dropping by to let us all know how you are doing. You know that we still miss you. - Lots of hugs to you sweetie.!!

    Julie -Hope all is going well with David and that he is back home safe and sound. How long will he be staying? Maybe i will check FB later to see if there are any pics. How did your mom's visit with the doctor go? Good luck with your MOM !!

    Hi to B/C, Spring Water, Georgia, Jole, Carla and everydobby else I cannot remember.

    Just went to see a friend of mine for lunch today. It was fun. Just chatted. She does more chatting and I do alot of listening but that is OK. It is hard she had some kind of problem where she is sensitive to so manythings and has to be careful what she eats, especially due to sulfites. She can get bronchitis, etc. real bad and cannot take most drugs, or antibiotics.

    Love to awl,
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its my new years eve today so i am wishing everyone a wonderful 2011 now.

    Elaine - lovely to hear all your news. so happy u popped in just before the new year.

    Teacher - love that you took over the dog duties from niece. it was really sweet of u.
    doggie must have been so happy not to be cooped up in his cage.

    Bill - so nice to see u pop in. keep coming back for more cookies and gossip.

    Granni - bottle gourd is a type of squash. its fleshy and good to eat as a stew with meat.

    Julie - good to hear David got in earlier and has some time to spend with Lindsey and thebaby.

    Gail, are u still in sunny Florida or back home?Hope mum doesnt give u too much trouble.

    Georgia - must be a relief to hear about dad. that he was doing good. i am seriously considering doing something to improve my memory as well. i fished out a book which helps with that. sort of number exercises n all.

    well, niece has gone out for lunch with a girlfriend. and has made arrangements to party with
    her former schoolmates. between her aunt and myself we have phoned here and there and ascertained she is where is said she would be and will be with whom she says she will be.
    Ive spoken to one boy and he has agreed to take responsibility for her. no drinking, she was adamant about returning only after twelve pm so DH, son and me will pick her up on our way back from our own celebrations at our usual place, which is the hotel where DH has some work.
    ive made sure her phone is charged, she has enough sim card and taken down couple of friends numbers. i just hope nothing goes wrong.

    it did occur to me i could take her along with us, but that would mean asking DH to buy a ticket for her and it costs so darn much! like an entire months payfor a lot of people here. and im afraid because her medical costs and transport fares etc have already eaten up most of the money im supposed to take from thier rent. and i hav to try and make my expenses last the nepali month. theres another twenty days to go before i get more money. luckily DH,myself and sons tickets are free.dh kindly gave me some extra money but that will cover the extra money for her lodging/food and sim cards and stuff.

    after she gets a bit better i will try and make her curb her expenditure. right now she is addicted to facebook and has her phone on all the time. she also forgot to put the lights off one day when the power was cut and it was on all day and her room was locked so i couldnt get in and switch the lights off, since she was at her aunts for the day. im just hoping she doesnt run up the phone bills because ive heard her talking a lot on the land line also.
    im lookingfor the extra key to her room.

    she is so much better than when she first came, doesnt talk garbled junk and seems very sharp and im hopeful for her future. that she can study further and take up a job one day.
    she had already applied for a job at a supermarket whose owner her mum knows but we had to secretly go and tell the man that niece isnt well please tell her not to come right now.

    I mean if she goes and spends all the money from the till, who is going to be responsible?
    i felt so bad because she had been so excited the day before getting her biodata made, and
    all, (and since she is a good student her bio data is impressive). she went off to the supermarket and next day told me, aunty, i didnt get the job, theres no vacancy

    the man had intended to keep her but we had told him she was ill and on medication and pls let her join only after the doc gave go ahead. her aunt had phoned her and told her she didnt get the job. so i told her, there were always people joining and leaving and as soon as they had a vacancy she would be able to join.

    well, im off now to iron. and bathe. brrrrrrrrr. you all have a good new years eve and wishing everyone a good healthy happy new year 2011!

    Rock, Linda, Jole, JOan, Carla, Mickey,. Barry, Pippi MrDad, Sweetie, and all others and our regulars

    God BLess
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    I know I don't have to apologize to youse, but humor me please.

    I'm sorry i don't always speak to everyone individually wehn I talk post on here. I don't seem to have the brains for that. Acuatulally, people have been finishing my sentences for me for about three months now.

    I do read and commiserate, cheer, laugh, cry, groan, and shake my head right along with you.

    And I think of you offten.


    Now that that's off my chest.

    I know a lot of you are having some extrelmy unusual weather. So are we.

    Iis' so blasted hot here! The last report I heard said 60 degrees! I have a smoothie to cool me down, but I CAN'T FIND MY FAN!!!!

    Went our for a minute to pick up my meds. Due to the holiday, the roads are pretty empby.

    There are a few brave souls out though. They are all at the bank and the carwash! LOL

    Gonna finish my lunch and then grab a nap. I think we're going bowling after midnight. Baby doens't think I can do this. <snort> I'll show her!

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Nope we are not doing a thing except eat some salmon and shrimp, baked potato and veggiie, maybe watch a little TV or listen to music, drink some champagne and go to bed - New York time too, not TX time so we are cheating but that is OK. Not doing a thing exciting tomorrow either. DH will probably watch some ball games and I will earch to see what is good on TV (ha) and then get back on the computer.

    Teacher - I want to see you bowling after midnight. We want pictures and proof :)!! Of course you may be able to do it if have a really LOOOONG NAP ! No matter when I bowled it (my score) would be terrible. I have a wicked curve ball - right towards the gutter.

    Guess you are used to the cold weather. 60 is akready getting cool for me. It was in the low 70's yesterday and today I think till sometime at night or early morning it will in the 40's. Now, for me that is really COLD even if DH and I came from New York. My old body cannot take that anymore especially with the arthritis and FM. Talk about stiff as a board ?? You betcha !!!

    Julie _ i misunderstood at first thinking that David was coming to your house. Sorry she had to travel and hope the weathe is good for Lindsey driving to his folks home. How far away does she have to go? How do pronounce Raine - is it Rain or Rainy. Cute for Keira not being able to pronouce Lorraine.

    When does your mom have her test? Glad she will have that done to seeif anything is going on, and to see if she is making things up for attention or not. Just what you do not need with everything else going on at your house. You need to take her temp or make sure she takes it, with you present, some evening. That is usually when the temps show up if they are lowgrade. You might also wanat to try and be there sometime when she takes her blood surgar leveel. She can tell you anything. I know that is hard when she is in her own place. If she took her shower in the evening you could do that easier.

    We will be having a very quiet New Years Eve. Eating some salmon and baked potato with shrimp . Maybe watch some TV if thereis anything good on or go read or on the puter for awhile. Maybe there will be some good music on TV tonight - hmmm? We hope to make it till the ball goes down in NYC. That is 11 pm our time here in TX. Yep,wimpy !

    SW - stick with it sweetie. So many things going on with you and your family too, your niece.

    Carla, Rock, Jole hope you are all OK.

    Elaine - thanks for stopping by before and glad you are doing pretty well all things considered..

    Missing so many people here on the Porch. I'm not going to mention everyone's names as it will take to long and I may forget someone. YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE :)!! Hope all is well WITH EVERYONE AND YOU ARE JUST BUSY.

    Hugs to everydobby and may you all have a great New Years Eve, Day and the whole new year coming up.

    Love to all,

  15. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    At my age, I don't think I'll make it to midnight!

    Hope this next year brings good things for everyone.

    I had to run to the grocery to pick up some garlic, and couldn't believe all the people there. I used the self-checkout, so was out of there in a flash.

    Teacher, bowling after midnight does sounds fun, but I wouldn't have the energy for it!

    Another storm coming in tonight--already is quite cold.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee, you are lucky getting to be working "top side" instead of down below working out in the cold with Den. In that case I would be very happy to be top side cooking in the warm kitchen instead of outside under the trailer - - - - brrr !!! I'lll bet both you and Den will be thrill ed to get all the work done on your parents home,espeecially in this awful cold weather. Hopefully, it is not snowing any more but just the cold is bad enough.

    Georgia - glad you are back from the store in one piece. Sorry it is getting cold for you. What is the temp there anyway? I was surprised that DH went to the store today and he said it was pretty quiet. He went early to Sams. It was warm today but supposed to get chilly tonight - 40's I think. Not sure howcold it will be tomorrow, but cooler I know. It doesn't take much for me to get cold. Hope you stay warm and toasty, if it is getting colder in your neck of the woods. Have a nice quiet New Years Eve.

    Not much going on here tomorrow for New Years. DH will probably watch some football and I will finish the vacuuming I started today and we'll have a small pork loin for dinner. That's the excitment for tomorrow :)!!

    Teacher - Hope you bowl better than I usually do bowling :)!! I hadn't bowled in years and then went with daughter, her hubby and grandson. about a year ago. I had a good time but surely got sore quickly and glad no one else did really good either :)!! he he

    Hugs to everydobby !



    LEFTYGG Member

    My mom is 92 today. everyone celebrates her birthday.

    im on my way hoome from florida. we stopped north of atlanta at hampton inn. tomorrow we will have about 6 more hours then home sweet home.

    i miss my grandchildren. will be glad to see them.i bought suzanne sommers new book to read on the trip.

    SW do you have to pay for electric even if its shut off? hope everything goes alright with your niece out on the town. trust me i know the fear you feel.

    goatwoman glad your dad is doing so well.

    teacher im good for 1 game of bowling then im tired have fun.

    granni ill probably be watching football at home too.

    julie your dh is a saint!!glad david made it home!

    elaine happy you are doing well.

    well im gonna watch the ball drop. love gail
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Toodles - Granni