Porcupine quills

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I found my mares muzzle full of quills today, when i came home from church.

    Spent about 2 hours getting them out, by myself. She did okay with about the first 4, and then started fighting me.

    I'm really spent, way over did it, but got the job done. And both of us are okay.

    Hope she learned her lesson, don't want to repeat that one!!!

    I wrote out the whole story, struggle on another board. To tired to repeat it. I suppose i could copy and paste it if
    anyone wants me too, kinda long.
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Those quills have barbs on them. Must have been terribly painful to have them pulled out. Hope she heals w/o getting an infection.

  3. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Thank you for the comment, it was painful for her, and very hard for me to do, she didn't understand i was only helping her.
    I felt really bad about it, and like i was violating her trust for me.
    But they are out, and she'll be okay, she's alittle skittish with me at the moment.

    I hope all is well with you?

  4. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Wow what a painful job for your mare and you to have to do! we had a dog when we were kids that got a muzzel full of quills,,,,,,,Dad took them out,,,,not sure how he did it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,did you have a tool?
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  5. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Thankfully the quills weren't the really large ones, and the first 4 i pulled out by hand, but then i had to get pliers.
    They worked better, was able to get more than one at a time, which made it less times i had to try and get close to her nose.
    By the end i couldn't even look at her nose without her starting to panick.
    I had to get on the other side of the fence and reach thur under her nose for the last 5 or so.
  6. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    ...on both. It is so hard to help animals because you can't tell them that what you are doing will help them! They've just been hurt and now you're hurting them more.

    I hope that your horse heals quickly...and you get your rest and strength back.

    What a sight it must have been driving into your lot after church to a horse with a nose full of quills! Sends shivers down my spine.

  7. sisland

    sisland New Member

    See it Takes a woman to do a job like this! are you putting anything on it like Bag-Balm or is it best to just leave it alone? ,,,,Poor Babie!
  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Oh poor baby, I hope she learned her lesson. I can't imagine how hard that was for you physically and mentally.

    I have tended to many a cut paw and such and hate it when I hurt them and that look in their eyes like "how could you".

    I have been lucky but Twy did manage to get sprayed, not totally because she is fast, by a skunk. OMG she came running in like 'get this stink off of me NOW'

    I hope your mare heals quickly and forgives you-Carla
  9. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    for both me and my horse. I haven't done anything but rest since Sunday.
    I didn't put anything on it, i figured she had all she could handle at the time, Sisland.

    I've been keeping an eye on her, and she seems fine, no swelling and is eating and drinking.

    She still comes up to me for her treats, carrots, but isn't letting me love on her head like i usally do. She did let me run my hand over her nose but didn't like it.

    I'm sure (hoping) she will come back around soon.

    No, i really don't want to see that sight again fivesue.

    Yeah ckball, i guess it's what mom's have to do, tough love kinda thing. At one point when she was trying to evade me, she smacked her head against the fence. I really felt bad then.

    She also at one point when i was just talking to her, and rubbing her neck to calm her down, she hung her head down to the ground and just gave a big ole sigh, but i wasn't done yet.

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