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    Hi there. I have had a toxic mold exposure. I was in the building for 4 years. So my immune system was severely compromised. Natural Killer Cells were down to 5. that was 2 years ago. I am slowly getting better but one of the things that I developed is Fibro. One thing that has not gotten better but keeps getting worse is a positive ANA. Very high with different patterns. Doc says it is not Lupus or other things that they check you for. This is a mystery to me and the doc keeps asking me if I am being exposed to anything. I don't believe I am. Any thoughts out there????
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    to see what if any enzymes, vits or minerals you could have an excess or deficien y of. Having adequate levels of zinc - especially - is most crucial to maintaining a healthy immune system and a healthy thymus gland which is responsible for helping make T cells and if I'm not mistaken NKC's as well. So too, Vit C. E, Folic, B12, B6, selenium, and others that a licensed and qualified OM doc could better explain. Don't take large amounts of zinc with out checking with an OM doc first because if you aren't taking the right amount of copper with it as well this could cause more probs. Best of luck.
    PS) If you have dental fillings - which all contain mercury - you might want to get tested for high levels of this too? Do you cook in aluminum? Use underarm deodorants that contain aluminum, or toothpaste with flouride, which is an aluminum by product and just as toxic.
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    Thanks for the information. I will check it all out although I would not know where to begin to find a ortho molecular doc. And I will get rid of the pans.