Positive ANA anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lois1023, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. lois1023

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    Three years ago I was diagnosed with fibro but because I lived in rural Montana at the time and lack of insurance medical care was minimal. I was told that not much could be done and I needed to learn to live with it. Last year I left Montana and now have insurance. I really like my doctor but he says that my labs come back with a positive ANA which means there is inflamation and that it means I don't have fibromyalgia but probably polymyositis. I think I'd rather have fibro as the treatment for poly is horrible. Has anyone else had a positive ANA? I go back on Oct. 1st to get results of latest tests. A neurologist and rheumatologist both say fibro.
  2. angelone

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    Yes I have a positive ANA and was sent to a rehematolisgt. It was at that time when I found out I have fibro. My primary care thought I had lubus. Thank God is wasn't. I have since had it get and been diagnosised as having Sjorgen sydrome which causes dry eyes and dry mouth. Couldn't tolerate the medicine so, I drink lots of water. I also have been diagnosis with OA.
    So a postive ANA can mean a number of things
  3. JP

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    Hello Lois1023,

    I have a positive ANA too. I have been checked 3 times over the past year and it's positive everytime. We don't know what it is and there are 80 known autoimmune diseases. I guess time will tell. You can have a false positive ANA. Testing multiple times will rule out a false positive. There are a number of members here who also have positive ANA's.

    Keep us posted, Jan
  4. tandy

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    about 4 months ago.Now my bloodwork comes back negative?? My dr. thought possibly lupus too. I'm being watched to see what happens.I have a poss. DX of fibro. for 11+ years.I guess its common for us to have mixed test results??????I have a high sed rate too??still nothing concrete....could be many things~ Take care:)
  5. aching

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    I also have had a positive ana for the past 4 years.The last time I had it done in the spring it was negative. That's when I got the diagnosis of fibro. Sjogrens syndrome was suspected in me also and now I'm starting to have symptoms of scleroderma, so who knows.
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    I've had a positive ANA for four years now; the first one was when I was DXd with Fibro. My primary says that I have to watch it because it can turn in to Lupus at any time. Does anyone know what shows them that it may be turning into Lupus? What #s do they look for when they are looking for Lupus?