Positive Discipline for Children

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    I was on www.RealParentsRealAnswers.com and watched a video that Dr. Michael Popkin was in where he was saying how important it was to show empathy toward your kids and that punishment can sometimes break down the parent-child relationship. I liked what he had to say about that -- basically that children need to be disciplined, but it has to be done with love.
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    This is a board for those that take care of elderly relatives, etc. that are in the midst of Alzheimers, dementia, etc. and just short of going into a nursing home.

    Sorry, but this isn't a board about children.
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    You probably didn't check out the website. The post/website didn't involve being a caregiver, a disabled child, or having any caregiver problems as are addressed on this board. The website is designed to talk to parents about their kids smoking.

    It's easy to have a "caregiver" board be mistaken as a board for regular kids and the poster obviously was mistaken about the purpose of the board. You are right that disabled of all ages may receive services from a caregiver, but that was not the case in the post mistakenly put here. I tried to explain to the poster from their viewpoint that it wasn't a kids board and no offense was intended. I believe it is "Hermit" that is caretaking for her daughter.

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    I understood what you meant in your first message and you were clear about it being unfair. Again, I apologize for any offense taken by my remarks about the purpose of the board.

    I tried to be very succinct, actually too succinct, in responding to her, and her alone, in describing the purpose of this board -- I did it for that poster so she would finally "get it" and not continue posting the normal kids' stuff she started posting here. I do get that this board is for caretakers of disabled children with visable and invisable disabilities. I do get that this board can be for patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Caregivers, together.

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