Positive Epsteins Barr test

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jetmek, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. jetmek

    jetmek New Member

    Anyone else have this? The Dr saaaaid it my be a contributing factor to my illness
  2. jetmek

    jetmek New Member

    Anyone else have this? The Dr saaaaid it my be a contributing factor to my illness
  3. Hippo

    Hippo New Member

    But it was years ago, more than 15 years ago. I attached a great deal of importance to it at the time, not so sure now.

  4. leann_sweeney

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    My titer was very high and there was some kind of breakdown done to verify that this was indicative of CFIDS. Can't remember right now, though. Pretty medicated after the root canal.
  5. TiredbutWired

    TiredbutWired New Member

    They did the Igg and Igm and both positive,I got rid of the lyme and this replaced it.But I am doing pretty well because of stimulants.Did you get the rash?Tracey
  6. ssMarilyn

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    Probably 99% of everybody in this world gets EBV, usually as a child, but many aren't aware when they do have it. You will always have it in your system, but it lays dormant and will probably never surface again in your life.

    Marilyn :)
  7. GoDaleJr

    GoDaleJr New Member

    I had pneumonia in February of this year and then the Ebstein Barr virus crept in in March. THat is what set me off to have Fibro. I was diagnosed in May of this year with Fibro.
    I've heard that some form of trauma is also the triggering factor.
    When my EBV test results came back positive, the Dr. had me retested in 3 weeks. By then I had gotten over it.
    But I hear it stays in your system forever and comes out under stress or trauma.
  8. smano

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    More evidence is mounting that the real culprit here is Human Herpes Virus 6 a particularly virulent member of the herpes family of virus. A definite link from EBV to Cancer has been long established in some people, but its role in CFS is laregly seen as ancillary and a triggering mechanism at best, and at worst may have nothing to do with CFS at all

    The only treatment i know for any herpes virus is Lysine orally taken!
  9. TiredbutWired

    TiredbutWired New Member

    Thank you denice that is the best info I have seen.Tracey
  10. lucky

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    12 yrs. ago I also was diagnosed with an EBV infection and subsequently a few years later with CFS/FMS.
    However, after a second testing years ago, the EBV virus was normal. However, after seeing my doctor a few days ago he starts to believe that the EBV infection has done damage to the neurons. Having these illnesses for so long and trying to put all the links together, I tend to think that one of the reasons why we are just not getting better is not only the former EBV infection, but also other viruses, as mentioned. Makes sense??
    Your article is great, thank you, and very informative.
    So long, Lucky