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    I have been posting information about the protocol I used to recover from FM. Four people report trying this protocol or some part of it and one person has just reported significant reduction in symptoms.

    Look for the long thread with my original post. I add to the protocol section at the beginning from time to time. I hope others will try this approach.

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    Hi Kim,
    I found your protocol interesting. Years ago I followed the "Krimmel Program" for hypoglycemia (a book called the Low Bloood Sugar Handbook) and some of this is similar.

    One question...is there an alternative if one can not physically take a bath? It would be unsafe for me for other health reasons. I would LOVE to take baths, but that's out.
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    The goal in taking a bath is to raise body temp. A sauna would work I think. Exercise can work but needs to be in the early evening, not just before bed. Taking a shower does not work as it does not raise body temp. You might experiment with various ways to raise body temp. ( I aim for around 99)
    such as lie in bed with a winter coat and two layers of blankets. It does not have to be for a long time as long as your temp goes up. The rest of the protocol is likely to be helpful even if you cannot raise your body temp before bed.

    good luck and many blessings,
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    I strongly recommend all to check it out. I've stated the results I've been noticing on the original thread. And just so I didn't think it was all 'coincidence' I went off the protocol 1 day (I cheated badly) and I felt like total CRAP the next day. The way I used to feel and the way most of you are feeling now. The protocol may not work for all, but at least worth a try. In my opinion, for me it's GOLD.

    Vannafeelbettr isfeelingbettr!!!
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    Just what is this protocol? There are so many different frigging protocols around, I'm getting really confused.