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    Okay, I took the Candida test this morning and it looks like it's positive - stuff floating with little leggies. So, what do I do now? I need help with diet modification.
    THANKS TO ALL!!!!!!

    Annette2 :eek:)
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    I did the spit test too, and boy is that disgusting! I'm also wondering what to do now. I think I read a post a few days ago that suggested looking up Candida. There are supplements and a diet we should follow.
    Also, could this be why I've had two yeast infections in the last 3 months? I've never had them before!
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    Count me in on the positive spit test. Yesterday I purchased olive leaf extract which is supposed to be a great yeast buster. I am also avoiding sugar and reading labels to avoid all forms of yeast. A great post was written on olive leaf extract recently. Have you checked out the Candidas message board?

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    I did go on the Candida message board, but there was too much to read. I just thought someone might have a straightforward answer for us. I can't believe no one responded with any help. I'm going to bump this up and hope someone can tell us what to do.


    P.S. - I don't get yeast infections.
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    OK, sorry if I appear *slow* here, please bear with me?
    If you do the spit test, and it floats on top of the water with *leggies" stringing down, you can pretty much assume Candida, right? What if you do the spit test and it sinks to the bottom of the glass?
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    I'm sorry this is so late...I've been very sick & tired!-and have't been to this board. I am going through a regimine of candida diet, and anti-fungal medicine. There are also great anti-fungal Herbs. I suggest: go to a good Health Food Store and get a copy of The Yeast Connection by Dr. Wm Crook, or do a google search on Candidiasis. If you go to our Candida Board, go to the end of the posts if they are too long to read! But lots of interesting conversation there! Hope this helps!