positive test Blastocytis Hominis

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    I have had CFS for 5 years and recently has a parasite test as I,d done loads of travelling and just wanted to check it wasn't a parasite infection causing my symptoms. It came back postive for blastocytis hominus.
    Has anyone else been tested for this and seen improvement in their symtopms after treatment ? My main problem is flu like symptoms.

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    I have never heard of this, but it's likely someone here has. Gosh, wouldn't it be great if you could treat this & see noticeable improvement or remission of your CFS symptoms? I'm excited for you, it's so good that you had this test done!

    Let us know how it's going....good luck!

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    I took metronidazole, and it worked some time, also I felt better, then had to take some other antibiotics, and as a result the blastocystis came back (i.e. had never quite gone), took another course of metronidazole (flagyl), got better, then had to take some other antibiotics again, and it came back. I still have it, and believe it contributes to my feeling bad, certainly contributes to my digestion being a mess, which is likely to contribute to my feeling ill. Metronidazole only works in 10 or something percent of cases eradicating the thing completely. It's hard to get rid of. There's a webside on it, try 'blastocystis' in search machine. It's common in CFS, but often not tested, or tests are done wrongly, so it doesn't show up.
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    I work (worked ) in an infectious disease laboratory and we were always told Blastocystis hominis is not considered a pathogen, we didn't even report it if we saw it in the patient's sample. Later in years there has been some controversy , so now we report it !!! The ID doctors still do not believe it is a pathogen.
    just my 2 cents
    Love Sue
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I have done a lot of research and am sceptical as to if this could be causing my symptoms as it seems like its not properly recognised as an actual parasite and lots of healthy people have it too. Also I don't have any digestive symptoms. Its difficult because I sort of want to try the medication but don't like taking antibiotics. I,m feeling so bad at the moment I don't want to take anything which may make me worse !