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    This morning I decided to sign on to one of the Christian Singles site where I am still a member. I happen to have a life time membership to this one due to a very brief moment of hope when I was corresponding with a great looking guy who had an awesome sense of humor. He and I didn't last long, but the $12.99 that continues to hit my checking account did. This one has a great chat venue and I've actually met more female friends there than male. That is probably because for every single man in my age bracket, there are 4,794 women. The odds are stacked even higher when you consider the quality of the men who are available. So when I logged in this morning, I had received this:

    I was just checking out some profile when I came across your profile and you seem to posses some sought of magnetic charm that moved my interest and fascination. My sudden instinctive response was based primarily on a spontaneous mutual attraction which rendered me helpless and unable to resist communicating with you immediately, please afford me the opportunity to know you. Well before I go any further let me how ever use the opportunity to introduce my self, I would like to be the love you are looking and you be the one that I am looking for..

    I must say I'm simply overwhelmed that a man from Brooklyn would send out posses for my sought of magnetic charm. He must know a love language I've never before been exposed to - The love language of the illiterate.

    So I was surfing the local men, reading profiles, and looking for anyone who seemed interesting. I encountered a good looking devil that had some really great answers until he described himself as conservative. Uh-oh, being a radical feminist, past experience has shown that conservative and I don't mix well. But I thought what the heck and sent him the following:

    I'm sure you've been told you look like Barry Bostwick (one of my fav actors) I've read your profile and darn you sound great, but since I'm pretty liberal politically speaking (BS in poly sci), we probably would clash. But who knows, that could be fun

    OMG, he SHOT back the following almost immediately:

    Thanks for the email. I find it hard to support any politician who support murder of babies so I cannot and will not support even a republican like Arnold Schwartzeneger (my former Gov.) I have to face CHrist one day and I cannot tell Him I voted for anyone who supports abortion. Thanks for understanding. No, I don't think I could date someone who supports abortion either so I appreciate your interest and I pray God bless your search

    WTF????? I reread my message to him as well as checked out what I had written on my profile and couldn't figure out why he thought I supported murdering babies OR Arnold Schwartzeneger???? All I made was the rather innocuous "liberal" comment *L*. Needless to say HE hit the recycle bin. And to think he is out there walking free among us.....Yet another man honed in on my requirement to lob my zingers right back at me and his email said:

    I can lob your zingers back to you.

    Such flair, such imagination, such, such he just didn't GET it *L*. Maybe I need to reconsider Mr. Brooklyn who is sending out the posse for me.

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  2. Didoe

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    i dunno texangal, dem brooklyn bums are a rowdy bunch.

    my ears seem to be corrupted from previous company kept over the last few years...all men in chatting rooms sounding like to be having Borat-like grammar uses while sentencing correctly structure. Or its Roots from Olden Country shooting upwards from navel, as we speak.
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    LOL that almost sounds like he had a phonetic translator maybe? That could be one hysterical correspondence, how do you resist?

    And yep, you do have magnetic qualities - comes right thru your posts and attracts a LOT of laughter on this end!

    Thanks again for the laughs...........


    (wow, tho, I don't think I could go thru all that to find anyone 'special'. I think I'd have to trip over him.)

  4. Debra49659

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    Barry Bostwick must be a type of conservative slang for baby murdering Schwartzeneger lover:) Shame on you, you, you, posses!!

  5. texangal81

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    Back when babelfish.com was the rage, some of our 'overachieving' support analysts were using online translators to avoid the problem that often occurs when attempting to troubleshoot technical issues in Germany. The German techs are a rather, shall we say, demanding bunch, so bypassing them often made our jobs a bit easier.

    All was going well until a very innocent request almost became an international incident . The simple instruction to "reboot your server" did not translate as such after using babelfish. And therefore the standard technical response for resolving Windows problem became:

    reboot your waitress.......

    And yes, this is a true story!

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