possible cfs? please helpme

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    HI, I have been here before I was diagnosed last year with fibro, my problem is I do understand that tiredness is a symptom of the fibro and it has taken me almost this whole year to come to terms with my new life.

    Just when I think I have comes to terms with this dd and how it has effected my life which has been dramtically, I can not work know more and really can not do to much of anything strenous at all without paying for it dearly.

    My question is the pain meds I am on have helped to keep the pain under some control, I can live with the pain as long as I don't do to much to make it worse. My problem is I am so tired all the time, I am now at the point that I feel like a baby I need to lay down everyday and I do me everyday, it is makeing depressed and I feel like I am going through learning how to deal with this all over again

    Everyday I wake up, I seem to have slept like a log at night, expcept I do know that I am in pain during the night alot of nights are really bad, where the pain wakes me and is horrible, I usaully can not move because half my lower body is contourted and in excrusiating pain, my whole leg seems to have turned in on me and the pain is from the lower back all across in the hips, knees are numb and the whole leg to the foot is cramped, it takes me about 5 minutes to straighten out and the pain subsides, except for the lower back and hip, I have to use heating pad for about and hour.

    Sorry this is so long, what I am getting at is it normal with fibro to have to laydown every single day, for 2 or more hours, some times 4 hours and to be so tired all the time? I am starting to think I have cfs to, but then again I think mybee this is just the fibro and my new life, sleeping all the time, it is starting to scare me I don't think I want to live a live where I have to sleep or take a nap every day like a little baby.

    I am starting to get really embarressed about thenewme, I mean I had to except no more work and not doing alot of the things I used to be able to do, but how can I except sleeping my life away and not being ashamed and feel like I am a lazy piece of you know what. Please help I am starting to hate thenewme. thank to anyone with the patience to read this long ramble. Hugs to all Barbara
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    It is really hard when you are first diagnosed there are so many people on here with different stories and many types of treatments and you can get mixed up with all the information after 4 years of having M.e and fibro I know that food for me plays a huge part in the road to recovery I have sensitivites to many foods and chemicals also I have fungal and bacterial issues and yes it is confusing !!
    take your time and read what you can perhaps a Naturapath could help I know they do great work then again it is not everyones cup of tea all I know is my imMune system is very poor and I am trying to kick start it LOL!!!

    Another issue is fillings some people say there is a link with Mercury
    well I am in the process of having mine removed !!!

    it is hard work this fibro !!!

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    When I first started getting sick I was always tired and never slept a full night. Then the pain started. My rhumy said and I quote "It's a matter of what comes first the chicken or the egg"..many people with fibromyalgia also experience CFS. There are many nights I also think I'm "sleeping like a log", but my husband reports that I too am constantly moaning and tossing and turning. Hardly sounds like a good nights sleep? A warm bath before bed, some chamomile (sp) tea and perhaps a sleep aid ( I take ambien) does help. Right now I am on a leave of absence from work and I take naps too when I am just exhausted. I'm trying to stay up now as I have to return in two weeks which is hard. Try the baths, and tea it might just help you sleep better at night. Also pacing yourself during the day. Good luck Barbara.
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    HI, I just wanted to thank you all for the responses, I really appreciate any info I can get. I will start to read more about this, I did alot at the begining of dd, but have kind of stopped for awhile. I guess I am just sick of being so tired, and I do pace myself pretty good it just does not seem to matter, I get tired anyway.

    thanks again and hugs to all


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    Hi Barbara:

    I know how hard it is. I was diagnosed with the fibro in 1984. I did not have the fatigue at the time. In 1997 I was diagnosed with CFS.

    Two things that may help. I take Adderall XR 30 mg, three a day for the fatigue. It is used for ADD, but it is a stimulant and helps with the fatigue portion.

    Second, I take Ambien at night because I used to wake up so many times a night. It helps to get a little better sleep.
    I have always said, the pain I can deal with with pain meds, but the fatigue is the worst.

    Good luck.

    M J
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    Poor baby. I'm so sorry you're going through this "curve" of pain and fatigue. It is very hard to accept, and even harder to understand and find things that help.

    I'll tell you that I slept for about 3 years, and I believe it helped me have less disability than many others, even tho' I am 100% disabled. I think our bodies know what we need, and it will pay us back if we don't heed its signals.

    I say go ahead and sleep until you don't need to anymore. What do your doctors do for you for sleep? Have you had a sleep study/can you get one?

    It is so hard to realize how our lives have changed because of these DDs, and acceptance of them and yourself may help you just do whatever you need to do in order to feel a bit better.

    I hope you find ways to help yourself; any ole' way you can!