possible chemical toxicity - how do we find out when every test is normal

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    i have a 52 yr old friend/works in a chemical company in Qld as a forklift driver/ who, since january this year, has presented with stroke/dementia type symptoms, weakness and hypersensitivity to the left hand side of his body, massive constant headaches and left sided drooping gait. All neurological tests/scans and blood tests are coming up normal and all specialists are perplexed but say it is not work related. I would like a fat biopsy done but do not know what testing should be done once the biopsy is taken or who to send it to in Australia. The chemical company makes insecticides pesticides, herbicides,organophosphates etc plus water treatment products, commercial pest control products and others. The only ppe he wears is long sleeve/pants and is not required to wear mask. He has worked with the company for 15yrs where he has formulated, handled raw material,unloaded DG containers, been exposed to toxic vapours in overseas containers and on a daily basis. Every specialist seems to pass the buck because they can't work out what is wrong with him. Has anyone out there been through this or knows of someone who has. We need help to solve this or shed light on his symptoms. Thanks Jintygoo

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    I Googled "chemical pesticide Australia".

    About 1/3 of the way down the page I clicked on a link, ofa.org, that lists the ACTA: "Australian Chemical Trauma Association".

    I do not know if they can help you/your friend, but it says that it is an Organization that helps people affected by chemicals.

    Perhaps they can give you the name of a Doctor or some ideas.

    That page also lists some other organizations, like "National Toxics Network" and "The Total Environment Centre".

    If you contact them, maybe they can direct you to the right people.

    I hope your friend gets the help he needs and recovers.