possible conjestive heart failure

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    48 years old,have type 2 diabetes
    suddenly i am gaining weight and swelling so bad in my legs.
    feet,stomach hands..feel tired all time out of breath just walking from the front door to mail box about 40 feet.
    barely make the 7 block walk in evenings..i get so out of breath.bending is even a chore....What can i do to get relief..chest fills heavy most of the time...
    can not keep up with my granson's ages 12& 8 years..
    between the two problems i lose..
    my dr. recommends a test echocardigram someone know about this ?
    i know the cost is expensive just $397.00
    sad deal is we have no insurance.....anyone having chf
    let me know how it affects you..does it bother your sleeping pattern?I CAN NOT SLEEP 45 MINUTES TO AN HOUR IF I'M LUCKY...
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    Hi there, I was just diagnoised with type 2 diabetes and I have a history of high blood pressure as I posted tonight on this message board. I actually had a echocaridiogram yesterday. Had one in 2001 also. Not a bad test but I have disability and it was paid for. It is like a sonogram for the heart. I get out of breath too and I am sure the BP and diabetes is not good on the heart. So getting those under control is vital for us I'm sure. I have a close friend who happened to have diabetes too and she got the flu a few years back and they say it caused the congestive heart failure problem. She was very out of breath when finally diaganosed. Scary but she is still with us a year later but disabled with 23% of heart working. I do know that some diabetic pills caused CHF in people but my friend was never on pills for her diabetes so it was not in her case. I had printed out information on it for drs. appointment the other day in case he wanted to put me on it but can't find the paper now. They recalled the one medication but there are three in the article in that family of meds. There is a test of some kind that they can give in the emergency room for ChF to prove that so if you suspect and have no medical coverage that might be a way to get tests. ??? But that is if you don't mind the debt that would incur. If serious I don't think they can turn away someone just because no insurance coverage. It is very serious condition and an emergency if you do have it. I hope it is not that. I don't want to worry you more. It most likely is not that at all but you need to know for sure. Maybe go to regular doctor and let him decide what to do now. Take care.