Possible dental work and infections

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    Unfortunately I have had bad teeth my whole life, then cancer finished me off.

    I have two teeth broken off at the gum line. I have not any pain with either, the front tooth(beside the center) broke over a year ago, but I did not have the money to replace it. I can't have partials so I would have to have a inmplant at the cost of $1000.

    The other tooth in the back on the bottom broke a couple of months ago.

    My plan all along was to have all of them removed and get dentures. But I have been so sick and busy with the remodel I just haven't done it.

    IF I have one of these infections or lyme -would having my teeth pulled cause further problems like an infection of the gums.

    Could I have a infection from my teeth even tho they don't hurt. I still can't believe they don't hurt. You can actually see the inside pulp and decay. I know very gross.

    Now I'm wondering if I should put it off unil all these other things are figured out. Thanks for advice- Carla
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    I would think you'd HAVE to have bacteria in order to decay your teeth. Maybe your nerves are just dead in those teeth. A blessing in one way and not in another as it has allowed you to delay getting them fixed.

    Oral bacteria has now been found in atherosclerotic plaque in arteries and implicated in heart disease. It has also been correlated to dementia in elderly. Who knows where else it may show up, as obviously it can hide out pretty well.

    I would definitely NOT put it off! Personally I would put it before the remodeling too. Your oral health is really important to the whole body. Regardless of whether you have lyme, you really need to address the state of your teeth as well - has a lot of bearing on your overall health.

    I'd also suggest you not get any mercury amalgams if you have to have any fillings, and also have the Clifford blood test first (which tests for sensitivities/allergies to dental materials).

    I would also ask your dentist maybe for an abx oral mouthwash. Or, an alternative is xylitol (a sugar alcohol that can be bought granulated in HF stores or online), as it is a 'sugar' that oral bacteria love but die if they try to use as it is an incomplete sugar.

    all the best,

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