possible herx from vit., min. herb formula

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  1. Peace77

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    I've taken supplement for two days now and two days in a row I've gotten a headache for about two hrs. after taking the supplement. Could this be a herx? It affects my stomach too but I've eaten more with it and it wasn't as bad today. I think I feel a little fluish too. Please if anyone knows about this could they look over the list and try to figure out if this could be a herx reaction. Thank you sooooo much. I lost the receipt so think taken it back is out of the question. I spent $35 for a two month supply.

    Women’s One Daily
    Vitamins, Minerals & Herbal Formula
    Cold Fusion
    Vegetarian Formula
    No Herbicides, Pesticides, Gluten & Soy

    Ingredients: % Daily Value
    Amount Per Serving

    Vit A (from 7mg) 1667 IU 33
    Vit. C (from 210 mg) 50 mg 83
    Vit. D3 (from 1 mg) 67 IU 17
    Vit. E (from 140 mg) 33 IU 110
    Vit. K1 (from 1 mg) 13 mcg 16
    Thiamine (B-1) (from 15mg) 4 mg 244
    Ribovlavin (B-2) (from 32 mg) 3 mg 176
    Niacinamide (from 42mg) 10 mg 50
    Vit. B-6 (from 19mg) 4 mg 183
    Folate (from 19mg) 267 mcg 67
    Biotin (from 21mg) 8 mcg 138
    Pantothenic Acid (from 32mg) 100 mcg 33
    Calcium (from167mg) 8 mg 77
    Iron (from 120mg) 8 mg <1
    Phosphorus (from 2omg) 6 mg 33
    Iodine (from 3mg) 1 mg <1
    Magnesium (from 167mg) 50 mcg 33
    Zinc (from 67mg) 8 mg 2
    Selenium (from 33mg) 33 mcg 47
    Copper (from 3mg) 33 mcg 2
    Manganese (from 13mg) 0.7 mg 35
    Chromium (GTF) from 17mg) 33 mcg 28
    Molybdenium (from4mg) 8 mcg 11

    Phenoics (from Cold Fusion FoodState)
    Citrus 52mg
    Additional Cold Fusion FoodState
    Beta Carotene 1667 IU
    Choline 10mg
    Inositol 5mg
    Potassium 3mg
    PABA 1mg
    Boron 0.3mg
    Vanadium 3mcg

    Phytonutrient Rich Superior Goods:
    Hydrilla verticillata 50:1 83mg
    Alfalfa Leaf 4:1 33mg

    Tonic Whole Herb Extracts:
    Chatetree Berry (Vitex) 5:1 17mg
    Nettle Leaf 4:1 7mg
    Red Rasberry Leaf 4:1 7mg
    Eleuthero Root 5:1 5mg
    Licorice Root 4:1 5mg
    Wild Green Oat Seed 5:1 3mg
    Ginger Root 5:1 3mg
    Rosemary Leaf 5:1 3mg
    Spring Horsetail Leaf 5:1 3mg
    Yellow Dock Root 4:1 3mg
    Dandelion Leaf 4:1 2mg
    Dandelion Root 4:1 2mg

  2. Peace77

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    Any comments on those. Please help I don't want to take back this great vitamin. I think I'll just have to either cut the pill in half or stand the herxing for a few days. If it doesn't get better then I'll cut it in half. My main symptom is headache. Thanks for listening.
  3. Peace77

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    I believe it is a herxheimer affect and I will get use to it. My Mom is very knowledgeable about these things and she said to just hang in there so I took the 3rd pill today. This is my third day on it. I have considered splitting the pill in two but so far I'll see if headache is less today. I'll keep you posted grammy, thank you for posting,
    Hope you don't get another migrane and hope you're feeling better.
    Gentle Hugs,
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    Chromium and Selenium is what does it for me every time. I get a headache and I feel like I am burning up but don't have a fever. My blood pressure will go up. What I do until I get use to it or not, is take one every 2 or 3 days instead of every day. This is what professionals suggest as well. Cut the one in half and make sure you take it with a meal and a full glass of water.

    Good Luck! Pam
  5. Peace77

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    So far no headache and no stomachache today. Emmm? I think things are getting better but that dreaded 2 hour mark hasn't arrived yet.

    Thank you Pam for that suggestion, I will use that if I herx again today.

    I hope I can take these because they are suppose to be good for you and really supplements my diet since my CFS and FM keep me from cooking bigger and better meals. I'm stepping up my health regime but it's a process. So I guess I look for a quick fix while changing old habits.

    I also quit cigarettes and am wearing a nicotine patch. OMGosh you probably think, that's the cause but the patch is worn all morning w/o headache and all evening. I take it off at bedtime. Cigarettes have so many toxic chemicals in them I think the herbal detoxes are getting rid of that stuff in my system. My pain was less even the first day I quit.