Possible Pain Relief For Some sufferers.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maxsy1221, Jan 19, 2006.

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    I hope you all don't mind me posting a suggestion. Here's my story.....
    In 2000, I had been diagnosed with Fibro after severe major stresses (deaths in family) and a real heavy fall.....It had become so painful to live that I had to call prayer lines daily to keep me from doing the unthinkable. I prayed and searched and researched...same ritual daily for a few months. I own every fibro book EVER written and read and re-read them. One night while reading one of my books...((AGAIN))...I found a procedure in there that got my attention. Why didn't I see this the first time I read the book?? I'll never know but, now......it doesn't matter. The procedure is a form of chiropractic
    care. NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL CHIRO CARE!!!! Bottom line is it's all Physics. I
    had been seeing a chiropractor for months, with barely a change in my progression. So I thought....well, why not. I've shelled out thousands already, trying ANYTHING for relief....so....I researched it. Mind you, I prayed and prayed....(anyway)....Would you believe there are very few of these type of chiros around and one JUST SO HAPPENS to be in my town!!!! I HAD TO GO!!!
    They are called NUCCA chiropractors. The first time I went, I thought I had just been ripped off!!!! But...........later that night I found a little relief!! More then I had in months!!! So I continued to go.....I've been going now for
    a year and a half......I'm not pain free but......I can honestly say that I am 80% pain free!!! The ONLY drugs I take are to sleep.......I now can tell if I'm out of allignment because the IBS gets bad, pain starts creepin in etc. If I can pass ANYTHING at all to you all, it would be to check it out!! Look up a woman by the name of LOUELLA HARRIS who has started a non for profit organization to get the word out because it changed her life drastically. Will I ever be pain free??? Who knows....but I DO KNOW.....that my life is sooo livable today, especially because of the NUCCA chiropractor....it worked miracles for me!!!
    It doesn't hurt to at least try instead of being drugged to death!! JUST TRY!!!........................If this helps even one person......THANK GOD!!! pam
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    Want to hear more
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    I'm jotting this down,so I can google Nucca later today~
    Sounds like its helped you alot!!

    I'm so happy your getting a break from all this Fibro crap!! I hope it continues for you :)

    Take care
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    Thank You Tandy.....
    I was only sharing my experiences. Believe me, I've had my share of to good to be true stuff and literally almost broke just trying anything and everything that may work. This truly has worked a mircle for me. I can live with a little pain daily, hell....who doesn't?! But this gave me my life back. I
    actually came across this procedure in one of my fibro books! There was a story of the woman I talked about earlier....Louella harris.......next week when I go to chiro...((.i borrowed my book to them..)).i will get the name of book and then maybe you all could get the book to read. Like I said, if it helps one person, then it's worth it to tell my story. Here's hoping you all have good soft days!..........pam
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