Possible PTSD-CFIDS Answers (Pretty Long)

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    I'm going to be doing a series of messages on the message board with my insights plus hopefully some of your thoughts so we both can possibly get some learning from it. I've been observing the effects and perspectives of chronic fatigue at least the past couple of years and I've noticed some nice information about this to be very vital. I've gotten more deep sleep in the most recent times and I had a feeling of "realism" for a short time last week and I felt that so many questions were answered at the moment. This whole thing appears to be a vicious cycle and when you don't get the quality deep sleep like Mikie spoke about you might as well kiss your day good-bye no matter what you need to accomplish. Our systems are so complex that we were made to function only one way and when we force ourselves to barely get by-thats all we do. I feel sorry for some of you on meds that make you feel worse, I myself couldn't get relief from nothing from meds but to usually feel all the side effects, natural healing is probably the only way. I think the majority of you including myself have our chemistry so knocked-out from all the stress having gone through that it seems it'll take a eternity to get back, but I don't believe so, you'd be surprised what you could gain from just a few good nights of some deep sleep.

    Now speaking on a emotional side, going through what some of you have gone through it appears that you are suffering for the reason that you don't want to change who you are, otherwise you could change to be a person who you wouldn't want to be and be a real pain in the butt. I myself am a realist and I don't want to be anyone else, I just want to be my old self and maybe once I start feeling more like myself I can get to where I need to be.

    Life is another issue with this disorder, its hard to exist around other people in either a job environment or home or whatever when there is something wrong within yourself to begin with. I know that we blame ourselves when things turn out for the worst, but then again you really can't help it, in reality the situation isn't your fault, you weren't meant to be the condition you are in so don't worry about who our whatever the situation is, you-#1 have to get back to being yourself before you can help anyone else. Life is tough but maybe its better to just let a few days go for now and maybe you can catch up to them later in time. Most people really don't have a clue what "the living hell" is about so they don't understand how you behave, for this same reason its not good to get angry with them, just overlook them for now, you really can't blame them.

    For the people with severe PTSD (sorta like myself), with rest and some peace of mind with it in time you'll be able to see things that were once haunting in a better shade of light, I believe its very possible. If people harmed you it is to your advantage to depart from them and it kind of helps to know that they aren't/weren't happy with themselves anyways and they probably are still the same now.

    There is a rhyme and reason for everything and for the ones of you, like me, picked up CFIDS from emotional stressors will maybe have a chance to pull out of this after being removed from the harsh environment that we were once used to. Whatever brought you into where you are at now might need to be down-played in order to get your health back, it just might be a possible answer.

    I'm sorry that this is kinda long but I'm not about to give up on this thing, I feel the answers are here and coming on for the better. I'm telling you last week I felt calm, relaxed and more like myself than I had felt in the combination of the previous years to date. There is definitely a way out of this thing, it'll just take some time and some full understanding about what brought it on. To each their own situation but I feel I'm coming to the surface on mine.

    Good Luck,

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    I have PTSD and "numerous" other things that have been DX over the years, It all seemed to have hightened and FM and CFS was my latest DX rom a new rhuemy. After a car accident, the next thing was a husband from, well, Haydes i guess i will say. You see, he tried to come through an office window at work and shoot me with a 50 caliber desert eagle after a year of intense stalking and harrassment. Enough stress so far?? HA! If ya only knew.
    I can laugh a bit once in a while but.....

    I agree that on the few days that i get a six hour stint of sleep that i seem to function quite a bit better. But how do you get rid of the dreams and still get an effective restful sleep?

    Anxious for your response


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    Yeah, sleep is definitely a challenge to get and especially the quality of it, it really sucks to get caught in the situations in life that we never really dreamed of getting caught in. Post-traumatic stresses gave me my CFIDS and I have to thank it for it and especially the people for doing it. Deb all I can say is to try to get the best quality sleep that you can despite the situation, with time and good sleep all the mind-destructive thoughts should sub-side allowing room for better days to come, maybe like the ones you used to know as a child or teenager, like the ones I remember:) I hate getting stuck in situations that you personally can't do anything about but take the punishment from all the stresses you absorbed. Like I was pretty much saying, whatever caused the situation to unfold in the end will have to be broken down in the opposite manner in order to gain your health back. I understand my situation to a T now, and it takes time of having CFIDS to really understand what your body has gone through in order to see it to the fullest. The thing is-is that I loved myself (and still do)so much and was such a great guy that one person in my life was unhappy with himself (who I tried to help) attempted to destroy me and while I was falling (and didn't know what to do) I met a bunch more needy individuals who were the basic same person and eventually I was robbed of my qualities and for my memory it was plagued with post-traumatic stresses that took over my health in the end. I think I have the answer for this (just in my own case-and possibly yours and others, the few) and I think that I will recover from this in time and I hope all the destructive memories will transpire after some time. I really hope that I could be able to help you out in your case too.

    Lots of Good Luck AND Fingers Crossed,