Possible Solution-CFS, keep in-tune with yourself

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MonteCar, Jun 26, 2003.

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    I know that I posted this in the earlier post but today I felt a little "justified" having a chance to have the real truth being played out a little in front of me and having some real emotions really made me feel alive for a short time. While feeling alive some of the other symptoms were present but they weren't as noticeable as my thought trend and feeling of well being-I just can't explain it, its like for a short moment years and years of a certain chemical imbalance was in place and I'm not on any medication or anything now either. I know for the majority of you-you might not know what brought the CFS symptoms to you but its all there somewhere to what triggered it-its like playing a game to figure out what happened. I understand my case to a T and it messes with my chemistry and when the purity or truth if you will comes out its like to me like seeing the light and theres no feeling to describe the feeling and emotion, its great-you feel normal. I hope to get to feeling there again sometime soon despite what else went down tonight, I may need to add that I've slept well the past few days. I just want to say to hang in there gang, if you were fine before and are suffering now something occured to bring a change so maybe there is a way to go back to good again, I'm hoping pleasant things to occur to each of you. Everything seems like sort of a snow-ball effect and when it rains it pours but if you can break the cycle and unveil the truth and get things back in place a change may be at stake.