Possibly Sinus??

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    Hello Everyone! Im New To The Board, So Here Goes;
    It Started On 4th September This Year, I Was Out And For Some Unknown Reason My Head Felt Really Strange, Like A Pressure Sensation. I Wasnt Drinking (I Dont Take Drugs), So I Was Unsure As To Why I Was Feeling Like This! As Time Went On The Pressure In The Head Was Getting Pretty Intense To The Point Where I Felt I Was in A Dream Like State. It Was A Very Horrible Feeling! The Next Day, The Head Pressure Had Subsided a Little, But I Still Felt Unwell. We Were Meant To Have Lunch And Dinner For Fathers Day, But I Didnt Have An Apetite, So I Hardly Ate At All That Day! Later That Night I Was Still Feeling Yuk, So I Went To Bed At Round 9pm. The Next Day When I Woke Up, I Still Felt Really Awful. I Had Shakey Hands And Legs, My Eyes Felt That They Were Larger Than Normal. My Heart was Also Beating Really Hard And Fast. I Got In To See A GP, And He Asked Me If I Had Ever Had Anxiety Before. I Told Him That I Hadnt, And He Said That He Will send Me Off For A CT Of The Brain.
    The CT Came Back Normal, Apart From Mild Sinus Congestion. I Dont Have The Shakes Anymore Or The Pulsating Heartbeats, But Im Still Not Right!! Here Are My daily Symptoms;
    - Head Pressure Starting At Base Of Skull Moving Upwards
    - Nose Pressure Just Below Between The Eyes
    - Sides Of My Neck Feel Tight
    - Ears Sometimes Feel Stuffy (Like When You Drive Up Hills)
    - Eyes Can Look A Little Glassy Sometimes (This Mainly Happends When The Pressure On My Nose Comes And My Ears Get Stuffy And Base Of Skull Gets Tight)
    - Loss Of Weight Approx 8 Kilos (Have Stopped Taking Levlen ED Contraceptive Pill, Not Sure If Thats Why I Have Lost Weight Or Not??)
    - The Best Way To Describe How I Feel, Is That When Your Getting The Flu, You Feel Like 'Hungover' Kinda Feeling........That's How I Feel Everday!!
    I Was Going Through A Stage Where I Was Convinced That I Was Dying, And That I Have An Illness That No Doctor Is Ever Going To Find, And I Probably Was Stressing Myself Out With Those Thoughts, But I Figure That I've Had A CT Scan Done Which Was Clear, And Ive Also Had My Bloodwork Done For Thyroid, Iron And So On Which Was Normal. My pap Smear Was Normal Aswell, So Ive Kinda Reassured Myself That Im Not Dying, And That Whatever Is Wrong With Me, Isnt Life Threatning, As It Has Been Going On For So Long Now!
    - My Eyes Seem A little Jumpy Sometimes Aswell, Like If Im Staring At Something! Thanks For Listning Guys, I Would Love Some Feedback, If Anyone Has A Clue To What Could Be Wrong With Me!!! xo
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    The mind is an incredible part of our body and you had yourself convinced incorrectly you were dying. That's cruel to do to yourself and you put yourself under a tremendous amount of stress and worry that was unnecessary and all you had to do was see the doctor much earlier and stopped that worry.

    But, aren't you back at it again??? You're on the ProHealth online board that DOES NOT provide any doctors. Answers you receive here are from people like you. So instead of getting to an ENT doctor to figure out what is happening, you've gone to an online board, where you will not get anyone examining you fully, and you're asking lay people what could be wrong with you. What if someone tells you that you could be dying again? (posters won't do that here as they are good people, but may do it on other sites). That's the power of internet boards and health issues. You are obviously very sensitive emotionally to your health (to the point of thinking you were dying), so please be very careful on the internet boards and understand what you are walking into.

    You were originally seen by a GP (General Practitioner) and it might be an idea to be seen by an ENT (Ears Nose and Throat) doctor as they are the specialist that handles the sinus problems you were diagnosed with. Sinus problems can cause head pressure, ear pressure, eye pressure and can cause glassy eyes. For me I was found to have blocked sinuses at one time and that was treated, and then a later CT found I had a sinus polyp under my one eye--if it grows it will block the sinus and the doctor will have to handle it. So there are so many things that can cause sinus problems.

    At one time I had strep throat, middle ear infection in both ears, bronchitis and something else I forget now--all at the same time. My symptoms were feeling pretty crappy from the chest up and with ear pressure, eye pressure, head pressure and I didn't like the cough I had. I didn't go online, and instead saw the doctor. I was on bed rest and antibiotics and various meds for a bit, and on the vaporizer, and I came around. But I got a doctor before it got serious.

    Both my mother and my son had problems with sinuses and were treated by allergists. Their problems were successfully resolved. With my son, the pediatric allergist had me do a special mold treatment to the home, and I had to take up all throw rugs and put the knick knacks away and stream line the home of dust catchers. I could not use any down or feathered quilts or pillows and everything was per the pediatric allergist. Both my Mom and my Son had their sinus problems resolved because allergies can also cause sinus problems (you breathe in the allergic factor). It was excellent allergists and they did fantastic treatment for my mom and my son.

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    Thanks For Your Reply. I Have Actually Seen My Doctor 3 Time Regarding This 'Sinus' Issue, And I Have Been Asked To Be Referred To A Neurosergeon, As Everything That Is Happening To Me Seems To Be Coming From My Neck And Into My Head. Im Not Sure If It Defenetly Is Sinus Related, But I Want To Rule EVERYTHING Out Before I Go And Get Over The Counter Sinus Remidies.
    I Did Find Out That Sinus And Anxiety Are Linked In Some Way, That If You Get Anxiety, You Can More Than Likely Get Sinus Symptoms Aswell, And Vice Versa. Same With Inner Ear Disorders, They Too Can Cause Anxiety.
    My App For The Neurosergeon Is In A Couple Of Weeks, So Im PRAYING That He Will Be Able To Tell Me What The Go Is!! xo
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    I would definately assume it has to do with sinuses.. sinus infections can cause severe face/head pain and make it feel like someone is squeezing your head to where its about to implode. it also drains the life out of you.. causes fatigue..nausea.. dizziness..its crazy how much bad sinuses can do to your entire body.. ive had ear infections my whole life since i was 4, tubes put in twice. gone to countless doctors, ENTs, urgent care, ER's.. i have lymphnoids in my neck that are permantely swollen from bad fluid drainage and you can feel them (docs say its normal for that to happen sometimes) even got labyrnthitus (sp?) once -- may i add that was the worst feeling EVER in my life and I never wish that on ANYONE. Anyways, I finally went to an allergist one day to get food allergy testing done for another issue - i ended up getting the regular allergy test done too.. turns out i picked up allergies from my grandma - horrible out door allergies with half the kinds of common trees and bermuda grass, but also the main kicker.. indoor allergies with dust mites and...CATS.. i was completely shocked cuz ive literally had cats my entire life and never even thought it was a possibility..i still have two cats and i refuse to get rid of them because theyre my babies but it causes major issues still..and turns out my sinus infections come from my allergies being so bad.. ive tried every single OTC med there is for allergies nothing seems to work, even the last time i went to ER the antibiotics and rx sinus meds they gave me didnt work and actually made it worse.. steroid shots never help, theyve told me i basically need to try immunotherapy, which i definately cannot afford right now so Ive just been riding it out and dealing with a major sinus infection and an ear infection at this moment..

    point being.. id definately get your allergies tested if you havent.. they have big spray cans of saline spray (not medicated) i keep those with me 24/7 in my purse and use it up to 20 times a day -- its safe because its pure saline with no chemicals.. also the neti pot system to drain your nose out.. sinus infections aren't something to take lightly because it is in your head and close to your brain and it really can cause some serious damage if you dont .. interesting the medicine that one person mentioned in the last post.. i might need to test that one out.. cant cause any harm...can it? :)