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    Hi Everyone,

    I just barely got a bachelor's with CFS. I've wanted to do post-bac work at something since I the beginning of high school (i.e. since a couple years before I got sick). I'd really like to try and still make progress now even if it is the proverbial "baby-steps." So I have some questions for all you distingiushed members =).

    Firstly, my grades were not that good (dead average) for the bachelor's degree --I don't know how much leeway having a disability gives me in applying to a graduate school, maybe none? Also does anyone know if there are any programs that specially cater to people like us with disabilities? Even if there are I have a feeling it is more in things like the humanities or business and not medicine or the sciences (which I am interested in)...

    Have any of you gone through an analogous experience? Any advice? I just feel as if I need to be putting one foot forward even if, for now, it is at a snail's pace.


    john duncan
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    Most universities should have someone who will work with you. I have a friend who does this. They can make sure you get accomodations to help you.

    Good luck.