Post-Christmas exhaustion anyone?!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shaz73, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. shaz73

    shaz73 New Member

    I'm sure I am not alone as a fellow CFS survivor ( I prefer that to "sufferer"...) in finding the whole demands of this time of year overwhelming. I am lucky, in that I have a small family and havent had to cook a large christmas meal...but actually the social demands of christmas are enough to deal with. And I apologise to any of you who have been alone, not by choice, this year. Its seems that having social things to go to has its own problems although it it lovely to have a family and a dearest beloved to spend time with.

    After two pretty hectic days round other people's homes I look around my flat and there is SO MUCH to do and NO ENERGY with which to do it. Just the normal everyday things like laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. After dragging myself to church this morning and struggling to talk to people because I was sooooo tired, I ended up walking out of there whilst my very understanding fiance was left clutching his half drunk cup of tea. Anyone else get to that point where they just have to leave a situation as they know their fatigue will end up with them bursting into tears or snapping at someone? Well that was how it was for me today.

    After a long relaxing bath with some cranberry bath foam (very seasonal!) and an hours sleep I was once again a relatively normal human being...LOL!

  2. donna13210

    donna13210 Member

    I know what you're saying, Shaz. But I'm afraid a bath and a nap don't do it for me. I don't remember Saturday at all, and today is the same as yesterday. I'm so exhausted, naps don't even help. I'm doing the same thing: looking around my apt and thinking what a mess it is. I have so much to do around here, but I can't do any of it. I just can't seem to stay in a vertical position for very long.

    It's awful, and I hate it.

  3. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Made it through Christmas, but came home in the evening, went to bed, and other than going to church this morning, have been sleeping most of the time.

    On top of that, I just found out a dear friend died last night.

    Shaz, yes. I've walked out of church and gone home because I've known I had to get flat fast. Church, malls, you name it, I've left it....MsE
  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    Shaz - I was alone for XMas - went to church and had a lovely MCS issue thanks to the lady rt next to me, and that was my entire Christmas, but I am still totally crashing.....I love this time of yr when I have family around and stuff, but apparently it is now an exhausting time regardless of what I do/ don't do....I think it is more the emotional toll and the weather for me rt now....anyway just wanted to tell you I can relate even thoguh I didn't do much

    MsE- I am so sorry about your friend
  5. shaz73

    shaz73 New Member

    for the replies. We all have different levels of CFS but is good to know that others can relate to what I am saying.

    MsE - I also send my condolences to you about your friend's death. Christmas can be a very difficult time if you suffer a loss like that.

    Had long lay in this morning, although I keep telling myself that I should stick to a regular getting up and going to bed routine. But its so difficult isnt it? have to get up for 7 am tomorrow and go to work, but at least its just one day, and then will be off til next monday. Thats kinda how I live my life - one day at a time.

  6. MsE

    MsE New Member

    I appreciate your kindness. Emotional stress adds as much exhaustion, I think, as physical stress. At least it seems that way to me, and Christmas is a stressful time for many reasons. My best wishes to all of you.
  7. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    Every year it happens like clock work. I don't have an active holiday but what I do have to do is exhausting. My husband gets a look on his face like " AGAIN " !!! L ittle does he realize that the planning, shopping, wrapping and decorating is too much for 1 sick person. I hope your fiance is more helpful than my hubby with the holidays. I wish a bath and an hour of sleep worked for me.

  8. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Happy New Year, Shaz! Yes, I definitely find Christmas exhausting, however, I love it. I enjoy the holiday knowing that I will crash at some point, and then I take it easy for the few days before the new year. If people want to see me over the holiday, they know that they have to come to me.
  9. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    i will be down for the entire winter now....i only wrapped the gifts....but the three nights of standing and bending over the table killed me (each night)....hubby and second daughter plan the foods and hubby cooks almost everything! we stay home xmas eve and xmas guests any more! no other places to go anymore! my family is here in town but they know we hole up here....

    i can't go to church with the family or I wouldn't be able to stay up and open giftson xmas eve....i stay in bed all day xmas day(after the kids open their santa stuff) and grudgingly get up for xmas dinner....i am traditionally wiped out by Christmas eve from wrapping the gifts! I no longer bake, go anywhere, send christmas cards, shop at stores ....

    this is the time I think of the people that doen't have children or are living alone and don't have anyone to be with at christmas, AND I AM TOTALLY JEALOUS THAT YOU CAN IGNORE CHRISTMAS IF YOU WANT! sorry if I hurt anyones feelings but I have gone from loving every little thing about xmas to hating every little thing about xmas.....

    so, if it helps the alone people, you truly aren't missing much (anything but alot of stress and I do almost nothing anymore)
  10. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    But my son just headed back to school, and my husband back to work. I've got lots to do, but I think I'll take a nap!

    We had people over during the holiday for three days, but my husband took care of most of the cooking ("You'll just over-do it and end up in bed sleeping all day..."). I had a cold, but it was just a little one. I felt better 'up' than in bed.

    When they left, I had two days of sleeping until noon or after.

    Now that everyone is finally out of the house, I'm going to take advantage of it and put off housework and other chores until the afternoon. I get more done at night anyway.

    Fortunately, I did not crash while our guests were here...usually I expend so much energy and care getting ready for (rare) guests that I am DONE and of absolutely no use to enjoy their company. I managed to make it to Christmas Eve service because we planned for it, but have not been the two Sundays since because of trying to make up for lost sleep.

    I hope the rest of your holiday was better than the first part!
  11. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    I had Christmas at my sisters and ended up cooking dinner,we would've never had it if I hadn't. It wasn't much but enough to wear me out. Then spent all day playing with my niece and visiting with other family members. I came home at 9pm and went to bed and stayed there. Got up a couple of times to go to BR then got up about midnight Sat and went back to bed early Sun morning and slept all day then had to make myself get up and get ready to go to work at 10:30pm.

    I was depressed all the next week and stayed in bed as long as I could and when I went back to work ended up being busy all night long for 3 nights in a row which made me sick again so I've been in bed for 2 days again. So much for having days off and getting anything done and seeing family. I work at a hospital. Going back to work tonight and I sure hope it's better but I don't think it will be,it's that time of year.Still having some depression and just want to curl up and stay in bed.

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