Post Concussion syndrome

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    Hi there
    Haven't been on for a while, really didn't feel well.
    Yesterday I had an appointment at U-MassMedical and the doctor told me that I had Post concussion syndrome. I believe him because of the car accident and because I keep falling down and walking into things. I'm young but I remind myself of a little old lady. I'm going to get better just got my brains a little shaken up. Post concussion syndrome is like baby shaken syndrome for adults. Oh and something else. The doctor said there is no such thing as fribromyalgia and I don't have it. K what ever. good I don't have it, just feel like the poster child. so there you have it. thanks for listening
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    I don't know whether or not you have Fibro, but your doc is very ignorant if he or she believes there is no such thing.

    I hope you do not have it and that you recover from your concussion. If it were me, I would be looking for another opinion.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Lisa:

    I can appreciate what you are going through. Several years ago I too had Post Concussion Sydrome, I had a serious head and Jaw injury. Give yourself time the brain takes a while to heal. As far as your doctor is concerned if he helps with your head injury keep him for that otherwise I would look for a new one. I'm not sure where you are i New England, however I am origianlly from the Providence RI area. There are some good neuros at Rhode Island Hospital thats where I used to go, many are affiliated with Brown University. Also Miriam Hopsital in Providence has some good doctors. Check the referral list to see if there are any in that area. Take it slow you will stop bumping into walls.


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