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    Hi all, I am wondering if people with Lyme get this. If I exercise I am fine until the next day or later on. Sometimes I flare a few days after. Is this from Lyme or the CFS with Lyme? Anyone?Jess
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    It's hard to draw a line between the lyme and the CFS. Yes, I do get the post-exertion fatigue, although the amount of exercise that I'm able to do varies with how "well" I'm feeling.

    In general, it's best to "under" do it, rather than "over" do it. Certain kinds of exercise are less likely to cause the post-exertion fatigue, like gentle yoga or tai chi, and walking.

    Other types of activities can also cause post-exertion fatigue for me, like trying to do too much in a day, or travel.
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    and still do. I think if you have Lyme it can easily be a huge part of the problem. I would get so ill from walking that I would be bedridden for 2 days afterward. I would get this migraine that would come up from the back of my head and just overtake my entire being.

    Even tho I am in treatment, I still have problems.

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    Definatly yes. Lyme has the post exertional fatigue. I still get this, but much less often now that I have been in treatment for 15 months.

  5. hi all,

    as regards the chronic fatigue.

    before i started the pumpkin seeds,id crashed with bebound events,often at weekends.

    now i havent had a bend bound event AT ALL,since on the pumpkin seeds.

    my fibro in lower back,and legs is sort of letting me know it slightly there,but in a big way letting me know its starting to get better while on the pumkin seeds.

    now my problem is,im cleaning the house like a crazy person.always on the go,but loving it,and NOT CRASHING.

    ill always have to stay on the natural things that i am eating and drinking now.thats my gut feeling.

    because even if we manage to get the bug bites/lyme parasite,out of our body.

    the bugs have lyme,and keep reinfecting us.

    so we need to stay on, life long treatment i feel,to help our immune system to fight the new bug bites.

    the bugs still bite me out doors,but im not having a severe immune system effect.the bite last three days,then is gone,but im not crashing.

    friday last week,when id cycle rode home from work....

    i started scratching a spot that had appeared on my right face cheek.

    it felt like it had a stinger in it,or a wood splinter.

    i had to pull the stinger out of my face with wasnt for coming out,but i got it out eventually.

    i put sudocreme on the wound.

    and it healed well,no spot on face now,and i didnt have a M.E./fibro body crash.a slight headache,but nothing extreme.

    so thats great news,my immune system coped ok.

    kind regards

  6. hi all,

    im currently going through a severe chronic fatigue syndrome,and fibromyalgia flare up.

    i have the sudden sleeping illness back too,but coping,as my doctor has given me a sick note for two weeks off work,and a antibiotic cream,to apply to my face blister,and inside my nasal passages.

    anyway,prior to this current flare up.these are the things i know ive recently come into contact with.

    and ive had extra work pressure put on me while training a new worker.

    i got bit twice by a flea.

    first bite in a office at work.

    second bite when i picked up my sons dirty towel,to put it in the washer.

    i put ant powder inside and outside my front and back doors,but i see that crawling things are getting into my house from out side,through the top and sides of the doors.

    im going to buy a spray on, ant and crawling insect spray,and just spray it all around the external doors frames.

    i was made to clean some vomit off a shovel,at work.

    someone had cleaned a pupils vomit up,and left the gift of that vomit,on the floor of my work station.

    my black bin liner bags had dropped off the storage shelf,and fallen on this sick shovel.

    my boss made me clean it up.

    so these are the things that i feel have given me my current severe flare.

    flea bites paralise what ever side of my body got bit,the whole side of me.

    the side i got bit was on the right side,and the paralisis didnt go away until 3-4 days.

    fatigue is fluctuating, but seeming to recover slowly.

    my leg muscle on the right side feels like it might work properly in a few more days.the left leg had no problems.

    love fran
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