Post Exertional Malaise (Research)

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  1. niceguy11

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    Hi All
    > As part of my research could you help me with something?
    > When do you feel the effects of (Post Exertional Malaise)
    > Immediately after exertion ?
    > The next day ?
    > What type of activity brings it on ?
    > How long does it last?

    What do you do about it?

  2. simonedb

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    I usually feel it anywhere from a couple hours to a day later
  3. niceguy11

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  4. niceguy11

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  5. WhoSaid

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    You ask some very good questions there. They are hard to answer because there are no chissled in stone answers.
    For me, I can crash without notice. I never know how long it's going to last. Most of the time I have no idea what I did that ended up being the last straw.
    If I "slightly" over do it for a few days in a row then I wake up the one day sore and totally whipped. When I feel like this and push myself to do anything it takes longer to recover. Some tmes it takes days some times I can lay down for an hour and be somewhat ok.
    It seems like emotional stress takes a bigger toll on me then physical exertion. I can actually feel the "life" drain right out of me.
    Sometimes when I eat it feels like I just want to sink into the floor. I get so weak and tired all of a sudden.
    When I go out for a walk I always feel rough as soon as I sit down and the next day when I wake up it continues until I have rested most of the day.
    There are times when I get so tired that I wouldn't breath if I didn't have to.
    The bottom line is if I knew what my limit was I would never over do it.
    All I can do when I crash is sit doing as little as possible and wait for the feeling to pass.
    It will be interesting to read some of the replies you get and I hope lots of people participate.
    I guess my short answers would be these....

    When do you feel the effects of (Post Exertional Malaise)

    Immediately after exertion ? If I over do it a lot then yes I feel it as soon as I sit down.

    The next day ? If I over do it a little every day for a while then I feel it when I wake up one day.

    What type of activity brings it on ? ANY activity can trigger a "crash" for me. Especially walking or emotional stress.

    How long does it last? The fatigue can last for several days.
  6. hi all,

    im having fewer of these post exertional malaise attacks while im on holiday from work this week.

    im juicing and eating raw ginger root now,and something seems different in me.

    i drink cranberry juice and purple grape juice.

    i think its due to taking my body beyond a certain level of exertion,and i notice it happens when i walk up or down stairs,or bend then straighten up.

    also getting over heated brings it on big time.

    my thoughts are its a brain/spine thing.

    im also thinking its due to low blood pressure which i also have,as do my sister,daughter,and my mum(mum passed away a few years ago).

    im always brough back to the thought of it being due to blood vessel narrowing in the head,and low blood pressure/blood sugar.

    take care love fran
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  7. Catseye

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    I ran down the causes of PEM and did a few threads on it. Just search for PEM in the title. I'll bump them up for you.

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  8. Rosiebud

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    for me anywhere from a few hours to 36 hours - it can last 1/2 a day to bringing on a complete relapse that can last for weeks - there is no easy answer here, it fluctuates and it does this for everyone, I believe.
  9. simonedb

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    I can relate to the other posts tht go into more detail.
    I have had med tests that show it could be related to low blood pressure, that i might have a little hole in heart effecting diastolic pressure, i have a small major artery in back of neck, i have cervical stenosis and djd etc and the heat bugs me too.

    chemicals or physical activity can cause crash.
    and yea i never know fer sure how long its going to last but
    i have gotten good at predicting sometimes after 19 years of this b.s........but not 100%

    i was flaredup in pain for a month after a 3 hour intense massage once, and had to lie around for a week after painting a wall another time. needless to say i dont do those things anymore. I can usually take a decent walk most days if not in flare up though as long as not in sun and heat without flares usually.
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  10. mbofov

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    We all seem to be a little different. This is how I crash:

    I don't feel the effects of PEM until about 6 hours after I overdo something. I don't know at the time I'm doing stuff that I'm overdoing it. Generally by the night of a day when I've overdone it, I get achy and extra tired, and in the morning wake up pretty exhausted. The exhaustion often gets worse throughout the second day.

    Any activity will bring it on, if I do too much. What is too much? I seem to have a limit of 3 hours for doing stuff. This is non-strenuous activity - shopping, light cleaning, running errands. I don't seem to tolerate any strenuous activity, maybe ten minutes worth. So if I'm doing errands or light cleaning, etc. I try to get home within 3 hours and then just rest the rest of the day so that I don't crash.

    But I never know for sure until several hours later whether or not I'm going to crash.

    The crash, or PEM, generally lasts about 3 days. The only thing that helps is to do absolutely nothing, no dishes, no nothing. Unfortunately, I also seem to get sick every time I crash. I generally start to get sick by the end of the second day, and so will actually get over the crash maybe by the end of the third day, but by that time I'm fighting some sort of bug, which can list 1-3 weeks, so getting sick then is actually worse than crashing for me.

    My crashes seem to be a little lighter than they used to be, I don't feel quite so awful and I get over them a little sooner than before. I think this is due to they methylation protocol which I've done sporadically for over a year, and which I need to get back to.

  11. niceguy11

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    Alot of your feedback seems to fit the CDC's definition of PEM

    They say it needs to be from 12-48 hours after exertion and lasts more than 24 hours


  12. JohnThreeSixteen

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    I'm pretty new to this (5/08) but desperately want to get a handle on it! If I knew what caused crashes, I surely would not EVER do it again!
    So yesterday at about 6pm for a couple of hours, I had to cut up branches that were left over from a couple of trees that were cut down in our yard yesterday. The big stuff was done for me, the little stuff was still big enough to need a hand saw. It was very hot and I was soaked, but I finished and stacked them up.
    This morning...not good! My hands and fingers were so shakey al day. My back hurt. I was not crushed with exhaustion today, though, so I betcha it's coming tommorow. I have felt very bad all day.
  13. LouiseK

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    I had to tell you your description read just like my
    autobiography. To a tee. Wow! I was just
    telling someone recently that this disease is
    much much more than a diagnosis of exclusion
    as they like to say. It's so specific, especially
    the PEM.

    Sorry for your grief but I have to admit there is
    comfort in feeling one is not alone.

    Best wishes,

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