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    Just read some of your old posts concerning rheumy's not prescribing pain medications. I go to St. Thomas in Nasvhille and my rheumy's nurse told me when I was out of Percoset which I had had the presciption for over three months, that my rheumy wouldn't give me a new prescription since my GP originally wrote it. I told her I wouldn't be going back to the GP for another month and she said "sorry" and walked away. Are they afraif of prescribing pain pills or what? They have our records and should be aware of our situations. I drive about 85 miles to see him every six months and have been doing so for about three years. He should know me by now wouldn't you think? Hope you get some help soon and feel better.
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    I live in Nashville and went to Susan Jocabe at St Thomas for about a yr until she moved out of state. I still think that drs are not always aware of what their nurses or assistants say to the patients.

    But then, getting through to the dr. or getting them on the phone is very hard. There have been many times, Ive made an appt and gone in just so I can talk to the dr.

    My rheumy now is Victor Byrd at Heritage Med at Baptist. Ive been with him almost a yr but when you only go 3=4 times a yr, they really dont get to know you like your family dr. Im haveing the worst pain Ive ever had. Its been getting worse for weeks. I did NOT know people could live with pain like this. Im dreading going to see him because I dont know if he will give me something else stronger to stop the pain. Oh well, sorry to butt in.

    Claudia will see your post soon Im sure.

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    I'm sorry it took me a while to see your post. I'm not feeling well, and can't stay on the board's too long.

    Thank you for your response. I would love to tell my whole story but it is kind of long.:)

    Basically his nurse kept misunderstanding me. I walked in to hi office(on the suggestion of my P.T.) for an APPT., if they could squeeze me in. The nurse thought i wanted him to just give me a new script w/o an appt.

    So she said he would NOT give me anything and to GO to mY GP.

    She then call's the next day w/ an appt. w/him. I said I was doing as YOu said and making an APPt. w/ my GP.

    She then goes on to say, they will not tolerate a patient(me) getting pain med's from two doctor's!

    I said I made the appt. w/ my gp because that's what YOU said to do!

    anyway, I still don't think she got it, and basically talked to me as if I were a drug addict, playing two doctor's for pain med's.

    I told her it was insulting, and if he wanted to call my GP to verify I haven't been to see her, he could.

    So I have an appt. this Monday, and I'm very stressed, I feel like now I have to prove to him I'm not an abuser.

    I still have plenty of all my med's left, so I will bring them all with me so he can see for himself.

    i'm still very upset. His nurse really need's to learn to listen if she is going to be the go between ( he doesn't take call's)she really screwed thing's up and caused me stress I don't need!

    i hope he understand's ( should apologise for his nurse, I think) he has been helpful up to this point, even filled out form for Ss disability.

    I hate to make him mad now, I haven't gotten word from my hearing yet, I might need his help still.

    anyway, that's about the gist of it.

    I guess if I need to change doctor's I will.

    This is so stressful, which makes me hurt more, which makes me need more med's! I guess they don't get that.

    Best of wishes to you,


    P.S. I'm sorry you too have had such a hard time.
  4. claudiaw

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    I hope you like your new doc.

    it is a shame we have to hope from doctor to doctor to find help.

    We are too ill, no wonder we hurt, all this hunting to find good treatment is expensive and exhausting.

    Take care,


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