post from 12/19/06 a special thanks to 6 responders

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    I have been feeling down and came here to where one can always find support from those who feel much the same. Those who really know.
    I want to thank Cheryl888881, ilovegreen, cct, springrose, momof471 and u34rb. I appreciate the time and effort that went into your obviously sincere helpful messages. You have all helped me a great deal (again), today, as I re-read the comments of 12/19/06 after a search of my user name to find them. I know that it takes a more concerted effort to respond so quickly and sincerely helpfully when you are all probably pooped yourselves. I'm pooped myself at the moment but just had to express my appreciation and heartfelt thanks to such nice,cool,intuitive, awesome people for taking the time to help little old me.
    Thanks so much!
    Lisa (fibrofoggiest)