Post good CANADIAN Doctors!

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    It's great that American users are sharing their's a great way to use this board...but are there any good doctors/clinics in Canada???

    I had a wonderful experience getting my CFS/ME diagnosis at Women's College Hospital/Sunnybrook in Toronto, Ontario -- the clinic did extensive testing, long interviews etc and provided a firm, written diagnosis to use for disability application. BUT there was no follow-up available so once I had my diagnosis, I was on my own!

    Any other Canadians have ME doctors?
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    dr bested is one of the few good doctors for fm and me/cfs and I assume you saw her in Toronto. she is now in vancouver

    I am not aware of any others. Canada is terrible for doctors treating these diseases. I live in Ottawa and I am on my own - well me and my GP. yes there are rheumatologists but all they will say is do aerobic exercise (which doesnt help me and many others with this disease) and here is some elavil - a complete joke.

    I would really love to know how much research $$ canada spends on these diseases - i suspect like a few millions which is pathetic and appalling considering they likely spend hundreds of millions on diabetes

    can u tell i am frustrated and even angry

    ok serenity now

    good luck with your search

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    for integrative medicine doctors. If you click on "health resources" at the top of the page, you can do a search by area.

    I looked up toronto, canada and got this:

    I've found that integrative medicine doctors are the only ones who know anything about CFS.

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    I didn't know that Dr Bested had moved to Vancouver! At the time I was diagnosed at her clinic, she was not taking patients anyway -- just had staff do the diagnostics for her. I have heard her speak at a conference and she is brilliant! I'm sorry she is now even farther away...and yes, I can sympthaize with your frustration and anger. I am tired of certain 'media darling illnesses' that are on the tv news night after night, get tons of funding and public support, garner the recipients tons of sympathy and care...but if you say you have CFS, you get a blank look and a shrug even though your life is completely trashed by it. Hang in there! I have found my GP is pretty good about listening to my sugegstions for what my help me; she's willing to give things a try even if she doesn't suggest them herself. I cannot undertand why doctors aren't learning from Dr Bested.
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    Hi Mary,

    Thank you for looking this up for me; I appreciate it. Unfortunately, anything except 'regular doctors' are not covered by OHIP. Being self-employed, I have no coverage of any other kind. A few years back, I tried all kinds of naturopathic, holistic etc doctors, and took tons of supplements that they wanted me to take. At a time when I was not well enough to work, I was forking over hundreds a month to see doctors and buy pills. Nothing actually helped...and now I'm left with big credit card debt and no way to pay it off.