Post here f your child is autistic "PLEASE" ;)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by doxygirl, May 8, 2007.

  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Hi I'm Doxy for those of you who may not know me....since mostly I post on the "regular board".

    My son who is 19 was dx'd last year with has been a long hard road....and still is......I love my son with all my heart....but there are days I just want a "break"!

    ...... there are also times I grieve that I will never be able to "retire" from being a full time mom!

    my son has high functioning autism he can do some things.......but he is mostly emotional and mentally like a small boy....he plays with toys constantly that is his "stimming" and he has many many rituals ......he is also obsessive compulsive.......

    I have seen a lot of programs on AUTISM and the last one on Oprah said 1 in every 50 children have autism! so many that they are considering it an epidemic!

    Iam looking for some support and interaction with those of you who have both dd and a child or children with if you are wanting support and interaction please post here.....thank you for caring and for those of you who post!;)

  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Doxy,

    I am so sorry to hear about your son. Did you say that he was JUST diagnosed? That seems rather weird even if he does alot of normal things. However, it seems to me like they are learning more and more about autism every day- except for an actual CURE !!

    I have 7 grandsons and one granddaughter. In one family one of the sons, now 12 was dxed with PDD-nos which you may have heard of, that has some of the symsptoms of sutism and is "in the spectrum" as they say. He was very late to talk and had compulsive behaviors and still does. He is very sweet but is quite behind from what I cn see academically. He was first diagnosed at about age 4 or so with add/adhd but finally found out that was just one of the symtpoms with this learning disability.

    My youngest grandson, age 3 was just dxed with mild to modeerate autism and they are working with him early which Is such a good thing. he goes to a dpecial school in the morning and then is mainstreamed shall we say with the regular chldren in pre school. have to find out he is doing with that. He just started. He has received alot of hel. He also was very late in talking. At 3 he was just starting to really try. Sometimes you can figure it out and other times not.

    I have another 13 year old who is able to more or less work at his own pace, who lives in NC. He is doing fairly well in school I think but is a little behind for his grade. He also gets lot of help from mom and dad which is good. When he was much younger they though he might have Aspergers but I think they decided no. He is comign along though.

    I am still learning about alot of this stuff. I will be glad to chat with you but I know there are others on this board who know alot more than I. One gal namefd Annie is very good and has an autisc child If I remember correctly but she is not always on the boards. She might live in the UK or out of the country, not sure. She pops in on "the Porch" when she can and knows alot of good things on autism. (Not that there is alot of good about autism) !! I should have said information (-: !!!

    I do not know alot myself but catching it early seems to be the key from whata I have heard. I can't understand why he was just dxed at 19. Sounds like he must be pretty high functioning which is goodut carries its own problems !!! I do understand.

    Hope to hear from you and keep me(us) updated on your son and yourself!

    Warm hugs to you,

    Granni (Marilyn)
  3. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    "yes" my son was in special classes his entire life....he could never do simple things like read a clock, tie his shoes etc....but unfortunately the "specialists" that are supposed to be well educated, trained and highly paid to find ......failed my son miserably!

    He was evaluated and tested throughout his school years....finally in approx 8th grade he was ridiculed by bullies so badly ( and the school did nothing to control it) that I had to put him in a charter school.....

    even though this school had much better resources than the public school system....they too failed to recognize and acknowledge the blatent signs!

    It was actually a post I placed here on the board.....specifically posting his behaviors and the fact that I knew it was something that wasn't "normal" but yet he could function......thanks to the wonderful and resourceful people here......

    I was able to take my son to a prpfessional...have him dx'd and then accepted for SS!

    It is so sad that this went undetected and undocumented for so many years of his life...................because from what I hear early detection is "KEY"......I still have hope for my son.....but honestly think he will need assistance to a degree........

    It is so refreshing to know that your grandbabies are dx'd and will have a much better chance as a result......thank you so much for posting to me......the more we pull together ....the more we can learn....and we all know that "knowledge is power" ;)

    Please keep me posted as to the progress of your sweet and dear grandies!

    Hugs Granni
  4. 4peas

    4peas New Member

    One of my 4 kids is autistic, my 10 yr old, Dakota. He is also considered high-functioning and this year I kept him home for 4th grade to homeschool because of the same kind of problems that your son had at school.

    He spent 3 1/2 yrs in special preschool, then was mainstreamed grom k thru 3rd, except he was pulled from the class to take tests in a room without distractions.

    He got very good grades, even a perfect 600 on one of the SOL tests last yr, but the teasing and bullying were just too much for him. He is very naive and trusting, and would do anything a "friend" asked.

    I know how you feel, its sad to think that as my other children grow and become independant, there's a very good chance that he will always remain at home with us.

  5. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Thank you for replying!

    Lee, Iam saddended that something more isn't being done to kids that choose to BULLY others at school!

    It is proven by the columbine and other shootings at schools etc that bullying is not just some simple little is HUGE and the consequences should be STIFF and HARSH, for those who choose to dish it out!

    It makes me sick to my stomach when my son tells me the stories of bullying he endured while in "PUBLIC SCHOOL"!

    If I had known ( he would not tell me until he was out of public school) I would have moved the earth to put a stop to it!

    Just for one example : he would step onto the bus in the morning....try to sit down and every seat the kids would tell him "you cannot sit here" until there were no more seats to try.....then the "BUS DRIVER" of all people ( who are supposed to be "IN CHARGE" would yell at my son to "HURRY UP AND SIT DOWN"!!!!!!!!!!!

    No wonder my son would cry and throw up when it was time to go to school.....he would mkae himself throw up so he didn't have to go on the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am sorry that you too ( Lee) had to have your child subjected to this type of behavior as just shouldn't be tolerated!

    Thank you so much for posting here....and PLEASE keep in touch with me so we can support each other!

  6. 4peas

    4peas New Member

    It is a shame when children and teenagers think its funny to tease and bully anyone different than themselves. It really makes me wonder what kind of adults these kids will grow up to be!

  7. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I never knew much about autism until i became friends with a lady who's son is, and i have so much more understanding and sympathy now for what most people see as a "problem" child.

    It's not the kid with the problem it's the people around him. And yes, he gets teased on the bus by other kids, my son rides the same bus and tells me about it.

    It has helped my to take a closer look at my youngest son, who i already posted about to Pea on her other post.

    We are in the process of finding out what's going on with him. He's just never seemed quit his age, and we just blew it off as to being the youngest.

    His motor development is behind, at eight he is just getting his shoes tied by himself, sometimes still on the wrong feet, just learned to ride his bike at 7. And seem to have a problem retaining information at school.

    However, he is a bright sunny boy, who makes us laugh, and see the world his own way.


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