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    Thought I'd start a new thread. Will submit it and come back to add to my post.

    Love, Mikie
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    I think Linda was so smart to stop at about 30 posts. That keeps the threads manageable. Hope I spelled that correctly. I never know when to drop the "e" when adding "able." Glad spelling and grammar do not count here. I have days when I can't spell and can't keep my subjects and verbs consistent with one another.

    Pam, I'm so excited for you with a contract on the house. I'm praying for a smooth transition. By mid-Oct., we are usually headed into the best weather of the year. Seems as though Halloween is when the nice weather arrives.

    Leah, glad you got your shampoo in. I'm in bad need of one. Felt yesterday as though I had a virus and stayed in bed all day. My lymph nodes were swollen and I was sooooo tired. Today, I feel hot. I may just stay in bed all day today. I had a sign on my doorbell which reads, "Taking It Easy." Some idiot rang twice and woke me up. He was looking for my friend in the next bldg. Guess the sign was just too sublte so I put a full sheet on the glass of my storm door asking people not to ring. Left the phone in the livingroom and got several calls, none of them urgent. When I'm sick or tired, I just pull inside myself like a turtle.

    Geez, Rock, this poor old lady was mega confused until your post note. Last I heard, Victoria was having problems getting her internet setup in Mexico.

    Neighbor's son has been down there but I haven't talked to them because I've been inside resting. Sure hope they make changes in the living arrangements. I would hate to see them move but moving into an assisted-living apartment would be better for them. If they continue living down there, this will just happen again.

    I have a good coupon for Bealls and it stops tomorrow. I had planned to go today but don't know whether I will. If I just force myself into the shower, I'll likely feel more like going. I need to go to the one farthest away as my car doesn't get driven enough to keep the battery charged. I don't want to just leave it running down there. When my friends come down, I always offer to drive and since my vehicle is the largest, I don't get too many complaints. Barb will be here on Wed. and we will go out. She's a trouper.

    Nothing to write about. It's just hot, humid and boring down here right now. Cats both came in this morning and Sylvester, who is usually mild mannered, went tearing around the condo with his tail in a high hook. He wrestled a shopping bag all over the place. Tweety decided to stay above the fray on a bar stool. She acts wild outside but thinks she's too ladylike to do it indoors. Sylvester is usually a gentleman cat but he's got a wild side to him too.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Pam, I had a post the other day too, and can't find it. Then awhile ago I had a nice conversation with all of you......and it ended up on the Health Board. So I deleted it and will start again.

    So happy to hear about your house contract, and think it's a wonderful idea to have your kids all there for one last time. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

    Barry, I so understand your fatigue from going to town. Twice. I'm still amazed I made it out of state! Think I would enjoy eating a meal at your house. It all sounds so healthy, and I haven't had the energy to cook for awhile now. Plus my frig/freezer are bare. Hubby is getting groceries tomorrow.

    Mikie, sorry to hear about your neighbors. That happens so often. We'd have elderly people brought to the hospital by ambulance who hadn't been checked on for days on end, dirty and hungry. The docs would have to call the family in for consult, and they usually ended up in a nursing home within a day or so. Too sad.

    Rock, you never fail to suprise us, and confiscuate Trust me when I say your post was read verrrryy slowly as I tried to make sense of it! Thanks for keeping us on our toes, and for the entertainment!

    Leah, good to see you, and glad you had your shower/hair wash. On the days that's all we can accomplish, it's a very good thing! Amazing, even. Bless your heart, I remember those days when I was first ill, when I had to lay down after my shower and rest before I could get dressed. No one believes it....unless they've been there, or have FM though.

    The EGD went well. Some narrowing of the esophagus, so he dilated it. Said my main problem was probably spasms, as I thought. Glad it wasn't anything worse. But oh, my...those 15 minutes of being 'out' were the best ever! I don't remember when I slept so dark and deep! If that's what Michael Jackson was after, I think I can understand. I honestly felt better after 15 min than I ever do after 3-4 hours.

    Yes, we had rain, and it's amazing to see how the lawn greened up overnight. (Well, an exageration, but it looks much improved)

    Seems I've done nothing but try to regain some energy lately. Not fun, but at least I'm here! Hugs to all....

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    Had a busy day today. Busier than I anticipated. Anyhoo I did

    the usual: dishes, care of Zippy, and some watering. Then, after

    trying for weeks, I finally got 3 checks written, and set off

    in my car to mail them.

    Seemed to be a problem with the car however: no oil. Well, I

    seldom drive it anymore except to move it from one side of the

    street to the other. I don't want to end up another oldster who

    mows down pedestrians due to being confusiated.

    Anyhoo the charge for an oil change was $34. Ya know how

    much cash I had? $34.04. Uff-da! Actually, Gordon and I

    have been going to Montri the mechanic for decades. He

    would have cheerfully waited for his fee.

    Freida, glad you got your locks shampooed. Do you ever get

    mixed up and put cream cheese on your locks? The Norskies,

    BTW, are very fond of lox. They spell it laks.

    Pam, is your house in escrow? Glad to hear progress is

    being made.

    I learned in Real Property class

    over 4 decades ago that escrow was a delivery service. They

    collect stuff and when the necessary conditions have been made,

    they deliver stuff: essentially the deed to one party and the check

    to the other.

    Yes, moving companies generate horror stories. The first thing

    the movers do after the truck is filled up is go fill up their gas

    tank. Then they weigh the truck to see how much to charge.

    At 6 lbs a gallon, the customer is paying a lot for that gas.

    I hope your move goes as smoothly as possible. Kinda like,

    I hope your heart transplant goes well, but we all know it can

    be an iffy business.

    My mother's rule was: if at all possible, don't move it.

    Mikie, this will help you:

    When spelling words that end in able,

    Toss that "e" under the table.

    Are there exceptions? Naturally. Here is a link for a whole buncha

    spelling tips.

    I used to type the word in question into my search box and

    the correct spelling would show up. But that doesn't work any more.

    If I live to be 70, I will never understand computers. We know that's

    true 'cause I am over 70. Ha Ha! Actually, while walking Zippy

    last week, I got to musing on the subject of age. I had a birthday

    last month. Turns out I calculated wrong. I'm a year younger than

    I had been thinking. Guess it's good news that I'm younger and bad

    news that my brain no workee.

    Barry, I looked up those kiwi berries a while back. Can't remember

    much of what I read though. They are just miniture kiwis? Is that right?

    If you were commenting on the news, I'd give your post a

    thumbs up just for using "filial" and "diaspora".

    Bis Spater


    Now why is this double spaced? Wasn't when I typed it.

    Still want to address Jole and our founder Spacee (Aren't we
    lucky she found us). Just too exhaustipated right now.
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    "I'm talking to myself." Linda, I think exhaustipated is a marvelous word.
    I have added it to my vocabulary as you can see above. You guys remember
    "insegrevioius"? A nonsense word coined by Gary Owen. Gary was the
    on camera announcer of "Laugh In" about 40 years ago.

    Dear Abby lived in a bathtub? Never heard that. Reminds me of Sarah
    Bernhardt who sometimes slept in a coffin.

    Oh yeah, I got a book from the library titled "Sh*t My Dad Says". That's
    the way it appears on the book cover. According to the blurb, it is a book
    of funny stuff.

    So I read a couple pages and tossed it in the pile to go back to the library.
    It is (alleged) quotes from an extra arrogant doctor who talks to his toddler
    children using profanity and disdain. In short, a book of child abuse. Who
    could possibly find this funny?

    Joel, are you recovered from your esophageal spasm? That happened on the
    Golden Girls. To Betty White? Anyhoo it apparently mimics the symptoms
    of a heart attack. I was reading a thriller recently where the same thing
    happened. (But not to Betty White.)

    Ya know what? I think it would be a great idea if we all visited Barry in
    his wilderness paradise. We could sample his exotic cuisine with quinine
    berries and arugula cupcakes and whatnot. And we could all enjoy viewing
    but not feeding the wildlife.

    And we could all bring we make best for a pot luck. I will bring tuna hot
    dish and krumkaka (Norskie cookies) and some of Gordon's fruit soup. Will
    bring Gordon too. He can bring orchids for the centerpiece.

    I know; I know. Most of have trouble traveling to the grocery store. But
    we can field of dreams, can't we?

  6. Mikie

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    Jole, I've had those spasms from time to time. They are painful. Most of the time, they occured when I took my meds with water before bedtime. I found that if I made an extra effort to sit up as straight as I could, I didn't get them. Sitting slouched, as one usually does on the side of the bed, seems to make it difficult to swallow and causes the spasms. Hope your treatment helped. At least, you got a really good "nap." I love the rest which comes with a light anesthesia. Why can't they make a drug for us who don't get restful sleep? I suppose it would carry too much risk, like what happened to MJ. I'm glad you got some rain. Any rain is better than nothing. I just read that where there is drought, some houses are settling and cracking as the ground shrinks. Yikes!

    Rock, thanks so much for the rule of dropping the "e." I always suspected I should but wasn't sure. I also appreciate the UK website for help. I'll bet it's colourful and will help me when I labour over spelling :) Movers have a tare when they weigh the load. I don't know whether that includes fluids, such as a full gas tank, oil, transmission fluid, etc. It is deducted from the gross weight. When I worked as a cashier, I had to input the tare of the type of bag when I weighed produce. It's a federal law. Those thin bags you put your produce in weigh 1/10 of an oz. I no longer write checks. I still want to recieve paper bills but I pay them online through my bank's bill pay option. It's sooooo easy. I have a list of payees and just fill in the amts. and dates of payment in one swell foop. It has taken most of the pain out of paying bills.

    Sounds as though all of us are struggling with lack of energy. I think my two days in bed all day have helped. I absolutely have to shower and get out to get a late birthday gift for my Mom's best friend; her birthday was the 27th. We were busy with the hurricane. Today would have been my Mom's 103rd birthday. She died at 92. I still miss her so much.

    I also have to get all the outdoor furniture put back on the balcony and my lanai. I have to clean both of the areas before I can put things back. AACK! I hate living like this. I hope I can get enough energy to finish the job. I also have to figure out where I'm going to start feeding the cats outside. I think I'll have to start putting it downstairs.

    Despite my large sign on my front door not to ring my bell, my neighbor rang it after I went to bed. She said the glass in her sliding door "imploded." She called her insurance co. and they said she had to find out who was responsible for insuring it. I told her to call the mgmt. co. but I'm pretty sure it's the owner's obligation because of the way our docs are done. Down here, when glass has to be replaced, by law, one has to replace it with hurricane wind-resistant glass and it's very expensive. I don't know what her deductible is but I fear she will be out a lot of money. She said she "braced" the glass against the storm. I think she may have done something to damage it in the process.

    I've never worried about it because the wind simply doesn't get into the lanai spaces enough to cause breakage. It would take the wind's sending something like a tree limb through the screen and metal to break the glass. She may have a defective glass pane but I would think it would have broken a long time ago if that were the case. Perhaps the wind caused our bldg. to shift, but that usually happens on the ends. I'm unlucky enough to live on the end which gets the brunt of the wind.

    I simply don't know what people are thinking when they ring a doorbell with a sign asking one not to ring it. Of course, people swim in the pool after dark despite the large sign saying that it is not allowed. What is wrong with people? Do they think that nothing applies to them? Why do my neighbors think I'm on 24/7 call to tend to their needs? I'm always happy to help people when they need it but these people are needy beyond what is normal. Thanks for letting me vent. I needed to let off a little steam.

    Hope everyone is doing better than we all have been doing lately. I'll pray on it.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Ranigar

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    What did your neighbor think you could do about it?March down,measure it up and run out to bring a new piece back and install it?Oh wait,we here know you could actually do that lol.She doesn't know does she?

    Rock you had me stumped.Escrow is a word familiar to me but are we in escrow I didn't know.You explained!Thanks for that because no we are not.In contract waiting on home inspection,on Tues. then home appraisal and then wait for the banks to slowly do the paperwork.

    Movers sent an estimate 14,000!Get out a here!I said they can't possibly be serious.It came by email so huz called.It shouldn't be that high but won't be any higher they told him.We're getting two more moving lines to give estimates.It is not the household goods with the weight it's those darn tools.Table saw,drill press ect.I say ect because those are the tools I know ha ha.

    Glad you finally got rain Jole.Family is all coming because of son's Wedding Sept.22.

    I packed boxes today.Kitchen ware.I was tempted to pack pots and pans so I can't cook.I told huz I did but no reaction so I told the truth I didn't pack them.

    BIL from Fl. called today to ask if we'll be there for New Years.I told him we are coming to live on your side lot in Oct. Gary so yeah we'll be there I guess.Who thinks of these things now?Anyway plans are being made to stay at a condo in Ft. Meyers Beach for a couple days to start the year.Several couples.Oh this should be fun.Do you detect sarcasm.

    Linda,Leah,Barry miss you hope you are well.

  8. Mikie

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    Happy Days!!! Fort Myers Beach is a party beach. Yahoooo! Down further where the condos are, though, it's less partyish than up by the causeway bridge to Fort Myers. There's a place where you can get a tattoo right on the beach. When Mom and I moved from CO, we were quoted $9,000. It turned out to be $5,000. I have to say that I empathize with wanting to move one's tools. If I weren't getting so old and tired, I'd love to live in a house with a garage where I cold put my tools. Still, condo living has it's perks: Big pool; tennis courts (which I never use); gardener; never having to lift a finger unless I want to outside. Even with all that, I would be very excited about moving into a new house.

    Thanks for the confidence in my abilities but I've never actually installed a window pane. I think I could do a small one but not a slider. Anyway, I stopped over and the new glass was in. She's happy so it all worked out OK.

    I had taken my shower and forced myself to go out. I got a beautiful flameless candle for Mom's friend. It is wax with fall leaves under the wax. I found it at Target while I waited for my Rx's. I also found two black mesh wrought iron folding chairs on sale for the balcony. Yea! I had that coupon burning a hole in my pocket so I stopped at Bealls. I found a white pair of Capri pants and a khaki pair, both Gloria Vanderbilt. At full retail, they were $92. They were on closeout for 60 percent off and then, everything on closeout was an extra 30 percent off. By the time I used the coupon, I got both pair for $17. Now that's shopping! I now officially have a lifetime supply of Capri pants for two people.

    While at Target, I got a roasted chicken. I came home starved and it tasted great. I'm so tired that I'm gonna go to bed. Just finished watching a stupid artsy-fartsy movie on HBO. We're half-way through the political conventions but we have along way to go before all the debates and ugly ads are done. I'll be so glad when it's over. I am a political animal but it's getting less and less fun as it gets uglier and uglier. I'm not watching the conventions but will likely watch the debates. Oy! Why can't we all just get along!

    OK, really gotta go. Pam, this is getting exciting. I know moving is a pain but just think--a brand new house. I'm so happy for you.

    Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Going to head out to the Melon festival for a bit.DS will drop us off in the town square so I don't have to walk blocks away.Just going for the bad for you food and a once a yr. melon ice cream.Not doing to bad for all the damp rainy weather here.Legs seem to be working ok.took the steps one at a time to get downstairs this morning so I knew it rained.

    Huz is going to downsize his tools and some lumber to his sons to lighten the load.They compete and watch each other closely to see who gets what and how much so huz better be careful he created this.

    I've stayed way down at the other end of party central at Ft. Meyers Beach mikie.Right in the holiday Inn location down there.Once with son and family at a condo across from the beach and once at the motel.This condo sis goes to is owned by a trucking co. a friend of theirs works for.It's not to expensive and 7 of us will split the cost.Sis called last night wanting to know if I'll be up to walking the beach with her at sunrise.We are on the beach but it's still a long walk down to the water.It means a lot to her.Mornings are best for me so I said I would.Jan. plans,so funny!

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, glad to see you here. Yes, sometimes, it's best just to be nonexciting. I think part of my problem with condo owers is my own fault. I have told them to let me know first if something goes wrong and to call management if I'm not available. I think this young woman just paniced when her window broke. Her mother is a pushy old broad and thinks she knows everything because she has been on a board. She even corrected my pronounceation of our lawfirm's name yesterday when I went over to see if everything came out OK. The reason I want to be contacted, or to have them contact our mgmt. co. is so they don't spend money they have to. The old people downstairs called a plumber when we had a leak and these snake oil plumbers sold them a $300 service contract and told them they needed a new water heater. I was too late to stop the contract but I did stop them from selling them a new water heater. As it turned out, it was our assn.'s obligation to fix so they spent money they didn't have to. The young one apologized for ringing my bell and said she forgot she could have called mgmt. I usually like to look out for, and help, our residents, but when I need my rest, I need my rest, like the rest of us (geez, I'm starting to sound like Rock :) That's a good thing!

    Pam, I've talked to people who have said if they had it to do over, they would sell almost everything and start over buying everything new with what it would cost to move it all. If one has the right kind of vehicle, a U-Haul trailer would probably be enough to move what one doesn't want to sell. I have some very old antiques so, obviously, I didn't want to do that but, in the abstract, it does make sense. Mom and I vacationed at Fort Myers Beach for six years before we moved here. I was going to wait until I retired but decided to do it earlier. I was in Medicare insurance sales so this seemed to be a target-rich environment, and it was.

    Yesterday, my fugue from my head injury finally lifted. I haven't been severely depressed but I have felt flat, without joy. Suddenly, I looked out back at the pond and it was like I was seeing it in technicolor. Before, it was dull. We see with our brains (our eyes are simply the lenses) so it makes sense that as the injury to my brain heals, other things will improve. I feel a bit better physically and emotionally, I'm much better. The doc was right; he said that one day, I would just feel better. After two months, I was beginning to wonder. Did I mention that I'm not a patient person? Lots to be thankful for.

    All the cats were here this morning. Tweety cried at the window sill so I took a bowl of food outside and Sylvester was at the door. They came in and Simon ate all the food in the bowl outside. I filled one in here for Tweety and Sylvester. I also put out some cream for them in here. I threw some treats out so they would leave; they have been wild lately. Later, Tweety came back in to sleep. She's enscounced on the top lanai chair in here. I have them stacked to save room. They are going back outside later today. I want to get the balcony cleaned up and the furniture put back out first.

    Better get going. Bealls has continued their sale and coupons today and tomorrow. I may check the store closer to me to see whether there is anything I need. Probably not. I have $7 in coupons for Publix so need to stop there too. I'll do that tomorrow when I visit Mom's friend at the home.

    Hope everyone has a great day. Linda, I hope everything is OK. Hope everyone else is OK too.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Really overdid it today. Thought I'd clean the balcony and that was a big job. I was all revved up so cleaned the lanai and put the furniture back out. Now, my back is spasming big time. OMG, I've felt so lousy for so long since the fall that I just couldn't resist overdoing it the first day I had a bit of energy. I never learn. Still, it's nice to look out there and see my clean tile floor and clean furniture. If I live, I'll check in later.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Mikie it's easy to overdo.You have things to get done and then you pay for doing them.Sorry you're paying.

    The cantaloupe ice cream at the festival was good,huz gave me a bite.DS got the watermelon sherbet and that was good but very sweet.Brought home a bit of grilled chicken for my supper and that actually had some flavor for me.GS rode the bumper cars with grandpa and tried to win a real bunny which we knew there wasn't a chance he'ld win or that his parents would actually take home.

    How is today Freida?Labor Day already does this mean I can't wear my white slacks anymore?Time flies.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm worried about her. Hope she is OK. Anyone know? Hope she's just busy over the holiday weekend. Linda, where are you?

    Leah, I wish you could get a lot better. Isn't it funny--I used to wonder why my vision would change, depending on how I was feeling. Our illnesses are neurological in so many ways that it's no wonder our brains and vision mimic how we feel. When my exhaustion is so profound, I cannot read. It exhausts me. Then, there is nothing left but TV. Now, that's a sad situation. Thank God for On Demand. Even so, sometimes, there's just nothing on. Most of the time, I can read and I'm so thankful for that.

    Speaking of TV, I just found H2, another History Channel. It has some of the most interesting topics on. Right now, they are reinacting the erection of the Statue of Liberty. One of her finger nails weighs 3 1/2 lbs. Now, that's not something we need to know on an everyday basis, but I find it very interesting. They have shows on demolishing cars and recycling them and shows on astonomy. Something for everyone. The HD is of such high quality that instead of just a flat picture, it almost has a 3-D like quality to it.

    Last night, I fell asleep about 10:30 but woke about 3:30 to go to the bathroom. Then, I didn't feel sleepy so turned on the TV and put on my dark silk mask. There is something about low noise which lulls me back to sleep. I know it's not good to do that but I usually wake enough after a bit to turn the TV off and go back to sleep. I slept til 8:00 and got up. Both kitties were waiting for me. I let them in long enough to eat and threw some treats out the front door to get them outta here. Some days, I'm just not up to their hijinks.

    Met the DIL of the older couple yesterday and then met their son. They will be here til tomorrow and then, the other son will come down for a week. Then, the daughter will be coming down. They are realizing the seriousness of the situation and are trying to figure out what to do. My neighbor will be in rehab for 4-6 weeks until she is strong enough to use her walker again. I think when that happens, things will go right back to where they are now. The kids all have jobs and children and/or are taking care of another parent already.

    After I read the newspaper, think I'm take my shower, go shopping and stop to see my Mom's friend. I hope she likes her flameless candle. Then, if I still have some energy, I'm going to climb up the ladder and fix the cracks over the bedroom doors. I really want to get this ladder outta here. Otherwise, I'll just take it easy and do it tomorrow. Wed., I pick Barb up from the airport. Am anxious to see her.

    Well, dear friends, I hope everyone is doing well. Sending my hugs, love and prayers your way.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I think it's just you and I holding down the Lounge right now. Where are our buddies? I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. Wish you were feeling a LOT better. Think your hubby is a keeper. How nice that you will have a larger garden to gaze upon.

    I never did get out yesterday. I needed the day to recouperate from overdoing things. I'll have to do things today, though. Geez, if only I could stop the march of time when it comes to things I need to do. I did take my little battery-operated scrubbing brush in and cleaned the toilet in my master bath. We have something in our water which leaves an orange colored residue in our sinks, toilets and showers. AACK! Then, there's the mold which clings under the edge of the bowl. Double AACK! It felt good to get such a small thing done.

    Yes, it will be good to have Barb back. I am going to the condo mtg. tomorrow and will leave when she calls me. The mtg. has been switched from Tues. to Wed. because our landscaper couldn't make it on Tues. There are major complaints and it's not going to be pretty. The landscaping service has been getting worse and worse and we need to either get the landscaper to address or get another landscaper.

    My love, hugs and prayers for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Illustrating that great minds think alike, I cleaned a toilet yesterday too,
    Mikie. Without modern plumbing, we couldn't have huge cities. BTW, I
    suppose small minds think alike too, huh?

    Anyhoo, I did try and post a couple hours ago. The dangbusted, consarn
    computer went crazy and all was for naught.

    I didn't realize that the spelling URL I gave you was for UK spelling. As you
    so humoursly pointed out, their spelling gang aft aglay. And speaking of
    "tare", it oft shows up in crosswords. Now what I want to know, where are
    you getting all these coupons? You must be careful not to pick up any
    that are counterfeit as that would be counterproductive.

    Back in the days when I was a psych major, I read about a psychologist
    who saw the word "Countercaster" in red letters in a dream After some
    thought he decided it referred to the time he pushed his brother off a
    ledge i.e., he cast him off a counter.

    One of my therapists told me, "If you think a dream means something, then
    that's what it means.'

    Linda, Wo sind Sie?

    I don't see any prior reference to a trip. Linda, you OK?

    Leah, is your kitten better? The grey kitty stopped by our place about
    4 AM. I gave him some fishy cat food. I have bought a couple of cans of
    food just for the cat, but he never comes by often enough to finish them.
    Zippy, however, likes a little fish for variety, so it's no problem.

    What's in the flower bed. Besides hubby?

    I am keeping this post short so as not to lose it.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So good to see you here. Yes, great minds do think alike. Forget the small minded; we're not in that club. But, I guess our minds are in the toilet. I still appreciate your kindness in providing the UK URL. It's the thought that counts. BTW, "tret" is another word for "tare." It seldome shows up but every now and then... One which shows up a lot is apex versus acme for mountain top. I always need more than just the "a" to get it.

    There are counterfeit coupons out there. The are usually sent from one person to another in an e-mail. They won't scan. When I cashiered at Publix, we had a whole notebook full of them to warn us. Tipoff is that they are usually sooooo generous. Bealls, on the other hand, really does have generous coupons. I've gotten really nice little tee shirts for my GS for $3 which were originally $18. If I can find some which glow in the dark and/or have skulls on them, so much the better.

    I had a dream that I walked into my bedroom and there was my Mom on her back and she was dead (she's been dead 10 yrs. now). She was dressed in a turtleneck and puffy down purple vest. She looked much younger than she did when she really died. Then, it dawned on me that I was looking at myself dead. For some reason, the purple vest had a meaning which I've been unable to discern. It's not something I would ever wear. Well, maybe if I need a down vest, I'm not going to someplace hot.

    Glad your little kittie is eating. Simon gobbles up everything I put out for him. I don't worry too much about Tweety's nor Sylvester's getting any. They can come inside or eat at Jeff's. Jeff also feeds Simon; he's a BIG cat. He's a chocolate Siamese with at face which looks human. My heart breaks that something so traumatic happened to him that he can't trust humans.

    I am sweating out whatever virus got me a couple of days ago. I did manage to fix the cracks over my bedroom doors and get them painted. I can finally take the ladder down to the poolhouse storage tomorrow morning before the mtg. Thing weighs a ton but I am motivated to get it outta here. I gave myself a pedicure and will paint my fingernails before I go rest again. Just wanted to check in.

    Again, so good to see you posting.

    Love, Mikie
  17. jole

    jole Member

    Mikie, I should come ring your doorbell and have you check out my Darn thing is really acting up on this site. Every time I post on the Loungers, it shifts and puts it on the Health Board. Tried twice. The 2nd time I couldn't even get to the last post on this thread. Oh well.....

    I've been worrying about Linda for the past 4 days. Thought maybe I'd missed something and everyone knew she had traveled somewhere but me. Praying everything is okay with all her family. Things go wrong so quickly.

    Pam, I had no idea movers were that costly! Honestly just didn't think about it, or I would have figured it out. Your New Year's trip sounds like a lot of fun. I've only been to the beach once, but it was wonderful. I have a friend who lives just a few miles from one and never goes. Guess the new wears off most things, but I can't imagine....

    Mikie, I know you push hard to accomplish some of the things you do, and not always feeling the greatest at the time...but your home projects leave me totally exhausted and achy just reading about them! Glad you get to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that goes with it.

    Rock, not sure if I posted this already, but I just re-read "Uncle Tom's Cabin" which I hadn't seen since HS. I must have scanned it back then, because I didn't know it had so much in it besides the 'story'. Your last book wouldn't have interested me either.

    When are we going to Barry's? I'm not sure what food dish I'll take...maybe a bierock casserole, just because it's easy....and a new brownie recipe I learned over the weekend. But just say the word, and I'm ready to go!! He always paints such a pretty picture of the area. I want to see if he's an artist of words, or if it's really that nice :)

    Leah, so good to see you here. I too wish you had better days. I wish we all had days that were so good, we were whining about a broken fingernail being our greatest concern. My one DD is like that....I just have to laugh!

    Most of our kids were here for the Labor Day Celebration. As much as I love them, and the grands, it gets harder and harder to have them here. They do most of the work, but it's the noise, etc. that does me in.

    Then yesterday my sis-in-law called and wanted us to go out to dinner. Would have laughed if I hadn't been in so much pain. They never have anything to do with us, but a couple who are friends of ours that now live in Wyoming are back, and asked to see us. So not to be left out, SIL sets this up so she can be there too! As much as I hate migraines, I definitely had an out. Would rather call and visit with our old friends than having someone compete for attention while we visit.

    We got another shower of rain last night. Not enough to do anything, but it smelled wonderful! Those little things do put a smile on my face.

    BTW....I don't do drugs anymore. I found out that standing up really fast gives the same effect.:) (Just read that and it made me smile too........Hugs

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Joel and Pam. This is my third attempt to post to you. Above is all that's left.

    I'd like to take a cattle prod to this machine.
    Shucks a rooty!

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just made soup. It was "Creamy Wild Rice" from a package. I added
    chicken and diced, sauteed zucchini and onions. Woulda added some cheese,
    but couldn't find any.

    Turned out very nicely if I do say so myself. Well, there's nobody else here
    to say anything.

    Glad to hear I'm keeping you on your toes, Jole. Quick! For $500, in what
    popular song do we find the words "up on your toes"? That's Right! The
    Varsity Drag. "Down on your heels, up on your toes". From the movie with
    June Allyson and Peter Lawford. A boring movie until the final scene which
    is the big dance at the gym. Kinda like "Grease". Not that "Grease" was
    boring. It just had a similar big dance in the gym scene.

    The movie was "Good News", I think. Peter Lawford thought his English
    accent was inappropriate, but in those days the Studio decreed and the
    actors jumped to it. All except Bette Davis who was always fighting with
    Jack Warner about something or other.

    What is a bierock casserole? Did we talk about that before?

    Pam, a melon festival sounds wonderful. Gordon and I used to go
    to street fairs and such. Not no more. I'm so old I remember when fruit
    had flavor. Nowadays all you get for your money is cool texture.

    I''m sure GS loved the bumper cars. What boy doesn't? They should have
    something similar for adults who have problems with road rage and
    anger management.

    Never read "Uncle Tom's Cabin". I have tried to read lots of classics like
    "The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, The Innocents Abroad". I just find the
    old fashioned writing style unreadable.

    Mikie, yes, I am a fan of Erma Bombeck too. My aunt and uncle gave me
    one of her books for Xmas decades ago. Subsequently read all her

    Now: I am typing one last cautious paragraph and then posting this thing!

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    If y'all have problems posting, e-mail for help.

    Jole, I'm worried about Linda too. Hope everything is OK. I'd love to have you ring my doorbell but I'd probably not be able to help you with your computer. Mine still isn't working quite right but I've done everything I can to fix it and it's still slow to load pages. I'm leaving it alone because I've figured out some non-kosher shortcuts to get around. I'm glad y'all got some rain. Hope you get a lot more. We are dry as a bone down here in the rainforest. Seems like Hurricane Isaac dropped a ton on us and then, just sucked up all our moisture and headed north. I overdid it the other day but the good news is that it didn't put me in bed for days. I was in bed but from a virus. Yesterday, I sweated it out. When I use the zapper, it shortens the duration of viruses and the severity. The way I'm feeling is like night from day compared to how I've been for the last two months following the head injury. Good for you for avoiding a toxic encounter. Give yourself a gold star!

    Rock, your soup sounds delish. I love soup but don't make it often. I really love my cream of brocchli (I know I didn't spell that correctly, but I did use the correct adverb in splainin' myself :) I loved the dance scene from "It's A Wonderful Life" where everyone falls or jumps into the swimming pool at the dance. Of course, this discussion wouldn't be complete without "Dirty Dancing" and "Footloose." They do have bumper cars for adults. It's called, demolition derby. Also called, parking your car in San Francisco. Also called getting out of the supermarket parking lot when all the old Snowbirds arrive in SW FL. Y'all should come down here in redneck country and watch the mud races in swamp buggies. At the end, they throw the mud race beauty pagent "Queen" into the mud. Ah, good times.

    I went to the mtg. this morning and am glad I did. Before I left to pick Barb up at the airport, I got my two cents' worth in about a problem with trimming some new bushes around our tennis courts. It's not our landscaper's fault because no one had told him what we expect from those bushes. Unless they are trimmed, they will get so big that when they are trimmed, the tops will look like sticks. The landscaper thanked me later when we came home. I guess he appreciates someone who doesn't jump all over him. I thanked him for listening to my concerns. It's all good. I told everyone that the balcony is officially open and that if they see us up there having coffee or a drink, they are welcome to come on up.

    Barb took me out for brunch and we went to Costco. We'll likely hit Publix tomorrow. I'm sure she is anxious to go lie at the pool in the sun. She's a sun worshiper with the unfair advantage of being Italian with nice olive skin. Not like my pasty Irish/German skin which is so pale that I glow in the dark. Now that I'm feeling better, I may give the sun another try for 20 mins. to see what happens.

    Across the street, someone is getting new floor tile. The van was parked with the side doors open and all that nice soft carpet and padding just calling the kitties to come in and take a nap. They were over there circling the van when I went to the mtg. I told them, "No," and shooed them away. I asked that anyone who saw the tilers out by their van to warn them not to leave with one of our cats. When I came home, one of the men was outside so I started to tell him and he said someone else had already warned him about the cats. He was amused that he might leave with cats sleeping in the back of his van. I think he was also amused that a whole neighborhood was so concerned about our cats. I'm sure that's what happened to Sylvester when he was gone three days. Of course, Tweety went to the mtg. with me and left when I left. She showed off for everyone by streaking around with her tail in a high hook. She was "high tailin' it."

    It's been a full day already and I think I'll take a rest. I'm pretty sure a gin 'n tonic is in my near future. Love, hugs and kisses to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

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