post nasal drip and bad taste in mouth?

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  1. nerdieduckie

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    I've noticed in the past few weeks that I've been having this awful taste in my mouth, almost like I've eaten something that was cooked too long on a grill (yum, that charcoal taste...good...but not 24/7)

    I've begun using antiseptic mouth wash thinking maybe it was a dental thing, but so far I've noticed no difference (altho it HAS only been a few days to be fair)

    I always have a lot of drainage in the back of my throat. Could it have gotten really nasty somehow?

    It's not a severe problem, I just get sick of tasting charcoal all the time =(
  2. Reidsbeads

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    I always have drainage too and usually when it gets bad tasting you may be getting a sinus infection. other symtoms are severe pain in your facial area and in forehead and sometimes your top teeth will hurt really bad like they all have cavitys or something and of course the drainage and nasty taste in you mouth. If the drainage is thicker it might just be the beginning of infection but i would check the other symtoms too. If drainage is just starting to get thicker then try some over the counter sinus medicine instead of waiting til they have to give you anibiatics.
    Those are our worst nightmares. little did i know til just recently about the anti biotics I used to have them 2 or 3 times a year for my sinuses alone. Tam
  3. nerdieduckie

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    I wouldn't normally think I have an infection, since all I have is the typical drainage and the nasty taste, but then again I also have had a new illness basically every week the past 3 weeks's feasible.

    I may have to try something ginger, prickles. I have read you talking about it quite often. Anything to get this annoying drainage I have to go away!!

    Who needs a reason to eat chocolate? =P
  4. nerdieduckie

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    I seem to be doing okay for now! Let's hope...I dont have anymore time to get sick, lol.

    School's okay. I've still been doing the homeschool thing for this year but I've got a full schedule at the building planned for next year and I signed up for the SAT to take it in June.

    I see my friends now and then. My best friends are over as often as they can be so I don't feel TOO lonely.

    I think ALL student chairs were designed by people who hate students...especially ones that fall asleep, haha. We got new desks when I was in junior high without the arm rest to the side. I was used to leaning on that in my English class and falling asleep...well...I almost fell out of the desk so I learned my lesson on that one LOL

    But no, student chairs aren't comfy. It's no wonder I would come home from school and crash on my bed before I could do anything else.

    Good luck with the lecturings! Maybe you can take a pillow or something. A brightly colored one, perhaps.
  5. i have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.i also have asthma and chemical sensitivity.

    i still have the nasal drip,and the usual sore throat that chronic fatigue has bestowed on me.but since ive started using a different toothpaste,without flouride in not getting that horrible taste in my mouth.

    kind regards fran
  6. nerdieduckie

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    Thanks for the tip about the toothpaste!
    I never would've thought about that, but I talked to my Mum about it and we have changed toothpastes recently so it seems like a good possibility that could be it.
  7. hi all,
    i went to see my doctor yesterday,as im still having episodes of that horrible tasteing,nasal drip.

    years ago i saw a ear nose and throat speacialist,who said that one of my nasal passages was very narrow,he,d wanted to do a operation to correct it,but id said no,as i had young kids to care for,as well as my mum,who had recently lost my dad to cancer.

    anyway,i asked my doctor,yesterday,if she would look into my nasal passages,and see if something is in there.

    she said that i have a white headed spot in this nasal passage, that ive been bothered with these last few years.

    i get a nasty smelling dischage in the right nosril,and it leaves a white crusty coating outside of the nostril,when i come into contact with anything that im allergic too,such as dust/soil/grass/bleach.

    anyway,my doctor said that i should be able to feel this nasal,white headed spot,with my finger,and squeeze the spot.

    i asked her to show me on her nose,how far up this spot is,but she didnt.

    anyway,i got back home,tried to feel for the spot,but because i have knumb finger ends,i just cant feel the spot.

    do any of you here,have any sugestions on how i could reach this spot.?

    it seems that the spot fills up,then discharges stuff into my mouth.

    then a week goes by and i dont have that horrible taste,then it comes back again.its been like this for years.

    my doctor could see the spot as she used something to put in my nose,and was able to see it.but i havent got anything like that,to open up the nasal thingy.

    she didnt give me any creams to apply either.just said bye and take care.

    kind regards


  8. inbetweendays

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    i get weird taste in my mouth like metal--naturopath said it was my sluggish liver--post nasal drainage cleared up when treating candida--also try neti pot---all i can say is for years modern medicine failed me--until i looked at the holistic side of thing
  9. NyroFan

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    I get bloody discharge from my nose. My sinuses are a mess.
    I use a med for it and have to increase it sometimes to get clear fluid.

    Although I had allergy injections for a year a doctor told me it is environmental.

    I also get a sickening feeling in the back of my throat.

  10. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I switched my toothpaste not too long after it was suggested in this thread and that seemed to help me. =)
  11. GigglePoet

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    So sorry you are having these symptoms..The thought comes to me to tell you about a comodome otherwords it is a blackhead extrator. If I am right I am thinking these come with longer handles. You can check drug store. If not that..what about the handle of a long teaspoon and using the end to put pressure on the spot? Hope ither of this things might work..
    Best of luck
    ~ GigglePoet
  12. inbetweendays

    inbetweendays New Member

    swithcing toothpaste helped me too---what kinds do people use.
  13. Lilylover

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    Hi - how about trying a tongue scraper! It has belped me
    greatly! Also when my sinuses act up, I use a Neti Pot
    to rinse out my sinuses! It is a bit scary at first, but
    it can be done! use sea salt in the warm water! take care.
  14. hi all,
    i read in a magazine just lately,of a woman who was bothered with sinus problems,like us.

    she says that she pee,s into a neti pot,then using the watering can type,neti pot funnel.she rinses her nose out with the pee.and her problems went away.

    she says the first pee of the day,is the best pee.and she,s started drinking the pee,as well,and says it tastes salty,but not horrible.she drinks it while its warm eeekk.

    i must say that when i read her story,i felt sick in the stomache.drinking pee,eeekkk.

    but i carried on reading the story,and this lady said,her yoga teacher told her about how well people feel while drinking their own pee.

    her skin is soft now,and her gastric problems have gone away.

    she drinks the pee while on her own,as her family cant cope with seeing her do turns their

    but im curious about it.

    she says that if you have been drinking alchol,dont drink the pee,but wait 48 hours,for the beer to clear from your body.

    i want to try it,but i just cant bring myself to do it.

    i wonder also,is it a good idea to drink our pee,when we are taking medication? im only taking amitripyline 50mg not on anything else for pain.

    kind regards

  15. inbetweendays

    inbetweendays New Member

    i have heard of this before--drinking pee--some said it stopped their fibro pain dead in its track--i told someone from a support group about this and she sold me out and told everyone--and they all laughed at me---if your not super medical and into alternatives they make fun of you....but i never drank it--just read stories about it---i dont know--and if you are loaded with heavy metals--its like your reingesting it.....try looking at the for more information
  16. hi all,
    just now,ive watched that lady on tv,the one id read about in my newspaper/magazine.

    anyway,her skin looks good,clear,tight even.

    the doctor,who is on this show daily,says he,s researched this ,,drinking your pee,on the net.

    he says,he can understand how the pee,applied to your skin,(the lady puts it on her excema).well the doctor can understand why the pee,softens the excema,as when youve pee,d the water out of the has something called urea in it,this softens skin.

    but he said he cant see any proof that drinking your pee,is good for you.

    he finished by saying,to that lady...

    obviously its doing you good,so continue doing it.,myself.ill give it a miss and buy a water filter instead,so i can drink my tap water lol.

    kind regards