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  1. mats

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    Hello everyone..I'm new. does anyone suffer with post nasal problems and a tight chest feeling?
  2. lil45

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    I also have this, it can become very uncomfortable,
    I use a spray that helps with the nasal drip, but this irratates my nose, cant win.


  3. dleaning

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    and it is driving me NUTS!!! I feel like I have a lump in the back of my throat, don't know if its from the drip or my thyroid. Having that checked on the 7th. I get the tight chest too, or something is just not in line right in my back. I am getting a little scared, because I keep thinking "CANCER". That is one of my biggest fears. I am going to quit smoking when we go on vacation the week of the 12th.

    Sorry this is long, didn't mean to type so much, just got carried away!!!

  4. Cromwell

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    welcome. Yes especially in this heat. I use albuterol inhaler on days when it is so hard to breathe like today, it is quite a scary feeling isn't it like being oxygen deprived?

    It is going to be 100 today with heat index of maybe 110.

    Gee I have a morning meeting then have to collect kids and transport them to a school.

    I will read your profile. Oh you did not complete it, I hope you do. I find drinking water help loosen the PND.

    I think we all think about the C word when we get so tight chested, I just was this morning thought I may get a chest xray to make sure the tightness is not that....
    Love Anne Cromwell
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