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    Hi Gang. Will go read the posts on the last thread. Jumped to 31 before
    I noticed :)
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    Ok, back to post some. ...

    Mikie, those kitties are something else! Their antics. So cute. Went to Yoga tonite and the
    teacher has just gotten an 8 week kitten. No name yet. She wasn't going to get another when
    'Opal" passed. We were all thrilled that she did. Opal was born deaf and it took Teacher
    3 days to remember she could called New Kitty and he would come. Funnie

    I had not heard of Medicare Advantage. I'm just too brain dead to get my head around
    these things. So, the guy told Huz that he needs "the best". Oh, of course he does.
    'Agent gets more money that way. Hopefully, it is better to start out that and cut down
    when he does retire.

    Pam, your Huz and mine are totally different. But you may have noticed that. I guess many
    years ago I used to get the "You ARE GOING tonite, AREN't you????" But no more. We don't
    go anywhere is why. He, of course, plays golf.

    Wow, Jole, that was ALOT of graduates!!! Air Force is great in our family. Huz's father was
    career Air Force. Enjoyed all of it but being at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. Survived
    (you noticed). My brother was in AF for 8 years too.

    Rest up now that you are back!!

    DS in North Carolina said it was so cold there in the last few days, he was tempted to turn
    the heat on. Think it might be another weird winter. He is wanted to changed career paths.
    I guess that is the term for it. He really likes counseling. Hmmm. Couldn't he have figured that
    out a couple of degrees ago????

    He is still waiting to hear about the Patient Advocate job at the hospital. It's not what he really
    wants to do but, who knows. It IS a job with good benefits. And maybe the possiblity of getting
    promoted sometime. I don't think it is enough to live on but he knows how to live on the cheap.
    And maybe he can learn some of Mikie's skills! DIY projects!

    Yes, Pam and Jole, the younger ones are taking over and they aren't interested in what we
    like. It's a new day dawning.

    At dinner with Twin and our Huz's I was talking about Zachary Taylor, the 10th President of the
    US. His wife was against him running for President. She spent the whole time knitting. Their
    daughter did all the social part. She married the Pres of the Confederacy. THAT was a poor move,
    in my humble opinion. Hindsight is 20/20.

    Now, why was that stuff on my mind? I was looking at our old encyclopedias and it turned to Z.Taylor.
    Stuck in my mind. But I am ready to toss them cause there is a whole LOT of info the new generation
    would care nothing about. (We have a book bin at the groc. store to donate books)

    Almost time for the evening meds.

    Let's get some rest!!!

    Linda[This Message was Edited on 08/20/2012]
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    A little rain here this morning.Huz and I aren't really arguing it's just something we all go through.Spouse,children,close friends and acquaintances always expect more of us then we can give sometimes and it's hard and tiring to explain over and over why you can't.

    I hate overcast days.I need a haircut badly and we need some groceries but I'm tired out from yesterday and the day is to dreary to inspire me.

  3. Mikie

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    My last post was the 31st on the old thread. I should have started a new one. I think I was brain dead yesterday. Either that or the heat cooked my brain. I'm not doing much of anything today. Went to the mtg. and, of course, Tweety went too. It'll probably take everything I have to fix something halfway healthy for myself to eat today. I woke up about 3:30 and lay in bed til after 4:00. I got up, ate, read the newspaper and fell asleep on the sofa til 8:00. Then, I had to shower and go to the mtg. A couple of us are eating lunch out tomorrow. Don't know where though.

    Yes, the kitties keep me on my toes. It was so funny when the little mousie popped out of the bag at the store. Then, I noticed how much cat hair was on those bags. I need to clean them. People at the store probably think I'm an old cat lady.

    Linda, there are 10 different Medicare supplement plans and no one really needs anything better than the B Plan except in special circumstances. Every company covers the exact same thing in each of the ten plans. It makes me nervous, as a retired Medicare insurance agent, to hear that someone says you need the best. The Medicare Advantage plans are usually only available in larger counties. United HealthCare, Humana and Blue Cross all have them but not everywhere.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for DS's job. I am the queen of doing things on the cheap around here. I have learned a lot from HGTV. There are a ton of things you can do cosmetically to make a place look updated. Painting is the best bang for the buck. I have two little hairline cracks above my bedroom doors on the livingroom side. Every upstairs unit has them. This bldg. settles all the time. At night, it snaps, crackles and pops. We have a hurricane ready to hit Cuba on Sun. morning and no one knows where it will go. Good chance it will hit FL. I may have to redo the cracks if it hits us. So, I'm keeping the ladder until the cracks are fixed. Wish I had a place to store it in here.

    Oh, oh, Pam. Sounds as though you've got the blahs too. Overcast weather is almost guaranteed to bring the blahs. I needed a haircut so did it myself yesterday but wasn't in the mood to do it so it needs a bit of trimming up. It looks OK but not great. I watched Anderson Cooper yesterday and he did three makeovers. I looked like all the "before" pics. Yikes! If I've already told y'all this, forgive me. Brain is not functioning today. Today will be a day of rest. Yes, "normals" simply cannot empathize with us becuase it is hard to next to impossible for them to imagine what we go through and how we feel. Going out and socializing is pleasant for them. For us, it can be hell.

    Well, gang, there's not much to tell. Even the "normals" down here have the summertime blahs. It's too hot to do anything. Think I'll just sit here and whine. It's what I'm good at.

    Love, Mikie
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    Exhaustipated. When you are too tired to give a sH**t. (potty mouth word).

    Yes, Pam, that is the difference between us right there. You live around family
    and friends and we don't. I keep being amazed at the number of ppl who have
    moved away. But I think it would be the family that would be the most exhausting for me. Oh heck, the mix of them!

    I got to see it in action how much a well person does being around Twin. It's
    totally amazing. I did ok for one day so I am not complaining.

    Went to the post office to mail stuff to the KY kids whose mail still gets sent
    to us incorrectly. Then to the groc store to buy my new found breakfast/snack

    You know me, ever on the look out for what women are wearing these days.
    Still shorts. Old women in shorts and they didn't look bad at all. What is life
    coming to? One example. Lady with white hair, red top, white shorts and red
    flipflops with red flowers on them.

    In Orlando, it is all about maxi skirts/dresses and I see them on HSN and the Q
    now too.

    Mikie, thanks so much for the Medicare info. I will have a talk with Huz. It has
    come to my brain that the agent had this happen to him. He was turning 65
    and he went to the doc he has seen for decades. The doc said, "find another
    doc if you are going with that supplement, cause I don't take patients with

    Long story short (?) Agent found another doc anyway but stayed with the
    expensive policy. Out of fear, I think now.

    I thought that Huz and I had agreed to get the supplement that his friend got.
    They had done some research. Will have to check into that one.

    Trying to decide if I am up for a little bit of a walk. Maybe. I want to sleep
    tonite. It's that or a nap now :) Which won't help sleeping either.

    There seem to be alot more ppl here now then usual (in the parking lots is
    where I do my observing). I am wondering if more ppl are not keeping a
    place up north too but going for living here year round.

    Later Gators.

  5. rockgor

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    Mikie, you made me laugh with "I looked like all the before pics".
    I don't look so hot myself. I now have another "meth" spot; my glasses
    are held together with tape; I'm somewhat stooped from back ache,
    and one slipper is held together with duck tape.

    You've heard of designer shoes by Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo.
    Mine are by Gordoni. He applied the tape.

    I think I look kinda like Red Skelton when he was doing Freddie
    the Freeloader.

    I didn't know you were an insurance agent. I was an adjuster. The
    other part of the triumvirate is the investing part. My experience is
    that there was no communication between the parts.

    I've had Blue Cross Anthem for the last couple years. No premiums.
    The agent said you can get the other program and pay premiums,
    but it works out about the same in either case. If you pay premiums,
    you have a smaller deductible.

    Doncha think "anthem" is a stupid name for an insurance program?
    An anthem is something that is sung by a choir; of a religious or national
    nature. Star Spangled Banner or Battle Hymn of the Republic.

    Linda, is your DS applying for a job as a patient advocate where he will
    be paid by the hospital. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

    I couldn't figure out what that "sh-t" word was. Shallot; shan't; shuttle;
    sheet; sherbet?

    Pam, you're right. Everyone expects more than we can give. I think we
    do too. I have no self esteem. My parents didn't give approval to their
    kids, and now I'm an invalid. "Life gets teejus", don't it.

    You can hear that last bit as a song on Youtube. Also a comic song
    from the Civil War about The Invalid Corps.

    Well, I guess it's time to lie down w/ a book. I'm rereading a Fannie
    Flagg book that I read a few years ago, but don't remember very well.
    Well probably segue into a nap.

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    I would give anything to eat at the WhistleStop Cafe one more time.
    Probably isn't the same as the owners have probably retired and the
    young ppl don't know how to cook. Very teejus, if you ask me.

    If I see one more woman in red or fushia jeans (on tv) I think I will
    scream. They are the new white jeans evidently.

    Sorry Rock, put one too many *'s is SH*T. Exhaustipated.
    Get it now??

    I thought I would be the type who loved watching old movies again.
    Evidently not. Darn it. Life isn't how you expect sometimes.

    Please keep DS in your thoughts. Nine years of post high school
    education and he still doesn't know what he wants to do. This year
    it is 'counseling'. That is one prof that I don't think you can live off
    of. Speaking of the experience with one of my first counselors. His
    wife worked two jobs.

    I guess when we tell him that he picks up the bill himself, it will help
    him make up his mind.

    Totally agree Patient Advocate paid by the hospital sounds VERY conflict
    of interest. Hmm. Guess the patient should call 1-800-ask-Gary. That is
    a REAL commercial on our tv.

    I got accepted to the CFS "Study" that pays you $600 if you finish it BUT
    then we discovered that I have an Apple computer and you have to have
    Windows 7. This program seems poorly run since it took 2 months to even
    talk to "Elaine". Then she didn't know if Apple had Windows. So I called
    DH, DS, DS and no answer so texted 3rd DS and he said "Nope".

    I have stocked up on yogurt. I hope my mouth thinks that it is ice cream.

    Sleep well, amigos. Mikie is asleep by now for sure! Did you read the other
    board where the posters are happy when they get 7 hours of good sleep.
    What? No one else needs 11 hours?


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    Well we were thinking of heading South next week but they are predicting gas prices to go up,hurricane to at the minimum cause rainy weather,lots of traffic over Labor day weekend,campground price near DD will be inflated and that's if we can get a spot.All signs point to waiting until Oct.A couple that looked at the house on Mon. loved it but wanted to look at a few others so who knows.

    Got the groceries we needed yesterday and made an appt. for haircut I am going with huz to the dentist for their second attempt to put in an implant.6mos. after that heals he can finally get a crown.It's an eye tooth so not much of a choice but to continue on.

    Linda I have seen the red and I think bright blue colors for Fall.Ah no.not in pants for me anyway.Interesting about that study.Very strange about not being able because you have Apple computer.

    Mikie I love the picture in my mind of Tweety going to management meetings.I can just see him strolling in lol.Rock I like your twists on words I would never think of them.Linda is getting pretty good at it.


  8. Mikie

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    Linda, most docs take most plans down here but if you are thinking about one of them, check with your docs. I'm not sure what that agent was talking about but when I was selling plans, this was one of the ways agents pressured people. I'm not saying this agent is doing that. My old doc did drop patients with a particular plan but it was an Advantage plan. Once in a blue moon, the ins. co. is so bad at paying the docs that the docs will drop it. In such a situation, one can still see the doc and send the bills to the ins. co. as long as it's not an HMO. That's a lot of trouble and it's better to select a mainstream plan. There is one plan, I can't remember the name, which is considered the Cadillac of plans with a price tag to match. The benefits under that plan were no better than any other plan. The real issue is selecting the Plan D if you take meds. Advantage plans include the Plan D. I pay no monthly premiums. I only pay co-pays and co-insurance when I use it. I've saved thousands so that if I ever have to shell out for a hospital stay, I'll still be waaaaay ahead. I've had three surgeries since being on it, one with an overnight stay, and my co-insurance was only $200. I just hope the govt. doesn't get rid of the Advantage plans. I do think they will cut funding and we will likely have higher co-pays and/or fewer benefits. With Advantage plans, the important thing is to make sure there is a yearly cap on out-of-pocket expenses.

    I think whatever people want to wear is fine: Shorts, Capris, maxis, minis, whatever. As our newspaper pointed out, however, I do think people should dress appropriately for dressier events like the theater and the symphony. These tickets cost a lot so affordability isn't an issue. I think when people go to church, they ought to be clean out of respect. Poor people may not have fancy clothing but I've seen some really dirty and unkempt people at church. I know, I know; I'm not supposed to be judging people at church, or anywhere else, but I can't help myself. I'm sure there are homeless people who have a difficult time cleaning themselves and their clothing. Still, churches have help for them. I think we've just gotten too lax in terms of sloppiness. It is acceptable down here for people to wear shorts to church for both men and women but most wear nicer shorts and they are clean and groomed. I think when rock stars and Hollywood stars started looking grungy, it rubbed off on a lot of people. I liked it better when Hollywood was glamorous but then, I'm an old fart. When I'm sick or working on one of my messy projects, I look about as bad as a person can look.

    Rock, I'm laughing at your designer Gordonis. There is something about slippers which make them part of us and we just can't let go of them. I've finally had to get rid of a few pair because, even though dress on the balcony is casual, I want to put my best slippered and manicured foot forward when I go out there for my morning coffee. Barb sets the bar and it's a high one. I keep an eagle eye out for slippers on slae because I'm so hard on them. BTW, I think duct tape is a miracle product. Nothing else is so practical for so many problems. Because it's used in so many crimes, my DD thinks you should have to give your fingerprints before buying it :)

    I think BC/BS took the name of Anthem after some kind of legal problems. They started out as a nonprofit org. formed by doctors back in the day when many people had no insurance. Mom always had it through her work. Docs would accept what BC paid if the family income wasn't too much. The BC/BS label was highly respected for decades. My ins. co., for whom I once worked, was embroiled in a scandal due to the officers' selling off stock with insider info. They got a slap on the wrist. Our governor was embroiled in his own scandal in the hospitals he was head of. He took the Fifth, got off Scott free, pun intended, and now he's our gov. Go figure!

    I also love Fanny Flagg. Not only was she a great writer but a wonderful personality on the talk show venue. Speaking of which, I hated to see where Phyllis Diller died. She was one of a kind but opened the door for generations of commediennes to come. I also loved Erma Bombeck.

    I went in to the bedroom to lie down yesterday afternoon and fell into a deep sleep. It became obvious that I had some kind of bug. I got up and took an Acyclovir and am taking it today. I don't think I ever drove that bug back into latency before I had to discontinue the med before my last injection. I was awake off and on all night. I finally went into a deep sleep til 7:00. I never sleep that late. It confuses the cats when I'm not up early. Heck, it confuses me too! My friend just called and we are going out to eat at 12:30, four of us. It's somewhere under the bridge which connects the mainland to the beach sand bar. Some of those places down there get pretty wild. Don't know whether to go heavy or not.

    I really need to return my saw to Lowe's but it can wait til tomorrow. With the hurricane projected to hit FL, I think I'll wait to fix the small cracks on my drywall. It's too early to know where it will hit. It'll likely cross Cuba where it will lose strength. Then, it'll emerge over the Caribbean and gain strength so that when it makes landfall, it'll probably be strong. Wonder what the GOP will do if it heads for Tampa. Who picks FL for a convention at the heighth of hurricane season? Well, like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll worry about hurricanes tomorrow because tomorrow is another day.

    Hope everyone has a great day. Hope my lunch is good and I hold up OK. If you would have asked me whether I'd be going last night, I'd have said, "NO!"

    Love, Mikie
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Think I mentioned some friends wanted to go to lunch. There were four of us going in a compact car. Well, by the time they picked me up, there were five and I was crammed in the backseat. The A/C wasn't effective so it was like sardines in a hot tin. It was hell. I nibbled part of a Klonopin tablet and pretty soon, I nibbled some more for a total of half of a 1 mg. tablet. It was a way to drive so that by the time we got to the restaurant, I thought I was in hell.

    As soon as we got into the restaurant with A/C and my Special K kicked in, I started to feel better. Once I had a beer, I felt better yet. The clam chowder was just right. I'm never very hungry when I'm on Acyclovir. We stopped in at a little store with jewelry, sunglasses, etc. I got a silver tone shell pendant with a gold tone starfish on it. It will go nicely on either my silver collar or my gold collar. It was only $8. They had beautiful sterling jewelry at really good prices. Last night, in the middle of the night, I heard a noise but couldn't find out what it was. It was a row of hooks in my new jewelry armoire. The weight of the necklaces was too much. I can fix it but it shouldn't have done that. They bragged that it's made in the USA. Guess we're keeping up with China, making our own crappy stuff.

    HSN has a beautiful dress for Today's Special for only $34.99. If I had a need for a dress, I'd buy it in black. It could be dressed down or dressed up. We just don't wear dresses here unless they are maxi dresses which look like casual resort wear.

    Just got my tax notice for 2012. Everyone here is amazed that our units decreased in taxable value by $19,000. I'm glad because that isn't the market value but it means less in taxes. It doesn't mean that much less, though, because of the way taxes are figured.

    OK, gonna relax. Next time we go out to eat, I'm driving. No more little cars. I got an SUV because I can't deal with little cars. Gone are my days driving a sporty little convertible. It's like trading in high heels for sandals. Not so much to look at but oooooh soooo comfortable.

    My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  10. spacee

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    What? I am sorta getting funny like Rock??? Well, there is a secret. I "steal"
    most of my stuff.

    The kids are all in school and they are having noncartoons on at the movies.
    So, I went to see the Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. Pretty funny.
    TLJ's was the husband and was a CPA and a partner and played or watched
    golf continually. hmmm.

    I took my Firing Range Headset. Thankfully. It is so loud until the show
    starts. Yep, there I was, sitting just like it was normal to have those big
    things on. But it did feel good to go. It was really old ppl and I held the
    door for everydobby. Which they seemed to appreciate.

    Glad your Taxes went down, Mikie. We got a notice today but I didn't have
    the brain power to look at it. I cannot see how on earth that it could have gone

    I will copy down all you have said about Medicare. This is such a terrible time
    to lose my brain.

    Twin put all the wedding pics that I wanted on a flashdrive plus gleaned others
    from the kids over the past 5 years. It never would have gotten done it it had
    been left to me. I can hardly keep my eyes off it. 257 pics, I think. Not all
    from the wedding.

    Leah, I am worried about you. Hope you feel well enough to post.
    Thinking about you, Barry and hoping you are having some better times
    and the foxes have continued making friends with you!

    Jole hope you are recooperating from your trip!

    We are seeing lots of sandhill cranes. Don't they migrate in the summer?
    Oh, maybe it is to here that they come.

    Yep, the hurricane should make the next weekend interesting. It is the
    closing of the airport (potentially) that could be the start of awfulness.
    I'm with Mikie, who would plan it in hurricane season. Bet it isn't ever

    Love to allus.


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  11. Mikie

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    You're funny regardless of whose material you use. I shamelessly steal most of my quips. It's a shame to only use them once if they are witty. I saw the trailers for that movie and though it might be like, "It's Complicated." I enjoyed that one.

    I'm worried about our MIA's too. I hope everyone is doing better. I'm not in great shape myself; it takes a LOT of drugs to get me so I can function. I really need to return this saw. I've decided not to fix the cracks until the hurricane passes. The cone of uncertainty shows it could come right here. Yikes! The waters are so warm that, once it leaves Cuba, it will likely gain in intensity. Also, it's a huge one. I'll be bringing in plants and outside furniture from the balcony and my lanai. No sense in cleaning in here either until things settle down. All that outside furniture is dirty. It's Mother Nature's way of making me clean.

    I was worried about whether Medicare Advantage plans will survive if Obama gets re-elected. Evidently, they will make cuts to the ins. companies who offer these plans. That would likely mean paying a premium or higher co-pays, or both. Even so, this plan has worked well for me and saved me tens of thousands of dollars, so I can't complain if have to pay more. Linda, get the prices from several reputable companies and compare the premiums for Plan B. Ask your docs which company they prefer. If your needs dictate that you want a better plan, such as one which pays the deductibe, just make sure you aren't paying more than the deductibe for that plan. A good insurance agent would help you make your decision based on your needs. It's not as complicated as it looks. Almost no one needs the most expensive plans. Stay as close to B as you can and still get the coverage you need. The basis for insurance is to cover what would put you into financial trouble. That is the least you need to cover. After that, it's just a matter of what you might want. A lot depends on how much you use medical services and which docs you see. Hope this helps. Wish I were there to sit down with you, not to tell you what to do but to try to help simplify things. It's not you; it is overwhelming for everyone. A good agent is there to help and not to only think of his or her fees.

    I miss working because what I did was really beneficial to people. Even with the injections, though, I know I'm not able to work anymore. What a relief that when I'm not well, I can go back to bed. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. For several days, I've been sleeping off and on, day and night. I still think it's that old chronic virus and the Acyclovir. My fall eviddently gave it the chance to try to reactivate. I'm still regaining some cognitive functioning. My friends said they noticed a difference yesterday. One is a nurse and she understands how long it can take to recover from a bad head injury.

    Prayers going up for all our MIA's. Hope y'all get to feeling up to posting. I miss you.

    Love, Mikie
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's being read by aliens now in cyberspace.

    Will try again later.

  13. jole

    jole Member

    The trip messed me up. On top of that, I'm having an EGD on Monday and they made me stop my pain med and all supplements last Sunday. Pain is doing me in. Think they're being overly cautious, and I've been more than tempted to 'cheat', but don't want to end up in trouble Mnday.

    Thinking of you all, and will be back when I can. It's mostly me 'n the bed right now. Hugs.....
  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    I will google EGD since not sure what it is.

    No pain meds!!!! I'm scared for you. Can you live in the bathtub like
    "Dear Abby" did when she was really old?

    Hugs too,

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    This is condensed. I was explaining how I have been sewing since 14 yo and
    how I could tell you every outfit a girl had one and what day she wore it in 5th grade.

    So, now, with no brain to read. No place to go for lunch. Or anyone to go with.

    You get to read my ramblings about fashion.

    Other than that. I worked at BCBS! As a receptionist when after huz and I
    married and he got sent to Okinawa. I lived with his parents and sisters.
    I saved my money and flew to Okinawa alone. Anything to get away from
    his father.

    Nuf said about that. Later I was a claims examiner for Prudential in a
    Florida Gas building that had a million dollars worth of art (1970's) and
    a Morrison's cafe in the basement. Really pretty classy for the decade.

    They are selling VEGAN handbags on the Q. Aren't all cloth bags, VEGAN???

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I don't know what EDG is either Jole and couldn't find it when I looked it up.Good luck though and sorry your down in bed.Hope Leah is ok and if computer problems I hope she can get another to join us again.

    Got this awful hair trimmed finally.I hate my hair I really do.Can't find a color or style I like.But there are worse things in life I know.Linda I really want to see that show.I mentioned it to huz before it came out and he made a sour face.I don't know if it's still on locally or not but very few new movies look good anymore.Maybe when it comes on DVD.

    Huz is speaking to me again.Two days is kind of a record.I asked if it is true that I try my best to do whatever he asks no matter how I feel and he couldn't deny that is true so I guess he decided to be fair.If I feel up to it I would of course stop in at the party.I also have to think of and make a dish for it.

    Today I am not safe in the kitchen.I made a toasted sandwich and burnt the bread.Tried another slice and almost did it again.I ate it anyway.Next I put a soup on to simmer for supper and caught it just in time.Some beans got a little brown.Feeling a little out of it today more than usual.DD has hit a depression and I've been fielding phone calls from her the last few days and GD called with boyfriend drama this morning.Going to bed is sounding like an excellent idea.

  17. jole

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    is simply the upper scope where they go down your throat to check the esophagus, stomach, and into the intestines a ways. I'm having this done because I have problems swallowing and choke sometimes. Also, food tends to sit about at the breastbone and won't go down sometimes, and not only is it painful, but I have to quit eating. Never know if it'll happen after the second bite, or right before I'm finished. I thought for a couple years that it's simply esophageal spasms, but not so sure anymore. May just be a hiatal hernia.

    Not sure if it's going to happen though, because I've caught a cold!!! Never been sick in years so of course it seems twice as bad as in the past.

    Speaking of Medicare, we have a supplement through Aetna now. It's cheaper this year than the others. Our agent is really good about letting us know each year if she can find us a cheaper one. We pay no deductions, ever. Between the two everything gets fully covered. She said it makes absolutely no difference what supp you get, they're entirely the same, and all pick up what Medicare doesn't. Will find out.

    Rock, your wardrobe sounds like mine. I have a few clothes I wear in 'public', and the rest are pretty raggedy. That's when they actually get comfy! I don't like tight things around my waist. Always wore jeans, but now it's elastic and drawstrings. Saw the styles for this winter, and it's all the really tight, straight legs. Nope, not going to happen here.

    Pam, my cooking abilities equal you Sometimes I can't remember how to make something as simple as a tuna casserole! Yesterday I did a chicken casserole, put biscuits on top, and didn't have the oven on the right temp. The biscuits were nice 'n brown on top, but not cooked inside. Crap!

    Hubby isn't a picky eater at all, but even after I re-baked the biscuits, they still weren't good. He didn't have seconds.

    We had rain last night with thunderstorms. I use to love them. Now it all accelerates my pain too much.

    Mikie, yesterday it looked like the storm might miss you guys...not that I want anyone to get it, but hope it does. Looked like Haiti was going to get the brunt of it again....those poor people are still living in tents from the last one. Of course by today everything might have changed unpredicable.

    Barry, Leah, love hearing from you, and miss you~ Hugs to all.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, everybody, I'm just posting a bit. I'm glad to see more of our Loungers here.

    Just finished bringing in everything from my lanai and the furniture we have out on the balcony. I hauled our potted citrus trees into the unit downstairs in the entry. Wind will strip the leaves off of them. Storm doesn't look too bad but things can change quickly. This is exactly how Charley started off. I'm prepared to hunker down.

    My neighbor fell just outside her door on Thurs. and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. She is elderly. Her husband has Alzheimers. I took him to the hosp. and out for dinner. He can fix his own breakfast and we went to see his wife in the morning yesterday. We went out for lunch and his granddaughter picked him up in the afternoon. He's capable of doing small chores but he's not capable of doing anything which involves memory, choices or judgement. I'm glad he's with the family now.

    I went to start my car and it wouldn't start. I just don't drive it enough. AAA came out and the guy said the battery needed a slow charge. I just had him put a new battery in. It's worth it.

    Sooo, as y'all can see, I've been a busy bee. Sorry not to be responding to each post. Wishing everyone a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    So glad you felt up to checking in Leah we worry after everyone.Wish you were feeling better though.

    Mikie what a great person you are to look after your neighbors huz like that.You don't find many caring people like that anymore.Oh I hope that weather system doesn't hit Fl.Those poor people in Haiti.I have to check the news I was gone all day to the Bridal thing.It was nice.I won the first game and I hate games.I answered 11 out of 14 questions about my soon to be DIL.Her likes and dislikes.Only got 8 out of 14 for my DS.Her mother won for my son how does that happen?We all laughed at that.

    Realtor called this morning asking to bring people in at 2:30 or4:30.I said we would be gone all day so either was fine.He said 2:30 then.We got home at 5:30 and a truck was in the drive ready to leave.Couldn't understand it.On a realtor card he wrote that the people's parents wanted a tour.huz called that realtor and asked if that was him we saw leaving and he said yes and we may get an offer this weekend yet they liked it so much.Two school cool is that?I'm so excited but I know I know a lot can happen yet.To low an offer,financing,inspection.But I'm happy for now.

    Huz went to block party.My going became a non issue.Anyway he could tell I was beat after 4hrs at the shower.
    I told huz this morning he would need to go to the store to get stuff for me to make a covered dish and he said then not to worry about it. Off to sleep for me I'm pooped.

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Still have power and likely will all day today. Things are suppossed to deteriorate tomorrow. I'm gonna take a shower today. The water in the tank stays hot for several days after power is lost. If we lose A/C, I'll likely need a shower :) The cone of uncertainty keeps creeping to the West and that's good news for us. Still, this storm is huge so we will get rain and wind no matter what. I'm very concerned for all those in harm's way when the storm makes landfall. My heart breaks for people in Haiti. They get everything.

    Pam, thanks for your kind words. Many of us live down here by ourselves so we take care of one another as best we can. I just feel better now that the family is involved in my neighbor's care. I also feel much better with a new battery in the car. I rested all day yesterday, except for bringing in everything which might be a flying projectle. Neighbor will bring Sylvester and Tweety in tonight to keep them safe.

    I pray this deal goes through on your house. I think any time someone shows that level of interest it's a good thing.

    My best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

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